Explaining % and progress


Hey guys,

I keep reading people posting about this project and the translation being on 60%.
Tell you what: This gauge is from last year guys and was about the translation only!
We are obviously way beyond 60% it is just too tedious to estimate a real percentage.
Let me explain why:

Translated: 90% (Basically only some clearing up left)
Inserted: 30%
Edited: 10%
Localized (ASM): 20%
In-Game-Image Editing: 30%

Now if we sum this up we get a rather weird 36%. Sounds like nothing right. But wait, then again 90% is already translated?
So most of the game is in English already. Why is it impossible to give an accurate percent gauge:

Inserting Text is a job that can be done in one day if you’re lucky, in a week if you’re not.
For Redigitize it’s a very difficult case since texts occur multiple times in the script but only one of them is actually used!
Means: If we insert a translated text, the chance that we hit the one the game actually uses lies roughly between 20-80%.
Let’s stick with that number for now. That’s the reason why only so few of what’s already translated has been succesfully inserted.

Editing: Um well I’m in lack of qualified editors to be honest. I’m not a native speaker and most editors are too scared
and all they do is correct here and there some tenses. But the job of an Editor is to make a translation sound natural
where the translator failed to do so. And yes it IS natural that the translation sounds weird in their first phase, especially
when you translate from Japanese as you want first to recreate the actual meaning of the sentence in English before you can proceed
to give it the last edge of refinement.

Localizing (ASM): This one is a bitch. Especially in Redigitize. This game’s a total mess in terms of programming and the list of
things that have to be done is long. We have StorMyu as our expert here but he has a busy private life and even if he didn’t this
would still be a job that’s tough and to be honest: super boring.xD

In-Game-Image Editing: In my last post I wrote about this: We require a Fireworks and Photoshop Expert. This is still the case.

So I guess to sum it up:
You may or may not understood now why we don’t bother with a percent gauge.

– Editors
– Graphic Experts


11 Responses to “Explaining % and progress”

  1. luke Says:

    Hi guys I realise that percentages are hard to work out etc. but was just wondering what is the latest you think this will be done by im not in a rush and dont wanna rush you guys =) just wondered if you had a rough timeline, also once its finished you guys ever considered contacting the devs about it? I know some guys managed it with nintendo and thanks to that nintendo used it for an official release =) anywho guys keep up the good work


  2. hawkstorm Says:

    Hey Romsstar!
    You and your team are doing amazing work with the game and the updates have been very much welcomed :)

    I’m willing to help with editing the english but I don’t speak much Japanese. So if you need help with that drop me a line.


  3. Puti Says:

    hey romsstar!
    wusste ja, dass du japanologie studierst bzw studiert hast, aber nicht, für welche zwecke :P
    find ich echt super, dass ihr das auf die beine gestellt habt! leider kann auch ich bei nichts helfen..jedoch freue ich mich schon auf das spiel! ;)


  4. Andronis Says:

    Hey Romsstar,
    Not really sure on the whole qualifications thing, but I’d like to help out with the editing if I can. Not to good with japanese, but i think i could turn the phrases into a somewhat more intelligible conversation. get in contact with me if there’s any questions, I’m happy to do my best


  5. cyanideblizzard Says:

    Greetings Romstar,

    While, like Puti, I’m unfamiliar with Japanese, I am quite fluent in English and I would be more than happy to help out in terms of Editorial work.

    I’ve done minor editorial work in the past (Magazine and Newspaper related), and although I am quite a novice I would love to try and help out with a project like this in any way possible.

    Let me know if I can do anything!


  6. Cerocess Says:

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting the completion of this translation and would be ecstatic if I could offer my abilities to you guys. I’m currently in college with a numerous English classes under my belt, and I’ve been speaking the language natively for years. If you’d allow me the opportunity to help with this glorious project just contact me either on here or at my email: Vurusm@gmail.com


  7. Brent Miller Says:

    I have been looking forward to the completion of this translation as well, and I would love to offer any services I could as an editor. I am a college student, so I have a plethora of English classes that can be drawn from, and I am also the author of a novel that was recently published. If there is any way I can be of use, please contact me through this here or email me at brentemail@rocketmail.com (yeah, I know, it’s cheesy).


  8. Skullbot Says:

    So you guys finally managed to get around dat insert bug ?
    I remember that Roxas75 sent me a version of his all in one editor, but it was broken, and since that he doesn’t reply on GBATemp anymore ^^’

    So if you guys can share the soft (or the way) you use to get the text back in the game, the whole french community would be grateful :)

    Oh yeah, because we started a french patch but as we encountered inserting issues with Roxas75 soft, we are in a dead end =/

    We only managed to get le language_jp file translated and inserted successfully (with bugs on card lists, card sets and password) : http://s284950972.onlinehome.fr/dw-fr/index.php?page=screens

    Anyway, keep up the great work \o/


  9. Shin Says:

    I don’t think I can help much… Cause I’m a College student… But I can use photoshop for editing… Though I can’t make my own photos, I may be able to edit photos… I’m glad to help you with it this sem break that i will have this october…
    I will post my email so you may contact me…



  10. alan carassini de barros Says:

    I can help you please send me e-mail


  11. alan carassini de barros Says:



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