No this project is not dead


As a matter of fact, we are more lively than ever.
The reason there were no updates recently is that:

1. Romsstar, the owner of this blog, was in hospital. The doctors there disapproved any internet or Translation activities.

2. Exams are coming up.

3. I didn’t feel there was an update big enough to tell.

I could mention, that Mails are 100%, some story sequences 100%, other stuff 100% blabla, but seriously, does it really matter if you are going for 100% for the whole frickin game?  I don’t think so.

I don’t like simply posting screenshots or videos of some English ingame scenes, you have seen plenty of them, they all look the same.

What I’m trying to say: The next big update will happen as soon as we succesfully inserted some ASM work in this game.

Also guys, unless I officially state that this project is dead ( and I won’t!) this project is ALIVE.

So stop saying this project is dead, they stopped blabla, you’re freaking me out with this, and I could get so mad at you that I will just stop the project to get back at you for freaking me out :P

So chose your words wisely :P

PS: Some of you already guessed it, but hereby I confirm: The same team thas is presenting you Digimon World Redigitize will also bring you Digimon Adventure for PSP.

Although due to resources and the nature of the game, this wil probably stay at least for now as a Menu Patch only Project. But, you never know how things can turn out, so  never say never.


97 Responses to “No this project is not dead”

  1. Victor Correa Says:

    You guys are the best. Digimon Re:Digitize AND Digimon Adventure?


    I cannot thank you enough.


  2. Hazuki_87 Says:

    Digimon Adventure too? man I Don’t believe, you’re the best guys, thanks a lot!


  3. coolcat1922 Says:

    You guys are Awesome!!!! Hope Rommstar is feeling better and thank you for the translation!!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!

    (P.S. Now you got your answer, Yunes. So never post something like that again!!!)


  4. Lucas Says:

    You are the best! good lucky Team!


  5. Anon Says:

    Awesome news!
    keep up the good work :D


  6. DigimonPT Says:

    never say never?? that sounds sooo justin bieber xD kidding.
    the other guys allready said it, keep up the good work,. i get frustrated everytime i see a guy demanding for a patch instead of waiting like everyone else.


  7. Temno Says:

    Only a Menu Patch for D.Adventure?!? Better of nothing,at this point :)…..good health for Romsstar


  8. Temno Says:

    And again Thank you for the translations ^ ^


  9. amber09 Says:

    .. will the patch work on PSN version of re:digitize ?


  10. NollieFlipX Says:

    Digimon Adventure on PSP Aw yeah! Just knew it all along baby =D


  11. doryack Says:

    i hope Romsstar gets better… =/ i’m waiting for the game but you all should take good care on your health…
    but i’ll be waiting for this game to come..*–*


  12. Josh Says:

    keep up the good work guys! ill wait whatever it takes because i know its gonna be worth it!!! XD


  13. carmentis Says:

    I really hope this one is fully translated and D.Adventure is the menu only. I’d rather have this one over D.Adventure any day of the week! Keep up the great work!


  14. Eternal Len Says:

    Good speech to make everyone shut :)
    Thanks for the announcement and the work, keep it up dude ! ^^


  15. vanhyde Says:

    get well soon for romstar
    and take ur time :D
    dont rush it.
    i know we all want quality release :)


  16. Noctie Says:

    So, if my english is not so bad, you said that you finished to translate, but now, you need to put all translation in the right place of the game ? D:
    If it is, it would be cool, because it significate that the patch will finally coming soon <3 I hope it will not be to difficult.

    I hope so. :)

    And I send all my luck to Romsstar, like that he will feel better. D:


  17. Girea Says:

    good luck guys, hope get well soon for romsstar


  18. Damien Says:

    i hope romsstar is getting better, thank you you guys


  19. Raikid Says:

    wowowow. romssrar is in the HOSPITAL!!! I hope its not serious. im more worried for romsstar than the game’s translation.

    n I lolled for the speech 4 keep sayin blabla.


