Progress report 23.03.2014


So while I totally understand the impatience that is growing on people because we’re getting closer and closer to the finish line, I totally can’t stand reading comments like this:

  1. Greg Says:
    March 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm hurrrryy uppppp >.>

I’m just saying, what exactly is going on in people?  Sometimes I wonder if people even know that we’re doing this for free and just out of good will. Because the attitude of some people really sucks.

Anyway that’s not what this post is about. As I said I’d give you some progress report, and here we go:

– Story is now to 97% inserted and the remaining parts are such which I haven’t encountered ingame yet (Will have to check on this)

– NPCs are at steady 80%, not much to be said about that.

– Editing process is now going on and Sporky our Editor is at full speed working on that. I’d estimate roughly 40% of the Story are edited by now.

– No changes for the rest so far. (PATIENCE!)

Below you’ll see some UNEDITED Screenshots from SOME of the NPCs that underwent insertion.

So yeah that’s about it for now.  But I honestly wish people would stop pushing me with such comments as the forementioned. They do no good and don’t help at all.Oh and please stop asking me for a release date. I won’t give you one.  Not because I’m mean but because this is additional stress and creates a deadline, from which I have absolutely nothing to gain.


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  1. Herk Says:

    Don’t let those comments get you down, theres always dickheads on the internet, the rest of us are extremely grateful for the work you guys are doing, you’re using your free time for the benefit of us, and for that, Thank you very much :)


  2. jollilot Says:

    Woo, this is looking great. Looking forward to the release. Don’t let those type of people get you down. Best of luck.


  3. Sebastian Armstrong Says:

    Thank you guys for working so hard on this project. Don’t mind the impatient people. Where as I can’t until you guys are 100% complete with this project, I am thankful you guys are giving us a complete translation and not some demo or anything. Keep up the hard work and thanks again


  4. Majestix Silvermoon Says:

    rushing it makes the game suck sensei so dont let yourself be bothered on those impatient ones work hard and have fun


  5. Nightmare12 Says:

    Great work Romsstar! Really looking forward to the 100% release, and great to hear that Sporky is free and editing. You guys are the best :D
    And like everybody’s saying, ignore those people. Don’t bother with them. And Good luck!


  6. Siedem Says:

    Im really a fan of digimon and i played digimon world for the ps1 and this was onr of the best digimon games and im really happy that u guys are translating the “remake” of digimon world for the psp. Nice work :) i think i would jump into the air if u guys release that :D


  7. Elegant Says:

    Looking good Romsstar, I got a point to this rant at the end if you’re only interested in the final remark, skip to the last paragraph.

    These people somehow have this “due date” that it’s “required” to be released by. SOMEHOW you’re passed this date and they want you to “promise” some date so they can bitch at you and tear you a new one when you fail to meet it.

    Somehow these peoples lives revolve around this project. I’d just start ranting about how they have nothing better to do than slow down production (demanding progress reports or saying it’s fake). If they want to call you a “liar” then let them. Ultimately those people don’t matter and hell those would be the first people I would ban from a forum if I could as they provide nothing to the community and probably never will.

    To “fix” this “hurry up” issue I would suggest announcing a very distant release date (similar to what a few other projects have). By this I don’t mean saying it’s available on like June 1st of this year. I mean doing something like saying it’s available on like September 1st 2015 or such a date in which you know you’ll be done and have left TONS OF TIME for adequate testing, etc. The idea here is that it could come out next week but people won’t be bugging you 24/7 wondering when it’s out. Remember it’s never a bad idea to release something early (just be sure you don’t tell them it could come out early!).


  8. Hombre Says:

    Remember the old mantra folks: “It’ll be done when it’s done”.


  9. jt02 Says:

    bro you guys are helping a lot of ungrateful bastards but then there are a more gamers that respect and honor the hard work that the team has put on this translation.keep up the fight and do not be discourage by those leeches..


  10. Jordan Says:

    Don’t worry about them, the work your doing is helping a great deal of us out and for the most part we all understand that it is done with love and not for money. Keep up the awesome work. I personally will wait as long as I have to for it to be finished. Just try to think of the good people here that will back you even when your down.


  11. tim Says:

    thanks heeps (the bullet point progress report is great style ) you guys are great


  12. Zyvorg Says:

    Thanks for doing such a great job. Don’t let those idiots get you down, most of us are extremely grateful and perfectly willing to wait.


  13. Xonos Tay Eng Soon Says:

    Just ignore those ungrateful bustard and I for certain is very grateful on what you and others did…

    Gambateh! I will rather wait patiently and get the perfect end than rush but not so perfect one…


  14. Abdallah Says:

    Hurry it up! Jk don’t kill me


  15. marks911 Says:

    keep u good work man, ^,^


  16. Sloto Facil Says:

    brother not of importance to these people bothering you with this offensive comments, most here is aware that you are not gaining anything with this project, only for us fans of the game
    so I would like to thank you for this tremendous effort to translate the game
    I wish them luck and above all faith
    Sorry for my bad Inglês, I an Brazilian: D


  17. uisce108 Says:

    So I’ve been silently watching you for a while now, and I must say I am really impressed with what you have done so far, and while I do anxiously await the release I do also appreciate the man hours and effort you have had to put into the game thus far.

    I do have a bit of a n00b question though, how will this work? How will we be able to make our PSPs play the game using the translated file? I assume that will require some kind of hacked system, or is there some other way this is gonna work? I don’t have a hacked PSP and don’t know anything about it other than that some people have done it, so I really am clueless as to how this is all supposed to function.

    Thank you.


  18. Patient Says:

    Wow, keep going dude


  19. Agi Says:

    Great job on the translation,sorry for the earlier comment about the release date, didn’t know it would bother you that much
    Btw,what’s the difference between unedited and edited dialogues? By looking at the images they seem fine to me.


  20. Kroked Says:

    the difference is Edited has been gone through and checked for spelling and grammar error’s


  21. Russell DiVittorio Says:

    Just wanted to say I have been following this translation since December of 2012. And I have been patient. I am very happy that you are taking such a great time to make sure all the attention to details work out! I am anxiously awaiting finally being able to play the game! The nostalgia from playing the first digimon world on ps1 will be surely on my mind while playing your translation. Thanks a lot! Finally this long journey is nearing the end and final completion.


  22. doodl3 Says:

    just ignore those ungrateful selfish bastards, those guys are an ignorant brats who act childish and cannot learn how to be patient

    keep the good work man


  23. Mec.Brian Says:

    @ Romsstar, thank you, I am crazy to play this game, and nigga, relax, there will always be people to talk shit and try to deaminate you for not believing in your project, but there are very real fans who anxiously wait for this game.

    Good luck and great job!

    Sorry, I’m brazilian, translate with google translate :)


  24. Olle Lindström Says:

    you guys are awesome! Dont let the dick heads get you down.
    i would take a beating for you guys <3 keep up the good work.


