No update


Well some people said they would even want to hear if nothing new happened.

Since the Big Issue that I reported on two things have happened:

– I was able to contact Roxas75 but since his computer is currently being repaired he has no access to the tool whatsoever.
– I got some help from craze1x who started working on the code but currently seems unavaible so we’re still at the same status
as we were back on 25th October.

So currently all I can say is we’re on the same page guys.
You and me both are hoping something’s gonna happen that will make things start working again.


29 Responses to “No update”

  1. sam Says:

    :))) at least you’re still able to contact Roxas… hehe…


  2. Shehab Abdelsalam Says:

    well, Don’t push yourselves too hard
    Its great that you’re working so hard on this project , so do ur best and good luck ;0


  3. Aürika Says:

    Good luck guys ! Be courageous, you’re gods for us ! ;)


  4. Ahmad Adzim Abdul Aziz Says:

    thanks for the update :). you guys really are awesome!! XD


  5. Steve Says:

    That’s for the update :) any news is better than no news lol


  6. kerfirou Says:

    Thank you for the info.

    I feel sorry for roxas75, I hope his data hasn’t been corrupted or something.

    and some info is better than nothing, really.


  7. zer0wing-G Says:

    Oh boy, better than nothing at all. I still got my hopes up for this project. It’s been good. We’re counting on you guys. Don’t bother, we could wait til you guys are done. Don’t mind it. You got all the time on this world. -pewpew


  8. Trey Says:

    Dude email me the tool and what needs to be fixed. >.>


  9. Another one bites the dust. Says:

    Here lies yet another fan translation. RIP.


  10. Caleb Says:

    Hey, you have so much translation work completed on it though! Don’t lose hope yet. If all else fails, all I ask is that you make it open source. :) A guide to read on the side to know the dialouge and menu options. Even something like that would make the game playable.


  11. Tasaq Says:

    @Another one bites the dust

    It’s not dead, it’s just on halt for techincal dificulties. Just be patient.


  12. Juho Says:

    Thanks for update


  13. Josh Taylor Says:

    Do you guys take donations? I’d be happy to PayPal you some money or something if that helps get things moving. I just remembered about this after a while and wanted to do something to help~


  14. G.Smith Says:

    Its cool that you posted a notice so that the rest of us are not in the dark, I and others I acquaint myself with appreciate the humility.
    Seeing as this is a rogue nonprofit translation I don’t really grasp your teams need to keep your progress under a rock until completion, progressive updated downloads with currently completed materials would probably help generate more interest to your cause and bring in outside team assistance.
    Alternatively it would seem in the history of roguetrans, generally speaking, that when a team comes quiet as far as yours it discourages any others to dive into the job which, as this is nonprofit, is a noncompetitive campaign.


  15. Romsstar Says:

    I shall make it clear that this translation has overcome any obstacles it faced so far. I have no reason to believe it will be different this time. If in the meantime Redigitize De:Code will be announced it would make me happy but wouldn’t change the fact that those two are so fundamentally different that the PSP Re:Digitize version certainly deserves to be localized as well.

    So what I want to say:
    We’re not dead we won’t be stop making us dead and calling the translation off. Who are you to do that anyways?
    If anyone than it’s us that can call this translation dead anyways.

    If it’s too slow for you that’s definitely not our problem.

    Donations are a tricky thing and would certainly interfer with a non profit idea.
    There are no expenses we have to cover so ultimately the donation would be as if you guys would pay us for doing the job.

    But since I’m a collector you’re free to send me SNES Games though haha (just joking).


  16. Poit Says:

    “We’re not dead we won’t be stop making us dead and calling the translation off.”
    – Romsstar

    Nice grammar Mr.Translator.


  17. Romsstar Says:

    It’s not the job of a translator to have perfect grammar anyways.
    That’s what editors are for.
    As you might have realized English is NOT my Native Language.

