Digimon World 1 (PSX) Hacks


While everyone is eagerly waiting for the translation of Re:Digitize, here you can see some of the Digimon World 1 Hacks I made with Ze0N, who sadly stopped working on this project with me. We made some cool stuff, customizing a lot of the game.

Also cracked down the whole RNG. Enjoy the look.

31 Responses to “Digimon World 1 (PSX) Hacks”

  1. jellybutter Says:

    o_O Agumon’s black, that’s boss. I remember playing this on PSX, and a Sukamon appeared, letting me raise my stats to max and letting me fast forward the time. Ever had that happen to you before? He appeared in the place that you’re in on pic 6.


  2. Raikid Says:

    its nice but thats just texture hack. it be awesome if u actually added weregarurumon. apparently he is an unfinished digimon cuz only his mini sprite exist but not the model

    oh and im not sure wats going on at pic 7 and 8. care to explain?


  3. Romsstar Says:

    The problem is that the model data uses an irregular format. We can’t figure it out. Also even if we did, the model would be still empty, no animation data whatsoever. If someone wants to help to figure the model format out, I can create a weregarurumon model with animations .. but first we would have to be able to import/export. pic 7: just a shrinking of the character+ digimon. pic8: changing the spawn rate and adding an item that normally don’t occur at that place.


  4. AkaiKaze Says:

    Can you use weregarurumon model from DW 2? <==== it's probably a stupid question. And metal greymon in the game is black, so can you make the original version?


  5. Romsstar Says:

    @AkaiKaze: Technically yes, but for that we would need first an import and exporter for Digimon World 1. And yeah making Metal Greymon original version is easy.


  6. Slashwhip Says:

    wow this bring back memories!
    yeah i wish you could make the real metal greymon skin applied, and were garurumon playable in this digimon game, that would be awesome!


  7. Rasetsu Says:

    Weregarurumon is already playable in the game but you can digivolve into it only if you use “the moon mirror” (available only with a cheat code)

    if it’s already in the game, you might be able to make him legitamely available ?


  8. Romsstar Says:

    Only the name is there, he has no model. He is invisible in the game.
    And the moon mirror doesn’t work as well. Only the Digivolution code doess. But anyways, the only thing I could make available would be Panjamon, Metaletemon or Gigadramon. At least at this point. Because I need a programmer who can work with PSX 3D Format, I’m only a researcher, I can figure out the stuff, but I can’t write a program.


  9. demetrius200 Says:



  10. Slashwhip Says:

    @Romsstar Yeah I tried to use cheat once to get Were, but the Were Garurumon was invisible, yet still able to fight, if I did not mistaken. Another wish of my old days when playing this game is making some of the digimon like Angemon floating instead of walking when following the main character. By floating, I mean like Seadramon, more or less. haha
    This is interesting!


  11. Mick96 Says:

    That Ps1 (Virus?)MetalGreymon is also bad recolored:if you look close in his left metal arm,you can see some yellow skin,that made me think he was first like the real MetalGreymon,and then recolored (maybe because there were few digimon that could enter in Myotismon’s Mansion).And,about that WereGarurumon model,if i remember good,the DMW Card Battle models are more similar than DMW2 to DMW1,and that WereGarurumon it’s better i think.Anyway,i also searched something that can open .MMD files in DMW1 directory,without any results -_-‘.Wonder how Bandai’s nerds made these model…sure would be great to open all of that f*cking models.


  12. jangjang Says:

    Damn, I remember this old baby.. Man, AWESOME GAME!!!! The Training, The fight, The Evolution.. WOOT!!!


  13. Raikid Says:

    hey Romstar since were talkin about digimon models. ever tot about importing models from digimon master online in the redigitized game? those were the the best and most accurate models ive ever seen since world 4, if its possible. with this idea it basicly bump up the graphics a bit. and since size mod looks possible might as well do dat. make angemon, wargreymon, other human type digimon to actual human size but make digimon like greymon and growlmon a giant. just to give more of that digimon anime feel

    but pls just focus on translating the game first b4 considering this ideas.