  25. Setu Says:

    Hey Romsstar I’m sure you know that you will encounter people like that everywhere, in fact I’m sure that there are a lot of people that just want a release now and don’t give a fuck about anything else; so please don’t act like a little facebook bitch like “They told me I’m ugly :c”. Is not cool man :/,

    Anyway I really thank you for you hard work.


  26. Farhan Says:

    Not long left now, it should be completed and ready by sometime next month? In the mean time, we can all play the old Digimon World haha ;)


  27. Kaldrim Says:

    I’ve been following this for a while now, and I really like all the work and dedication you are putting into this. keep up the good work, and please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise on how to do your work. you are behind this project not the people who are waiting for it to come out.


  28. Xacris Says:

    Some people are just unable to be patient or show gratitude, but there’s a lot of us out here in the interwebz that appreciate the work you’re doing; without your diligence, I’d have no hope of ever playing this game. Pace yourselves and take however much time you need to complete the project, and don’t let the little ingrates wear on you. As I can see from the comments here, there’s much love for all the hard work you’re doing.


  29. Okili Says:

    Thank you. Nothing more need to be said. Just Awesome.


  30. MetalTxus Says:

    The net is full of annoying brats. Of course you have all the right to be upset but a solution is to get used to them and ignore what they say. Screw them.

    Coming back to the main topic, take all the time you need and/or want to. We have absolutely no right to ask you for anything so we’ll have to be pleased with whatever you decide. We should be thankful enough with what you’re doing and be patient and well-mannered.


  31. Jorge Luis M Says:

    Don’t worry. The same people who are saying to hurry up and can’t be patient are the same ones who ask how to even patch the game. Being lazy enough to ask that question rather than looking for it.
    F them, they don’t deserve this game translated.


  32. saluras Says:

    Keep doing your thing, you’re a rockstar and don’t let anyone pressure you.


  33. Emma Giudice Says:

    Long time lurker here (Circa June 2013)
    Went absolutely ballistic when DW:RE announced NO English translation. Was sooooooo psyched to see this site and the ongoing effort to translate.
    Not to mention mondo impressed that you guys are actually editing signs and junk (I don’t know if this is actually any more difficult than the other stuff but struck me as cool since I can think of a few Jap games that went through an official translation without bothering).
    About the pushy comments, I know everyone else has said it – but to hell with them. I’m still here patiently waiting. Actually starting to get a little obsessed (have this as my Homepage so I can see if there is any news) but I don’t get depressed or anything if there’s no update for a while.
    I think it’s because people know you are so close (or seem to be from your updates) I guess they don’t appreciate that, since you can’t devote to this full time, it’s just gonna take a while.
    I think that Elegant probably has a point about not having a release date. People get the impression that it could be done next week, so they’re like ‘come on come on come on come on come on’ to which the only answer is “Seriously?? Get a life!!” I see this page every day but if this was finished tomorrow, I couldn’t look into getting it until the weekend, because I actually have a life (meaning no offence to anyone who doesn’t/can’t work but I’m sure even those people don’t sit on their butt all day every day playing video games – it’s not healthy)
    I’d like to finish with a HUUUUUUUGGGGEE thank you to everyone on the team who has contributed to this. Take your time – it’s a labour of love. I’ve played enough buggy/badly translated games to know that for some things – if it isn’t done right, then it shouldn’t be done at all. You go guys – I only wish I had the skills take on a project like this.


  34. Emma Giudice Says:

    HOLY _____ , didn’t realise i’d ranted on for that long. Oopsee


  35. Stephen Nagy Says:

    Thank you for doing an awsome job by keeping the fans updated, and dont let those annoying people get you down. I am sure that I can speak for everyone when I say just take your time as its a game we are not even supposed to get here.


  36. Barcelsnacks Says:

    Stay awesome, just ignore the whiners, thanks a lot for translating this game.


  37. Ein Wartender Says:

    Keine Sorge, es gibt immer irgendwelche idioten die geistlich unterbelichtet sind und nicht anders können als ihre “Unterbelichtetkeit” immer wieder herzuzeigen.
    Deine Arbeit bis jetzt is hervorragend, ich selbst hätte nicht die kraft dazu. Also, Applaus Applaus.


  38. Daniel Says:

    Romsstar, I’m one of the many whom silently watches as the project goes on.
    Don’t let yourself feel down just because some comments like that. I’m sure I don’t need to say this, but some people are just like this. Be sure that for every comment saying “hur duhr, me wants to play. Go faster”, there are at least five others who understands the situation and support this project.


  39. Kram Says:

    Thanks for the great effort and work this team has given and will give. Digimon fan here from Philippines. <3


  40. Nightwing Says:

    Great job to you and the team. I very much appreciate what you guys are doing.


  41. Airhead21 Says:

    eat sleep enjoy work eat again then drink some ale and mead………WE GOT ALL the time in the world for F*CK sake i mean its not like ALIENS ANIMALS THAT CAN ONLY SPEAK THEIR OWN NAMES AS A WAY OF COMMUNICATION withll invade us or anything so CHILLAX

    commenters as for me time to read some hentz >_<


  42. Ryan Says:

    Forget what all those tools are saying about hurrying up. I honestly can’t wait, but no sense in rushing you. So keep up all the hard work and I appreciate the effort for a translation that is 100% instead of something that is half-assed. Congratulations on the progress, keeping pushing, and good luck!


  43. victor Says:

    keep the good work guys!!! you are the best!!! \o/


  44. John Anderson Says:

    Yeah.You guys are doing an amazing job.I was actually inspired by you guys to pick up rom editing and learn japanese.I hope to be of some help in future game translations too.


  45. doryack Says:

    Man… that’s a great work!! *–* congratulations! :D


  46. Lance Says:

    Unpatient people = A.Hole they should really put their self in romsstar position before they do post comment.

    Anyway Thank You for doing a suuuupppperrrr fabbbooollllooouuuus great Job in your project.

    Godbless You and Your Team!


  47. Marwa Al-Alawi Says:

    I love you guys! <3 I check this page every day obsessively and I live for the tiny updates. I know you guys are doing your thing and you want it completed just as much as we do. Its awesome that you take the time to let us know how things are going. <3


  48. Naveen Says:

    I really mean it as a compliment but Hurry Up!! lol :) JK, you are doing great work!


  49. Sora yuuki Says:

    yeah.. really! dont let that kinda comment get into you..
    but.. yeah they really are a dickhead…


  50. Dara Kien Says:

    Keep up the great work. Please don’t take any notice of those impatient dickheads. There are people who are willing to wait for the perfect translation no pressure at all! We are just happy you and co. are doing this out of your free will with no cost. Thanks :)


  51. Toyinx69 Says:

    very nice (y), but i still want a some ss of mail :)


  52. Foazinu Says:

    I stumbled upon the re:digitize not too long ago and was like… F me and Namco-Bandai or is it Bandai-Namco? Don’t care. Similar to SquareSoft and the whole we need to beat our FFVII thing before they remake it for newer gens yet they go and remake FFX? Such confusion with these people anyhow I digress. So I sought to find an English version or translation, so here I am lol. I am very happy and excited about the work and effort you guys are putting into this. It is much appreciated. Please take your time because it will be all the more better than if it were rushed. I wish you all the luck only because large companies don’t like there toes being stepped on. Kinda like a fan made Chrono Trigger Resurrection I once hoped of playing.


