Hello guys.

I’m glad to announce that we are working as hard as before and onkeikun as one our our Translators is doing a fantastic job.

We moving faster than I even imagined. While I don’t have the time to do the screenshots of all thenew material we have,

I can assure you there is a lot. No promises, but I will try get some new screenshots this evening up for you guys.

In the meanwhile, enjoy just the thought of getting a professional translation for even less than a nickel ;)  – Romsstar


32 Responses to “Progress”

  1. porkiewpyne Says:

    Thanks! Love y’all :)


  2. buddyy93 Says:

    glad to hear that romstar.. thanks. looking forward to seeing it. :)


  3. coolcat1922 Says:

    Thanks, hope the translation is finished soon :)


  4. Harry Says:

    Thank you ever so much for all the hard work!
    I cant wait to play this!!


  5. James Harborne Says:

    awesome thanks romstar


  6. Dark Indigo Says:

    Thx Guys for Translation…:)


  7. demetrius200 Says:

    cool so is there any type of name you guys have for the group lol im just doing this for fun by the way


  8. demetrius200 Says:

    i wish i can summit some of my work but i dont know how to put it on blog lol


  9. Romsstar Says:

    @demetrius200: There is. We are “Digilation”. I had something different in mind but I was outvoted by the rest of the team. In any case that’s the groups name.


  10. Courtney Says:

    so glad this is still up and running!


  11. darkheros09DarkHeros09 Says:

    i want to play this game on my PSVITA.


  12. Fudo Yusei Says:

    onkeikun is the BEST translator you can get in the whole wide world, im always follow onkeikun’s project especially in Digimon series, good job guys!!!


  13. bakuoni Says:

    Keep up the good work ^^


  14. elcangri16 Says:

    im glad that the translation is still alive :D, regards from Rep Dom.


  15. Victor Quezada Salinas Says:

    OH! great, sorry for my bad english! im waiting for your traduction! greetings from ecuador!


  16. AmagiTyrr Says:

    omg.. im getting a boner! hahaha :DD cant wait !


  17. CursedKaiser Says:

    what are ONKEIKUN’s english patched projects beside this one?

    on topic: good to know this one is alive and well… won’t give up supporting you guys


  18. Michael Messaia Says:

    Eagerly waiting for the patch to go live. Keep up the good work! :D


  19. Kaz Says:

    Hi Rommstar! Do you need GP-checkers too? I can apply as one. :)


  20. buddyy93 Says:

    is this still far away from ‘complete’ guys ??
    i really am curious about the progress.
    or maybe you can give us prediction when it will be done. :D


  21. MisterAnon Says:

    MisterAnon here following and supporting you guys since day one :)
    Keep up the good work! You are all doing an amazing job. And fast too!

    More power to the team! Hope to see the release in.. two years? Probably less ^^


  22. Facade Proxy Says:

    Just a quick question. Will this patch be just for the PSP version? Or will it work for the Vita as well?


  23. darkheros09DarkHeros09 Says:

    where’s the news???


  24. demetrius200 Says:

    Romsstar what are you guys favorite digimon urs first its for pic


  25. Romsstar Says:

    @darkheros09DarkHeros09: I wish I had something to update on, but right now all I can tell you is that we have to deal with some huge lines. But once they are finished, all system related stuff in the game will be completely done (this includes mails).

    Stay patient ;)


  26. Romsstar Says:

    @demetrius200: Well my favourite is Gatomon (actually the whole line, you can take any)
    but I will ask the rest of the team what their favourites are.


  27. Alan Brito Delgado Says:

    Awesome guys!! good luck i wish 2 things that i can help,but idk anything about this xD ,2nd want to play the game T.T…seriously..ended digimon world 3 times never get bored xD want this for my portable :D


  28. Romsstar Says:

    @Kaz: What is actually a GP checker? Grammar Proof? I don’t know what exactly you are referring to


  29. badass087 Says:

    still rooting for you guys. i can imagine myself playing it and i get butterfly’s in my stomach. really wishing the best for the whole team! youre gona make ALLOT of people happy with this. id say karma wise, your set for whole year doing bad stuff and still have good karma :p thx from the bottom of my heart. will keep rooting for you guys( and the occasional quite rage ofc :p)


  30. Justin Winner Says:

    Thanks so much! I’m extremely excited for the patch, keep up the super work!


  31. DarkHeros09 Says:



  32. demetrius200 Says:

    knocks on door nobodies home……..well finals are approaching and i got 2 presentations left


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