Merry Christmas everyone


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m very pleased to announce our second Translation Teaser Video for you. This contains a massive amount of gameplay.

But it also means:
We solved all ours issues and we’re back on this translation and working full speed to bring this to you.

We owe this all to CompCom who helped us out with his amazing skills and so this video is also thanks to him.

Merry Christmas everyone!

– Romsstar

I’m very sorry for the delay but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. We had technical difficulties but I didn’t want to end up apologizing and

“not delivering” as many haters love to put it, so this is why I choose to put all my energies into it release this as fast as possible instead

of just writing an apology post.

PS: A full HD version will follow soon.

And this is Translation Teaser – Niko Version.

There will be also a Akiho Version very soon too. Stay tuned.


69 Responses to “Merry Christmas everyone”

  1. Nick Says:

    Thanks a lot for this! Glad to hear the issues are resolved, good luck on continuing the project.


  2. DimiGhost Says:

    wow!!! amazing :D :D :D
    thanks a lot


  3. Fladimir Silva Says:

    very nice work brother :D


  4. cementor Says:



  5. Dylan Says:

    You guys are amazing! I would like to thank everyone for going to amazing lengths for about just over a year, this is the best news ever! Can’t wait to play it!

    Thanks to everyone on the team, hope ye all had a merry Christmas and have a good new year, hopefully with this released :) And congratulations, I know a lot of hard work went into this translation and it must be an accomplishment for coming so far :)


  6. Fan Says:

    Congratulations… Amazing!!!


  7. William Lie Says:

    It’s a masterpiece!!!


  8. Branzovenescu Says:

    Congratulations, you are the best !!!!


  9. Biloal Says:

    Hi, you see that’s what I meant yesterday, very good work, professionnel, am just so happy cause am a fun of this game and i know what kind of issues and difficulties can be encountred in this work cause I tried to master it one day (foolishness) :p, henestly very good work and keep going guys.


  10. Juho Says:



  11. Buddy Says:

    it seems it will only take a while then.. good work guys! :)


  12. SuperDuperHighSchoolHardcoreReader Says:

    This makes my day…a sign of life!Hope everything will go well,now.


  13. Aurika Says:

    It’s smell like a release soon…
    GG guys, you’re awesome !


  14. Bboy Encoof Says:

    The heaven is near!! thanks for this good work,keep it hot!


  15. AJ999000 Says:

    We were waiting alot to see what the present was.
    And I see that the present was worth the wait.
    Thank you guys, and thank you CompCom.
    Awesome work, you guys are better than Namco Bandai. :)
    Btw what do you mean by Niko version and Akiho version ?


  16. asqwzx Says:

    Been following your work for some time now (without posting anything). It’s pretty cool to see your work coming to an end soon. Good job


  17. Raikid Says:

    nice vid romsstar. you definitely gave digimon gamers something to look forward to. here is something for the digimon anime fans. its A very rare and imho the greatest digimon episode ever just uploaded for the season



  18. Leon Says:

    Wow!!seeing this vid made me even more excited to play the game.Thank you Romsstar,CompCom,sporky and the rest of the team for all your hard work on making this game you are the best!!!


  19. Juho Says:

    What emulator you guys are using, and what settings? I wanna boot up this baby on my TV.


  20. Mostafa Ibrahim Says:

    I am using PPSSPP gold on my android phone .. Don’t know regarding PC emulator


  21. Azrael Turnip Says:

    NICE!!! Thank you dude!! Thou and thy team its amazing! Merry Christmas !! Take your time! You all deserve a good rest!!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!!


  22. Djalma Says:

    Hi Romsstar, Please take a look for this post, There are “just” 10.054 Digimon Fans waiting for the translation. Please don’t mind for any hater comment. Take your time! You have no ideia what this translation means to us.

    Thank you so much!


  23. DigiGuy Says:

    HAH! take that haters!


  24. Chief Says:

    So I believe Romsstar said that it could be a matter of days to get a fully translated version after the issues were fixed. I’m way too excited for the coming weeks now.

    Also, I’m guessing that this is played on an emulated ps vita? I’m wondering if Romsstar will be updating with what emulator he is using and where we can find the emulated rom file to play. It’s been way to long since I’ve played an enulated game.


  25. cryum Says:

    That was really fast. I was prepared to wait a lot longer than a month.


  26. Bigiansen Says:



  27. Mirai~ Says:

    Romstar are you gonna post something in gbtemp forum with this good new :P? or remain silent there xD?


  28. Ken Says:

    Amazingly great news!!!! Appreciate all your hard work for us fans!


  29. Teachaos Says:

    @Chief: this game is for the PSP so it shouldnt be a problem


  30. Mirai~ Says:

    No more haters comments?? That really lame :I Go Romsstar I support you 100%!!
    (from PPSSPP comunity)


  31. AJ999000 Says:

    A few days ago I asked “what do you mean by Niko version and Akiho version ?”
    To be honest I didn’t have enough time to watch the whole video, so I was just skipping alot of parts and didn’t concentrate at all. Now when I watched the video and read the names of the characters I remembered my question and I recognized that my question was so stupid :) .
    Anyway I’m glad that this page doesn’t have any haters :D .