  53. Rico Says:

    hey dude keep up the good work… what u do here is helping other people… but hey from the bright side a lot of people is really excited to see your work done…


  54. SagusTheWritee Says:

    Counting tons of love for you guys, Romstar. Look at them comments. To have SO many people thanking you and loving you with only one or two bad apples, you shouldn’t just feel appreciated, you should feel genuinely honored which is great as you deserve it.

    I’m physically in awe at how many people have thanked you in this short time– So focus on the golden cloud, not the dark lining. :)

    Enjoy and from me aswell, a very big thank you, Sir. <3


  55. Adam Says:

    Niiice!Keep up the good work. A question?Are you still making translated graphics? Like the post on 13 of February


  56. Ken Says:

    WOW job welldone bro’s 97%? it’s not that easy to convert the story you know ;) keep up the good work :D hope we’ll have the line after though


  57. arya Says:

    you do great job bro.


  58. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar will the online parts be translated as well or is that to big of a job :S just thinking it would be nice if we could all play on line sort of like digimon unlimited


  59. Romsstar Says:

    @Blade: If you’re referring to the Network parts, they’ll be translataed as well. I’m not aware of a real online mode, but whatever is japanese in the game will end up being English in the final release :)


  60. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar that sounds ace i am under the impression that it will kind of be like dmw1 were its a tournament fighter with the difference being its isn’t taking the memory card from one and putting it to the others console. on a side not i have seen your work on digmon world 1 on youtube and was wondering if you ever got the moon mirror to work :S


  61. Romsstar Says:

    The system is similar. The Digistorage works like the Memory Card in JIjimons house, except for the fact that you can also run around with a former partner within the boundaries of the colosseum.
    And you can give them new attacks you’ve learned. It’s kinda nice.
    The limit is up to 10 partners though.

    The problem with Dw1 model data is that the corresponding MMD format does not only hold the polygon and meshes but also the animation data. The issue here is that the models have no coordinates without the animation data. While the model data itself is pretty much standard (Well standard 3D TMD Data that is), the animation data is a huge mess that I wasn’t able to figure out yet. A hacker friend and I are on it, but it might take a while. The only thing I succeeded in was inserting weregarurumon as a huge blob, because I have no idea how the animation data works. Then there’s the issue of UV Mapping and inserting new textures. While this is theoretically possible we’re not quite there yet.
    But we hacked the complete RNG and some other freaky stuff. It’ll be eventually released on RHDN ;). Just imagine a Romhacking Tool similar to the Pokemon Tools out there. You’ll be able to edit prices, events, Script, all kind of stuff. Oh well there’s a lot of stuff on my mind when it comes to Digimon World, whether the first one or Redigitize :D


  62. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar thanks for clearing that up the arena battles in redigitize sound sweet. :) And as for dmw1 i have heard rumors about other human spirits training digimon in the ice sanctuary This is just a rumor but just wonted to hear your opinion on this seeing as you have been in the coding of the game :)


  63. Romsstar Says:

    That rumor persists but nothing in the files on the cd or the game code itself indicate that such a thing really exists. All I can say: From all the research I’ve done, I never seen such a thing as a female tamer.


  64. BLADE Says:

    yer that is the one i have heard about i have also heard about getting into etemons tree think a new page should be opened dedicated to these myths would make some interesting topics


  65. Romsstar Says:

    About Etemons house:
    I hacked that you can go there but there’s no Warppoint and the inner is completely black. So there’s really nothing in there.


  66. Robin De Vos Says:

    “I don’t like be bombarded with orders.” Heh, topcial screeshot selection.


  67. Irina Akashira Says:


    Waiting and good luck


  68. Blade Says:

    @romsstar thats cool I did see a picture on google that is supose to be the inside of the house it did look fully renderd but had metal etemon in there :s probably photoshoped but dose look cool. P.s do you play digimon unlimited


  69. Romsstar Says:

    @Blade: I wonder if you’re talking about this picture?

    That is totally photoshopped using resources.
    The floor is taken from here
    The bucket from here
    Elements from Ogremons fortress
    Emoticons from here

    Easy to spot since Hiro and Devimon don’t hit the ground.
    metaldodomon and I used to rip the maps from the game.
    I finished the work but since people started stealing without crediting I left the rest on my hard drive…

    And sorry I don’t play Digimon Unlimited, I don’t even know what Digimon Unlimited is. Even if I did I guess I wouldn’t have the time to play it :/


  70. Mark Says:

    doing great work ^-^ take all the time you need bro and thank you


  71. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar what a myth buster you are lol and digimon unlimited is a android app like the original v-pets made by buzuki its ace apart from people destroying his work and cheating the game. atm there is a legal battle with bandi but you can still get the app deffo worth a look


  72. Tigran Says:

    Hey.. Don’t like the coments like the “Hurry up.” bother you. They are the loudest.. the are the minority. Most of us are simply letting you take your time.

    Ad thanks.


  73. Romsstar Says:

    @Blade: Haha yeah I’m sorry. But who knows, entering the tree might become reality some day… ;)


  74. Tsukumo Yuma Says:

    So many coments, anyways no rush, I want to say thanks you for doing the english patch for this, I am a huge fan of the digimon series!
    Thank you very much!


  75. LordMakai Says:

    Don’t let them bother you ! I’ve been following this project for a very long time and at a time I thought that you would actually never release it so take your time and don’t rush things ! It’s already good enough that we are going to play to this game ( I love digimon and I totally don’t understand why they aren’t releasing games in English at least as I would gladly buy them).

    It’s really a dream coming true to see this game in English, almost translated at 100%. I hope the editor of digimon games will see that there is a public willing to buy them who isn’t japanese. To tell the truth, I am myself French and I gave up a long time ago on french digimon games (Digimon World in PAL being bugged as hell too :( and yet one of my favorite games ) and I’m pretty happy to understand English enough so I can play this future translation.

    TL;DR :
    Don’t let them bother you, keep up the good word and thanks for everything + ppl in Japan should release their games in English ;p


  76. anon Says:

    Don’t mind the idiot and the children, take your time and thanks!


  77. Blade Says:

    @romsstarhey that would be awsome been playing alot of dmw3 atm bit pokemonish but I love it did you ever have a mess around with that :s


  78. Narukami Says:

    Don’t read the comments anymore = Problem solved.


  79. 999th Says:

    It says there Tai Yagami… was Taichi too long for the name box or something? But in any case nice work!! You keep the pace we give the love.


  80. livelong Says:

    Thanks for this good work


  81. Romsstar Says:

    It wasn’t a question of length. Tai is the localized name and in the localized version obviously Tai and Matt and not Taichi and Yamato will be used. As I stated in a previous post there will be a second version of the patch for those who really want the unlocalized names and attacks.

