The Calm before the storm


It’s gotten quiet lately. Some may have already wondered why, and it’s been really a busy week for me.

Japanese Essays, projects and my thesis have a constant battle with this Translation.

While I love translating Digimon, I’m not getting no diploma for this, so there are some times when I simply can’t give this Translation the time it obviously needs.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean I’m not working at all, and after all I’m relying on the other teammates. But hey they got lifes too.

But I can tell you, I’m getting excited, because I can’t believe how much we already have.
I mean with what we have right now, whole File City is in English, the Intro, the Tutorials, the battle with the toxic Gabumon, the first talk with Niko…(and MUCH more…)

PS: There would be more Screenshots and Videos if the PSP Emulator wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass. It takes way too long with the copying and connecting part to the real PSP all the time, and I simply don’t have this time right now.

I wish I would have more time for this, but reality looks different. But we try our best.

While I’m at it: We have a great team of programmers and qualified translators. But we can always use more, to bring this even faster to you.

So: If you have the skills to figure out the MIPS commands of a PSP, or don’t need to check up every kanji in google translator, feel free to contact us. Be it here, be it at gbatemp, anyone who followed us till this part knows how to get in touch.

Stay tuned -Romsstar


24 Responses to “The Calm before the storm”

  1. hasan Says:

    I appreciate the update thanks im feeling calm now. :D


  2. badass087 Says:

    hey everyone, i was wondering in the video you posted you see the part where you go to jijimon’house. outside of the house is a sing that says something in i think japanese. dont know wich language. :p are you translating stuff like that also or is that a no go? personaly i dont mind having a japanese feel to it. was just wondering.dont kwow if it can be done or not? best of wishes to you :)


  3. algie17 Says:

    ,take your time,^^,we can always wait,thanks a lot for your effort,keep up the good work,^^


  4. demetrius200 Says:

    i can try and find guys that would like to help but it’s not gonna be easy


  5. demetrius200 Says:

    i mean y dont you guys post a video showing how you get it done and maybe that will encourage others to try to help lol i already talk about this on gbatemp my user name is dee200 on there


  6. Romsstar Says:

    @badass087: That is a good question. I had my thoughts about this already. Alas, this is something I can’t say at this point. You see, the image format is MOSTLY figured out, but there are still a lot of gaps, and our programmer seemed not that determined to finish that. If he does, I might consider doing that. But at this point it is beyond possible.


  7. Zaeed Says:

    First of all, congrats for the project, I’m following it since stage 1. Now, for the time with vids and screen shots, there is a homebrew that shows the psp screen in the computer via usb, RemoteJoy is the name, I think.


  8. Romsstar Says:

    @Zaeed: Yeah of course I’m aware of that homebrew program. Still have to conect, still have to copy the patched game every time something new happens. The process takes always about 20 minutes for every small change.


  9. demetrius200 Says:

    check it out romsstar


  10. demetrius200 Says:

    logos on my profile


  11. MisterAnon Says:

    the current one is better :P


  12. bakuoni Says:

    Good luck on your projects and thesis and keep up the good work it sounds all very exciting ^^


  13. buddyy93 Says:

    I am really looking forward to this patch to come up, wish all the best for you guys, hopefully soon. :)


  14. Gust Says:

    My gf can actually help with the translation since her japanese is pretty advanced and she’s looking for ways to improve it.


  15. eti Says:

    Congratz for the Progress and Keep It Up.


  16. SHL Says:

    Good luck!!! Love you guys


  17. Nuno Says:

    If you guys can manage to translate all names and items that would be awesome, the story dialogue is long as hell…good luck and thanks for the updates!


  18. Chris Says:

    this a total translation not a part one XD


  19. Envy Says:

    Thank you so much!!
    This patch is going to be amazing >w<!!
    keep it up dudes ^_<


  20. Zer Says:

    Good Luck from Spain!!


  21. José Eduardo Says:

    fuck you, i need the translation NOW!


  22. Uploadmaster Says:

    Good Luck! take the time you need!
    thank you for keeping translating the game!


  23. JustInuYasha Says:

    Please don’t translate Graphics. Who doesn’t like the original Japanese feel to Digimon?? You have no need to read then sign when Agumon tells you what it is. Not even professional translations translate the pics in game. Please leave original!


  24. manolito62 Says:

    you people are amazing, please keep the super great job, i will be waiting for a path to come out, my regards and congratulations to all the team that is working on this game.


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