Hey guys, it’s me again.

I believe people got confused about my last post.
So let me break it down:
95% of the story is inserted + translated.

Story includes all events that are mandatory to play the game from beginning till credits. It doesn’t include optional side quests and NPCs you don’t have to recruit. But, since you are required to have 50 prosperity for entering the final dungeon,
all major NPCs that would give you that points are also inserted already. So I would say about 70% of all NPCs are also already inserted.  Every NPC in File City is also inserted and translated.

Where does that leave us? What’s left?
The insertion process of the Colosseum Tournaments and Batles, the process of minor NPCs in other areas than File City and Network battle is ongoing and that’s what we’re doing right now.

The Editing process is on going and the first edit is currently at 40%. So the editing will take some time. The ASM process is still in works and is currently the one that needs most work but will eventually get done.

I made some early tests on the weekend and our patch runs fine on:

– Samsung Galaxy S2 (PPSPP)

– PSP 1000 (CFW)

– PS Vita (Via Exploit)

Unfortunately I had nothing else to test it on.

Oh right some questions from the GBATemp Thread:

Does the text scrolling go at the same speed than in japanese and does it take more time to scroll throught all the dialogue ? It’s for speedrun purpose.
-> For the most part of the game this is the case but in some cases we had to insert additional textboxes. But the amount is minimal and since the game has an implemented autoscrolling and runs pretty fast on the highest textspeed it shouldn’t really affect your speedrun.

Also, since there are pics of translated sign posts, will all such jap portions be translated? It would be amazing even if it wasn’t!
-> I’m aware of the purists in the Digimon Fan community. At this moment I’m  leaning towards releasing actually two patches. One that will contain localized attacks+names including localized signs, the other with the translations of the Japanese Attacks+Names. Which means we’d have Baby Flame vs, Pepper Breath and Vamdemon vs Myotismon. Just two examples I’m giving. I hope by this means we should be able to satisfy all needs.

In the meantime I have a question:

We showed you screenshots, we showed you videos but at this point there’s not much left to do that we still could show you. Is there anything you guys would like to see? Except the patch I mean. (Yeah I know the difference between except and expect :D)

So please post what you’d like to see in the comments below.


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  1. Kai Says:

    I would like to see a video of a digimon digivolving if that’s cool with you


  2. Toyinx69 Says:

    i wuld like to see a mail translations


  3. Romsstar Says:

    @Kai: Well that’s something you can easily check up on Youtube, it’s not like we did something on that.

    @Toyinx69: All right, noted that.
    Will show some ;)


  4. Skullbazon Says:

    could you please test this on a psp 3000??


  5. calex93 Says:

    This will work on ppsspp emulator, right?
    P.S This is the greatest project I’ve seen, thank you in advance for your great job :D


  6. Romsstar Says:

    I don’t have one and I can’t afford one so I’m sorry but unless there’s some store giving out PSP 3000 for free I can’t.
    I’m just a poor student.

    Yes it will and it should work on JPCSP as well.
    Although I haven’t it throughouly, it’s just too slow.


  7. Madmatt Says:

    Hmm.. How about descriptions of, let’s say, skills or items. If you’ve already shown some, then scratch this idea. :)

    Can’t wait for the finished product btw. I’ll test it to psp2000 since that’s what I have. You deserve more than praise from us fans! I’d be willing to donate to you guys after I get a job (still a student also).


  8. Madmatt Says:

    Whoops sorry about the bad grammar, I’m very sleepy since it’s nighttime here. :))


  9. Akis Says:

    I for one want to see nothing time invested in such trivial requests can also be invested in the patch/translation/editing right? I want to thank this team for all their work this project is amazing thank you!!! I only wish it could be possible for the sequel to have the same fate with this game but I know how hard it is….


  10. cryum Says:

    Digivolutions, training, eating/using items, and sleeping.


  11. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Skullbazon: I’m the editor, and I have a 3000 so I’ll test it on that, but I’m sure it will work on it.


  12. Jamie Says:

    Digivolutions and training at the gym footage


  13. jay kim Says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work.
    We are all appreciated!!!! TNK U X 999999999999999999999!!!!
    I want to see the…
    estimate time for the patch ? if you don’t mind giving it out XD


  14. Aradi147 Says:

    Looks like I’m failing my exams.