    @Blade: Never messed with DMW3 exactly for those reasons. If I want pokemon gameplay I play pokemon. That’s why I never cared for DMW3 (and 2 respectively)


  82. Keramon Says:

    I look forward to seeing your hard work when its finished, don’t worry about the ignorant masses who try to rush you (reason why certain PSP firmware programmers stopped because of Ungrateful people nagging.) I can wait to play a great game translated by hardworking fans like you.



  83. Somsai Says:

    First of all I’m glad ya’ll are working on this great game. It pains me to see these ungrateful ppl rushing ya’ll. All I got to say is take your time, but keep up the passion. The finish line is just ahead. Good luck and don’t let those leechers get to ya.


  84. Geo Says:

    > “Tai is the localized name and in the localized version obviously Tai and Matt and not Taichi and Yamato will be used.”

    His localized name is Tai Kamiya, not Tai Yagami.


  85. Segnis Says:

    Been here since day one waiting patiently for the release ignore people like that reason being= They don’t realize that your are doing something Bandai won’t do for $640,000.00 dollars. ( THAT’s not a random number that’s the base sales they would make if they did the translation for decode. $40(cheapest you can get the game in bulk)x(number of people that want it at moment at 16000). =)
    more then half a mil just to translate a game. But apparently they don’t think it’s cost effective to do what you and your amazing team are doing for fun.


  86. Spinnerweb Says:

    Good luck, man. No rush – it’s good enough that you’re translating it at all when the official developers and publishers aren’t willing to. :)


  87. Alex Says:

    Thank you from Venezuela


  88. Gimp Says:

    @Romsstar is there any DLC for this game?
    If there’s, will it be translated?


  89. maw Says:

    Eh… some people just suck. You guys have a massive following of people who are genuinely thankful for your hard work, and tbh I would not mind donating money as thanks when the project is finished. Do think about setting such a thing up, I doubt I am alone in wanting to contribute. Best of luck to you guys!


  90. crixx Says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work guys! with this and type-0 just around the corner, it will be an early christmas indeed XD. more power to your team and God Bless :)


  91. Cherrelopop Says:

    This translation is taking alot of time. But i mean heck, if ya makin a translation ya might aswell do it all, cause we’d only be pissed if a few things were not translated. Don’t worry about it, take as long as possible… as long as the translation is finished by lets say 2014… cause things get old quick and i personally loose interest, not sure about everyone else, but were all different.


  92. Cherrelopop Says:

    Oh and one more thing when we patch the game hopefully it will run smoothly…. cause it sure would suck if we got a big o’l crash DUMP.


  93. Cawvus Says:

    I really appreciate you doing all of this for us and I’m ultra excited for the game’s release. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!


  94. Austin Says:

    I’ve been watching your progress for what feels like forever now and I have never left a single comment, but now I feel its appropriate just to tell you to ignore these immature trolls pressuring you. Do not let them influence you in anyway, as your true followers know you all have busy lives outside of this awesome hobby. Take your time and finish when you’re content with your work. :-D


  95. Jeff Hardy Says:

    I can understand why people are saying things like that, It’s because of the digimon gaming addiction. It’s been years since they released a game in NA or EU and people are going crazy for their fix.


  96. Wyzxre Says:

    Hi i’m a french digimon fan ! :)
    I was searching for an english patch to play this amazing game and just found your project. I have just one thing to tell you… Thanks ! your work is just awesome and you gonna make a lot of fan happy.
    Then don’t listen dumb who asking you be faster and just took all the time you need. =)
    (Ps : do you know a french trad team who can make a french patch for this amazing game ? )


  97. Joh Says:

    Hi Romsstar, I have extreme interest in unused data in video games and naturally one of my favorite games (Digimon World 1) came to interest.

    Anyways, to keep it short. I’ve been following a lot of old posts from yours dating back to early 2011 and eventually stumbled onto here.

    Glad to hear about your work and thanks for translating what looks to be a very promising game, I thought I had no hope of playing it translated ha ha. I wanted to ask, do you have knowledge of a lot of unused data within the game, maybe archived somewhere? I noted the WereGarurumon and Moon Mirrior discussion earlier which led to a video from 4 years ago!

    But there’s also discussion of a tree, what’s that about? I imagine I’ll find discussion on it after writing this up. But an answer to my previous question would be greatly appreciated.

    Unfortunately you seem to be having the same trouble with the MMD filetype, I’ll refrain from bombarding you with too many questions, but if you had the time to be pestered I’d love to discuss more.

    Anyways, thank you for your time and good luck with your work.


  98. SkepticalDoosh Says:

    Lmao, just like I said before, this patch is never going to be released. It’d be much easier to teach yourself how to read Japanese than bother waiting for this.

    But oh well, I guess I’ll check again this time next year, when it’s “98%” complete.


  99. Nightmare12 Says:

    @SkepticalDoosh: I guess your name pretty much says it all of what you are .__. I’d love to see your reaction when the patch is released, which it will be.


  100. Romsstar Says:

    Please go ahead and learn japanese SkepticalDoosh. I guess you don’t mind me issuing an IP ban and restrict you acceaa from this site EXACTLY the day I’m gonna release this patch. That’s gonna be fun :D


  101. Adam Says:

    Please be good theres no point in arguing


  102. Romsstar Says:

    Story: 99% complete.
    Wow this look less than a year huh?
    Edit of story: 60% complete.
    This is getting closer to be fully playable.
    Just NPCs and stuff like that left to touch up here and there.


  103. Santiago Sanchez Says:

    You’re the best Man, take all the time you need just don’t give up ok?


  104. Dillinger Says:

    Fan translators have really got to stop letting everything bother them. There are tons of people who are appreciative of your work, it’s just that they normally don’t drop by and say “Thanks for working so hard for us!” when a patch/translation hasn’t been completed yet. There will always be ungrateful fucks who show up and rush/demand you to finish your work. Always. The fact that they exist doesn’t mean that everyone is that way. they’re just the loudest. Seriously, just ignore them.


  105. Nightmare12 Says:

    Great progress Romsstar! Can’t wait to play it :D thanks again to you and your team, for all that you’re doing, and done.


  106. Syn_Gates Says:

    I just wanna say thank you to all those working in this project :)
    I really appreciate what you are doing and all your hard work to finish this :D is totally understandable that you take your time to make it as perfect as possible :P
    Just don’t pay any attention to all those ass wipes that pressure you or post idiotic comments!
    By the way, I don’t want to bother you or something…is just that I’m so excited :B do you think this will be released on April :D ?


  107. Adam Says:

    Very good Romsstar keep up the good work thank your for all the efforts that your team is making!!!


  108. MarinoKadame Says:

    Are you using an emulator for the screenshots ? Because on my RemoteJoyLite I have some kind of shader over my screen and the game does not look that clear.


  109. Tasaq Says:


    99% of story? Nice :)
    60% of the edit, so does this include translating textures and testing?