  20. Sakura Martinez Says:

    I sincerely hope that Romsstar is doing alright and it’s nothing serious. Likewise, I don’t see how people can even think that this project is dead. They’re just impatient.

    On a sidenote, I hope you guys do a 100% translation of Digimon Adventure, too (even though you already stated that it’s just a menu patch, hey, you guys can change your minds (please do! please do!).


  21. sword_the_demon Says:

    Romsstar, take care of yourself and come back in good health. Then you and the rest of the team will be able to give us the result of your awsome project.

    Romsstar SHINKA !!!


  22. Liam Ash (@Liamash3) Says:

    Get better soon, romstar !
    I’m thrilled to learn you guys will be translating Digimon Adventure too :)
    Take your time to do a thorough job. We’ll wait :)


  23. Jm esguerra Says:

    Love your project and hope Romsstar my idol will get better soon.
    We can see the light in the end of the tunnel, digimon world is Near!!!
    Love you all :)


  24. Josh Says:

    Awesome job guys!. We are all looking forward to your unveiling of this. Grew up playing Digimon World 1 and loved it.Just hope this is living up to the hype we are making it out to be :P.
    Hope you get well soon Rommstar.


  25. Logan Says:

    once this is finished i hope you guys do a full trans for digimon adventure too i wouldn’t mind give you guys some cash to help. every buck helps right? i think you are doing good work for all the people who still love this franchise but can’t play it due to different restrictions.


  26. Djalma Says:

    I’m sure Romsstar will get better soon, anyway health is more important than anything, you have no ideia the really good thing you’re doing for many fans that dream to play this games in english, keep it up with the amazing work pro translators!


  27. Scraperfield Says:

    the completion of this is so worth the wait!


  28. aznnguyen123 Says:

    Romsstar, I hope you well better soon :) and Digimon adventure too, Awesome :DDDD. I’ll wait a little longer.


  29. Kevin Says:

    nooo i dont get to play this during chinese new year ~~~~ sad ~~~ but nevermind ! I am still supporting you all the way ! …
    Work hard and thanks guys !


  30. Beezelmon Says:

    Who said the Project is dead ? its just slow…

    Just bookmark this page and return after a month or two maybe expecting some updates…

    That’s How these Patches generally work and this an RPG so it has like freaking tons of TEXTS…

    Digimon adventure had lesser texts because its a very simple game you don’t even need to do anything just choose an attack and boom you completed the game !


  31. Saylol Says:

    Adventure too??????? God you guys are life savers!
    I’ve waited since it came out, i can wait another year if necessary
    Can’t thanks you enough, but still thanks for you’r job :D


  32. buddyy93 Says:

    as i think more about it, i think digimon adventure is not really worth translated since the story really follows the real serial anime (just like one piece)..
    i think final fantasy type 0, will be a good choice to translate.
    just my opinion and suggestion though.
    and thanks for your hardwork. :)


  33. Leonard Says:

    Thank you so much! You guys are doing a great work!


  34. jose Says:

    Thank you for the hard work guys! digi fans around the world appreciate it. Wish you could translate digimon adventure if you want/could.

    anyways, kudos


  35. nestor Says:

    Don’t be lazy and translate the whole digimon adventure!


  36. Gledson999 Says:

    Romsstar Good luck in your recovery my buddy. by Gledson999 his great buddy of Brazil and translator of digimon world PSX


  37. Omnimon Says:

    I already have Digimon Re: Digitize, just patiently waiting for your translation. Good Luck guys!


  38. Magnamon Says:

    Keep the hard work, guys!
    I can’t help to much, but I can try to cheer up this team!
    Do your best re:digidestinedes(translation team)


  39. Chronoid Says:

    Keep up the good work!!

    Both me and my little sister would love to see a great patch as result for this project.

    Here in Spain we say “nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena” wich would mean “Never late if it’s good stuff”


  40. archonic Says:

    omg please make this work guys ı believe in you :(you are my heroes


  41. Jimmith Says:

    I could cry I’m so happy!!!


