Ok it’s been a month since my last post. I realize that.
I know you don’t see it but progress has been made in terms of solving our problem.

Until know I was sure it was the repacking process going wrong.
But after rewriting the code on multiple parts I realize: Our repacker is working just as it should.

But this IS eventually the problem. It is supposed to work but something is going wrong.
When our inserted text is supposed to occur ingame it either freezes or only parts are being loaded.

Now you’d think that the texteditor is screwing us, right?
But I gotta tell you guys we have 4 different texteditors from 4 completely independent programmers.
What are the odds that all 4 texteditors do the job wrong?

Bottom line: We are in research mode. We excluded a lot of things, we can tell what’s NOT going wrong.


74 Responses to “”

  1. the_teseract Says:

    Nah man, the bottom line is that this translations’s dead. Waiting for someone else to take over…


  2. Yell Says:

    Who cares? After rejecting help and acting like a douche I doubt someone still following this.


  3. Caleb Says:

    Just saw all the arguing in Temp… Looks like everyone was mistaken, if this is not done for fans, I respectfully stop supporting the idea of this team translating Re-Digitize. I’ll see what project can now feed my PSP :(


  4. Poit Says:

    Nice post, Mr. “I don’t have to share any details of the project”.


  5. BlazinRaisan Says:

    Wow, you guys are mean.


  6. Maluz Says:

    Sounds good. I checked the GPA temp and noted you wont be updating there anymore so I’ll just bookmark the blog. I’m still following and I know others are. I’ve been following since it started and I’ll keep following. Also let me know if you guys do end up needing text editors I just finished my MA in English so any editing for me would be fun.
    Thanks as always!


  7. Yell Says:


    What? No. No one here is mean, except for the staff, like someone in Temp said to them: “If you really think you owe the fans nothing then you don’t deserve to head this project”. It’s been more than one year supporting this, and letting the staff throw shit at us. No wonder why noone wants to work with them. It’s no surprise thy hit a dead end.


  8. Romsstar Says:

    @All: I just want to make one thing clear: I did not reject help.
    I rejected SkybladeClouds help. My reasons for that are not relevant though. If you really followed the project though you’d have seen that I rarely if ever rejected any help.
    If I do so I have very good reasons for that.

    We have people working together with us on the issue.

    And apparently my comment was misunderstood.
    What I wanted to make clear was not that we don’t care for the fans.
    If we didn’t I wouldn’t have posted progress or make polls or give people sneak peeks would I?

    What I wanted to make clear our motivation is coming not from the fans and the fame that goes with that.
    Many projects die because fans stop to be supportive for whatever the reason.
    But this one is different.

    Therefore it is not easy to kill.
    This project was called dead so many times it’s a zombie already.
    Yet it always comes back. Let’s see how this one will play out this time.

    @Yell: Actually it’s the other way around. Most people applied simply lacked the skill and didn’t match our requirements.
    No intention to be mean here at all just stating a fact. The amount of people who TRIED to work on this project with us is
    astonishing but we want to provide a high quality and for that I can’t accept everyone.

    SkyBladeCloud is a special case I won’t discuss and I would ask you not to judge the project by the discussion we had in that board.
    Because there is a story with that.


  9. Yell Says:


    Man, it’s been more than 18 months and the team doesn’t even have proper hacking tools. This reminds me when I followed the ToD2 English project, that started SIX FRIGGIN YEARS AGO, and still “not dead”.

    The clarification about the misunderstanding is cool, but what about the false hope? Also SkyBladeCloud’s been successful hacking this, and many other games, I understand if that’s a special case you don’t want to discuss, but if I were in your shoes, I would have shut the eff up and help fans enjoy this game in English, because I’d care about the project.

    So far you have proven otherwise. Sure, you can say you can do whatever you want, so I’ll simply quote “I respectfully stop supporting the idea of this team translating Re-Digitize”.


  10. ringedWizard Says:

    It’s Okay, I still believe in you guys


  11. Romsstar Says:

    You’re free not to support this but I assure you that this won’t take
    six years and there is no false hope.

    Yeah that the tool is not working properly is quite a shame.
    But very circumstancial it is only not working on PARTS of the story.