  15. MrWeavile Says:

    Translating the ENTIRE game into English, not to mention debating weather to use the Japanese direct translate or the English localization versions? Dude, I don’t know if there’s anything else left to be done. That’s 101% as it is!
    Also, a question, you mentioned you managed to get it run on Vita vita exploit. What exploit were you referring to?


  16. Skullbazon Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon Thank you!, if it works plz tell me what cfw and configuration did u use XD


  17. Nightmare12 Says:

    Oh wow, thats amazing, the effortcyiu guys are putting in. This is spectacular work, you guys are the best. I hope that the remaining is done with ease.
    I think it would be good if you guys dedicate time into the patch so we see stuff for ourselves, but that’s just me. Also, just a request, would it be possible that you guys give frequent progress reports? I mean after a few days the wait becomes agonizing. Again, its a request.


  18. Setoru -san Says:

    What about a “free ” gameplay? I mean not a gameplay that just follow the story, I say training, evolving, exploring, sleeping etc.
    Just normal gameplay not story related, That would be good ^^

    And sorry for my english >.<


  19. henry Says:

    I really cant wait to play it :(


  20. andrew Says:

    will you be including optional side quests and NPCs you don’t have to recruit in the patch ?


  21. BLADE Says:

    i would like to see a small video if possible of some of the random encounters like in digimon world 1 and or possibly a some of file city like is the curling ring in this game :S thanks in advance


  22. mat Says:

    6.60 pro CFW work?


  23. sotie Says:

    now its getting near :) more power many fans in all continent are waiting for this patch :)


  24. Doja Says:

    Just give us the patch, we’ll work it out! I don’t understand what the hold up is about. MHP3rd came out in steps, they didn’t wait to release the entire thing all at one time, otherwise the people waiting would have gone insane. That’s what’s going on right now guys, what’s the reason you can’t release one patch at a time, even if the saves won’t be compatible? I have faith in you guys, but honestly a lot of us, myself included have been waiting patiently for a very long time. Anyways, keep up the great work, hope you consider what I’ve said.


  25. Kate Says:

    This is the first time I have ever commented on any of these posts so I would just like to say thank you everyone for all your hard work. If you decided to do both the localised English as well as just the translated, that would be great as some people prefer one to the other. For me and my little brother, we would prefer the localised version as that is what we are used to and the other would probably confused us haha.
    That’s just our opinion but if you do decide to do both I’m sure everyone would appreciate it due to different preferences.


  26. new kid on block Says:

    so.. this means that. it’s not 100% converted into english right.?
    there would be some in japanese.?
    do correct me if i’m wrong.


  27. MecBrian Says:

    Yes, the @Doja is Right, the patch do not work ?

    Type, Version1, version 2 ?


  28. Irina Akashira Says:

    Thanks for your hard work

    Can someone tell me how llong till the patch is available


  29. eduardo freire (@eduardopato) Says:

    Good job, guys! Can’t wait for this :’)
    Keep the updates coming \o/

    @Irina There’s no way of knowing that :(
    There’s still things to translate and then they’ll review everything.
    So yeah, all we can do is wait and show our support i guess


  30. john Says:

    Irina a good guess would be sometime during the middle or end of next month


  31. yoyox Says:

    I know this may be odd. Why don’t you try streaming as you work on it may not be that exciting, but he lets people know that it’s being worked on and helps keep them calm, but excited about what’s to come


  32. Irina Akashira Says:



  33. Lokys Says:

    To anyone interested: I’ve run the game on PSP 3000 using 6.60 CFW Pro and a menu translation patch I found floating around the net so I should imagine this patch will work without a problem on the PSP :D


  34. Bill Says:

    ^ Lol duh!!


  35. Kyoshiii Says:

    hi i can test your patch with my galaxy note please ??


  36. Adam Says:

    will work on ppsspp for pc?
    and I will like to see more of your graphic translations.
    When you finish the patch I will like to test on the emulator for pc If you cant.
    Thank you!!


  37. TerrorDeath Says:

    How can i test your patch? Been eager too much for it. It is your Masterpiece,,, I am excited to play it


  38. Rezek Says:

    Why not release the BETA version in the mean time???


  39. Rezek Says:

    we would like a BETA unfinished patch PLEASE


  40. John Says:

    Yes let us try a beta unfinished patch while waiting for the full version !


