First ASM Hack – Achieved


Well, I guess I have to disappoint a lot of haters out there, by saying that we are not dead and moreover we inserted our first ASM hack succesfully into the game.

While it seems like it is not much it feels very reassuring and I’m more hopeful then ever that we can make this game the way we want.

Well guys, what StorMyu did is to make the game internal Save and Load and Home Functions to be English.

Which looks in result like this:


load2 load

Enjoy :)


16 Responses to “First ASM Hack – Achieved”

  1. Higure Says:

    Excellent! I’m overjoyed to hear about this breakthrough of yours. I hope that future ASM hacks will be easier, in light of the knowledge you have gleaned from y our first.

    Thank you for everything you are doing here: Haters might hate, but the rest of us are behind you. Good luck, Destined Translators!


  2. buddyy93 Says:

    that’s freaking cool!
    keep it up everyone!


  3. Yes Says:

    Yes Yes Yes Burn the Haters
    This made me happy before taking my finals. Thx guys


  4. Fiber0311 Says:

    Niiiiiiiiiiice. Keep up the good work guys, we believe in you :)


  5. megafire13 Says:

    Very nice im looking forward to this wish we can download and patch what you have already so we can play a bit of it though. Not complaining just wishing, i can wait, so good luck and never give up!


  6. Jack Says:



  7. john Says:

    perfect now to wait another 2 months for the next video-icons so some team and fans can say “OMG ITS NOT DEAD YAAAAAAAAAAAY” and then wait and before the riot start again about the project being dead and then again the team will upload some info (more about some excuses that the project is “alive”) and then the whole matter will be solved for about 1-2 months again and thats how most of the time will be spent again and again and again untill the project either actually die by closing the project or either get out for the psp fans been played about 1-2 months and the whole game will be forgoten!!!!


  8. Digimon Says:

    shut up john, you need a doctor


  9. coolcat1922 Says:

    Yeah I knew it!!!!!!!!!! The translators are back!!!!
    Thanks so much!!!!1


  10. Baconarmy Says:

    Glad it’s alive :)


  11. john Says:

    brb in a month to see everyone complaining the post is dead


  12. AkitoGz Says:

    i smell john does this always happen?


  13. SoAnnoyedWithThisDude Says:

    nah john. Don’t brb here just to be an a*s again. Just disappear into the air like a fart blow away by the wind.


  14. Gray Says:

    Yeah, except that… Changing a pair of values in the impose register of the PSP is no ASM hack.

    The fact that they might be located in the main assembly of the game does not mean that they are part of it’s code.

    Even though they are usually compiled as immediate values, they are part of the symbol table of the assembly during compilation, not part of the code section.


  15. Romsstar Says:

    Technically you are right. But the value whether region is japanese, us or else, as you said, is part of the main assembly.
    And therefore it is technically an ASM hack, as an ASM hack not only refers to changing part of the game code, but injecting own code. Whether in the code or the main assembly selection is rather irrelevant.
    It is still impressive, when you ask me, considering that this is something that to my knowledge wasn’t done before or at least I have no knowledge about it whatsoever.

    And while we argue semantics whether we did change something in the main assembly or the code section:
    For most of the fans they don’t care, they will still see it as an ASM hack and for all intents and purposes, it was easier to describe it the way we did.

    But the more impressive parts are to come, don’t worry..


  16. Jarod Meier Says:

    Hey, don’t know how many people would be into this but I was wondering if anyone would consider creating a Digimon World 3 hack. I was thinking that there could be new starter packs that include the main starters from the first 3 seasons such as agumon gabumon biyomon as 1 pack. Veemon, hawkmon, and armadillomon. and then Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon. I figured we could import sprites and other things from previous games. We could keep other digimon available through dri and create new dri agents. This work would not be easy and I am by no means a hacker. I just thought this would be a cool idea and that I may get some help on it. If you have any questions email me at


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