    But then again:
    90% of the game is translated. That’s not that bad or is it?

    The insertion process is the problem. Once that is solved this will be a matter of weeks if not days. Just saying.

    But well I guess we can continue this discussion once I proven what I just said. You’re free to believe that I just lied and everything is BS and this project is dead.

    But this won’t change that we keep working on this.


  12. Brian Says:

    I’ve been following this project for quite a while now and I just want to say one thing to you. I sincerly hope the negativity of some people will not get you guys down. You seem like a straightfoward guy who speaks his mind and I can respect that. I’m still very grateful for the time you and your team have already put in it. I hope you get past the roadblocks that have been presented before you and that you can finish it.

    That being said I honestly can’t understand some people. Patience is a virtue, it’s not like the world is about to end (even if for some reason the game does not get finished) so go on with your lives and hope for the best. I’m still rooting for you guys :)
    Greetings from Belgium and good luck!


  13. Huntar Says:

    Man, I can’t believe people get so much drama stirred up over a game translation project. Who cares how much of a douche anyone on the team is? As long as they like the game and do their work well, it shouldn’t really matter. The absolute worst thing that can happen, even if the entire team is made up of the worst people in the world, is that you’re left in the exact same position that you started in. Anything better than that, and you have a game you can play that you couldn’t previously.

    Why bother with getting all worked up over this?


  14. Georg Says:

    I and my friends hope your ” digital adventure”😜😄 gets a happy end soon. We look forward to the english patch and wish you good luck solving the problems!


  15. Arioch Says:

    I am with Romsstar. If you do not like how fast/slow this translation is moving, then shut up and start your own translation. He is doing it for free, he is spending his time (that is invaluable) and on top of that he has to keep reading hate comments… What he is doing is amazing. Give the man some credit.


  16. alan carassini de barros Says:

    provide project like this


  17. Breathless Says:

    Even though I won’t use this translation anymore, I still support the project for all the Digimon and JRPG fans all over the world. I started learning Japanese by myself by April with the help of the website WaniKani and I can already understand most of the text, not to mention playing it is an awesome way of practicing.
    I’d say it’s way faster and logical to learn Japanese, even if it’s just reading, than waiting game by game to be translated for the rest of your life. So if you have the time, start doing it instead of using it to sadly criticize other people’s work when you’re not even paying for it.
    Best wishes to the staff! 頑張って!


  18. Aspal Says:


    About ToD 2, you know who also started a translation project of it? our friend skybladecloud whom got rejected from this DW project, funny thing is he started the ToD 2 translation project about 3 years ago and gave up on it last September, speaking of irony huh…


  19. Lokys Says:

    After reading all the comments above I agree with some particular points, mainly: if you don’t like what’s happening here, why are you still here? Seems like people just complain for the sake of complaining.
    If this project isn’t going as quickly as you want, start your own.

    Simple fact here, the team is doing an amazing thing for all of the fans of the Digimon series. For free. We’re not paying them nor do they receive anything for it apart from our praise, which is well deserved. So what if it took a year to do, it’s not like they’re going to dedicate ALL of their time to this project. If we want that then we SHOULD be paying them.

    I do have a question for the team though, as far as I can understand the issue is replacing Japanese text with English text while keeping the original look, but the original Digimon World didn’t have that so is the want to do it here a point of pride or just another step towards a complete English translation? I’m not disregarding the work your doing towards it but I’m just wondering if the game was official translate and release would they have translated all of the Japanese images.
    Just in case I’m not clear, would it be considered to not try and translate all of the signs in the game? Particularly ones that are either useless or self explanatory?

    I’ve played through a majority of the game already for fun and so far haven’t had any stumbling blocks in regards to signs but I would love to replay the game for the story :D

    To cap it off, thank you again for your dedication :D

    Oh, and forgive any oversights on my part re: the technical side of inserting images etc, I have no knowledge in that field so I’m just speculating.


  20. Michizcool Says:

    Have you tried turning it off and on again ? :P

    On a serious note, keep up the good work, work with who you want, and have a great Christmas !