  41. Paul Says:

    uhm yes that would be a great idea to keep us waiting for the full version, give us a beta version till the full one is released !


  42. Shaun Says:

    please give us the unfinished patch whatever its percentage is that would be awesome yes give us a beta patch! cmon guys lets all insist to have a beta unfinished patch in the mean time !


  43. BLADE Says:

    god guys give them a break there working on something awesome they dont need us pecking there heads for a BETA copy let them work and show us a true masterpiece of work (not going to lie tho it would be awesome if they did give a sample out) but just be a little more patient :) in the mean time keep going guys actually will fail uni due to this game LOL


  44. Violet Says:

    Thank you for doing something so wonderful! I just found out about this game but my boyfriend has been waiting for two years now. He is so excited that you are almost finished and I am thinking of buying a PSP just so I can play it! Thank you for this and keep working hard!


  45. Lance Says:

    So.. Have any Idea like exact date of Full/ 90% of translation be finished? Can’t Wait to play it :D

    God Bless ya Guys.. and Take care of ya selfs :D


  46. Geostigma Says:



  47. Kai Says:

    Huh? Somebody used my name,anyway at least the confusion had been dealt with


  48. Kai Says:

    Hope somebody not confused me with that guy


  49. Kai Says:

    Sorry bout this again but seriously pisses me off that somebody using my name


  50. Kai Says:

    Kai is a popular name, get over it, faggot.


  51. also kai Says:

    to those who really cannot wait.. i suggest you guys go somewhere else. find another group that are translating this game..
    you guys are really horrible you know..
    only thinking bout’ yourself..
    they say they will release it when its complete..
    so why make such a fuss about beta and stuff..
    just wait.. and be patience..
    damn faggot..


  52. Leon Says:

    We are all very excited.but keep calm people


  53. Bacon Says:

    Finally….almost done. Thank you!


  54. Kai Says:

    Imposter your pathetic,lazy and trash,couldnt even do simple things on your own and asking someone else,hah! Imagine how you live makes me laugh pitty you and this will be my last comments
    sorry to Romsstar and others if i cause trouble.


  55. Fladimir Silva Says:

    Great Job,Lets try beta unfinished pacth for us :D
    Its so amazing :D
    Have mucth fans In brazil wating for this.
    Bom trabalho,Disponibilizem um pacth beta para nós testar
    Isso é incrivel :D
    Ah muitos fãs aqui no brasil esperando por isso.


  56. Nephnil Says:

    There have been more than enough cases where a translation was canceled because of an unthankful fanbase. I wonder is this will be the case here…


  57. gmz21 Says:

    A Download counter for how many people downloaded the patch. Reasoning, is because it might show Bandai Namco how many people wanted to play the game in english. It might help convince them to release any future digimon games.


  58. Skeptical Doosh Says:

    Just so everyone knows this patch is never getting made. This guy’s been trolling for awhile.


  59. Jamie Says:

    @Skeptical Doosh – Yeah, you’re right. He just pulled all the screenshots and video’s of the progress out of his arse, right? Retard.


  60. MecBrian Says:

    Brasileiros por aqui?


  61. Skeptical Doosh Says:

    @Jamie – Perhaps I should have used “released” instead of “made”. Funny how the translation stats are the same as last year. But whatever, it’s cute you’re so mad about it.

    There’s a higher chance of this patch getting a C&D notice than ever being played by anyone waiting for it to release.


  62. Romsstar Says:

    That post of Skeptical Doosh really amuses me :D
    I guess the most absurd idea is that I would spend my time
    trolling. Anyways here’s my answer:

    @Skeptical Doosh:

    True we didn’t take care of those remaining 5% yet, because we were busy with the insertion and graphics process.
    Because the translation was stored in txt files, due to our insertion issues (feel free to read the past blog posts), it was not possible to insert the text into the game. And when it became possible, due to the structure of redigitize, this was not a simple copy&paste process and as such took its time.

    Plus currently our Editor is going through the translation which was not possible for a while due to the textlimit that was enforced on us. This was taken care off by CompCom. (Again, the past blog posts)

    For those remaining 5% we got a Native Speaker who is going through that with me. I want to ensure the highest quality standard possible and as such there are some phrases which have to be confirmed by a native.

