TEAM where are you?…


Hey everyone.

 It seems like forever since the last update, doesn’t it?

Well, I never really stopped working on this, but I can’t really say to have a team anymore.

The few that are still reachable hardly contribute anything. I can’t really say why, since my motivation never went anywhere and I’m still all fired up about this project.

Apparently this doesn’t hold true for everyone else.
Some of you might have noticed my small contribution to One Piece Romance Dawn.

I’m a huge One Piece Fan after all, but maybe also some of you noticed that an incomplete menu translation brings more trouble than good and in that case, as I hear, many Black Screens.

 I sincerely hope that maybe after the holidays some of my old teammates will surface again.

But in any case this project is not dead and never will be.

But for the time being…

Recruiting: Translators, Editors, ASM Hackers


19 Responses to “TEAM where are you?…”

  1. john Says:

    well i really suck at translating but i can try to help you with the editing or something else whatever you need and IF i can help i ll try to do it if u dont believe me pm me something relative to the topic and if i know i ll answear you :P if again you dont even need my help just say it (and sincerely i would like to to remove my post if u dont need me)


  2. seph54 Says:

    Romstarr i can help out just message me on gbatemp seph54 i can help out since i dont go back to college till the end of january


  3. seph54 Says:

    i can help out in translating just messgae me with what have to do i can help out


  4. buddyy93 Says:

    oh, please.. don’t make this things become such a waste..
    hopefully all the team will finally come up.
    keep on making it real romstar !


  5. jammyontheloose Says:

    Good thing you made us feel your presence again. It’s enough for a Christmas treat. :D I hope the project will finish early next year. More power to all you.


  6. JustInuYasha Says:

    Well while the team is dead, can we at least get a real update? Not to be rude but I’m sure everyone that has been following you so far is dieing to see some true progress updates. How about it?


  7. JustInuYasha Says:

    Also, I would very much like to help with translation. I don’t know much about image editing or psp commands but I already translated the entire game menu and items and descriptions myself. I can at least help contribute until this project revitalizes. Keep me informed.


  8. Karthikasan Ganesan Says:

    Yes,finally an update.Thx for not giving up,if only i know how to help out but all the best.I will be following this till it is 100% XD


  9. Xian Says:

    If only I know japanese alot more >.< I only know the basic greetings and knowledge about japan and knows katakana and hiragana but in no way of knowing kanji as of yet since I've transferred school :( So I can only wish you luck. and keep up the good work..

    anyway does anyone know where I can study japanese online for free .. hehehe xD :)


  10. Danilo D. Says:

    Do you got the scripts for translation? and don’t you mind if the translations go a bit slow? (just have acess to computer during night) anyways, I love digimon and would love to help the community


  11. Baconarmy Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have any of the skills for this,but I;m glad to see someone is still alive in this. Team or not, thanks for not giving up!


  12. Courtney Says:

    Glad to get an update! sorry to hear about everyone losing interest. Hope its just that they are all out of town for the holidays! Keep it going guys! this will be awesome!


  13. demetrius Says:

    sad day we have here to many lazy peoples cant hate though there doing it for free but still sshould have adless posted what you guys have i mean all really need done is the menu yes and no question skills digimon names really dont need the story becouase it will play out


  14. tycoonajv Says:

    wooooo good thing..XD


  15. badass087 Says:

    to bad about your team. :( everyone get a downer from time to time. im sure they will pop up :) il wish for it at new year’s :) so that itl come out in 2013. if evryone wishes also :p there would be enough spirit for you guys to continue your work. greetz from belgium. and a happy new year to all :)


  16. uria999 Says:

    hope I’m still in :)


  17. tatuehshow Says:

    keep holding on guys. the project is smelling good x)


  18. cnl Says:

    WE NEED TO FIND TEAM MAVERICK ONE!!! i know there somewhere on the pspiso forums on of them has to be in there someone ive been looking all day I KNOW THE WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU PROGRESS :)!!!…its just been really hard to find them :( if anyone knows the easy way to contact them please try if its ok with u romstar?


  19. Cadis Etrama di Raizel Says:

    i would like to join


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