It’s been quiet lately. But I hope this picture will make up for it ;)

100 Responses to “News”

  1. Juho Says:

    Nice, keep up the good work


  2. Jonn Says:



  3. NollieFlipX Says:

    lol nice


  4. blackrainstorm Says:

    could someone tell me what it is, the picture wont load for me.


  5. Caleb Says:

    Black: It says they fixed the text problem. Also, fuck yeah, you guys are awesome.


  6. kiddyvilin Says:

    awesome job you guys XD


  7. Brian Says:

    Great going guys! Awesome job ^^


  8. Tudor Gheorghe Says:

    u ROCK guys \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/


  9. Dittle Says:

    Lol, Nice job! hope to see the english patch soon!


  10. Segnis Says:



  11. Cignus Says:

    Good Job


  12. doryack Says:

    you all are great!!! *—*


  13. Luke mcgrath Says:

    Does this mean you will be finished soon =) i hope so, even so thanks for this guys i wanted an english patch for psp2 infinity but it never came so we are very lucky to get this =)


  14. Medea White Says:

    Hey guys, thank you so much! I enter this site almost everyday looking for news, but I won’t give up on yout team.. I mean, thank very much for all the job you have done!! I just can’t express my gratitute.. Digimon means a lot for me, and all this will be possible because of you! THANK YOU!


  15. Azrael Turnip Says:

    Nice shot, awesome! You are great =D


  16. Losna latuskas Says:

    Ow men, this looks great! It’s getting real.. I hope everything goes better, good luck guys


  17. griselda Says:

    YAHHHHYYY A-w-e-s-o-m-e! I love you all *__*!!

    Ps: azrael, your last name are turnip? really?


  18. Azrael Turnip Says:

    what about your name dudette? “griselda”

    By the way, are you guys releasing a patch or a new iso? Sorry if this was alread asked, Im new in this blog. Keep the good work!


  19. eggofly Says:

    I actually only made an account to say THANK YOU!! I’ve been a fan of Digimon since the Playstation 1 games and recently came across this for the PSP. Seeming that there was no english patch or english version at the time, i saw it or at least i didn’t see a patch… i thought there was no hope for this great game!! ( since the PSP isn’t doing good at all in the US.)After like 2 months i came back hunting for more PSP games to try and ran into this. Thank you for your time and effort. Please take your time I’d rather have a detailed quality translation than a crappy one. Just really Thank you soooooo much :) looking foward to the patch and dl. Thanks again staff/translators.


  20. timmehpua Says:

    Excited for this! :D Keep up the great work and thanks again! :D


  21. Digimon Says:

    That wil do. Thank you guys. \m/


  22. forebringer Says:

    Awesome. So looking forward to this, thanks for the great work. :)


  23. Celvan Says:

    Thx for the hard work!! keep it up!! u guys are the best!!


  24. xBleedingSoulx Says:

    I fucking love you, I sense we won’t be waiting much longer now, I knew you guys could do it! Now if only the guys translating Lost Evolution for the DS would stop taking the piss.


  25. DarkHeros09 Says:

    i’m with you all the way.


  26. MKK2004 Says:

    Keep up the good work guys! I will wait the release!


  27. bacon Says:

    Yay :_)

    Best news this week


  28. Johny Bravo Says:

    Nice Keep Up The good work cant wait for 100% translation :)


  29. Gambite Says:

    good job :D


  30. ZackFair Says:

    GOD,AWESOME WORK! That fucking ASM problem it’s finally solved!Way to go guys! ^_^


  31. AkaiKaze Says:

    Nice!!! i guess that this will speed up things. Thanks for your hard work.


  32. natalinoxs Says:

    This is great man! Thank you for your efforts!


  33. Not Impressed Says:

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, since you are doing this in your own spare time, which you could spend doing more enjoyable things. But is this really the best you can come up with after over a month of work since the last post? It really is disappointing.

    I’ve been following this since about November last year, and the rate at which you work is a disgrace, even if you are doing this in your free time. I mean, you may have encountered some problems, but this is just a dismal excuse for a translation. To say you’ve done about 60% of the game all in all, well, it’s been at about that since last year. Obviously you’ve stopped progressing, and if that’s the case, you may as well give up on the translation, instead of disappointing all the hopeful people waiting for this.


  34. jammyontheloose Says:

    Don’t mind those who are ungrateful and unimpressed with your work. You are great indeed for doing so much work. Have a great time always and good work!


