We’re getting there


About 80% of the Story is now completely inserted and playable.
It looks great to see how the game becomes more and more English :)
The Editing and ASM process are currently stalling (Sporky and StorMyu are busy)
but nothing we can do about that. Patience guys, we’re getting there :)

While everything is basically translated some phrases just need some checking.
What I coud use is a a proof reader if you will.
For that a Native Japanese Speaker with good English knowledge would
be a great help. The task is not difficult but could refine this translation even more.
(It’s still awesome either way :P)
Anyone who can help is free to answer me
here or through romsstar@gmx.de.


32 Responses to “We’re getting there”

  1. Kyago (@KyagoOnline) Says:

    I want to play this game so much, but since i do not know japanese i have to wait for the job you guys are doing, how long +- do you think you will take to finish and post this? looking foward to it being finished, keep up the good work.


  2. DarkHeros09 Says:

    oh yeah, keep up the good work guys.


  3. Romsstar Says:

    @Kyago: That’s difficult to say because some things are simply out of my hands. People have lifes that have priority and some jobs can’t be done by anyone else.
    All I know is that we’re close and that it won’t be long till release.
    But there are still things that have to be taken care off.


  4. ZackyKun Says:

    You Guys Are The Best!!! You Have My Support Romsstar!!


  5. Mark Says:

    Yheaaaa great work XD about 80% is great progress


  6. Headsky Says:

    I got DWR:D and I don’t speak any japanese at all,even though I love Japanese language and culture.I’m glad you’re doing this for anyone who can’t speak Japan :D


  7. Juho Says:

    Thank you for the hard work.


  8. Brian Says:

    I was standing in line today at my local bakershop for a birthday pie, when I saw this message popping up on my smartphone. Suffice to say people gave me quite alot of stares when I shouted ‘80% done’! :p
    Here’s to you and your team Romsstar!And again a big thank you to everyone involved. if only there was something I could do to show my gratitude.


  9. kouyaaotsuki Says:

    I don’t have any clue about Japanese but, I am an english minor in college. I can help with any grammatical proofing that you’ve already done if you need any of that. If possible, I could translate with google trans and then grammatically correct or whatever.

    I love that you guys are so dedicated, though. This is crazy awesome!


  10. ashleycherrett Says:

    you guys really are Hero’s XD your bringing much joy to my inner child XD

    I have a friend who is English but fluent in multiple languages, if you like I would gladly send her a message.
    She isnt big on Digimon but because of that she may be able too focus more on the text.


  11. arisa Says:

    hooray!!! thanks so much to the team ^^


  12. SuperDuperHighSchoolHardcoreReader Says:

    I can’t really help… ç__ç
    But I will support you, guys! Keep up the good work!


  13. MR.V Says:

    First I just to say with calm, dignity, and grace that … YOU GUYS ARE F***ING AWESOME!!! :)
    Secondly, I wish i could help, but my language skills aren’t that good.
    My only suggestion for if you guys need some help is to ask some of the fansubbing groups like TV-Nihon, or Over-Time, or Grown Ups in Spandex.


  14. LeoN Says:

    My Gawd, 80%!!! This is an absolutely great news :))
    waiting for this patch is totally worth it.
    keep it UP, keep it UP, I can’t wait the fated final UPload :%


  15. Brent Miller Says:

    So, how am I going to be able to play this when it is released???
    Do I need a Psp?


  16. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    yahooooo 80% ive been looking forward to this game :D
    anyway….there’s gonna be a beta testing right? :)


  17. Desu Says:

    @Brent You can download the patch onto a PSP or you can play the game while using the emulator, PPSSPP


  18. Francis Villarin Says:

    ALMOST THERE!! nice work guys!! God bless. :)


  19. Alice Says:

    WOW! i love this sounds in my ears *-* U Guys are AWESOME! Thanks from all digimon fans *-*


  20. Usagi Says:

    I could ask my Japanese friend in University. Since Japanese Studies acquires a good knowledge of English ( this is a requirement in Goethe University, Frankfurt) I could ask her to look through everyhting. I’m sure she’ll do it. Semesterferien und so, wenn du verstehst Romsstar ;)


  21. Romsstar Says:

    Please do so, that would really help.
    It’s not that difficult and she doesn’t even have to go
    through everything.
    We just need some Native to clear some things that we are not 100% sure of.

    Und ja wäre super wenn du fragen könntest, dann kriegen wir das ganze auch schneller fertig und alle wären glücklich. Grad ist die ideale Zeit dafür ;)


  22. Matheus Savioti Says:

    Giving my support here from Brazil!


  23. MarinoKadame Says:

    I have a question does the text scrolling is the same as in japanese ? Or it got more text to scroll ?


  24. Baconarmy Says:

    Thank you ;-;

    I love you guys so much. Updates and you’re on the verge of completion.


  25. Kai Says:

    i hope it will be done by early march and sorry if i cause problem by posting this(not used to making replies)


  26. Leon Says:

    Guys you are the greatest you have the gratitude of all the digimon fan community of Greece! Είστε γαμάτοι!!!


  27. ClearSky Says:

    You know if anyone knew japanese they would already be playing it instead of waiting for translation… Just saying.


  28. BrianRoberto Says:

    Any new information?


  29. Brent Miller Says:

    Alright, thanks!


  30. james Says:

    I’m going to guess this will be released by the end of april / early may.


  31. d Says:

    I know someone you can contact for phrases and whatnot. Her name is takL on the narutoforums website. She is a JP speaker and as far as I know she live there as well. She will help out with various manga page translations and doujin translations whenever someone asks so I’m sure she’d help you guys with those phrases. Just go on narutoforums and ask.

    As long as it’s not like millions and millions of pages of text ofc.


  32. Wesley Says:



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