    I understand that our whole process might be confusing for you but please, only because you lack the insight to follow it, don’t jump to hasty conclusions that we’re trolling.
    But if you still feel that we’re trolling, by all means, please explain why you think so and why do you think that there is a high chance that this will get a C&D.


  63. Tasaq Says:

    I don’t believe how ignorant some people can be ;o Just be patient -.-


  64. BLADE Says:

    wow just wow this project has been going so long with regular updates and screenshots to prove there work. i am actually offended for them (the team ) just because there is a small snag towards the end so much negativity has happened grow up be patient and feel privileged these guys have taken time out of there lives to do this rant over

    as always keep up the good work :)


  65. Samuel Anggi Says:

    psp 1000 (CFW)? that mean work on psp 3000 with CFW 6.60 right?


  66. Madmatt Says:

    Its only been 8 days since the last update, I’m drooling for more :))


  67. Alexander Guerra De Biasi Says:



  68. angelicoreXX (@Waterange1) Says:

    i do wanna say can you guys also test the patch out on the ppsspp which is the psp emulator for windows .. thanks and i also just notice this project on gbatemp and thought that the project has ended a long time ago since the posting was on way back 2012 but its good to see that i am wrong.. anyway i really appreciate the work being done to the game and hope that all development will be completed :D


  69. Romsstar Says:

    @angelicoreXX: I thought it was obvious but of course the patch works on ppspp on windows and android as well.


  70. Greg Says:

    hurrrryy uppppp >.>


  71. Ash Says:

    I really don’t understand why people post here to complain about how long it is taking. Anyone who does say stuff like that should try to do something like this before they throw stones.


  72. TOPBOY99 Says:

    Would you release iso or cso instead of patch please because I don’t have a psp but I have a n emulator please email me if u accept. Thanks alot for this.


  73. Greg Says:

    Then if he releases a patch, patch your iso..? Lol.


  74. Rawrie01 Says:

    Thank you for the information about the patch my friend and I are waiting patiently for this. the team are doing a great job and i really look forward to playing a master piece which will be brilliant.


  75. FLXLL Says:

    Im so excited for this patch. it really would be super rad if you gave us two choices for download prepatched iso/cso or the patch itself. plz and thank you for all the work.


  76. Jamie Says:

    In my opinion if you’re too lazy to figure out how to patch it yourself, you don’t deserve the patch after all the effort they’re putting into making it.


  77. Saldash Says:

    I’ve had a clean Iso ready since i found out about this project.
    Finally it’s nearing completion. I really hope it won’t be long anymore. Hope it’s released before June tho the sooner the better (on this site daily praying for updates). for Romstar and the team, keep up the awesome work. and please ignore all morons that post, you’re doing excellent work.


  78. Just Kidding Says:

    A model viewer


  79. Ryu Says:

    Thanks for the hard work. Since I’m not used to programming, I’m just curious about how do you guys insert or edit the Japanese text into English.


  80. aaaaaa Says:



  81. Dogi Says:

    I wouldn’t even waste time with new videos and such when you’re already so far. Maybe just before release have some screenshots with the translated vs localized names to pair with the download links. Since you know people will get the wrong one and go WHY PEPPER BREATH CALLED BABY FLAME?

    Good work and keep on going


  82. Raze BetaTester Says:

    one vote for the later patch type (japanse atk+name)


  83. Tamer01 Says:

    Come on guys..I know we all are still waiting for a release and have the urge to play the game, the team are trying their best to finish the project. All of us have waited for 1 year + for completion, can’t we just be more patient and wait a little more longer? Even though the percentage given is near completion, but they also need time to do beta testing to ensure everything is in order. I wish them luck, if I have the skills and knowledge, I would have helped them .

    After playing this game, will be out there looking for fans to translate the additional content from decode (3ds add on)


  84. Romsstar Says:

    @Tamer01: And how exactly do you imagine that to happen?
    It is not like 3DS hacks are reality yet. If they were we would work on Decode and not Redigitize. The content of the decode rom is encrypted, there is no way to debug and to actually test your hack seems also next to impossible. I’m just curious, do you know something we don’t? If so share the information with us.

    @Raze. There will be no voting because there will be 2 patches anyways, but good to know.

    @Dogi: Good idea, I think I’ll actually do that.


