Gee, this morning I woke up and I swear guys I dreamt about my Agumon digivolving to Herculeskabuterimon. Simply skipping the Champion level.

Well it was Digimon World 1 anyways. But maybe some of you know my work from Digimon World 1 for PSX (fixing Pal Bug, Giromon Juke Box fix, adjusting the propabilites of technique learning)

and actually I might consider something like skipping the champion level in digimon world 1 as doable. But well that will come later…

What ideas you have for possible hacks on Digimon World 1? Enchancements, anything?

Feel free to post in the comments.

Regarding Digimon World RE:Digitize:

No we are not dead, we are still working it, StorMyu is currently dealing with the ASM part

of the game, the story parts are getting smaller yet still being considerably big.

Of course ASM hacking is the more difficult part, but it is yet very important for a lot of things.

Once we have that, I will show you some new screenshots guys. So that’s it for now.


17 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Temno Says:

    Good job for hack guys^ ^


  2. Shin MEgami Says:

    Nice job guys and about DW 1 cheats mmmmmm. Maybe eating only one meat-mushroom etc makes the digimon full. Or in fishing the line never breaks when the gauge gets red.


  3. Solar12 Says:

    I don’t know if theres anything you COULD do, but, I remember being extremely frustrated with the whole pooping mechanic affecting what your Digimon will digivolve into. And also how it doesn’t reset when you get an entirely new Digimon.

    I would really like to go back, but because of this, I can’t muster the will.


  4. buddyy93 Says:

    good luck for all of you..


  5. Karthikasan Ganesan Says:

    Yes,finally an update XD


  6. Michelle Says:

    You guys are all fantastic. Keep it up!


  7. Dan Says:

    just came across this translation. I was a huge fan of Digimon World 1 and was gutted at this game being a japan release only. I would like to thank you and eagerly waiting for this :)


  8. segazot Says:

    There were a few issues in Factorial Town, one that I remember off the top of my head was an area where there was 2 guardramon, and the game wanted you to hide from them and go back at midnight when they weren’t there. They could cause your character to get stuck in the background.

    Actually, I guess any glitches from this guide would be pretty cool to fix.


  9. dark-roxas Says:

    Maybe a cheat that makes a digimon evolve into any other digimon, just that.

    Good luck!


  10. Al Batard Says:

    Seriously guys, just focus on the translation please.
    We can deal with the improvements later.

    Thank you anyway for your great job !

    [ Merci StorMyu pour ton job sur l’ASM bon courage ! ]


  11. darkheros09DarkHeros09 Says:

    I’m behind you all the way, go in god speed.


  12. Victor Says:

    Awesome! keep up the great work!


  13. Takuya Says:

    For DW1, that’d be cool if you add a “care mistakes” bar! Hahah. Also, if you could add new digis/evos (at least the ones who are in the game but aren’t playable, like tentomon, gekomon, vamdemon etc) and also new places and items, or even the mega level… that’d be awesome *-*


  14. aznnguyen123 Says:

    I wish to help, but I don’t know how to speak Japanese. I hope you guys finish the translation oh, nice review on the picture and video English translation btw these are perfect. Patience and checking the update comment. :).

    When you have that dream it seems like your going digital very soon. :D. Lol that will be cool to see your own digimon. :)


  15. Ketlo Says:

    Thanks for everything guys!, can you give a very rough estimate of how much is done?, like “we have less than 50% of the game done” or “don’t really know how much we got, but is a lot”…

    Any information is appreciated lol…

    keep it up!


  16. DZganubg Says:

    Where can we find your fixes for Digimon World 1?


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