A lot of people keep asking what we already have and what not.

This is actually surprising me. We never kept it a secret. It was on our project page on GBATemp all the time, but here you go guys:

What is currently translated:

Items 100%
Item Descriptions 100%
Item Effects 100%
Key Items 100%
Key Item Descriptions 100%
Accessories 100%
Accessory Description 100%
Attacks 100%
Attacks descriptions 100%
Special Attacks 100%
Special Attacks descriptions 100%
Digimon Names 100%
Raising Description 100%
Names in Colosseum, Areas 100%
Menus 100%
Digimon Personality 100%
Titles 100%
Titles description 100%
Mail Sender 100%
Mail Subject 100%
system messages (Mail) 100%
GIGO company history 100%
Lead Characters +Map Names + Menu Names 100%
Text 100%
Digimon CARD Names 100%
Digimon Evolution Chart Description 25%
Mails: 50%
Music Tracks 100%
Battle Tutorial 100%

Maps 100%

Story related:
Intro Sequence: 100%
File City: 100%

This is the most accurate % Gauge I can give.
All in all this will be about 60% of the game so far.

36 Responses to “”

  1. AkaiKaze Says:

    still a long way to go but keep up the good work!!!


  2. Jimmith Says:

    Is there a way to release a version of what you currently have?


  3. Xian Says:

    nc :)) good luck , keep up the good work .. hehe ( Meanwhile, I’m studying japanese hehe ) .. oh , and advance Happy New Year everyone :))


  4. tycoonajv Says:

    60% is good..only 40% more to go..


  5. Fiber0311 Says:

    That’s pretty impressive, keep up the good work !


  6. Rey Says:

    GO you can do it!!


  7. Karthikasan Ganesan Says:

    Awesome,Cant wait for the patch XD


  8. Mirby Says:

    Oooh nice!


  9. dark-roxas Says:

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A LOT!!!!! Continue you’re almost done it’s just that the gba post is un-updated


  10. badass087 Says:

    very awesome. still no donate button :p i woudnt mind giving you. the time you spent on creating this patch shoudnt go without credit i think. you guys are awesome :)


  11. WZi19NJH Says:

    Freakin awesome \o/ you’re the best \o/


  12. Victor Says:

    Awesome cant wait! Is there a way to donate? would like to give something for working so hard!


  13. MadScientist Says:

    awesome!you guys are doing an amazing job ^_^


  14. NollieFlipX Says:

    YES! \o/ Keep it up! You guys are awesome!


  15. Damien Says:

    Thank you for making this. you ROCK \m/


  16. Axel Says:

    *Hands Roxas a sea salt ice cream* Good work!


  17. GreatGodGanesha Says:

    So you’re going to translate all the story? That is awesome, really.


  18. DarkHeros09 Says:

    keep up the good work, i’m really waiting you guys to finish this game.


  19. Crestner Says:

    WOAH! 60%?! now, i cant wait for the game to come out :P Gambate!


  20. Forebringer Says:

    Thanks, can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting this patch. Again, thanks for all your hard work.


  21. bakuoni Says:

    woot amazing work, can’t wait till you guys finish


  22. Tottosvaldo Says:

    Awesome !!! Keep It Up !!


  23. Victor Correa Says:

    THANK YOU for this.

    I’m really anxious to see this finished.

    Much respect for you guys!

    Cheers from Brasil.


  24. Neno Says:

    Congratulations to you team. Im waiting the translation anxiously!! Do not give up


  25. Kai Says:

    Thanks for all the work, I’m impressed with the progress.


  26. ghevan Says:

    i have read the forum of gba guys..and i salute your team..i am rooting for you..


  27. Skullbot Says:

    Amazing work guys, but i’ve got a question. Where did you got the texture reader/editor/repacker ? Did you guys made it yourself ? I can’t find that for my own French translation of the game …


  28. aznnguyen123 Says:

    Mother of god that is a lot of translation O.O. Amazing work and the patch is going to be Incredibly. May the best work goes on :D.


  29. brandee Says:

    Wow, coming along! :)
    I just got a psp so im all ready to go when this comes out.


  30. xfri Says:

    Thank you for translating the game, Godspeed.


  31. Tim Says:

    Why can’t you just release an in-progress patch? I mean you’re more than 50% done, so why patch to hold people over until 100% (if that ever comes.) Your fans and fans of the series (of which I am both) would appreciate and cheer endlessly for you.


  32. Biengo Says:

    thanks for translating the game ^^ I have only a question is the mails and the Digimon Evolution Chart Description the only to finish? if so then you’ve finished 93.75% this is really amazing


  33. demetrius200 Says:

    shyt give ,e the patch for this and i’ll be alright lol


  34. Scraperfield Says:

    Dont give up!


  35. Abdul Rosyid Says:

    figh!!!!!! ill be patieth :D


  36. masacel Says:

    how to train download english patch digimon re digitize ? please :(


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