Hey guys.

95% of the STORY is now completely inserted.
I’m currently going through the remaining 5% with our new member Rui, a Native speaker which will help to check the forementioned.
Please take into account that NPCs are not covered by this calculation yet.
While most relevant NPCs are already been taken care off, some NPCs are still not inserted.
Also please take into account that the Editing process, Quality checking process, ASM Hacking and many other processes are still need to happen. I understand that everyone wants to get their hands on this as quickly as possible but all I can say is you have to be a little patient.
I just don’t want that people who are anticipating a early March release feel cheated. So please don’t except a release in March.

We try to deliver quality work and while I know for some of you it might seem that this have been going on forever, there been hurdles and roadblocks on the way that threw us back. For those who followed us from the start, you know that. Now that those are seemingly out of the way (Thanks CompCom) we’re faster than ever but still I think it’s better to have a game that will satisfy everyone than something rushed with loads of grammar mistakes which will ruin the experience, right? ;)

Please stay patient everyone.


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  1. Jamie Says:

    Looking forward to the patch! Glad to hear you found someone to help. Sucks to think we now have to wait through all of march until April to get our hands on it. But at least during that time my Amazon order of Digimon World Digitize Decode for my jap 3DS will arrive and keep me busy!


  2. madmatt Says:

    No problem boss. :) Take the time you need to finish it. And thanks for doing it for the fans :) Oh,and thanks for the update!!


  3. Tsukasa Says:

    Hey, thanks so much for the update. I’m really grateful that there are people like you putting in free time so that total strangers like me can eventually enjoy the game! Keep up the awesome work.


  4. Kai Says:

    I agree with the others for telling us your nearly done,I wasnt hoping you to complete it on the very first day of march and the problem you have is perfectly understandable


  5. NollieFlipX Says:

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! :3 yeah I’m really looking forward playing this game again. I can’t thank you guys enough.


  6. Boocrye Says:

    WOOOOH!! We will wait patiently guys! specially me of course! haha! Thank you very much and best of luck!! :D


  7. Jordan Says:

    Does this mean we might have it next month(April)? That would be so amazing. I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. Keep up the good work. I’ll wait quietly till you finish :D


  8. John Says:

    yes happy to see great updates dude :) im still believing i can see great translation of this game on my old fart psp :)


  9. Leon Says:

    Thank you guys!!you are really the best and you have provedthose wrong those haters who said that the project is dead.that you for not taking this project as merely job or hobby but really take it into heart you.we anxiously wait for your updates even the ones that you say its not ready birthday is at April so I think this will be the best present ill get on my birthday.a big Greek digimon fan community is waiting and sending you the best wishes.keep strong!Είστε γαματοι!!!


  10. alhatric Says:

    I salute you
    you are a dream maker to all digimon lovers
    I thank you very much
    God bless ya


  11. jamie Says:

    You guys should consider playing this on PPSSPP on either your PC or Smart phone. I almost forgot about the orginal PSP..LOL. It’s graphics are so fuzzy and distorted…emulators fix all of that with increased resolution and video settings. This game runs so crisp on my Galaxy Note 3, night and day difference in graphics – looks like it’s on a new console


  12. hpzuke12 Says:

    i would guess beta testing for error checking right?


  13. Leon Says:

    Yeahhh.This is an amazing game and this project shows to the haters how wrong they were about this project being dead.Aprill 11 is my birthday and i think this will be the best present ever!!!good luck guys and keep strong and we all appreciate that you make this not only as hobby but you really take it in heart ,a big greek digimon fan community is anxiously waiting for this thank you,and we wait to see your every update even if its saying its not complete.Thank you!!ειστε γαματοι!!!


  14. Tasaq Says:

    Not in march? :( Gotta find other game just to fill that time :)


  15. Jordan Says:

    My psp had so much dust on it. I had to go find it it the closest :P


  16. Juho Says:

    Hype hype!


  17. Matheus Savioti Says:

    This means… April we’re playing it?


  18. Kumiko_Fuji Says:

    I have absolutely no issue with waiting, especially if it’s to deliver quality that the professional team that translated the original game never bothered with. As long as there’s progress updates every now and then just to show that a project isn’t dead, I never take issue with how long translations take. Not that I don’t understand the feeling of wanting it right not, but it’s hard work that is being done for free, to complain about waiting is petty.


  19. Resty Q Vargas Says:



  20. cryum Says:

    Haha, 95%? sounds like nothing but good news.


  21. GaleX Says:

    finally it’s almost finish :D


  22. SF Knight Says:

    thank you I was dead too I know what the hell r they sayibg


  23. AkaiKaze Says:

    Great News!! After this project, are you going to try someting else??? I would love to see a full translation of Super Danganronpa 2. Either way thanks for all your work.