  42. Alpha Omega Says:

    This is so exciting! Bump!

    Also the Chinese community is releasing the translated version of Digimon Adventures. So if you can read Chinese (like me) you can get a head start!


  43. DarkHeros09 Says:

    when the game is releasing??


  44. coolcat1922 Says:

    Hope you guys finish soon!!!
    Has there been any updates???

    Liked by 1 person

  45. demetrius200 Says:

    my birthday is in 2 days you what what would be a good present …take a guess


  46. cloud Says:

    @Alpha Omega: hey can you give the link to the chinese translation? I can’t find it. Thx b4.


  47. john Says:

    well its pretty dead to me because half a year and only around half of the game and a little more has been translated the team was destroyed around 2 times from losing people or not being there if anyone remembers around 10-14 people started the project and around 2 months ago the team was litteraly in peaces not knowing where everyone is etc… well i dont know about you who are still waiting but i moved on with other staffs cause i am expecting this project to take another half a year so stop saying useless staff like its my birthday in 2 days give me the translation as a present and things like that its embarassing even to check this site for updates


  48. d Says:

    this is a FULL translation.
    60% translated for about 6 months is really fast.
    but i agree, asking for a patch in 2 days is delusional.


  49. coolcat1922 Says:

    @john: Just because they did not post updates and there were technical difficulties does not mean that it is dead. If you think it’s that easy to make a translation then you give it a go. Give us a FULL English Patch by April. We’ll agree then. :@

    And this translation isn’t their only job. They have their own lives
    to worry about. It is good enough that they are doing everyone such a great help by spending some of their time to do this translation.

    So just wait for updates like the rest of us or just leave cause you don’t know a damn thing about translations!!!!!!


  50. tycoonajv Says:

    any updates guys?…


  51. hart37 Says:

    I know it was a month ago but I still hope Romsstar is feeling better.


  52. Kazuto Says:

    I’ve a question. Why do you dont release your 60% patch now? I mean, it would be far better to play with 60% translated than with a complete japanese version or a miserable german patch. What’s your intention to wait for releasing this patch until you finished the translation? I can’t understand that.


  53. Jack Says:

    Hey, so it’s been over a month without hearing anything…I totally don’t wanna pressure you guys, but a little update to where we are would be nice…


  54. GreatGodGanesha Says:

    As they stated in this post, they will not give real time updates on the patch ’till 100%. However, as I check this blog everyday too, I have to say that’s true that a little post every now and then could put most of the followers to rest. This said, good work guys, I too expect great things from this patch, and I will really appreciate playing another Digimon Game.


  55. Jack Says:

    Waiting to update until it’s 100% doesn’t make any sense though. I can understand not releasing it till 100%, but letting us know how far along they are so we can get an idea of when they might be done would be nice


  56. Jm esguerra Says:

    Patient is a virtue. Or something like that. The waiting was so intense any news please… Anything would be great… I hope nothing goes wrong. Lets hope that everything goes smooth. Dont panic arghhhhh its killing me….
    Nothing to do just waitin.


  57. Alphonse Says:

    Yeah, I agree that they should at least post something every now and then to let people know that they ARE actually still there. I mean, a whole month without a single post? It’s understandable that some people would consider this to be dead. My opinion is, any kind of post, whether it’s related to the translation or not, would be a good post. That way people would know that they are still there, and it would satisfy a lot of people.


  58. Marwa Al-Alawi Says:

    As frustrating as waiting for posts is. You guys have to bear in mind that the people doing this have nothing to gain from what they’re doing. They have to work around schedules and real life and unfortunately life can slow things down exponentially. I’m just as excited for the release of this game but bitching to the people who are only doing us a favour does nothing except piss them off. >_>


  59. Jack Says:

    But i’m not bitching, I’m understanding the situation and stating my opinion. I would be Bitching if I said “WHy the fuck haven’t these fags updated yet? Gawd I bet they’re just jacking off at us”

    Again, thats bitching. What I said initially was not bitching


  60. Chris Says:

    right now romstar is helping with digimon adventure jack so quit crying an its better game anyways this ones pretty much put on hold till its done i think


  61. Erik Says:

    A few things about the recent comments:
    1) Jack isn’t crying, learn to read.
    2) Are you Romsstar? If not you really can’t speak for him and say this game is on hold.

