Not dead


After I see growing impatience I’m just stating here this project is far from dead and is actively being worked on.

Instead of wasting time with updates that are not meaningful enough  we are progressing in this project.

I can inform you that with the help of StorMyu I started digging into the disassembling and debugging process myself so I’m not only translating anymore but taking actively part in the hacking process (or at least trying to).

I also can tell you that a rather huge amount of text was translated in the time being, but I don’t see anything impressive in that if you aim for a 100% patch.

Is there really such a need for screens and updates guys? I stated how this works, yet some people seem to think this is just another overambitious project started with people not knowing what they’re doing. Guess what you’re wrong. You got people working here who did this before and yes I admit it failed in the past. This is why I personally learned from those mistakes, and will not make any more updates than I personally feel needen. That’s it so far.

Expect updates yeah, but don’t expect REGULAR updates… This is not how it works. Sorry. I will try to post an update as soon as I feel we’re getting closer to the finish.



9 Responses to “Not dead”

  1. HanikoSigma Says:

    Thanks so much for posting an update! I think that the assumption made by a lot of people was that it would be finished by now so people get worried whenever there’s dead air. I’m sure just knowing it’s still being worked on would help put people at ease. I for one don’t care about pic updates or progress reports, just the knowledge that it’s still being worked on. Heck, just put a little thing on the side that says “Project is: Active” and have it time stamped whenever you update it.


  2. Courtney Levi Osborn Says:

    thanks for the update! but honestly I am pretty sure everyone would be happy with a little bitty update every other week. It doesn’t even have to say much or show screens. but when you go several months with no update you can’t blame people for thinking that you gave up. Several projects have happened just like that and no one ever hears what happened. This also leads me to say that there is no need to be angry at your fans in your updates by acting like we are all unruly. We are not, we just want to know you are breathing because we love what you are doing. Hope the project is coming along well! Cant wait!


  3. Cero Says:

    I think you should just post the forum link to the translation, as that makes it obvious to any new comers that the project is remaining active. Keep up the good work guys! We’ll all be very grateful when it’s finished, and in the mean time some of us will try to remain patient.


  4. algie17 Says:

    more power and goodluck. im now playing digimon world data squad. take your time in finishing the project. good luck


  5. ashleycherrett Says:

    thanks for the update I’ve been early awaiting news and to hear that its being done by people who know what their doing makes me more exited to revisit my child hood XD


  6. Juho Says:

    Simple updates like “we are going slowly and steady” lets us known you are doing great and not dead beneath a truck. Once a month, that’s all I ask.


  7. Kerfirou Says:

    Yeah, just a Simple ‘we’re alive and kickin’, project is still going’ will be nice.


  8. NollieFlipX Says:

    Kinda funny, acessed the blog yesterday looking for news, and then I though. Well it will be ready when it’s ready.

    But nice to see you guys are allright. If I may suggest, A post once per month saying “we’re still alive” would probably solve those impatience problems hahahah

    Cheers mate.


  9. Azrael Turnip Says:

    Hey buddy, dont worry!! As I said, I visit this page almost everyday, and I truly believe and trust in you guys! THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING SO GOT SO FAR!! And I’m sorry the bad english, I’m from a foreigner country. THANKYOU!!!!


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