  35. Csl Says:

    Hi guys
    My name is Csl
    I am not good at game translating but i really want to thank you guys
    Cause you guys donate all your skill just in order to let everyone on earth could understand the story of this game
    Eventhough many haters but still you guys do your best
    I really salute with you guys
    I hope everybody can make the best and succeded everything that u did
    Thank you ver much


  36. xBleedingSoulx Says:

    If you’d been keeping up on the GBAtemp forums, you’d understand why there has been a hold up, English sentences are a lot longer than Japanese sentences and there wasn’t enough room to enter a translated sentence with the text limit for the Japanese text, they have finally managed to find a workaround for this problem, which is huge progress, now stop being so ungrateful.


  37. Romsstar Says:

    Well people think we ought to inform them about everything. With the amoutn of haters around at the blog people shouldn’t be surprised it’s not my first choice of posting anymore. Also if he’d have kept up with GBATemp he would have realized that the 60% bar is not up-to-date at all. But then he couldn’t complain. Oh my, some people just want to complain…


  38. rash Says:

    if you hit another roadblock like the text limit in future, is it possible to release a partial patch/ is there already a partial patch out? or is it a 100% or nothing kinda thing?


  39. rash Says:

    *i know you’re going for 100% patch, but just to clarify i meant partial patch while we wait for you to get past another roadblock (which hopefully there won’t be :D).

    anyhow, keep up the great work.


  40. Romsstar Says:

    Only if I see that it’s absolutely impossible to overcome this roadblock. Other than that, only 100%. So far we succesfully overcame every roadblock.


  41. dee200 Says:

    great job in year 2 guys


  42. dee200 Says:

    the more success on DW-RD the more success it well be on D-A


  43. Romsstar Says:

    What year 2? I don’t know what calendar you’re using but as far as I’m concerned, we started this project in September 2012 and the team was officially formed in October. Since then a lot of things happened but in any case we are doing this ABOUT 6 MONTHS!

    Considering the many times we couldn’t work for different reasons, we are very fast and efficient.

    Adventure and Redigitize are not even close to being similar (different developers) but well maybe on ASM side we will be more experience than.

    We will see.


  44. dee200 Says:

    i didnt mean it like that i wasnt counting by months on the calender i was counting by year to year.but you guys doing a hell of a good job and yes we will see.


  45. Willy Says:

    Wow. you guys did great :) i’m so excited.. haha..


  46. MarinoKadame Says:

    With the Decode version coming up, do you think to do it after being done with this version ?


  47. Romsstar Says:

    No and the 3DS is still not hackable so not even considering it.


  48. negaheero Says:



  49. Ghotiheads Says:

    What you guys are doing is amazing, truly. I can’t wait to play the game with the patch. So I need to ask, is there an ETA on your final release? I understand any hesitation you might have giving us a date but know that even if you don’t make the “deadline” the only people who will give you flak are the same people who were saying the project was abandoned in the first place.


  50. Hano Says:

    Great good jobs guys


  51. jose Says:

    excelente trabajo sigan asi!! espero con ansias el 100% (ya sé que es en ingles xD)


  52. AkaiKaze Says:

    ↑ jose said: excelent work keep it up!!!! i can’t wait for 100% (i know that this is in english xD)


  53. Courtney Says:

    go to twitter and support by saying “@namcogames @NamcoBandaiUK Please localize Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode for 3DS in Europe and America! #OperationDecode”


  54. ARief Says:

    i will always wait for it.. keep up the awesome works guys.. semangaaaat!! :D


  55. Jarod Meier Says:

    Hey, don’t know how many people would be into this but I was wondering if anyone would consider creating a Digimon World 3 hack. I was thinking that there could be new starter packs that include the main starters from the first 3 seasons such as agumon gabumon biyomon as 1 pack. Veemon, hawkmon, and armadillomon. and then Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon. I figured we could import sprites and other things from previous games. We could keep other digimon available through dri and create new dri agents. This work would not be easy and I am by no means a hacker. I just thought this would be a cool idea and that I may get some help on it. If you have any questions email me at Also, is there an estimate as to how long until digimon world 1 hack is complete. Thanks.


  56. Dhimrev Says:

    I’ll definitely wait this project >o< You guys are fuckin awesome!!


  57. Kavka Says:

    i hope it it will be done soon! ><


  58. Romsstar Says:

    I hope so too.XD Guess what the team is waiting too, we ALL Want to play this awesome game ;)


  59. morlerm Says:

    HI i really cant wait for it to come but i hope that there would be no surveys through the website to download it


  60. ashleycherrett Says:

    Reblogged this on blogblogblogblogbandXD and commented:
    This is my childhood right there… and thanks to these guys it can continue XD


  61. Ganesha Says:

    Guys, while you wait for this translation, could you please sign this petition to bring the 3ds version of Re: Digitize in USA and Europe? We are already at 4000 supporters, but we need at least 10.000 to be noticed by Namco Bandai.