  21. Romsstar Says:

    @Michizcool : This really made me laugh because many suggestions to solve the problem were similar to that.
    The joke really landed because it’s so close to the truth.xD

    @Lokys: It’s not a pride thing.
    But the way things are right now we can’t insert as much text as we want. If we just use the space that the original has this affects the gameplay so heavy that in the end many scenes don’t make sense any more.

    But if we insert more text the game either freezes on us or the text is being displayed completely wrong.
    This is the issue at hand.


  22. JP Says:

    I believe in you guys. I don’t even look on GBATemp. I just look on here, everyday. You guys can figure this out in no time. =)


  23. hawkstorm Says:

    The work you and your team are putting into this is amazing. The teasers and tidbits you’ve been leaking are making me want to play the game more.

    Don’t give in to the trolls and negativity. There are more of us that support your group and are ever grateful for the efforts you guys are putting in.

    All drama aside, I would really really love to thank you in person but I guess this note will serve as support and thanks for the effort you guys put in.



  24. ashleycherrett Says:

    Keep up the hard work guys and ignore the Negators, Nobody knows the project better than you guys. you can do it XD bring me a piece of my childhood XD


  25. Yell Says:


    Get your facts right before posting BC, buddy.


  26. Lokys Says:

    Ahhh, I see now. That makes more sense than what I was thinking :D

    You guys can do it :D You’ve gotten this far so no way it can’t be completed :D


  27. Fladimir Silva Says:

    pa to vendo q num vai sair nunca


  28. AJ999000 Says:

    Why people are hating on this project ?
    If you hate this project then why are you here ?
    Why don’t you do it yourself tough guy ?
    If the team didn’t give a shit about us then why are they sharing it with us ?
    Stop thinking of yourself only, this team is working on this project in their free time, while you are posting negative comments in your free time.
    What they are doing isn’t easy as it looks to you, do you know that if namco bandai was translating the game to English they will pay the employees who are going to translate it, and guess what ? This team are working on this project and not getting paid.


  29. AJ999000 Says:

    It would have been great if SkyBladeCloud joined them.
    Romsstar and SkyBladeCloud are good guys and I don’t know what exactly happened between them. But I can’t hate on Romsstar just because things didn’t go well between them. And none of us are his boss to force him to work with SkyBladeCloud just because we want to be able to play the game in English is fast as possible. None of you have the right to hate on the team, because they wanted to do it fast, but it is not their fault that they are facing new problems that are making this project go slower.


  30. AJ999000 Says:

    While they are facing new problems some of you are hating on them and you want them to get the job done, seriously ??
    Shouldn’t we as fans support them when they facing new problems.

    There is a rule everyone should keep it in their mind, wether you are a hater, a fan , or Romsstar and his team :p
    ” Treat others the way you want to be treated. “


  31. AJ999000 Says:

    they are facing *


  32. AJ999000 Says:

    as fast as possible *


  33. Romsstar Says:

    Thank you so much for your comment AJ999000.
    Everything you said just reflects perfectly what we think and your support is much appreciated.

    I really don’t want to say much more about the situation with SkyBladeCloud but all you guys have to know is this:
    When you tackle a project like this, everyone just has to click. With Sky this wouldn’t have been the case.
    It wouldn’t have done this project any good. This is the short story and all I have to say to that.

    Concerning what it did for our problem:
    A lot. Maybe it is some weird irony in that but we got since then a lot of support and moreover I’m VERY optimistic
    that this problem is gonna be solved very soon.

    I just don’t want to get false hopes us, because I never do,
    this is why I for the time being share less with you than maybe is going on behind the scenes… ;)
    I just want to say this: Stay tuned.
    Expect news.


  34. Kurono Khayl Says:

    FOUR programmers and 4 edition programs, and they all crash the game just like the previous one? There is something fishy here men. You know, as a programmer, I wanted to help as soon as I knew there was a problem. I found myself incapable until just a few hours ago.

    I can’t tell what you’re doing, but if you need help, I can code tools to unpack and repack the game’s package. I haven’t tried changing the text too much, but from what I can gather, it is standard UTF8 text, so there shouldn’t be any problem (as long as offset references are correctly updated).

    This is my result, I’ll be doing some more tests until the night ends:


  35. Aaron Says:

    I BELIEVE!!!!


