Digimon World Re:Digitize Eng Subbed


Hereby I present you guys the subtitled version of the opening of “Digimon World Re:Digitize”.

This is a video made for fans for enjoyment and please take notice it is NOT THE FINAL VERSION.

Signs and Chatroom messages will be translated in a proper way and for now this is for fans who requested this.


23 Responses to “Digimon World Re:Digitize Eng Subbed”

  1. Elegant Says:

    I think the news we’re looking to hear is did you find Roxas75 XD


  2. Rev Says:

    Only one word…WOW!! Pleas find Roxas , resolve bug and posted the patch.. You have did a perfect work!!


  3. AkaiKaze Says:

    Nice Work!! i can’t wait to see the final version. Keep up the good work.


  4. Michael Says:

    G8 video but hows it going with the programming now?


  5. Romsstar Says:

    As soon as I have an update on the programming part you’ll be among the first to hear about it guys. We’ll figure something out, keep your hopes up. If I wasn’t hopeful I wouldn’t have posted the opening in the first place, so you can take it as a good sign ;)


  6. Jorge Fernandes Says:

    Well, you are doing a fine job with this game, and i like the subtitled opening =D, keep up as good as u are ^^,


  7. Juho Says:

    Omg yes!


  8. Zilve Says:

    u guys are doing a amazing job, and i love u for it ^^
    major digimon world 3 fan so can`t wait to be able to play this to :D


  9. AJ999000 Says:

    When I didn’t understand the opening I didn’t like it but now after I understood it I find it awesome.
    Until now this is the only thing I understand from the story lol.
    Thanks guys.
    I am pretty positive and I am confident that you can solve the problem.


  10. rany Says:

    Thanks Romsstar, you are doing a great job!


  11. Azrael Turnip Says:

    Great job guys!!


  12. Romsstar Says:

    @AJ999000 : Trust me once you’ve understood the whole story you’ll find the opening even more awesome.XD
    There are really many things in there you’ll only understand much later.


  13. Zilve Says:

    can`t wait for the full english story.
    hope it can give me the old digimon feeling back)


  14. alan carassini de barros Says:

    obrigado pela iniciativa tanto da empresa criadora do jogo tanto a dos tradutor,esse jogo marcou minha infância

    thanks for the initiative of both the company that created the game so much the translator


  15. Putrezitu Says:

    U are sooooo amazing guys :)
    We have faith in ur powers :) ,keep the good work …


  16. ridho Says:

    where is the link download ?


  17. kasche Says:

    I have faith in this translation!


  18. crixxelven Says:

    wow, you guys are really the best!!


  19. Son Says:

    Hello guys, ‘ve been following this translation project and wanted to know a prediction for the final out or how much longer translated. I’m a big fan of this game and I’m really happy and grateful to be the one translating it.


  20. JP Says:

    Great job on you guys giving it your all in translating a great game.
    Its really difficult to play through it in Japanese with only little understanding of the language. I hope to capture the true essence of the game in your translation project. I am so curious how the story will tie in with the Digimon Universe?


  21. Cosmo Says:

    How exciting! Thanks for the sneak peak! Woooo


  22. Falius Says:

    “You really gave it some thought”… “IT DID NOT WORK!?”


  23. valriv34 Says:

    Finally after waiting so long for this magnificent Project..thanx for your really hard work..this game’s awesomeness will be brought by rommstar..Btw one question from me coz i’m newbie in the patch world, will u teach us how to patch this game??(the one who dont know how to patch this game)..but overall your work is like a miracle for digimon fans


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