  62. nct Says:

    ppl help in signing this to make it possible for redigitize decode to come to the west!!!


  63. Spinnerweb Says:

    Thanks for working on this. Looking forward to the full translation.


  64. facundo Says:

    incluso yo de argentina lo estoy esperando


  65. Tyler Says:

    So at the very least you guys should have the game 100% translated by now right?

    I mean all the problems you’ve had aside, there shouldn’t have been anything hindering simple text translation even if you couldn’t put it back into the game yet.

    If not you guys are very poor at managing your time.


  66. Romsstar Says:

    @Tyler: Right because our life purpose is to bring this translation to you as fast as possible.

    Wait… This is not quite right. But hey we should hurry because we are getting paid for this. Wait, this is not right either.

    So let me think: is there ANY reason at all that we should hurry?

    I don’t see any… And fyi fans like you piss me rather off, because you expect something for nothing.

    What we have to gain from giving this translation absolutely for free to you?

    Just be patient and grateful someone is doing this AT ALL. If you are not happy with the way we work, just look for someone else who will do it. No one forces you to wait for us,
    just as no one forces us to hurry. Again: Why would we?

    While I neither confirm or deny if 100% is translated, even if not, this would be not a big deal.

    This is just a game, there are lots of those, even more that lie untranslated, and tbh this game has way more hype than it deserves too. It is a good game indeed, but the PSP version comes nowhere close the PSX original.

    The 3DS version alas surpasses the PSP version in every aspect, but we will do the PSP as we have not the option to do the 3DS one.


  67. Tyler Says:


    Life’s purpose? No, and i didn’t say it was. But Like i said, even with all the problems you’ve had they have nothing to do with the actual translation of text do they?

    And i fail to see what the 3ds or old psx game has to do with you guys translating this one. You are the ones that started this project, like you said no one forced you to do it.

    If you didn’t have the time or motivation to see it through you probably shouldn’t have bothered starting.

    I don’t really care all that much, I’m not a huge fan of digimon and have just a passing interest in this since you guys said you were translating it and i was looking for a new psp game to play.


  68. Romsstar Says:

    This game is BASED on a PSX game, it has EVERYTHING to do with it. Plus the 3DS game is reenhanced port of this very PSP game.

    If you were just looking for some new PSP game to play, you are looking at the wrong game with this one anyways. This game was made for hardcore fans of the PSX game, so true fans are used to waiting for this one and I’m really sure that all the true fans will have no problem with waiting a little bit longer.

    Real life always surpasses a project you basically do for you and for the fun, why should it ever become a first priority?

    You end up hating it and seriously that’s what jobs are already for. And I don’t know about you Tyler but most of us have to go everyday to do their job and so time is always limited.

    So well I suggest you find a new place to flame. You don’t like this project, no one forces you to watch it. And I honestly don’t give a damn what you think or if you are satisfied with the way we are doing things or not.


  69. Tyler Says:

    I think you need to learn to read a bit more, none of my comments were meant to “flame”

    And i was a fan of the psx game, back in the day when i was a kid and played and watched the anime. Now like i said its just a passing interest.

    I just felt like commenting on the ridiculous pace you guys go at, real life or not it seems like you guys bit off more than you could chew.


  70. Ichi Says:

    @Tyler Dude just chill out. I mean if you say you don’t care then just be patient. If they decided not to finish oh well, if they do finish then that’d be great… Just let it be lol


  71. Peter Says:

    @Tyler: When you thing a translation may pick no much time then learn japanese and make a translation of this game


  72. Tyler Says:


    I think you need to learn to read before trying to tell someone else what to do.


  73. algie17 Says:

    @tyler what the heck dude? do you pay them for you to command them to finish translation? haha XD these guys make me laugh so hard and also piss me off. don’t rush developers for their project. try to develop something on your own if you want it so bad. oh wait you can’t haha XD,

    just relax and wait. cheers.


  74. Kavka Says:

    just cool your mind man.
    it’s them who are working not us.


  75. Tyler Says:



    Why is it that people who read this site seem unable to comprehend even basic English?


  76. Romsstar Says:

    With that last comment user Tyler managed to get on the blacklist.

    So from now on I won’t bother with him anymore and so should neither of you guys.


  77. Kavka Says:

    on the other hand i do really hope the project will be done soon enough, by all means faster progress.
    anyway just make it happen!
    Godspeed for all of the team!


