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Players choice!

October 31, 2013

It became quiet these days. But don’t get the wrong idea. We are working on resolving the issue I mentioned in the last post. As a matter of fact I’m quite positive it won’t take long to resolve it.
In the mean time I was thinking it would be nice to give you guys something to loook forward to. After giving things a thought,
I decided you’ll be able to chooce betweeen one of those things that we’ll provide:

– Players Guide (With directions and screenshots of how to get through different stages of the game)
– Full subtitled version of the opening
– A fully provided translation of one specific part of the game
(Specific menu or story part only) –> Your choice!

Write your choice below in the commentary part ;)

Big issue!

October 25, 2013

Hey guys. We ran into some great trouble yesterday.

Apparently when we insert a completed block, (which is bigger than the original) it makes our tool crash and messing up the whole file structure. (Which is kinda a very big issue).
Unless we find a solution for that, I have no idea what we can do. Since for now whenever a story part is completely inserted it crashes without saving.

You might ask why only now it is I noticed? Well since there was a time where we had a text limit everything translated was kept in text file but many stuff ended up uninserted yet.
Now I was about to finish the insertion of one file when this happened. Luckily I keep backups because it messed up everything.
But the main problem here is: Our programer Roxas75,  who wrote the tool hasn’ t shown up since September.
We gotta pray Roxas75 will come around and look at this problem and fix it. Damn this is kinda very frustrating :/

Gotta be honest with you guys it was in our plans to finish this till the end of the year. But for now it doesn’t look like we’re gonna make it. Sorry. So unless a miracle comes up this is again kinda in a stalling phase…


October 19, 2013

Hello guys. I felt the need to create a small gallery so you can watch what we had ingame so far.

Many of you check out GBATemp regurarly, but some don’t. Anyways, here is for your enjoyment a small gallery. It does not represent what is translated but
contains merely some pictures. It will be updated when I feel like it. Taking screenshots is also taking time, which means in that time less is inserted, less translated
or something else that would have been done at that time for the game is going to be done later.

While this always been a non-profit translation, I would still appreciate if anyone who has One Piece TS Episodes (TS = Transport stream, who has them knows what he has),
to get in contact with me at the adress Since I collect those I would appreciate that if you’d share them with me. Thanks.

Wishes anyone?

October 18, 2013

I was thinking about what eyecandy I would present you guys next.

I have many screenshots there, I’m thinking of making a guide for players while they’re waiting for us to finish up.

I’m thinking about another video. In short: I have many ideas.

BUT: For me it doesn’t matter as I understand the game either way. So it’s not about me guys. It’s about you.

So I thought, what would be more natural than asking you directly here (Anyone who still visits GBATemp, that post is dead!)

What do you wish to see? Apart from a partial patch (Which is not gonna happen so don’t even go there),

What do you want to see from the game? Tell us in the comments.

Share your ideas, yaroudomo!


October 12, 2013

It’s been a while since the last post. Since I figured out a way to insert graphics properly into the game,
we started playing around and inserting some of those.

Take notice: We haven’t discussed so far which one is gonna make it into the game and which not and currently only some tests were made.

Please take a look at one of those tests.




(Graphic edited by HelloWinter)

Feel free to post your opinions in the comments.

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