Wishes anyone?


I was thinking about what eyecandy I would present you guys next.

I have many screenshots there, I’m thinking of making a guide for players while they’re waiting for us to finish up.

I’m thinking about another video. In short: I have many ideas.

BUT: For me it doesn’t matter as I understand the game either way. So it’s not about me guys. It’s about you.

So I thought, what would be more natural than asking you directly here (Anyone who still visits GBATemp, that post is dead!)

What do you wish to see? Apart from a partial patch (Which is not gonna happen so don’t even go there),

What do you want to see from the game? Tell us in the comments.

Share your ideas, yaroudomo!

16 Responses to “Wishes anyone?”

  1. ringedWizard Says:

    I’d like to see some story related stuff


  2. Freeze Moon Says:

    Yes, just hand-pick some scenes with translated scripts.


  3. AkaiKaze Says:

    i want to see the opening cutscene of the game with subs.


  4. Shadow05139 Says:

    Id like 2 see veemon added from the 3ds version I know its not going 2 happen:`(
    So all abilities with names and deciptions?


  5. Crixx Says:

    Digivolution chart?


  6. charlie conte Says:

    agumon to greymon digivolution sequence


  7. dee200 Says:

    Bearmon digi forms


  8. Edit Sanrio Putra Says:

    i want to see jogres :D


  9. Dracula Says:

    First of all keep this good work and the second stuff i wanna see are more story related stuff(cutscenest form the beigining )….we cant ask for more because this is a translation project not remodeling…. U are the best guys , im so eager to play this game in eng :) good luck and thx !!!


  10. Romsstar Says:

    @AkaiKaze: I uploaded that one on youtube a long time ago?
    Haven’t you seen it yet? You can switch the subtitles on.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aLGhB2HGr0 here it is.


  11. AkaiKaze Says:

    Sorry Romsstar i didn´t watched it, Thanks for let me know.


  12. Sparklez Says:

    I’d love to see some of the Digimon included in the game, can’t really find much info on that


  13. Alhatric Says:

    All cut scenes videos translated
    at least I want to play the japanese version knowing wat the story s bout
    and the Emails too plz


  14. Azrael Turnip Says:

    HI! Wow man! It’s so nice you ask us about this! THANK YOU!

    I wanna see the skills boxes! I mean, I wanna see the technics screen, if possible!


  15. AJ999000 Says:

    I dont think anyone right now would think of anything other than playing the game and enjoying it in English.
    But it would be interesting if after a while from releasing the translation to open a thread that talks about editing the game and adding some stuff to it, if it is possible.

    Btw there is this “data install” option in the main menu
    does it mean that namco bandai might release some add-ons to the game ?


  16. AJ999000 Says:

    It is really nice of you to ask us if we wish anything in the game.
    Thank you
    I wish you guys to have fun in your lives and to succeed in making your dreams come true :) .


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