    That’s pretty much it. Everyone have a pleasant day.



  62. Jack Says:

    Erik, you just made my day :)


  63. Dan Says:

    This project is not dead, it was never alive to begin with…


  64. JME1321 Says:

    Dan Your Lack Of Belief Stupefies me. Alot of people are waiting for this game and i don’t think the translators are going to stop working on the project without informing the fans. If you’ve got nothing of use to say except that the project is dead, please do the whole community a favor and stop posting about it here because it annoys a lot of people.


  65. Alphonse Says:

    @Marwa Al-Alawi. I’m sure people do understand that they are fitting the translations around the more important matters in their lives, but that doesn’t change the fact that over a month without a single post on something that’s “more lively than ever” is a complete piss-take. I’m not bitching, because quite frankly, I couldn’t care less if this translation ends up complete, or it doesn’t any more. Since, I’ve sold my PSP anyway.


  66. Annon Says:

    An update would be nice, but asking nicely wouldn’t kill you. Keep up the good work guys!


  67. Anon1234 Says:

    Alphonse, why are you even posting here? Go away, this isn’t your personal blog, no one cares about what you did with your PSP.

    Also, anyone who thinks they have the right to complain should stop being so entitled, translations are privileges not a right.


  68. Yes Says:

    This people who are yapping about this project dead sounded like ” I have don’t believe on this project anymore, other people should not believe also”. If think this is dead, please kindly leave this blog. You delete your history and bookmarks and never comeback. If we are the same humans with understanding, you wouldn’t be doing this.

    To me digimon is a part of my childhood. I can only understand 60-80% of japanese (story-wise) when playing jpn games or raw animes. Having localized jpn games, fan translations, or subs really helps so please don’t destroy my hope of having a translated game by spouting your negative point-of-view in this site. Thank you.


  69. coolcat1922 Says:

    Guys calm down, I know we have all been expecting a translation for about close to half a year now and are losing patience. Trust me I feel the same way… But you guys gotta understand that the translators have a life outside of this too and they probably did not reply because they were busy doing more important work. We have to respect the fact that they have nothing to gain from this translation but they are doing it any way to help us….

    So if you have lost your patience and think that the translation is dead, you’re welcome to get out of this blog and keep your opinions to yourself.

    Do not post your bitchy frustrations out here and try to convince other people to agree with your goddamn opinions.


  70. coolcat1922 Says:

    @The translators

    Please post an update soon and shut these guys up!!! :)


  71. Alphonse Says:

    @Anon1234 Try reading the first sentence of my comment, then say something. Alright, thanks.


  72. d Says:

    well, they already said that the next time they will update, it will be when they have made their first ASM hack in the game. And, according to GBAtemp forum, they haven’t.
    i suggest people just check their GBAtemp project page. Romsstar constantly posting there.


  73. JustInuYasha Says:

    lol, no update in a month and a half. DEAD
    This is why no one supports 100% patches that refuse to release before 100%. -.-


  74. coolcat1922 Says:


    Shut yer yap and get your bitch ass off this page if you’re going post about the translation being dead.


  75. arcantius Says:

    The last update on gbatemp is from 25 february, so no this project is not dead!


  76. john Says:

    rest assure guys as the creators say the project is not dead its in a state of… human life terms pretty much like in a coma its practically dead but one day it may get up and live again


  77. lazy Says:

    i’m really dissapointed with the work you guys do. you’re just lazy. If you’re going do this this way better don’t do it at all


  78. z Says:

    except you know nothing about translating a game, including translating, hacking, etc.
    There are SNES games that translated in 10 YEARS,
    maybe Romsstar was right when he said that Digimon fanbase has the most unrealistic expectation.