  110. Romsstar Says:

    @MarinoKadame : Yes I use PPSPP, which btw also means that the game and our patch is fully compatible with it ;)

    For story: The only parts left are those I never seen ingame. I’ll have to actually let the guys on the team play through it to spot where does the parts occur. We could just insert the translation and say what the heck but that wouldn’t be very professional :D

    About Edit: No this doesn’t involve testing yet, because well the testing comes with the 2nd Edit. Our system is weird but efficient.xD
    Anyways I’ll explain that in another post (Probably).

    But even with that. Many unimportant NPCs have to be taken care off, and currently my time is again very limited. University, work and then there’s my other hobbies :D (I collect SNES games.)

    So: It’s getting there but not quite there yet. But I guess it would be possible to totally do a Let’s play or Speedrun and don’t encounter English texts if you just rush your way through. So in essence the game is already pretty much playable.


  111. henry Says:

    Since your busy with your uni and stuff, can you provide us with the present state completed patch? We appreciate your effort and the current state seems to be playable.


  112. Romsstar Says:

    Playable yes, enjoyable no.
    Too many issues that have to be taken care off.
    No point in releasing it unfinished the way it is.
    Just stay patient ;)


  113. Mec.Brian Says:

    @RomsStar, do you have new screenshots? *–*


  114. Adam Says:

    What is missing for translate? NPC,Story, something more?and for edit?Your team is making a very good job that we apreciate you and we make you a statue but how may time you use to translate,edit and some other stuff?


  115. Benjamin Warren Says:

    Wow. It’s been a couple months since I last looked in on the project and it’s so close. You guys have done an amazing job, and all for nothing but the gratitude. Well done and thank you.
    I’m sorry if this is answered somewhere, but it’s unclear to me whether or not I’ll need a copy of the game, or if I need extra software etc. or will instructions of things like this arrive with the release?


  116. Tasaq Says:


    Thanks for the info, I was just curious what’s behind those statements :)


  117. Blade Says:

    @romsstar the progress sounds amazing is it possible for some play threw videos to hold us over ? If not I fully understand that you have a lot on your plate :)


  118. Romsstar Says:

    Blade is there any particular part you’re interested in seeing?
    I guess I could make some videos but that would kinda spoil it, won’t it? And people would nag how stuff isn’t looking fine yet :P xD


  119. Zalex Says:

    Hey i have recently found this and i gotta say that i played a bit in the japanese version of the game, but doesn’t give that thrill that the first one gave, since i dont understand anything XD and i gotta say Romsstar thanks for doing this for all of us it means alot to us digimon fans and in our dreams “digimon tamers” :P we can’t wait for the release of this magnificent project you guys started , many peoples dream will come true once again and be next to our beloved digimons ^^ I am one of those that can’t wait for the dream to come true


  120. Kroked Says:

    @Romsstar Really I don;t think people would be as negative or as dissapointed as you seem to think they’d be :P Even if you made some that would spoil it is most certainly our choice TO be spoiled, just set a warning that there’s spoilers, and as for un edited or mistakes, thats fine too, I know I personally know you aren’t perfect, and it wouldn’t put me off whatsoever, in fact, It would be interesting to me, and I’m sure others, as blade said, it would certainly hold us over a little longer, and would give some of those impatient bastards something to keep them busy. That all said, it’s all up to you, your thoughts on it, and whether you actually have any TIME or not, I just felt like sharing my own views I guess, thanks for working on this Romsstar, your an awesome dude, and I seriously appreciate all you’re doing..


  121. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar i understand what people are seeing but its like a teaser i wouldn’t say do it straight away maybe close to release(so the haters and none believers can weep in shame) and actually there is a bit i am there is a bit with tuskmon for recruiting him to the city involving buses was wondering how that worked (p.s keep up this fabulous work )


  122. Rai Says:

    I honestly think people should stop asking for things. The more you ask, the less time they have to work on the patch, and then it’ll take longer for it to be released, making more and more people whine and whine because they’re ungrateful (Not saying everyone is, just the ones that whine about it not releasing). You’re being greedy.

    I honestly think, Romsstar, that you shouldn’t bother posting any more videos, or pictures until the patch is actually finished. Of course the occasional progress update is nice, as long as it doesn’t halt development too much.

    But of course, this is just my opinion. Feel free to disregard all that I’ve said and continue posting videos and screenshots. That’s cool too, I guess..


  123. AdiKOV Says:

    I expected an aprils fools post with the download link :)


  124. Romsstar Says:

    Damn .We totally planned to make one.
    I forgot lol because I was busy working on the actual game.
    Funny how that happened. Sorry folks no Aprils Fools.

    But look a the bright side: Quality time was spend on making the patch instead of an April Fools.xd


  125. Rai Says:

    Plot Twist! The April Fools is that you’re not making an April Fools joke!


  126. Nightmare12 Says:

    Eager waiting for the story translation to reach 100%! Great work Romsstar and co.


  127. AdiKOV Says:

    I’ve been coming to this site almost every day for quite some time looking for updates for the project. Awesome work so far,i’ll handle the jokes for you so you can focus on the translation.


  128. Jared Says:

    Hey guys, this is amazing. I hope you dont let those other folks get to you, people will talk smack regardless of how privileged they are to be receiving a service such as this. I loved DW1 and I’ve really wanted to look into this but the language barrier turned me off to it, but it’s starting to look like I’ll get a shot sometime after all. You all are amazing and greatly appreciated by this DigiFan. Much respect!


  129. Yhouvialz Says:

    WIll the patch released this month ?


  130. Vinicius Gomes Says:

    WIll the patch released this month ? 2


  131. Deadstalker Says:

    Thank you for working so hard on this patch I can’t until you guys are 100% complete thank you so much for all of your hard work!.

    ps c’mon guys stop annoying poor Romsstar for release date and be patient.


  132. Romssta Says:

    I’ll try to relase it as soon as possible but please understandthat we want to ensure a standard of quality for this release (lol I sound like Iwata) and this involves testing, debugging and many other processes which are time consuming. All I can say at this moment is that it will be 100% released 2014, but whether it will be middle, end of April, beginning of May or even June, that are all things I can’t tell you right now because honestly I don’t know how long it will take. It also depends on the other guys in the team and I can’t tell who is when avaible and things like that. Just wait a little longer.

    Everyone on the team is just as eager to play it as you are. XD


  133. Brian Says:

    Nice try there buddy!

    @Romsstar and crew
    It’s really nice to see how you guys are progressing. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Sunny greetings from little Belgium.

    PS: Seeing as the comment section this time around is (almost) entirely filled with positive feedback I hope you guys can continue being awesome!


  134. Sam Says:

    Lol this is a joke. 1% takes a month? how can u guys trust someone over the internet he is trolling everyone. forget about this there are many other games u can try.
    This dude is not going to release shit. LOL


  135. Chaosmon Says:

    @Sam trust? Right, because clearly we have all given him our bank account details…
    You can’t talk about trust when there is nothing for you to lose!
    We know that Romsstar is a real person, and we know that he has posted real screenshots and, more importantly, videos + the fact that he says he is going to release the game. So for me, he is way more likely to ,soon enough, release an English version of this game than Namco Bandai ever was
    IF for whatever reason the patch isn’t released, it’s not the end of the world, it just delays me playing this by a couple of years when I’ll finally be able to read kanji..