  85. Nightmar12 Says:

    @Romsstar: sorry for being an ass but could we get a progress update? I’m sure you got more progress through and we’d love to know it, its been quite a few days. Only if you can that is.


  86. Romsstar Says:

    Nightmar12: Story is at 97%, the lines that are left are basically some I haven’t seen ingame yet.
    Working on the NPCs, currently at 70%.
    Mostly only the Colosseum NPCs are left.
    ASM and Editing still need to happen before any beta testing.
    Please understand that those things are out of my control.

    I’ll make an update with screenshots in a day or so.
    The thing is that currently Sporky our Editor is busy and if a text is not edited properly people look at the screens and start to bitch around my grammar lol. And text updates look kinda boring, don’t they? Anyways, just wait a bit, I’ll post an update soon.


  87. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: Alright, that’s great, thanks a lot!

    Oh alright, hopefully those will be done quickly and with ease too. I’ve heard that in the coliseum Tai and Matt also make an appearance so really looking forward to playing it :D
    Haha I don’t think your grammer or anything is that bad but I shall wait till completion.


  88. Romsstar Says:

    The Tai and Matt part are actually done already Nightmare12 ;) Sneakpeak


  89. Renan Biazotti Says:

    Thanks from Brazil!


  90. Nightmare12 Says:

    Romsstar, thanks a lot man, it looks sweet! :D cant wait to play it and experience it first hand. Good luck with the rest of it :D


  91. Tamer01 Says:

    @romsstar : I think you get me wrong, I’m just one of your supporters who is willing to wait patiently for your release. Maybe is the way I phrase my words, but the way you answer me sounds really offensive or in other words, mocking at me.If I’ve got the capabilities and information, I would have share to assist you all. As for decode, what I meant was to scout for the translated script for the additional 2 chapters of the game. I do know that the 3ds roms are currently unhackable. If you really feel offended, I might as well shut my mouth. (all we fans wanted is for you all to progress smoothly and give us what we wanted. Why would I want to say something to agitate you all?) Just stay relax. I just wanted to clear any misunderstandings. Good luck guys.


  92. Romsstar Says:

    @Tamer: Oh no I wasn’t mocking you at all. And I wasn’t offended and didn’t mean to offend you as well. I’m sorry if it came out that way. It just sounded like it was totally possible to hack decode and there’s nothing I wish more than to actually do that.
    It’s sort of frustrating that’s all. Because well it’s not just 2 additional chapters, the whole gaming script is totally different.
    The whole story itself is totally different. For example you can play with Niko, you get to play with Akihos partner, you can have two partners tagging along, all those things are not possible in redigitize.

    Translating Decode would be like translating the game completely new because it’s not just two additions made but the whole gaming script is altered in so many news. For example in Redigitize you fight Gabumon in the tutorial, but in Decode you fight Betamon. Digimon got different jobs in Decode than in Redigitize and as such they have different text. And every NPC has double, in some cases tripple the amount of text they had before. And that doesn’t even begin to cover what else is new in Decode.

    When I had to estimate, I would say the amount of text that is Decode might as well be the double there is in Redigitize.

    But many people aren’t aware of HOW different Decode actually is. It’s not a port, it’s not 2 additional chapters, not an add-on.
    It’s nearly a sequel and in many many aspects a totally different (And to be honest, WAY MORE AWESOME) game than Redigitize is.

    Redigitize is still great though. But I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to Decode because I know it won’t get localized and I know I can’t work on it. So maybe I chose a tone that was not appropriate. I’m sorry.


  93. MecBrian Says:


    Brazilian players are also crazy to play that game.

    good job

    Please send more pictures to animate the staff: D


  94. Patient Says:

    Hey admin this is game work on S3 mini?


  95. Rapa Says:

    @Romsstar: Would cut scenes be edited with English character. For example in the beginning when they are in a chat room together talking before they are in the digital world, will it be in English so people can read it???