  79. Chronoid Says:

    I know you cannot rush things but…..
    Can I sugges at least a monthly update to shut those jerks up?

    only an idea…


  80. Calm the F down Guys Says:

    People who say that translation is “Slow” need to know that THERE are like 10 of my fav games which is untranslated !

    Tecnchu san portable,way of samurai 2,tenchu kurenai,Nauyatanokisiki,Rurouni_Kenshin_Saisen etc etc the list just goes on !

    and so does the list of ungrateful idiots !

    And someone working hard on a JPN game is getting what ?? FREAKING Demands ??

    WELL DONE PSP community your immaturity is eternal !


  81. demetrius Says:

    Is he still in the holspital i hope he is alright


  82. Keyblade M Says:

    Some of the people in these comments seem so entitled. It’s really disgusting. You have no concept of how difficult and time consuming it is to hack and translate an entire game. Please just go away.


  83. yuske Says:

    i don’t even know why people even complain about not getting updates or why its taking so long to release it.

    if you wanna play it so badly, go play the japanese version of it. if you can’t read japanese, then be proactive and learn it. if you’re too lazy to learn japanese, then hack the games yourself and make an english patch for yourself. why wait for them when you know its gonna take a long time for the to release.

    so in the end, don’t blame the translators, but blame yourself for not being proactive about it. if you want the game that badly, go out and do it yourself instead of wasting time and complaing about it.

    and if you can wait for it, like me, then just sit back and wait. if it comes out then it comes out, if it don’t then it don’t. its not like its the end of the world if the patch don’t get release.


  84. Bell Says:

    I understand people has awaiting Digimon World PSX to remake for couple of years, or i didn’t understand how hard to translating a simple word by hexadecimal. But Dear Digimon Fans, please support our translator team by donate or bless them to always stay healthy.

    To Romsstar, and whole translator crew,

    I understand your guys already did the best, STAY AWESOME!!


  85. Bell Says:

    sorry for typo


  86. DonCrisan Says:

    You can do it guys! We’re waiting excited for the patch!
    Cheers from Spain and keep on rockin!


  87. Reza Says:

    COME ON GUYSS!!!! YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE!!. GANBATTE!!!! >.< . I can't wait


  88. 43270 Says:

    Definitely take joy in what you’ve got here, grateful you’re getting it online and what
    you have to say. You are presenting it in a way that is
    enjoyable and yet you still be certain to keep it smart.
    I am excited to trade theory and expertise with you.

    Your website is undoubtedly one of the better blogs available
    right now.


  89. Hamed Says:

    Please translate Digimon Adventure fully


  90. Jarod Meier Says:

    Hey, don’t know how many people would be into this but I was wondering if anyone would consider creating a Digimon World 3 hack. I was thinking that there could be new starter packs that include the main starters from the first 3 seasons such as agumon gabumon biyomon as 1 pack. Veemon, hawkmon, and armadillomon. and then Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon. I figured we could import sprites and other things from previous games. We could keep other digimon available through dri and create new dri agents. This work would not be easy and I am by no means a hacker. I just thought this would be a cool idea and that I may get some help on it. If you have any questions email me at


  91. jason Says:

    Can’t w8 to play dese games any idea when about dey will b finished


  92. caintwaitguy Says:

    december.. still waiting ç_ç


  93. Lunos Says:

    Did the Digimon Adventure Translation Project died?
    I didn’t saw any progress on the website :/ …


  94. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We were never translating the Adventure game. No idea if the XHai group officially dropped it or not.


  95. Rai Says:

    I love it when people mistake this team for the team translating Adventure.

    It’s as if only one team can translate the Digimon games.


  96. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    In fairness, we’re apparently the only ones who can finish a project.


  97. Rai Says:

    Sadly true.


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