  136. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Sam: if you’re done being a troll, we’d all appreciate it. Romsstar is working on this patch along with his team. But you forget he’s a human, he doesn’t live and breathe for this patch. He has his own life, other duties and stuff. He dedicates time and effort into translating this game, its not like he’s being paid for it. So its a huge thing that he’s translated so much, in return for nothing but a thank you ( we’ve seen the pics and videos, we know he’s translating it)


  137. Sam Says:

    Dude be realistic. ”playable yet not playable” hahaha. I’m not gonna visit this site anymore so you all can criticize me as much as you want. But don’t be so blind. He can make it available to everyone and then later on update if necessary.
    This is just a troll like skidrow diablo 3.
    So Sayonara. I only spoke the truth. 1% doesn’t take such a long time. Even if, under certain circumstance it is taking up more time translators usually make a public patch and update it later if they want others to play the game and not crush them with ridiculous excuses. ”Playable yet not playable” LOL


  138. Kalker3 Says:

    It’s actually “playable yet not enjoyable”. And in case you haven’t noticed, we’re actually editing the game since the translation itself is mostly done. Stop visiting the site for all I care, you won’t be missed.


  139. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Sam: The only reason Romsstar said that it wouldn’t be enjoyable* was cos he thought it might have broken English here and there and he didn’t want people to get annoyed or frustrated which would be a possibility. Thats why, he’s translated the game, but the editting process is left to fix the aforementioned errors, if any. Again, you’ll be doing us all a favor so.. :)
    And to Romsstar and crew, ignore these people, you have a loyal fan base waiting to play the patch :)


  140. Brian Says:

    You spoke your truth that’s for sure. Hell you even have every right to do so. But the fact you’re not going to visit this site anymore tells me alot about you. My guess is that you’ve been eagerly waiting for this patch (like many of us) and are being a dissapointed kid right now, because according to you it isn’t going fast enough.

    Hell if I spouted unnecessary critism like you just did I would at least have the guts to take the backlash from it.
    Let me tell you something kiddo, You have every right to question the time it’s taking for Romsstar and Co to finish their patch in my opninion, but you don’t have to be so butthurt about it. I’ve been waiting from the very start, and you don’t see me complain about it now. Hell I’m actually still very grateful they are taking their time to do things right, who cares then if it takes longer.

    The thing is when they do finish the patch, I bet you’re one of the first to come flocking back to this site. There should be some sort of mechanism implemented into the game blocking whiners like yourself. And even if they decide to keep the patch for themselves, it’s still their choice. Not much in life is free, and when it is free you better damn well be grateful for it.

    I’m not telling you to have blind faith in Romsstar and his team, but the fact remains they are doing this for free. And you don’t take something like that for granted in my opninion. You are entitled to nothing as far as I’m concerned, as am I. I can only hope they finish and release it to the best of their abilities. And if they decide not to it’s still entirely their choice, and we will have to live with it.

    It would be a real shame, if they decide not to release the patch because of self entitled brats such as yourself. Understandable, but a real shame.

    Now I would like to show you the door, and please stay out!


  141. Rai Says:

    I like Sam. He’s pretty funny, in a sad way. He actually thinks he’s important to the patch somehow. What a delusional kid,

    I’m not going to parrot the whole “Playable yet not playable” debate , because they’ve already said everything I would have. I however, will debate on the part where suddenly one week is a month.

    Do you have some kind of mental retardation Sam? ‘Cause last time I checked, one week is 5 days, not 28 to 31 days. And a week for 2% for a fan made unofficial translation project, for a game on a system that has barely any tools, is a pretty damn good amount of progress.

    By the way, did I mention it was 2%, and not 1%? Yeah, there’s that too. In my opinion, Romsstar and his team are doing a great job, and I wouldn’t even dare ask them to “hurry up”, because they’re doing just fine as they are. Rome wasn’t built in a day y’know.


  142. Rai Says:

    ……..I mean 7 days, not 5.


  143. Romsstar Says:

    Btw I don’t really get the “playable yet not playable” discussion. My original comment was

    “Romsstar Says:
    March 31, 2014 at 9:24 am

    Playable yes, enjoyable no.
    Too many issues that have to be taken care off.
    No point in releasing it unfinished the way it is.”

    Btw actually 6, according to my timezone :D


  144. Krownyh Says:

    If you ever come back here. I’m not attacking you or theorizeng about your egocentric personality, so please, don’t get angry because your a stupid kiddo.
    Just answer this, and I’ll acept your opinion as “acceptable” instead of “trolling” or simply “lame”, What do you think they need to do, in order to patch the game? How long would it take for YOU to make it? Actually, can you do it? Did you know what you were talking about?
    Actually, even if you believe they are “trolling”, It takes about 10 seconds to see if there’s anything new. It’s not really a loss, don’t get me wrong, your time is as valuable as void.
    PS: I’m not angry, I can be annoying like this normally. Too bad boyah.

    Don’t worry too much about this. “Haters gonna Hate”, you cannot do much about them, except smash the patch in thier face ( Or stop their access when the patch is released, if possible). Anyway, just take your time, You’ve done a great job!


  145. Rezack Says:

    @Romsstar Dont worry about the annoying comments. i’ll always cheer you up guys :D. and i always support you whatever happens or how long does it takes to completed this patch. i hope the best for you romsstars!. and thank you very very very muchh for the kindness of making this patch!


  146. Nightmare12 Says:

    I just wanted to check whether or not the post by “Romssta” is an official one or not?


  147. katrina Says:

    You can play decode by following these videos.

    its sort of a walkthrough.


  148. Romsstar Says:


    Which post? Here? Or where?


  149. Adam Says:

    Dont care about this shit Romsstar and Co,”haters gonna hate” There are a lot of this people,you are so incredible and we know you are making a good job and put in to it a lot of efforts is nice to see people trying to be perfects in translating,there are much other translators that they translate and nothing more and you see a lot of errors in the game that make playable but not enjoyable so nice and keep up the good work, you are a inspiration for me.


  150. Romsstar Says:

    Thanks for your support. Oh right, Editing process (first draft)
    is currently at 70%.


  151. Nightmare12 Says:

    Romssta on April 3, 2014 at 11:06 am
    I’ll try to relase it as soon as possible but please understandthat we want to ensure a standard of quality for this release (lol I sound like Iwata) and this involves testing, debugging and many other processes which are time consuming. All I can say at this moment is that it will be 100% released 2014, but whether it will be middle, end of April, beginning of May or even June, that are all things I can’t tell you right now because honestly I don’t know how long it will take. It also depends on the other guys in the team and I can’t tell who is when avaible and things like that. Just wait a little longer.

    Everyone on the team is just as eager to play it as you are. XD

    ^This? Did you post this?


  152. Romsstar Says:

    oh lol. How did it let me post this in the first place?
    But yeah that was me. That is weird.
    In my defense: It was really late and I was half asleep.


