New Screenshots


Hey guys.

I though I’d share some of our Work-In-Progress Graphics for the City.

While a few might argue that this is unnessecary the fact is that the city in itself is rather complex and for such reasons,

some signs have to be translated so first time gamers will have the same comfortable experience a Japaneser user would have.

Please enjoy and feel free to post your comments below.

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Artist of the Graphics: HelloWinter


32 Responses to “New Screenshots”

  1. Kumiko_Fuji Says:

    The last one is a bit hard to read, but judging by the others before it I’m sure I’ll be able to make it out once I can get closer to it in game. Otherwise, I love the look of them, they are very faithful to the looks of the original sings.

    It’s amazing the work and dedication you guys are putting into this free patch when the localization team of the first game never bothered with such things. Even when the game clearly needed it, like when Ogremon takes over drill tunnel but foreigners won’t know that since the signs are in Japanese…


  2. Brian Says:

    Pretty impressive, not much else to say then Good Job!
    the dedication to this project is quite something. When the translation is complete I would love to see the look on all those haters faces :p
    Seeing the load of crap you guys have gotten time and time again, it must feel pretty good to have gotten upon this point. Keep up the good work!


  3. Shan993 Says:

    Looks amazing i never knew anything like this stuff happened, i’m new to all this and everything I think The people working on this are bloody amazing, I’m amazed by it all lol Do you know if you’ll posting link when your done? :) Thank you for all your hard work :D


  4. Tasaq Says:

    OMG, this exceeds my needs ;o I could deal with Japanese textures, like in Digimon World. This is to awesome, it was (and still is) worth waiting for the patch :)


  5. jollilot Says:



  6. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    sir….this is a patch right?


  7. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Resty: It will be eventually, but right now there isn’t a patch you can download if that’s what you mean. This is a project to make a patch, and we are getting quite close to finished.


  8. nafura Says:

    What a dedication you guys shown, you’ve shown so much effort with also thinking about user experience as well and take much consideration in making the player feels good…

    thanks so much for the hardwork… I’m really looking forward to the finished product of this and I’ll love to play this redigitize… :D


  9. AJ999000 Says:

    Digimon world 1 signs were in Japanese even though the game was translated into English by professionals.
    And these guys aren’t working for a company and they are doing such an awesome work.
    HelloWinter, what you have done is perfect.
    You guys deserve Respect on that.


  10. JP Says:

    The level of detail going into this translation project is phenomenal.
    I honestly believe Namco-Bandai should really be looking at this. I know it may have copyright infringement yata yata… but this would be an incredibly cheaper way of bringing these games to the US/EU.
    I am currently playing Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode. It is a fantastic game. There is so much more added and I truly wish you guys were able to access the data and do the same to it. But this will suffice! Great job and keep up the great work!


  11. kouyaaotsuki Says:

    This is so great! I you’re doing such an amazing job. Thanks so much! ^^


  12. Mark Says:

    Wow looks great and good job on exams


  13. Moon Says:

    sir sorry if you have answer this before,but my psp just died and im too lazy to browse the comment..
    will this patch playable on ppsspp ?

    btw good luck on finishing this patch
    i’m still waiting since the very first :D


  14. Romsstar Says:

    @Moon: Yes it will.


  15. Vucklips Says:

    good job for this, i will play this game at begening without cheat if the patch released ^^


  16. Alex Says:

    You guys should kickstart this. I would help promote it and fund it. Do you guys have a facebook page for this porject?


  17. Hombre Says:

    Welp, that’s going a bit over the call duty. Pretty darn awesome, folks.


  18. Newton Says:

    Professional work, indeed!
    Thanks so much. Well, i don’t mind if this wont be translated, but the work on screens is great.


  19. sotie Says:

    nice work cant wait for the patch amazing creation :O
    translating modding everything looks nice im so excited :3


  20. Brian Roberto da Rocha Says:

    Link for download?


  21. Matheus Savioti Says:

    Good work! Can’t wait for the result!


  22. leon Says:

    Keep up. I am anxious. Best luck from greece!


  23. tiago Says:

    I am just another guy, 24 years old, digimon world 1 was rooted into my childhood, while this is just a game, the work you guys have been putting into the translation make it mean even alot more for me, you guys will allow a whole new young generation to feel the thrill we had years ago while playing digimon world 1, or any of the others, and you will give also to us, older gamers a chance of going into our own nostalgic world, and feel the wonders we felt before in the past.

    So, while i guess you hear this enough, a big thanks for all the work you guys are doing for us.


  24. Dominicus Abbel O. Says:

    Great works! It’s awesome that you guys did the translation even for in game graphics. Impressive, keep it up guys. Good luck from Indonesia :)


  25. sotie Says:

    btw if you need any help my team is always free just email me for anything you want us to do :) –>
    Philippines Developer Groups / PDG thumbs up for the your works :)


  26. 4th'ave Says:

    Updates? Sorry I’m just excited :)) hehe


  27. eugene Says:

    I just found out this exists!!
    I have to say thank you so much for the effort. You guys rock


  28. eugene Says:

    Hahaha by the way i couldn’t help but realise you guys are doing a much better job at translating this compared to the original Digimon World localization team. The texture for that game was not translated. To see you guys doing so much, even translating textures, I have to say I am very impressed.
    You guys rock!


  29. Orming Says:

    Wow I am really impressed keep up the good work.


  30. Rama Says:

    I can’t wait to play this! Good job :D


  31. Diego Digitalz Devilz Says:

    how to download or use the translation sir?
    i’m newbie here.


  32. basement flooding Says:

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