  36. cryum Says:

    Considering how well done the comparatively recent teaser video was, I don’t see why anyone should be complaining. There are setbacks, but it’s been proven that progress has been made.

    I’m a little conflicted with the decision to lock the board, but I wouldn’t say it’s the wrong thing to do in this situation. Hopefully, once the problem with the tools is resolved, things will be cool enough to unlock the board.


  37. Romsstar Says:


    The teaser contained only a very small amount of what we already have. But I’m happy you liked it.
    Like I said: 90% of the game is translated.

    The GBA Temp Thread was locked on my request.
    I believed things went out of hand and too off topic.

    It will be unlocked as soon as we have something new and important to report.


  38. gootchimus Says:

    Hello I’ve been following this since it started and I know a lot of people have been impatient and rude but I know you guys are kicking butt on this project irregardless of how long it’s taking so thank you very much for the work you’ve done


  39. Bigiansen Says:

    I’m studying a software-based degree at college and I must say that I know that feeling.

    There was this girl that whenever I shared the code of anything my team did, she would just point everything saying :”you’re doing it wrong” and then using theory based paraphrasing, to look like she knew everything. It turned out that my team was doing it correctly, and then she would follow to say that we misunderstood her and she actually was saying it right. Not doing it right, but saying it(while driving us frikin mad).

    Just don’t mind the hate, this is the Internet, and people will hate-talk about anything they can because they do it anonymously and without consequences.

    Keep up the good work.


  40. Romsstar Says:

    Thanks everyone for the support.
    I assure you, you won’t regret it.
    And this is not false hope. You’ll see ;)

    To the haters: For as you might have noticed, I don’t care about the hate at all. But I’ll remember. You’ll see for yourself what it’ll get you.

    History has shown that everything that was remotely good had supporters and haters. It’s impossible to be good and not have haters. But I intend to focus on the good things.

    And people who really like what we’re doing have shown us tremendous support. Not only on the blog but on many other occasions too.

    People got in contact with me and I’m very grateful for everyone of you who still cares about this project. I would understand if you didn’t.

    But please understand it’s not like we’re slow on purpose.
    Hacking a PSP game is something very complex and there is a reason that only very few translation made it that far as we did.

    And if you came that far as we did, you’re gonna finish the job.


  41. Brian Says:

    Here here, give the man above me a beer :p


  42. :^) Says:

    don’t let these impatient idiots get you down romsstar. a lot of us really appreciate the work you guys are putting into this. a month or two of more waiting won’t kill any of us :P


  43. Tasaq Says:

    I just finished Final Fantasy V, guys, I need a new game to play :D I am keeping my fingers crossed for ya :)


  44. Gendy Says:

    Iam very very happy right now,
    90% of the game was transelated…
    soon the remaining 10%
    awsome guys,,I’ll keep believing in you Romsstar and your team behind the scenes
    keep up the hard work :) :)


  45. ashleycherrett Says:

    We are Behind you guys all the way XD I can’t wait (well ill have too obviously but still XP)


  46. Mark Says:

    Holy crap this must be necromancy!!! the thread just came back to life!!!!


  47. Chief Says:

    “Hacking a PSP game is something very complex”
    I thought Re: Digitize was a 3ds game?


  48. haffiz bz (@HaffizBz) Says:

    Please find the solution even if it takes 1 more year. better got a team translated than none.


  49. Crixxelven Says:

    Wow, I haven’t been here for a while, and I’m not saying its a good thing, but all this commotion makes the project more alive. Thanks for the hard work guys, and hang in there!


  50. popochan (@ElektraAlpha) Says:

    … What happened to this team’s programmers?
    A few months back one of programmer here just butted in FFT0 thread and went on and on about the game can’t run on android tablet and just shut up when a video of playing FFT0 on android was posted.

    And now this? I just happened to read all comments from the start before deletion. It was you who started the flame then it went on.

    I understand it’s your project, if you don’t want help why not just say “Thank, but I don’t think that help/solve the problem”? Then all can move on. Start insulting another side and the others (all that “don’t you know others asked to help like you but they aren’t talent enough/not know what they’re doing, blah, blah”) just leave you and your team bad look?