  24. Kai Says:

    @AkaiKaze You really shouldnt ask them to do something else
    when their already focus on this project it make you seem ungratefull and Super Danganronpa 2 has an official translation on vita thats why no fan translation on psp


  25. AkaiKaze Says:

    Im not ungratefull. I apreciate the work they have done. i just pointed out that it would be great if they considered to translate SD2. I didn’t demand anything… and by the way even if there’s incoming vita translation the psp version is still en japanese. I won’t buy a console just for 2 or 3 games.


  26. Kai Says:

    Its impossible no matter how much you want it and I let other people tell you the reason why.(Sorry for going off topic)


  27. Nico psp (NicoBlog) Says:

    Hi i think there’s a typo here
    “So please don’t except a release in March.”
    You meant expect not except, right?


  28. Kai Says:

    I believe its except not expect but i too wanna know,you know?


  29. Kai Says:

    I believe its except not expect but i want to know as well


  30. Kai Says:

    sorry bout the double comment i didnt actually see my comment till now


  31. jamie Says:

    …Obviously it’s a typo, should go without saying..


  32. Putra Novtiawan Says:

    OMG 5%
    I do not know how much longer I have to wait for 5% hehe
    Keep Spirit


  33. JC Says:

    I think most of us value quality more, so please don’t be feel rushed. =) And we really thank you all for your work. We really appreciate it! God bless!


  34. Miksandi Says:

    where can i download? please


  35. Kai Says:

    I know its a typo and i apologize for it


  36. BLADE Says:

    my friends dad is a English teacher in japan i could ask if he would help he loves games so he will most likely say yes


  37. Romsstar Says:

    It was a typo. It was supposed to mean expect.
    Don’t worry guys the editors spot those things :)


  38. Chief Says:


    There will be no download until it is fully finished. At that point I am sure he will provide a link for every. You’re going to have to wait at least a month. Sorry but you can’t rush someone who is doing this out of the goodness of his heart.


  39. Uroooooy Says:

    I want to play it now yo


  40. rick Says:

    keep it up


  41. Ash Says:

    Thanks for working so hard on this. I can’t wait to play it. :D


  42. Sora Yuuki Says:

    yeah i have been following this thread for a while… and this is awesome.!!!! just a little more guys… just a little more… and thx A LOT.!!


  43. Miksandi Says:

    ok i will wait, thanks


  44. Livelong Says:

    Thanks a lot guys


  45. aznnguyen123 Says:

    An early celebration :D


  46. nyoman Says:

    this is really a GREAT NEWS! i was waiting this game for a looong time. love digimon sooo much. keep ur spirit! i will wait till this game 100% fully translated. Thanks a lot guys.


  47. Zaki Says:

    Thanks a lot guys. You guys ROCKS!!! Just can;t wait.


  48. ringedWizard Says:

    i get the feeling that people dont understand that the only the Story of the game is near completion. im pretty sure theres still more left outside of that…


  49. Jordan Says:

    @ringedWizard The forum page shows all the menus already done. It was done first I think and then they worked on the story. :D


  50. ringedWizard Says:

    @Jordan There is still the matter of things like side quests and other completely optional elements of the game that should make it a complete experience.


  51. Jordan Says:

    I think that would be part of the story. I mean they have random signs done lol. Plus if it does have more to go then we shall wait.


  52. Romsstar Says:

    ringedWizard you are completely right.
    As for the signs we did, they are not arbitrary at all but are all part of the city. As such, we dealt with all the important File City NPCs.
    Means: With the ones that actually DO something.

    But there are more NPCs that are just in the city doing nothing, and there are subquests which are not part of the main story as well. Those are, as pointed out by ringedWizard are not completely taken care off yet.


  53. Akis Says:

    If the side quests are not yet translated I believe there will be a long wait from what I remember from digimon world 1 the side quests were the bigger part of the game it was like storyline(40%) sidequests (60%) if DW re digitize resembles digimon world 1 in this part that is and if we can’t play at least some side quests that kills the fun I will wait for the complete game anxiouxly


  54. Romsstar Says:

    They are translated, it is just that not all are inserted yet.
    Since the sidequests are a big part of the story in this one, many are already inserted as well.
    Um it’s complicated to explain but I assure you the wait won’t be long…
    It’s just that the insertion process as such is important because we never know if the text will fit into the textbox or not before we insert it. If it doesn’t adjustments have to be taken.
    But there are no untranslated NPCs as such.
    Anyways: Don’t worry. lol I think by explaning things people get more panicked rather than not explaining anything at all. Patience, Don’t panic, for all it’s worth, the release will happen within this year and that’s more than can be said about many 3DS games that were supposed to hit the


  55. john Says:

    within this year??? D:


  56. router Says:



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