  153. Brian Says:

    Hahaha lol I was pretty convinced someone was trying to impersonate you hence my ” Nice try there buddy” remark! :p Sorry about that ^^

    Congratz on the work with the first draft btw!


  154. Nightmare12 Says:

    Haha it’s all cool. Best of luck with the rest of the things to be done.


  155. Blade Says:

    @romsstar you know I love all your work screw the haters just keep up the work at your own pace :) p.s the meachidramon in dw1 is it possible to get as a playable character ?


  156. MX Says:

    @Blade Im not rom but… second result


  157. Romsstar Says:

    In Redigitize Decode yes, in the Original Redigitize we work on, the PSP Version no. It’s not a choice that we work on the inferior version as you are aware guys. Sorry for that.


  158. vernify Says:

    Ignore the peeps who can’t be patient. I’d imagine most of us are grateful enough that you guys would take a good junk of your time to translate this, as a good number of games don’t even see one, fan or official. Nonetheless, good luck with the remaining bit’s (though you probably don’t need it).


  159. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: according to the stuff you’ve translated, and from your own knowledge, how long would you expect the game to be? Like if one plays the game fully and reads every dialogue and stuff? A rough estimate?


  160. collector Says:

    the story is now 100%?????


  161. faggottranslators Says:

    Release date or we report this to Bandai so it gets shut down. You’re hacking licensed games so you’re obligated to us to deliver in a timely manner.


  162. collector Says:

    no, they dont.


  163. Brian Says:

    My my aren’t you cute. Run along now friend ;) I hear the spongebob phone is no longer occupied, you can try and call bandai from there. Have a nice day now!


  164. Brian Says:

    Ive been wondering something actually.
    Where did you guys pick up the skills neccasery to do what you are doing now? And what might those skills be exactly? Like programmingwise for example. What language do you use? I’ve dabbled in programming in c++ before, and the whole proces of creating something from scratch interests me.

    I’m not even considering doing something like what you guys are doing with digimon. But I can’t help but wonder how these things work, where do you start? What is needed to make it work?

    In any case thanks again for all your hard work ^^


  165. Krownyh Says:

    My my, how much would I pay to see the face of these people when it gets released.
    Also, some info for your numbass. Report it and you’ll get the following if not ignored.
    “Hacking or modding a game you OWN is not illegal. There’s no reason to punish them unless they infringe the law. They are ALLOWED to publish the patch, or in other words the MODIFICATIONS, as long as they don’t provide the GAME ITSELF”


  166. BLADE Says:

    @MX i mean in Digimon world 1 the psx game :) but thanks for clearing that up it would have been a question i would have posted later :)


  167. Romsstar Says:

    @ Blade: Possible with Gameshark cheats but he is not really coded for being a partner and as such he freezes when you feed him or he needs to go to the toilet. But I’m working on fixing that. Maybe some day in the future ;)


  168. Mark Says:

    You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to see this project done, but don’t need to hurry. Take your time <3


  169. Rama Says:

    No need to hurry. Keep up the good work :)


  170. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar there are that many myths about dw1 that hard to know whats fact or bull any more lol :)


  171. calex93 Says:

    @BLADE There is one that says when you have full prosperity in city, Wargreymon appears at the beach cave. It is a very tough battle, and when you win, he goes to the city (I think they say he adds 2 more prosperity) and gives you his evolution item, expanding the evo chart with two more spaces, Wargreymon and Machinedramon). Also I read he works at the secret item shop the days 2, 16, 20, 24, 30 selling items to evolve to him, Metaletemon and Phoenixmon (55555 bits each).
    I think people inventing theses rumors have lots of imagination xD


  172. Leon Says:

    keep strong guys


  173. doodl3 Says:

    bandai does not care about someone who translate their game, but instead it saves their trouble, money and time to translate it for themselves and focused on other game they make in a future.

    p.s. : they also DON’T CARE THE CRAP YOU(faggottranslators) REPORT to them, don’t be such a stupid brat


  174. BLADE Says:

    @calex93 thats interesting never heard of them ones before a myth page for that game may be worth setting up at some point :)

    @faggottranslators you my friend are a moron to quote a line from your post “Release date or we report this to Bandai” this shows you wont to play the game your self report it and risk them getting shut down you spoil it for your self and many others. we know Bandai is not likely to translate these games them self because they are working on yet another digimon game for japan for the Vita that will probs (hopefully) get translated
    now don’t be a baby wait for the game and don’t make stupid threats.
    @romsstar and the team just carry on as you are and again thanks for the effort you are putting in :)


  175. katrina Says:

    To those who are impatient. This guy has translated decode in his walkthrough you can use this to play.


  176. Matthew Knight Says:

    Just found out about your great work, i’m so excited that I might be able to play this game in English! Thank you Thank you THANKYOU!!!

    Place to donate?


  177. mark Says:

    Lol this guy was posting on this website 2 yrs back

    He is a troll there wont be any translation. He probably posts comments by logging in from different accounts


  178. Romsstar Says:

    This must be by far the most stupid comment I’ve ever read.
    Pong used to be part of the team and he created the initial post on gbatemp.
    I’ve asked the Admin of GBATemp to have permission to edit the initial post because the thread was popular and people kept visiting it before the blog came to live. But hey, made me laugh.
    If you really read through the whole thread you’d know.
    So sorry but the only troll there is here is YOU.


  179. Romsstar Says:

    @katrina: Oh yeah those ones. Sadly the translation is not very accurate and his/her videos stop after Part 10 which is alas not even like half of the game^^


  180. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: sorry if you already told this before, but after the translation reaches 100% for the story and 100% for the edit, what processes would still be left?


  181. Romsstar Says:

    NPCs mostly, in a second edit we would check how things look ingame (You could call it an Alpha I guess), then there’s ASM work which needs to be done. But after that we’re going into Beta and after that well Release^^


  182. Nightmare12 Says:

    Oh alright, thanks! It seems still a pretty long way to go. Patiently, i shall wait.


  183. jay kim Says:

    Great work guys !!
    Whats ASM work?
    and will you pick some people for the BETA phase?


  184. Romsstar Says:

    Oh it sounds more than it actually is. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to dumb it down to 1-2 days work. But well the ASM part especially is a numbers game and also really based on luck. It can take 5 minutes or 5 hours, depending on your luck. So especially that part is hard to estimate.


  185. doodl3 Says:

    @Romsstar: its ok dude, there are many brats scattered around many website like a vermin. they made quite a lot of enemies and they love it because they are mentally sick.

    keep up the good work, you will have my full support :v
    give them a proof that you can do it, so they might think twice before trolling other people and get lost for good


  186. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: oh that’s nice to hear :D but correct me if I’m wrong, won’t the “Alpha” stage require a play through? I mean to see how the stuff looks in game?
    And good luck to the person doing the ASM!


  187. Romsstar Says:

    Yeah but it won’t be the my first playthrough; I can speedrun that game in my dreams. lol But yeah you’re totally right about that.
    It will indeed involve a complete play through.


