Dear friends, supporters, haters and everyone else.

I want you to know that we prepared something for you that you might enjoy.
Please check the timer below to know when it’s best to stop by.

Merry Xmas everyone

– Romsstar


43 Responses to “”

  1. William Lie Says:

    WOW…. is it christmas present??? I hope my wish is come true :)


  2. Romsstar Says:

    I don’t want to shatter your wish Lie but I want to state:
    It’s NOT the patch. It’s something pretty nice and we really think some people might be happy about but it’s not the patch (yet)


  3. Mostafa Ibrahim Says:

    awww I thought this was it :P


  4. William Lie Says:

    @Romsstar: No problem, cause i’m sure this will be nice present that will make me like a boy who get a toy in christmas day :)


  5. Liam Says:

    Wonder what it is :)
    Merry X-mas Romsstar!


  6. john Says:

    :( 90% and still no patch out there … i have no hope


  7. seph54 Says:

    12 hours I can’t to see what it is


  8. sackboy97 Says:

    How is the work on resolving the problem going? Have you found something out?
    Anyway thanks a lot for what you are doing, I’m really curious to see what this is!


  9. Reif Says:

    First of all Merry X-mas Romsstar and your team :) thx for not letting us down ….U are the best …..Happy Hollydays Everyone !!!!

    ( im so excited for this patch 2 come out :X:X:XX:X:X )


  10. Brian Says:

    Merry X-mas Romsstar and team! Thank you for your continued work on this great game. May your newyear be full of fun times, and without blind haters…(You never know what a christmas miracle might be able to do about them :p) Enjoy!


  11. :D Says:

    Merry Christmas man, thanks for putting your effort into this project, a lot of us really appreciate it!


  12. SuperDuperHighSchoolHardcoreReader Says:

    I’m soooo excited…what could it be?
    Sorry for my bad english.


  13. Fan Says:

    Merry Christmas, guys… (Brazilian fan)


  14. Leon Says:

    Merry christmas Romstar and team.I hope christmass found you well.I cant wait for the patch and cant wait to open this present :p thank you guys for keeping up and best wishes from Greece


  15. cementor Says:

    where is the treat?


  16. Daniels Says:

    Why would anyone put a countdown that does absolutely nothing when it finishes? lol, what a joke of a team.


  17. Mostafa Ibrahim Says:

    there is a hidden countdown whenever u refresh after the time is up 11 min 30 secs to go …… and @Daniels … If you think this is “a joke of a team” then why are u here ?


  18. Daniels Says:

    First of all, that “hidden countdown” is a bug, because not even the chosen countdown works alright. In fact, I see 1h 49m blinking when I reload, and I suppose everyone sees a different thing.

    And then, I was silly enough to think it could be the patch, but I already read that it’s not. I don’t see what else could deserve a countdown, if your not Square Enix, that is.


  19. Mostafa Ibrahim Says:

    If you dont want the Christmas present .. then don’t look under the tree ……. you come in and what a joke bla bla bla and you are here waiting for the patch and waiting for the surprise or present or w.e like everyone else …. so unless you got the game patched urself … I suggest you show some respect for those working on it FOR FREE for us all.

    Merry Xmas


  20. Daniels Says:

    If they want to waste their time thats ok, but I can’t respect the fact that they make us waste their time with stuff like this, it’s been almost 2 hours since the counter reached the end, I’ve wasted enough time, for all I care this may never be released (deletes this page from bookmarks).


  21. Mostafa Ibrahim Says:

    U think they will go like “no no please dont leave” …. they aint forcing u to stay, plus u could leave anytime and come back later to check it …. no one told u to keep pressing F5 every 5 seconds …. u got some napoleon complex mate ….. u need to chill


  22. Elegant Says:

    @Daniels You won’t be missed. You somehow make it seem like people leaving is a “punishment” to the developer. You’re funny!


  23. Patrick Says:

    @Daniels nobody is making you waste your time, you are doing it of your own free will. You sound like a spoiled child; if you can’t hold your tongue and be patient then good riddance.