  14. garalhardo Says:

    do you think, .1.0 translation will be here until xmas?
    upload the patch please, i dont really care about story


  15. demetrius200 Says:

    that be takin it 2 far


  16. mahamed Says:



  17. Jarod Meier Says:

    Hey, don’t know how many people would be into this but I was wondering if anyone would consider creating a Digimon World 3 hack. I was thinking that there could be new starter packs that include the main starters from the first 3 seasons such as agumon gabumon biyomon as 1 pack. Veemon, hawkmon, and armadillomon. and then Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon. I figured we could import sprites and other things from previous games. We could keep other digimon available through dri and create new dri agents. This work would not be easy and I am by no means a hacker. I just thought this would be a cool idea and that I may get some help on it. If you have any questions email me at meierjrod@att.net


  18. Hans Peter Says:

    Why do you don´t put that for a download??

    sry bad english


  19. mike Says:

    why don´t you use the japanese version model??


  20. Romsstar Says:

    @Hans Peter: The hack is in progress and is far from finished. This is a side project of mine and will be published when it’s done ;)


  21. Mason M Says:

    Hey guys! I know this is kind of old but I have an interesting idea! I’ve noticed that some people make gigantic maps of games like this by piecing together the bg images of all the screens. There is not one for Digimon World 1 that I know of. I’m extremely interested in doing this, and would create it myself if you guys could get me the bg image files or let me know how to do it myself. Please get in touch and let me know if this is possible!


  22. Romsstar Says:

    @Mason M: http://www.spriters-resource.com/playstation/digimonworld/ Here are some of them I started doing back then. I finished them too but had a HDD crash and since then I didn’t bother anymore.


  23. Mason M Says:

    Hey! Thanks a bunch!!
    I’ll get to work on stitching these into a giant map. In the meantime, do you think you could rip them and upload again? Or let me know how you got those first ones. I will put due credit on the bottom corner of the map, and I’ll upload it for you and anyone else to have a copy!
    Thanks again!


  24. Kilbane Says:

    @Romsstar, man, i just like to say that, digimon world 1 was my favorite psx model in my childhood, ive noticed that you don’t work on this rom hack no more, i’d like to ask you how did you manage to change the textures of some models, if you tell me, i’ll change every one of them, this would be cool



  25. Romsstar Says:


    The amount of material I have for hacking Digimon World is HUGE.
    It’s not like I don’t work on this anymore, it’s actually still in the works, my partner Ze0Nx is just currently in his final term, just like me, and we’re busy writing our thesis, and while I have also to finish up Redigitize there is barely any time left for Digimon World 1.

    But you won’t believe what kind of crazy stuff we can do. Those texture hacks are lame compared to what we can actually do… ;)

    The textures are stored in the ALL.TIM. You need a program which can edit the CLUTs of TIM Files (The CLUT is the palette).

    Back then games would use multiple CLUTs, so when it comes to Digimon World a Texture hack contains of modifying all 13-16 CLUTs. It’s not exactly hard to do, it’s just time consuming. We use our own custom tool for that but I’m sure some TimViewer or something like that can do the job as well.


  26. Etemon Says:

    And what you guys can do now in DW1? I’m very interested in this if you guys are capable of restoring Weregarurumon, that and making Noble Mane, Giga Hand and Metal Banana obtainable without cheats. That would be an awesome hack.


  27. Vallsamon Says:

    Well keep up the work ^_^ maybe you could even do digimon worlds 2 and 3. i still find myself playing them but noticed the lack of Graphic hacks or Modded Games for digimon (but if you look for pokemon you find alot . . go figure ) Anyways Keep doing what you do best, and Cheers


  28. DigiDreamer Says:

    Hey guys I’m with everyone else about bringing weregaruromon and a few other digimons from season 1 by importing their models from DW2. For days I been researching of how to do this, and then I found your page. If you guys want any help I’ll be glad to be on board.


  29. lampuiho Says:

    Could you share the signature codes for RNG please?
    Compulsive disorder makes me want to succeed bonus try everytime :P
    And it’ll also save time from learning techniques


  30. despairartisan Says:

    WOW! Just WOW…at the huge and small hero’s pictures!
    I wish I know the whole hacking thing…just to miss with and see the Digimon world 2 NPC sprites in good details :)


  31. Digifan Says:

    Add lots of Digimons, items, tons of stuff, or just stop working all together because what’s the point ? This game is the best game ever, it deserves the best effort ever. We can wait until 2025. But we want quality.


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