Looking for a guy/girl who can work with graphics freely between Photoshop and Fireworks (Especially Fireworks is important).
You have to have heard of Invisible Alpha Channels and you have to know the means how to make them visible, edit them and adjust them to different needs = English text.
Since Photoshop is not capable of doing that I need you to have experience with Fireworks.
Also you have to have some knowledge about how the format PNG works.

If you feel up for the job, write your contact data in the comment below or feel free to write me an email :
For communication it would be adviseable if you have Skype since there is a lot of explaining to do.

Also guys, I would like it if you could show support for this petition:
Of course we love doing this project but the 3DS is an awesome game that deserves to be localized. Cheers!

I do appreciate your support. I would appreciate it even more if you would write my name correctly.
Sincerely – Romsstar


6 Responses to “”

  1. crimson Says:

    i wish i know fireworks, but currently i only know photoshop….but photoshop can also do the alpha channel thing


  2. dee200 Says:

    i know the whole entire adobe suite i just don’t have time due to me working on my senior art exhibition this semester i plan on graduating in December.


  3. Romsstar Says:

    @crimson :

    Photoshop can create an Alpha Channel by using its own custom alpha channel palette. But here we need to be able to edit alpha channel palettes and also adjust it to our needs.
    This is something only Fireworks can do.

    I was succesful doing it on one picture but the result still was not perfect (but close.xD) and I don’t have the skill to create it in a perfect way. That’s why I’m asking for someone who can.


  4. crimson Says:

    ohh thats too bad….i wish i can contribute some


  5. Nic Says:

    I signed the petition, wish I could help out more. I’m so excited for this, thanks for all the hard work.


  6. Titania Says:

    Hi Romsstar, leider kann ich dir keine private Nachricht schicken, daher poste ich es als Kommi: Ersteinmal finde ich euer Projekt Klasse! Dann möchte ich gern fragen, ob wir Partner werden könnten, sprich unsere Blogs. Ich habe einen Blog, indem ich das Spiel auf deutsch etwas erläutere, Hilfestellungen gebe und einen Haufen Listen anfertige, sprich wo rekrutiert man welches Digimon, einen Digitationsplan und Hintergrundinformationen zu einzelnen Gebieten.

    Freu mich über deine Antwort!



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