It’s been a while since the last post. Since I figured out a way to insert graphics properly into the game,
we started playing around and inserting some of those.

Take notice: We haven’t discussed so far which one is gonna make it into the game and which not and currently only some tests were made.

Please take a look at one of those tests.




(Graphic edited by HelloWinter)

Feel free to post your opinions in the comments.

35 Responses to “News”

  1. Jonn Says:

    Woo, looks great! Excellent progress!


  2. will Says:

    Second one exactly :)


  3. AkaiKaze Says:

    looks awesome, i was thinking… the tutorial images that appear at the beggining of the game when agumon is explaining the basics of battle are in japanese, those are translated too?


  4. Romsstar Says:

    @AkaiKaze: Not yet but planned since we discovered only recently how to insert images all right back. But it’s definitely on the list though.


  5. AkaiKaze Says:

    good to hear! keep up the good work.


  6. Felipe Says:

    The first pokemon world let out some japanese images, I’m hoping this becomes something even better. :D


  7. Raze BetaTester Says:

    is the game story already 100% TLed?


  8. Raze BetaTester Says:

    and also keep up the good quality work


  9. Azrael Turnip Says:

    Dude! This is amazing! HelloWinter, you are great man! I choose the second image, in english, that’s because It would be more easy to find locations. Keep up the excellent work dudes! I hope you finish this game soon, BUT take your time and dont rush things!

    this is great, sweetness great!


  10. sole Says:

    nice work, ur work appreciated! :) ….

    still even better if all of u focusing on storyline,


  11. Elegant Says:

    Looks great, I never thought you could get the image to look that good on a sign. I’d totally take “After” on that one.


  12. Shade Says:

    The second one looks amazing! Such a great job. Keep it up!


  13. Otaku Gin Says:

    I can’t wait for it! You guys are doing okay! :)


  14. david Says:

    I love that you got the signs translated! That is awesome!


  15. rich Says:

    Love the translated image, but wasn’t it dubbed “Meat Farm” in NA?


  16. sam Says:

    Rich, shut the hell up. Seriously, lets stop wasting time on minuscule things and have this translation released already. Romstar’s team already went beyond what a professional translation team had with previous digimon games (i.e. DW1) by translating the images to english and they were paid on top of that.


  17. Walker Says:

    Great progress man, @_@


  18. Steve Says:

    fantastic work! keep it up!


  19. cryum Says:

    This is great, I can’t believe how……”right” it looks. I agree with sam, this is really going above and beyond.


  20. kenli Says:

    Wow, it’s awesome! Keep going! :)


  21. rany Says:

    Good job Romsstar !!


  22. Cursed Kaiser Says:

    superb…. very superb skills


  23. Alhatric Says:

    u guys r Amazing
    u guys r everything
    can’t wait for this game


  24. kyotowarior Says:

    Nice job, but it would be nice if you let sings or posters japanese.


  25. brandee Says:

    I prefer the sign in english as it would make things easier to identify.


  26. Johny Bravo Says:

    nice job guys Keep it upppppppp cant wait for the release patch u are the the best guys


  27. Crixx Says:

    Thanks for the hard work guys, can’t wait for my future kids to play this game :)


  28. AJ999000 Says:

    I am happy to see how far this project has progressed
    I bet namco bandai cant do better than this :P


  29. Mohamed El Gendy Says:

    the meat farm sign is good but the background view in japanese is better … how much progress you reached until now guys..???


  30. EmperorGreymon Says:

    I like the english background better. It looks more digital.


  31. Zimma Says:

    A complete translation from text to images from a handful of unpaid guys who are doing it from their home computers and on their own free time when they have other worldly commitments it has taken its time and i have silently been following from the start but credit where credit is due and the progress has been awesome you sirs are FUCKING PRO’S! keep up the good work :D

    I bet even the original authors can’t do a better job


  32. Romsstar Says:

    I was wondering when someone would finally say something about the background. After all it’s a bug i didn’t notice but is fixed already. The background remains the same as in the original.


  33. Andrey Auric Says:

    Awesome guys. Keep it up. Can’t wait to play this game. Btw is that PPSSPP in android you used as emu?? Anyway Signs in english is much better, you would know what kind of shops right in the beginning of the game instead of poking around..


  34. Andrey Auric Says:

    Checking this place everyday hoping that its finally done…
    Oh well let’s wait some more then.


  35. Django Says:

    Perfect and Professional.


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