  78. discobanditj Says:

    Romsstar, I’d like to help out with the translation. I work as an editor/writer — I can read a limited amount of Japanese, and I can’t hack, but I would be more than happy to proof-read and edit any of the translation. I have faith that you guys will do a good job, but I LOVE Digimon, especially the PSX Digimon World, so my offer is always on the table! I’ve seen too many fan translations go wrong because of iffy localisation and grammar :)


  79. Sebastian Says:

    I have joined and followed this blog specifically for this game. I love what you are guys are doing and amazed at the progress you have made, keep up the great work. I can’t wait for it to be finished. As a kid I loved playing the PSX version and once I found our about this game and your team’s means to translate it I have been anticipating the completion. Thank you and your team for all of the hard work.


  80. iku450 Says:

    Both this and Valkyria Chronicles translations are testing my patience…


  81. Jrod Says:

    Operation DeCode FTW


  82. Raikid Says:

    ive been checkin this site every week and its been a couple of months since I last comment.
    im a lil disappointed dat u guys didn’t finish by june, so now dat its august, its been more than a year. I was hopin u guys finish within a year.

    time has passed and digimon adventures is out plus decode 4 da 3ds. not to mention dat really awesome petition 4 decode dats already getting 10k sign (I already sign thou). honestly I dunno which shud 1 shud I w8 4 , this or the decode petition plus da possible localization time.

    so romsstar. u think u cud finish this b4 decode localize? I hope its this cuz I don’t have a 3ds yet


  83. Toying69 Says:

    Keep it dude ^.^
    I will waiting, and play for very calm if already patch is release.
    sorry my bad english


  84. Green Says:

    thanks for the efforts guys, this is totally awesome so keep up the good work !


  85. soulshuddet Says:

    well waiting for this is easier then learning Japanese lol this will be sweet.


  86. Jeev Says:

    Hey Romstar & Team!
    Keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait to play this game once you’ve completed it!


  87. willie Says:

    Still wait for result of your great work!
    God Bless You All :)


  88. John titor Says:

    Its been a year. But still excited, every time I go here My heart goes peeedooo peeedooo peeedooo *minion dave*
    And all the minions to me looks like agumon.

    Love to wait. Dunno if its gonna kill me the waitin thing or the suprised that they’ve finished it.

    Digimon days… Its just waiting at the coela point…

    Best wishes and prayers. Good thing you try!
    Still had one life and eventually suprisingly evolves to skull greymon…
    Digimon world life… You stop playing come again then fight again train again fight again and be suprise again thing thats what I’ve remember in digimon world 1 dayss…

    Thanks for reading this whoever you are thanks for doing your job for reading and thinking. Or remembering. The days…


  89. Jordan Says:

    some updates would be nice


  90. DigimonFan1 Says:

    Keep up the great work, guys! I can’t wait until it’s finished :)


  91. Danilo Passos Says:

    please! request when this game translation go be done!


  92. Tiago Corrêa da Silva Says:

    Where can i download the game pached?


  93. Upi Says:

    @Tiago Corrêa da Silva; It’s not out yet.
    And for the team, YOU GUYS ROCK! Keep the good work! Appreciate the effort you guys have put in this! :)


  94. Joseph Says:

    Keep up the good work. I’m so happy this translation is being done. I played the original on PS1 and now I’m excited for this.


  95. alphanzer Says:

    im happy to see u guys still active but at same time im also dissapointed to see the translation seems still has a long way to go.

    Im sorry to say this but honestly i have lost my hype on this project, it has been too long for me to stay excited. I have been waiting for this translation from last year its like i having a hard time to keep remember bout this, but even so i might recheck this on 2014. Maybe not to use the translation but only to check how u guys doin, im learning japanese myself at the moment u know :D

    Well even if this project wil be shutted down, u guys have my deepest gratitude for even trying this game. but Of course, u guys have come this far so i hope u can finish this. Good luck guys.


  96. Turbo Says:

    I’m sorry to say, but I think this project has been abandoned. The last post made by a staff member was the end of July, and even then, it wasn’t an update post. I’m still hoping that Decode gets localized, because as it was stated earlier, it really is better than the PSP version. The team tried their best, but I think the hype for this game has died down. C’est la vie.


  97. Nene Says:


  98. ProjectIsDead Says:

    This is thing is dead, no news for months, what a fail.


  99. Upi Says:

    @ProjectIsDead It is dead when they say it’s dead.. They just don’t like to post updates that often because of people like you. By the way work with your grammar before posting shit like that.


  100. ProjectIsNowAlive ^^ Says:

    Sorry Mr.Grammar whore, This thing is dead, no news for months, what a fail*. ;)
    Back to topic.
    Good to see someone woke up and decided to show that this is alive. Nobody expects you to post 24/7 updates, but you have people that admire your work and would like to know at least what’s up. Nothing personal, keep it up ;)


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