  32. Romsstar Says:

    AJ999000 I didn’t mean to ignore you but if I would tell just right away it would kill all the suspension ;)
    I guess you figured it out already but still I thought it would be more interesting if people would start to wonder what was actually meant by “Niko Version” ;)


  33. kyubey Says:

    I’m glad I stuck with this project after all this time.

    Mind giving an overall completion percentage?


  34. Guidodi Says:

    Great news, glad you can finally resume the translation and many thanks.


  35. Saldash Says:

    @Kyubey according to their gbatemp thread story is 90% translated 20% edited. Link:

    As for the team, good going, can’t wait to play! KEEP IT UP!


  36. OneHappySon Says:

    Nice work! This is amazing.


  37. Kringle Says:

    When this translation comes out, those haters are going to eat their words. Merry Christmas, Romsstar & team! You guys truly have dedication and heart.


  38. Z.Fair Says:

    Err,Happy New Year guys,lolz.


  39. Sheho3000 Says:



  40. Ken Says:

    Awesome news, can’t wait for this and FF Type-0. I know there is no competition going on, but do you guys think this will be done before FF Type-0 in three weeks or so? That would be awesomeness.


  41. Jamie Says:

    Ahhh! I am so psyched for this! I played through it in Japanese without understanding the story and enjoyed it, can’t wait to play it with the story, it should be so much better!


  42. Biloal Says:

    HI, I want to say something, these guys are amazing cause doing such a good work is hard , very hard so thanks a lot, I also want to ask if it is possible for us to help as translators a least or by Learning romhacking, this may help to gain time for both of us players and them Translation Team, Romstar this is for you ,
    I want to join, test me as translator first then teach me PLEASE///


  43. MarinoKadame Says:

    Now if only the 3DS version can be Localised instead of keeping it in Japan again.


  44. sando Says:

    happy new year guys!!!!
    keep it up, hope we can get the patch soon ^^


  45. Romsstar Says:


    Do you have any Japanese knowledge?
    If you do then I might consider that.
    There’s not much to do but a proofreader always comes in handy.

    So if you’re willing to help us, please send me a PM through GBAtemp or leave your contact data here and we’ll see :)


  46. Biloal Says:

    Morning, I would say am average , give me some text and I will be sure to make a translation that make a very good sense.


  47. Jamie Says:

    No offense Biloal but you can barely write your own sentences to “make a very good sense”.


  48. Biloal Says:

    Never mind ,at least I’am trying to help them instead of making comments about others


  49. Guilherme Amorim Says:

    Süß! I can barely wait for it!


  50. Lunatic_K Says:

    We’ll be waiting for this super cool patch!
    Keep up the good work. mate


  51. earl Tan Says:

    any final date for the release of the patch?


  52. Biloal Says:

    Radion silence, nothing since the video


  53. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    No, there is no final date for the patch. Most of it is translated, but it all needs to be edited and made to fit properly on the screen. I would expect at least six weeks, probably more since everyone involved in the project is in college right now and attending classes is more important than a thing no one pays us to do.

    BTW, I’m the editor, Sporky McForkinspoon.


  54. Romsstar Says:

    @Biloal: Please check your email.

    Concerning the videos:
    We’re currently working on some other parts so there will be some hold up in the videos I promised you guys. But they will come :)


  55. LordofAko Says:

    just cant wait to play…
    here waiting masta Romsstar,..

    Good luck..^^


  56. Hombre Says:

    I understand the college thing all to well what with having six exams by the end of the month., so good luck to you folks.


  57. Leon Says:

    Good luck guys


  58. Kyoshi Says:

    hi, congratulation for you good work, it’s an amazing project, good luck for the next !! just one question, you work with which OS ; Linux or Windows and with MIPS (if it’s Linux)?? I would like try to translate this game in french can you help me just for know where look for. Thanks for your answers and sorry for my bad english.:)


  59. Django Says:



  60. Sebastian Says:

    WIII!!!! I know you can do it! :D I’m waiting for play it :D


  61. reiva Says:

    wahhhhhhhh waiting…..


  62. Biloal Says:

    I feel like I will become an alien before playing the game….., keep going guys.


  63. Ren New Says:

    Awesome! You guys are the best!


  64. Leon Says:

    Waiting anxiously for ittttttttttttt


  65. The Master Says:

    ‘Stella’ or ‘stele’ / ‘stela’ ( The latter seems more appropriate in this context; the former means ‘star’.


  66. Romsstar Says:

    @The Master:
    That is something very interesting you dug out there.
    I think you’re totally right and we’ll correct that immediately.

    It’s kinda embarassing we didn’t think of it. But thanks for pointing that out.
    If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact us.


  67. Tori Says:

    When is is coming out? T.T

    BTW Thank you so much for your hard work!


  68. Ken Says:

    I appreciate all the work but Romsstar can we get some news?


  69. SF Knight Says:

    is it free


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