  51. Acezstar Says:

    @ Romsstar

    Hey, first of all, I have been following you since you first start. All I can say is you did a pretty good job.

    Maybe you should try contacting one of the original developer for the game. The ones that you could find at the credits. Who knows he might be able to help. Just sayin. Aneway, keep up bro!


  52. Daryl Says:

    I totally agree with popochan. I can’t say if it’s been the whole team or just part of it, who has been flaming and complaining about what they have started.

    And I wanted to say one more thing about the “don’t you know others asked to help like you but they aren’t talent enough/not know what they’re doing, blah, blah”:

    This game has been proven easy to hack. A few post above someone else managed to decompile it. And its text uses the standard UTF-8 encoding. It seems to me that nobody trully talented want to work here… (can’t blame good programmers, though, after looking at the now locked gbatemp thread)


  53. Romsstar Says:

    Just to make one thing clear:
    First of all the games uses UTF16-LE and not UTF-8, second of all
    it is not about being able to extract simply the archive.
    But people who really went through the trouble to read my postings know that. And yeah some really did.

    Nothing more to say to this. But ignorance and fake-knowledge about something is really nothing you should brag about.


  54. Kurono Khayl Says:

    Err… No, I have to dissagree: the game uses UTF-8 (which is a little endian standard anyway). Don’t be fooled by the fact that it uses 2 bytes per character, the last UTF-8 revision includes a big amount of 2, 3 and 4 byte characters. Even some well spread editors (namely MadEdit) make this common mistake.

    I already have a text dump of the entire game (after 2 days) and this last message by Romsstar makes me wonder what have they been doing for the past year and a half.


  55. Yell Says:

    @Kurono Khayl

    Don’t bother pal, we all already know this project’s just not in the right hands. And that’s what I mean by false hopes. When I first heard about this, I hoped I could play the game in winter 2012, then in summer 2013, then in winter 2013…

    And here we are again, still lacking proper tools. This was the only reason why I hadn’t sold my PSP, but I ended up selling it after so much time waiting. Time’s up, my friends.

    (I wish I could have foreseen this, so I could have got more cash from my PSP, oh, well…)


  56. Tasaq Says:

    I totally understand Romsstar decision regarding SkyBladeCloud, I would do the same as he did. Skills isn’t everything, SkyBladeCloud appeared out of nowhere, said that they are doing everything wrong and can he can make it better. I wouldn’t like to work with person like that.


  57. Romsstar Says:

    @Kurono Khayl: You did see our videos? The translation teaser that covers about 10 minutes of translated footage?
    Needless to say this is merely 1% of what we have.

    What else do you need to see that we’re doing everything right?

    May I ask you if you even succeeded in inserting text back into the game already? Inserted text to story parts?
    We can discuss this further if you succeeded in any of those.
    You may realize then that not always everything is as easy as it seems on the first sight.

    But if you intend to help us please don’t waste your time.
    I don’t mean to offend you or questioning your skills but we have someone I trust completely on this case already.

    @Yell: Sorry I was under the impression that false hope would be something where you imply that something’s gonna happen that is not, but apparently you’re only disturbed by the fact that what you want is not happening fast enough. Can’t help you there.

    And oh if the game was localized now, then you would say the same? “Time’s up?”

    Well I guess then Romhacking Translations aren’t for you.
    Then I advice you to stay away from this blog. You won’t find happiness here if that’s the way you think.


  58. :) Says:

    You should stop arguing with these guys Romsstar, just stop replying. The best answer you can give them is the completed translation in a few months. There’s really no point discussing with impatient people and wannabe-coders. Just keep doing your thing.


  59. Kurono Khayl Says:


    Yes, of course I’ve tried reinserting text back to into the game, no problems that I’ve seen but then again, no big deal. And that’s the irony when you talk about fake knowledge: this is actually a romhacking joke.

    Now if you head over at, you’ll find some true hard projects such as Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean that require advanced crypto analysis and take years just to code some basic tools to get the game’s ressources.

