A request


Hello everyone.

while I love working on Redigitize it’s a shame we can’t work on it’s “sequel” (it’s not a port!)
 Re:Digitize Decode. Some of you might be aware about the petition that’s going on.

I bet most are.But hereby I ask you please, everyone, please, who hasn’t signed it yet, do so.


Here is the link.

While a petition most likely won’t change a thing and I do believe that Bandai Namco is toying with our feelings about thisby telling us to get more votes, this is the only thing we currently can do.
Be assured we’ll do everything we can to bring Redigitize as fast as possible to you.
But Decode is a worthy sequel that simply MUST be localized. Let’s do our best, shall we?

– Romsstar



13 Responses to “A request”

  1. Michizcool Says:

    I had a crazy idea, however know absolutely nothing about psp hacking, How feasible would it be to insert the new sections of the story line and new digimon into the current digimon redigitize ? Kinda like an unofficial expansion


  2. david Says:

    Really? Not a port! The wiki is wrong! Someone go change is please! This is definitely news to me! Are you sure it’s a sequel though? The wiki says it’s the same game with new chapters and new digimon.


  3. Elegant Says:

    Signed this petition awhile back. While you could be right about Bandai Namco, their encouragement means they acknowledge the community that would by it. I wouldn’t say it’s in vein, I mean Dark Souls did come out for the PC.


  4. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Michi: We’re looking into that, and we might be able to insert some things, but that’s something to look at once everything else is done. Realistically, it would be a programming nightmare. we’d need to get a copy of the 3DS version, either bypass the encryption to extract the files, or just play the game exhaustively and write down every single kanji used. Then figure out how to add files to the game without breaking anything else, which is really, really hard, especially with this game. It’s basically not going to happen. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to insert a few new digimon, but even that seems a stretch.


  5. Michizcool Says:

    Sporky McForkinspoon: I figured so, at least the progress with the gateway card for the 3DS might be of help for dumping data. Even so anything like new digimon would be amazing ! Worst come to worst I guess we could all wait for some miraculous 3DS emulator to come along in a year or two….


  6. Eric Says:

    You guys are awesome for sharing the petition :D I have it as my startpage for weeks now, refreshing the page a few times a day just to see how well it goes. Share the petition guys! At this points its about 50 signings a day while it was only about 10 a few months ago! We can do this!


  7. Huntar Says:

    So, you guys have a good number of native English-speaking editors, right? I keep seeing a lot of simple errors in each of these posts, and it’d kinda kill the atmosphere if I ran across them every other line.


  8. Romsstar Says:

    Yes of course we have native English-speaking Editors.
    I’m not a native speaker and therefore I tend to make mistakes.
    As a translator I’m probably ought to have a better level of English, but I speak five different languages and it’s hard to keep them all at the same level. Sorry again.


  9. gmz21 Says:

    Dear Romsstar, I heard this game is compeletly in furigana. So if it’s true, do you recommend any dictionaries on the android. And also grammar I know the following particles wa, ga, ni, wo and how they are used, Are there any online help that can increase my Japanese.


  10. Leon Says:

    Good luck with your exams guys keep up


  11. Caleb Says:

    Really though Romstar, your english is very good. I went to high school with kids whose english skills were far worse off than yours. For a non-native english speaker, especially someone who has 5 languages he’s learning, it’s very understandable and clean. I’m confident the translations from Japanese to English will be quite good as well. Looking forward to completion!


  12. viola Says:

    is the game only for 3ds and not on psp??


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