    I never claimed to have perfect grammar in English and as I have requested Editors pretty early in the process and people applied it should be pretty clear that I never claimed to have perfect grammar.

    But anyways, apart from missing interpunction I fail to see what exactly is wrong with that sentence.
    Make it like this.
    “We’re not dead. We won’t be, stop making us dead and calling the translation off”.

    You should be aware that most of the time people don’t pay too much attention on their grammar if it’s something rather unimportant like a comment on a blog.

    But I suppose you write essays exactly the same way as you write postings into a blog, Mr.Poit?
    Because well I’m sorry, I don’t.


  18. Caleb Says:

    I think he meant the grammar thing as kind of a joke. I suppose you could call it a form of flattery, since he basically took everything you’ve done and found your only error to be a simple grammar mistake… which I think was the intention behind the joke. I dunno, I overanalyze things.


  19. Lokys Says:

    All negativity aside :D I’ve been following your progress for awhile now and I love the fact you guys are so dedicated to this especially since I love the original Digimon World and still replay the whole game every couple of months that go by.

    I dabble with the game in Japanese now and again just to get a feel for it and I can’t wait for you guys to finish it off.

    You’re all doing a great job and we all appreciate the effort your putting in to it :D

    If it’s not too much to ask, would you be able to schedule blog posts at regular intervals even if there isn’t anything new to add?

    Either or, thank you for what you’re doing :D


  20. Tasaq Says:

    Romsstar, don’t let the haters get to you. If they don’t believe in you they will just miss out a good game. This will be their punishment :)

    Seriously, I am myself a programmer and I know how this things can suck, finding bugs, not knowing how deal with them :\ But everything is doable. It just takes time so be patient. I am patient for… ~1.5 year? I even lost count :) Thanks for the good work so far :)


  21. Romsstar Says:

    Thanks for saying that.
    It just sucks that people believe we sit there and do nothing while we try all we can to resolve the issue.

    It’s not like we want this any less than you guys.
    But this game is constantly screwing with us.
    Seriously we have seen things you as a programmer won’t even believe. xD


  22. Zilve Says:

    keep up the good work:) lot of people rooting for u guys:D


  23. Muhd Muadz Says:

    I want to help, but how? I have a bachelor in Computer Science.
    E-mail me at


  24. bacon Says:

    Thanks for the update, it’s actually a big relief knowing the project isn’t dead. Unlike others who won’t even tell you there’s nothing to report after months of nothing, at least you guys care enough to tell us when we should stop checking in.

    Good luck and thanks. This really does seem like a lot of work for a pirated digimon game translation. xD


  25. Azrael Turnip Says:

    Oh hi, I’m still following you guys, thank you for not give up, and just dont listen to the haters. Your team deserves every shard of respect and gratitude.

    I was thinking, could ya guys use the tools from FF Type-0 to finish this translation too? I’m sorry, this could be a dumb question, I dont understand very well of programs, but, is it possible to use those tools to make this translation work?

    Thank you bud, as I’ve said, dont listen to the haters cos haters gonna hate, always.

    Take as much time as ya need, we still will be waiting for it even if it gets 2-3 years. (at least, me ha ha ha )


  26. rapidkash Says:

    Just today I discovered that my all time favourite game was somewhat recreated. But as it turned out, it was japanese only, then i stumbled on this project, and i must show you my gratitude from the bottom of my heart. If you ever manage too finish this project, i wouldn’t know how to thank you guys.

    SO GOOD LUCk!!!!!!!!


  27. Guidodi Says:

    Anything new? Almost a month since the last update. Hope you can finish soon and thanks for the hard work.


  28. Raze BetaTester Says:

    can u guyz post a partial patch with all of the current finished TLs?? so that the players can point out some minor bugs and other things


  29. Astrokid Atomu Says:

    Romsstars, Thanks for your Efforts!! I wish you all good luck!! Oh! and Merry Christmas to you guys! ;D


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