Big issue!


Hey guys. We ran into some great trouble yesterday.

Apparently when we insert a completed block, (which is bigger than the original) it makes our tool crash and messing up the whole file structure. (Which is kinda a very big issue).
Unless we find a solution for that, I have no idea what we can do. Since for now whenever a story part is completely inserted it crashes without saving.

You might ask why only now it is I noticed? Well since there was a time where we had a text limit everything translated was kept in text file but many stuff ended up uninserted yet.
Now I was about to finish the insertion of one file when this happened. Luckily I keep backups because it messed up everything.
But the main problem here is: Our programer Roxas75,  who wrote the tool hasn’ t shown up since September.
We gotta pray Roxas75 will come around and look at this problem and fix it. Damn this is kinda very frustrating :/

Gotta be honest with you guys it was in our plans to finish this till the end of the year. But for now it doesn’t look like we’re gonna make it. Sorry. So unless a miracle comes up this is again kinda in a stalling phase…

28 Responses to “Big issue!”

  1. Sheho9734 Says:



  2. Spinnerweb Says:

    It’s all right, we can wait. You deserve a lot of appreciation just for still working on translating the game
    I hope you get in contact with your programmer and the problem gets fixed. Good luck :)


  3. Dylan Says:

    Good luck!


  4. cryum Says:

    considering that you managed to make the teaser, can you work on shorter texts while you’re waiting?


  5. Gendy Says:

    :( mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ….. frustration frustration frustration frustration


  6. Tasaq Says:

    I think they will give us cool xmas present :D


  7. ieuan Says:

    i might be getting this game for Christmas i wish the progamer get in contact and get this working. you have done alot of work for people good luck


  8. jollilot Says:

    I hope you can find a way around this! Best of luck!


  9. Chris Says:

    Even if you can’t fix the problem could you up load a file with all your translated texts so we can play the game with the texts next to us :)


  10. skywee Says:

    please upload a no 100% translate patch !!I beg you ! it’s nothing if it’s not all complete


  11. Chronoid Says:



  12. Elegant Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much. From what I’ve read Roxas75 was just making the tools for the translation. I bet he thought all was working and moved on to the next project.

    No doubt it’ll set you back until you find him but I don’t think he’d completely peace out.


  13. Bardock72 Says:

    Please upload a partial translation script. I believe in you guys completing this, but if you really hit a wall with this issue, the longer you are unable to move forward, the more likely key members will end up distanced from the project- So why take a chance at the entire translation being lost to time?


  14. Romsstar Says:

    @Bardock72: When you work with 2-3 people who had been there from the start and you basically do this for yourself from the getgo, there’s nothing like a risk involved. People knew from the beginning what they have signed up for. So far they are still around. I believe this issue will be solved^^


  15. Steve Says:

    I still stand behind not releasing anything until it’s finished :) good luck guys and keep up the hard work ^.^


  16. Jamie Says:

    You’ve managed to overcome every obstacle so far, I can’t see this one being any different. Good luck.


  17. Romsstar Says:

    @dee200: Not funny at all making jokes about cancer.
    Either you are stupid or very stupid I still have to decide.

    Anyways who favors a Pokemon game over this one,
    feel free to go. We don’t judge we don’t care.
    Those who are still with us: You know it will be worth it ;)


  18. Dylan Says:

    @Romsstar I’m with you there, been following this project since the beginning, hope you guys get the issue sorted :) Good luck!


  19. haffiz bz (@HaffizBz) Says:

    @Dee200 : while in the world of Pokemon, Pedy Pablo find that his pokemon want to marry Gatomon. His pokemon abandon him and become the citizen of digimon world. and they live happily ever after..


  20. sam Says:

    just good luck :) actually i can’t wait to play this game with translation… but if there is a problem… then i will wait until it finished :D
    GOOD LUCK~~ :)))))


  21. WittyTigrex Says:

    It’s Ironic that after months of not checking this place this is what I see :(.

    But it’s no big deal, I’ve waited patiently for the last couple months and I can wait even longer if need be. Sorry that your running into a snag this close to completion and I hope you find a solution soon.


  22. John Says:

    My Brother, Just listen
    In the end every thing is allright
    If isnt allright
    Its simple, its because isnt the end yet.


  23. liamash3 Says:

    You’ll get there eventually. Good luck in finding the programmer & fixing the bug :)


  24. dragodelfato Says:

    I’m a programmer, maybe I can help. If you have the source code you can send it to me so I can check it. :)


  25. Bardock72 Says:


    Ok, you’ve renewed my faith. May the force be with you.


  26. Lazlo Says:

    I hope everything turns out okay. You guys have come so far; it would suck if it was all in vain. Good luck to you!


  27. darkstar1 Says:

    Good luck,we really appreciate your work.I just hope we could do something to speed up your work.


  28. Astrokid Atomu Says:

    It’s Alright!! And also Thanks for your Efforts!! ;D


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