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the project is not in the right hands, but if I had to guess, i’d say that this is the first time you guys have to deal with stuff like this. But hey, this is easy enough to start with, after all…


  60. Azrael Turnip Says:


    I just cannt understand about programming and stuff like that. So, I’m truly grate by everything your team have done until now. As you have said, dont listen to these haters, dont get down because of them! They are doing absolutely NOTHING to help you, every shard of respect and honor deserves for your team and ya.

    I dont care about this discussion of skyblade and others rom hackers, I just care about you and this project. Everyone here wanna play this game, and you guys are doing miracles by working on it. All I have to say is…. I will be with ya guys no matter what problem comes. The day you say that project is over, its okay too.. I wont argue, I wont be angry, because I known every effort you guys took to translate this game. I know that we fans cannt be of so much help, but still I would like to say thank you for doing this.

    I’m sorry the bad english, this isnt even my first language. So guys, you all deserve respect.. Haters. back off! You are not welcome here. just press the X button on the top of this page and leave us alone.

    Romsstar and team, you all need a good rest. See ya around


  61. Seph54 Says:

    I support the project. I can’t wait to see the finish product. -Seph54 from temp


  62. asce Says:

    tex tool..??


  63. Leon Says:

    Hey guys,we really admire your work.I know translating and inserting text on games is a very hard thing to do,there are lots of people who count on you and i know you will prove well of our praise and excpectations,we dont lose hope on you and we know your are the people for the of luck on the team from Greece we will always be here to support you


  64. akfg Says:

    I know you can do it.


  65. Alex Says:

    Waiting from Venezuela


  66. Alhatric Says:

    I am from Sudan guys
    I m waiting for u and I still believe in
    u guys are awesome


  67. Daniel Says:

    I’m not going to lie, after reading all these comments a few things popped in my head, the most random being: “I wonder how much data has been used up on romsstar’s HDD for this project alone.” But another and maybe better comment was: “Romsstar, stop listening to some of these folks, I am really starting to think that they are trying to get you to the point of saying fuck it and iving up on the project because they don’t want you to succeed. Also, why not try to give Kurono Khal a chance? At least by talking to him in person about what is going on. I understand that you have people you trust already, and I am by no means trying to rush you, but the worst that can happen is that he is wrong, or just wrong for the job and you are right were you have been for the 10-30 minutes you were talking to him.
    But I would like to thank you and your team regardless, you’re all doing an amazing job.

    And just a tip to all the haters, or just impatient people in general, bookmark the page and forget about it for a few weeks at a time and play something else that will get your mind away from it, time will go by faster. But if all you want to do is hate on them, go choke on a dick.


  68. Bri Says:

    I am with you guys, and support you 100%. Just take all the time you need to get this finished. =D


  69. Sheho3000 Says:



  70. William Lie Says:

    Just hope, support, and wait. Are these 3 things hard enough to do than you comment a bad thing about this project and the team that work for it?


  71. Andrey Auric Says:

    Well, I don’t think we can do much but to wait. They doing it to please themselves so i don’t think it matters much what the fans are thinking. If it was me and I said “i don’t care about fame or bla bla bla” I rather release the translated text and let someone do a quick job inserting them to the game. But hey, that was me, if I said I don’t care about something then I really don’t care. Since there are mixed signals here. Maybe they care or maybe not :D


  72. urhimmel Says:

    I don’t really understand why everyone’s making such a big deal out of this. Go play the Japanese version if you’re all so hasty.
    Cheers from Brazil. March on, you are the hope of many.


  73. AJ999000 Says:

    There is a new digimon game announced for the PS vita
    it is called :
    Digimon Story : cyber sleuth.

    I heard that there will be some real-world locations.
    here is some details:

    And here is an official teaser trailer :

    I hope Bandai Namco becomes smart this time and release this game in English.If they release it in English I am ready to buy the game and I will buy a PS VITA just to play this game.


  74. Patrick Says:

    I recently discovered this game (i was a huge fan of the original, and the second and third) and although I have been playing the partially translated version, I am really looking forward to this full English translation! The game is enjoyable, but you miss out on so much without knowing what most of the characters are saying. I see your post says that you hit a snag in the translation project, which must be quite difficult since it is so close to finished! Don’t give up! I don’t know if it matters or not, but you have a lot of people looking forward to this and you have our support! Take as long as you need, just don’t give up on it!


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