  96. farid Says:


    just test the japanese redigitize game with ppsspp

    We in Indonesian are waiting this patch too.. good work all of you guys.. regards~


  97. Caguamon Says:

    Thanks for all the updates and all the job you guys are doing, also I would like to do a translation of the game in Spanish, because a lot of friends are asking me for one (I already translate some PSOne, GBA and SNES games), but my japannese isn´t good, so I am waiting for your English translation and maybe if you can send or tell me what tools was used for your translation and some tips because its looks like more complicated than usuals translation. Sorry for my English, I perfectly understand it but I am so bad whit the gramatic and other things as you can see (or read xp) anyway, thanks for all and good look


  98. Fladimir Silva Says:

    I can not wait to play in english and thanks
    good luck: :D


  99. Caguamon Says:

    good luck*


  100. Chaosbringer Says:

    100th comment!!
    Really eager to play this game
    Keep up the good work guys!
    Greetings from Morocco =)


  101. Sils Says:

    Keep up and really thank you, you make great project
    i can’t wait this game in english version :D

    this say hello and thanks from Indonesia


  102. d Says:

    Sorry for this stupid question, but, what’s ASM process?


  103. Romsstar Says:

    It’s not a stupid question at all.
    As a matter of fact I’m surprised it didn’t came up sooner.
    “Assembly hacking or ASM hacking, is the process of modifying a game’s code. This requires reverse-engineering the relevant portion of the game.”
    To dumb it down: English text takes up more space than Japanese text. Text is usually stored in textboxes and similar thigns.
    In order to fit our text, boxes have to be moved, or enlarged.
    For example, So that you don’t have to read “Grn. Dgmushr.” but fully spelled “Green Digimushroom” ASM hacking is a process that is required.
    This usually applies to menus (But also other things). When it comes to PSP Hacking this process is not that advanced yet and as such it takes time.
    And it’s not like programmers are machines and as such their messy C/C++ code they used, when translated by the debugger, often comes out faulty or results in some pseudo code which has to be revere engineered as well.
    It sounds easy, enlarge a box, move around coordinates.
    But for the PSP machine this looks like this:
    ;.org 0xHHHH
    ; li $a0,0x1
    ; li $a1,0x1

    It’s not like we can take the box and drag it on one edge and
    boom it’s enlarged :D

    So what we do in essence: We look into the into machine code translated files of the programers and replace it with our own machine code where needed for our purposes.


  104. Krownyh Says:

    Cannot you create a script to make it simplier? It’s just a curiosity since I’m learning programming


  105. Greg Says:

    Soooooo…about that update that was supposed to be “in a day or so”…..


  106. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Greg: well, he said it would be given but I guess we should give it time. As time passes, we know that some progress further is covered.And maybe Romsstar is waiting to make the story translation 100% before giving an update, at let’s say, 99%. I know waiting is difficult, I’m sure even Romsstar and the team know that. They would have something planned. Maybe some surprise good news!


  107. Tasaq Says:

    Are you asking about ASM Hacking? If so, know that It’s not that simple. They need to go through a code (in Assembly) that is optimized by compilator, which means no clases, not even named variables. This is hardcore thing to do. Creating a scipt that would convert asm to i.e., C would be hard and time consuming thing to do.


  108. Agi Says:

    so just a quick question,what’s the estimated time of the release?,just curious since you have a lot of work and certain problems,in the mean time,let’s all be patient


  109. kenneth Says:

    i cant wait for this, could you tell us the spesific release time?


  110. Clown Says:

    Please don’t make it free to get this patch, you can make some easy money with this project.


  111. Progress report 23.03.2014 | Says:

    […] Says: March 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm hurrrryy uppppp […]


  112. Rai Says:

    @Clown: You do realise if they made people pay for it, then Namco Bandai would have a reason to send a C&D to the team, right?

    Plus, making people pay for a translation patch which isn’t official, no matter how good it is, would be a scummy thing to do, and you should feel bad for even suggesting it.


  113. Andres Says:

    I would totally DONATE money to the people working on this project no questions asked! If you guys do have a donation link, send it my way


  114. Taiki33 Says:

    Please English patch in digimon world re:digitize in Lenovo A390 please im begging you.=_=


  115. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Taiki: You sound like spambot putting together Markov chains. This patch will work on emulators, which can be used on a PC, though I’m not going to bother trying to see if your computer is any good or not (though, if my experiences with Lenovo computers are any judge, it’s probably not, no matter how new it is). It isn’t finished yet, you can get it at the same time everyone else does, which is whenever we finish it.


  116. ninjamon Says:

    Hey spork said something a little while back about the Psp and this patch I’m wondering will this patch work on a Psp?


  117. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yes it will, but it will need to have CFW or HEN installed.


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