    As for the timer thing, we really have no idea what is was for anyway. We know that it is not the patch, and that’s all. Maybe the original plan was for the author to make a new post around the countdown end, but he got caught up in other things?


  24. Biloal Says:

    Hi ,everyone don’t be so gloomy the patch will come out soon, it’s a matter of time nothing else, RELAX !!! :p.


  25. AJ999000 Says:

    I am curious to know what the treat is.


  26. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m the editor on the project, Sporky. We had some minor technical difficulties. It’s coming soon. Chill.


  27. Mostafa Ibrahim Says:

    Which ? the patch or the surprise ? :D @Sporky


  28. digiFan Says:

    yea chillax all, btw merry xmas all :)


  29. Romsstar Says:

    Stay tuned it’s on it’s way.
    Sorry for the delay but it was all in your interest everyone.
    Only a matter of minutes.


  30. the_teseract Says:

    “Please check the timer below to know when it’s best to stop by.”

    FIVE hours later and we are still waiting here.

    BRAVO men, way to give us a Xmas treat. (maybe the treat was just a long useless wait, otherwise I don’t get it).


  31. DimiGhost Says:

    stop blaming, it is free, you are not right to request such perfection
    excellent work guys, keep going!!!


  32. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Mostafa: Both, but only the surprise comes today. The patch is closer than ever to completion, though.


  33. Caleb Says:

    What is free again? Oh right… NOTHING so far from them. I’m not asking for anything but geez, if they ask us to wait, even putting a counter, at least they should deliver, or even do another post apologizing and giving explanations. This is such a bad joke and a lack of respect from the so called “team”.


  34. Brian Says:

    Is there any way to donate to you guys when the patch is completed? I’ve been thinking I wanted to thank you all in some way for the work you did. I’m so hyped right about now :p


  35. Brian Says:

    Love your name btw :p


  36. AJ999000 Says:

    How old are you ?
    Everything they are doing is for free.
    In the comments, one member of their team said that they are facing some minor technical difficulties.
    Get yourself busy with something then check again.
    I think you are the one who should apologize because you are doubting their work and disrespecting them by saying :
    “This is such a bad joke and a lack of respect from the so called “team” “.
    They are not kids to play around and make jokes.
    I think you are one of those haters, nothing new.


  37. Alchemist Says:

    Pipe down the lot of ya, these guys are working hard on everything, and you’re trash talking them. Whatever happened to the milk of human kindness that is so delightfully sought out at this time of year?


  38. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Brian: Although we haven’t actually discussed it, I think taking donations would be a bad idea. It puts us in a somewhat darker shade of legal grey area if we’re taking money to translate this without the creator’s permission. And for me, I don’t know that I’d feel right about taking money for something I did as a hobby to keep my Japanese skills sharp. Either way, the thought is appreciated.

    And thanks, I like my name as well. A friend of mine came up with it when we were kids and I’ve used it here and there ever since.



  39. Brian Says:

    I can see what you mean with that’ legal’ grey area. I just find it a damn shame I’m not able to give something back to the team. Hell seeing the type of sh*t you get thrown to you on a daily basis I cannot help but wonder what great people you all are for still wanting to share this with the community. I know there are bad apples amongst us, who just lack patience and a basic form of respect. But I can only speak for myself when I say ‘Thank you’. Digimon has always been a great part of my youth, and when the time comes and I can play a new translated version of this great game, you better know I’m grateful for it ;)

    Keep up he great work guys. bring back those nostalgic feelings for me :p
    And anything I can do to help/thank you just let me know ;)


  40. SolBalmung Says:

    Omg this feels so much like the first Digimon World on PS1!! The nostalgia is soo strong, thank you so much guys for translating, really you’re doing an excellent job!


  41. I'm waiting for you Says:

    I’d like to oblige if the team accepts donation. I mean, it is such a hard work they are doing, and I’m sure that they also have another things to do in life.

    So… if you guys need donations, I believe you all can just say the words..


  42. seo webinars Says:

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    to ask.


  43. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Should you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I try to always answer any questions within twenty four hours.


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