  188. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar sounds like this game is so very close but yet it feels so far away lol cant wait to play :) and i think everyone (even the haters THAT STILL TROLL THESE SITES IN HOPE TO PLAY ) hopes the ASM work isnt much of a hassle for you and the team :)


  189. Fladimir Silva Says:

    Hey man @Romsstar you great!!!
    Take us your fans to make a beta test!! for help you to find bugs ETC…
    I apriaciate your work
    thanks for all!!
    Sorry for my bad english :(
    I an Brazilian :D


  190. mark Says:

    Lies, You got into a disagreement with them and said you wont be posting there anymore. the disagreement was cuz of the way u did things. 3yrs lol


  191. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: right, thanks for clearing that out. So still a modest amount of stuff left. Good luck with the remainder.


  192. Jazmine Says:

    Keep up the good work~


  193. timothy Says:

    @mark – fuck off, nobody cares.


  194. Kalker3 Says:


    What the heck are you talking about? The only disagreement on GBATemp was with Sky, and he’s not even part of the team.
    Then the thread as locked because Rom asked for it, until Comp appeared.

    Seriously, get your facts straight before you start rambling about your delusions, my Troll & Bullshit threshold is extremely low.


  195. Whinymon Says:

    I’m sorry but you can’t exactly blame people for, at the the very least, wondering just wtf could possibly be taking this long. Especially when we see newer games like Digimon Adventure and epic-text games like Love Plus being translated and playable in less time. Then we come here and see you guys are working on background signs, of all things? Really? It’s a nice touch but even professionally translated games don’t bother with that so just who are you trying to impress here? We don’t need the signs to be translated, we need that last 2% you’ve been working on for a year to get done.

    Seriously, it’s starting to feel like a reeeeally long April Fools joke and one day your update will finally exclaim “HAHA, FOOLED YOU! WE WERE YANKING YOUR CHAIN ALL ALONG!”

    Yes, I know this is something you guys are doing for us and for free any yes, I *will* appreciate it when it’s finally released (if it’s ever released) but in the meantime, you also need to realize that when you make a promise to a community and then take bloody FOREVER – longer, I think, than any fan translation I’ve ever seen – you’re going to have a bad time.


  196. A-hole Police Says:

    Wow Whinymon stop being an a-hole, speak for yourself.


  197. Romsstar Says:

    Ok let’s clear some things up:
    First of all Whinymon, however we handle things is not your concern. I don’t recall giving any promises whatsoever btw.
    The only thing I said is that a release in 2014 is definite.
    Second of all you must have seen not much of this world if you think that this is long for a fan translation: Some have been going on for decades and are STILL ongoing. I’ve been into Romhacking probably longer than you are in this world.
    Third, how many of those fan translations are just menu patches and don’t even bothered to translate the dialogue? A lot.
    How long did the few that made 100% took? Longer than this one for sure. How many completed PSP Translations have you seen?
    Not many I think.
    Digimon Adventure delivers partial patches, which is something we don’t that’s right. The reason for that is easy:
    Yes, we are doing this for the fans but also and ultimately: We’re also doing this for us. And I don’t try to impress anyone, but deliver a work I will be satisfied with. Even if it takes that long.
    Those who will appreciate it understand and will wait patiently as many of you guys did. Most people who followed also understand WHY it’s taking so long and that things were hold up for months where nothing happened, not because we slacked of, but because nobody could take care of the problems we had? Why? Because this is fucking hard lol and this is why not many translations ever make it. But hey, Whinymon, you know what? I know there are people like you. A lot. But I also have seen more than 100 comments here that are still with me on this one and those people will appreciate our work.
    When it comes to you: I don’t give a damn. But thanks for displaying your ignorance.


  198. roamer Says:

    thank you so much for the hard work. we hope this gets done soon. good luck!


  199. george Says:

    everyone will definately appreciate you translating it but Romstar, its been a very long time, you say it will be 2014 but can’t u just release the 99% translation? its better than playing the game in japanese… everyones been waiting for ages to play this and patches can be updated later on..


  200. Jash Says:

    Do you realize how absurd that actually sounds, George? If you were 99% done with something, why would you release it early, rather than just finish that last 1%? If it was more like 50% or even 75% I could see where you were coming from, but at this point we all just need to be patient, it will almost certainly be done rather soon anyway.


  201. george Says:

    @Jash it might sound absurd but everyone can voice their opinion. It seems to me it would take another 5-6 months to get it done as they have their own life and things to do too.
    Which is reasonable, they are doing it for free and they don’t have an obligation towards us but we could start enjoying the storyline if they could provide us with the 99%.


  202. Nightmare12 Says:

    It may be true that the patch may take a few months more before release but if Romsstar and his team choose to release it when it’s 100%, we should respect their decision. Its out of their goodwill that they’re even releasing the patch to us when we aren’t even doing anything for them. Don’t get me wrong, I want to play this patch just as much as everybody does but we should patiently wait instead of bothering Romsstar.


  203. Romsstar Says:

    I won’t be that pessimistic and say another 5-6 months by the way… A few more implies something around 2-3 which sounds more realistic to me ;)


  204. BLADE Says:

    god why cant people just let them get on with it all the negativity is a real downer and in some cases threats my god its a game FFS yes we would all love to play it yes the team are nearly there but god people actually saying they wont this shut down :S erm hello stop being butt hurt . And as for partial patches i take you back to the first post “this will not be released until 100% ” they told us that from the being there has been not deceit not lies so please all you negative people get a cuddle and stop being so immature

    @romsstar as always keep it up :)


  205. Nightmare12 Says:

    Great to hear that Romsstar.


  206. Rai Says:

    Honestly, to the people who are being annoying saying it either won’t come out, or is taking too long, or hell, even the fact that “it doesn’t need specific things”

    Here’s a question, a serious one that I want you guys to answer honestly.

    Would you release something you’re not happy with? Would you honestly release something you deem as unfinished, and not as good as you could make it?

    I don’t think you would. Put yourselves in Romsstar’s shoes for crying out loud, be patient. The translation will come out sooner or later, and even if it is later, who the hell do you think you are to act so privileged? You’re not paying them, so get off your damn high horses. They don’t owe you anything.


  207. SilentFox117 Says:

    @Everyone honestly i can’t believe the amount of ignorant people there is to never consider why so many games outside of the united states never see a full translation to english because of the time it takes to fully translate a game. basically what romsstar is doing is consider professional grade translation that any other development company would do to port they’re game in a different region. just let the guys do what they want and test it until they are satisfied to release it and for those that want a release time be happy its coming this year.


  208. AdiKOV Says:

    How many people here started spewing crap about the translation, soon we’ll have a bunch of Numemons here.


  209. MecBrian Says:


    I really like this business of hack room, you could put together a video of how this work is to translate maybe in the future there are more people helping you translate more games and making the happiness of the children

    sorry, I don’t speak english, I am Brasilian.

    I am crazy to play this game! thank you!


  210. BLADE Says:

    @AdiKOV that last comment is in real need of a medal i pmsl at it


  211. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar, would it be possible for you to make a new thread? Cos its difficult to scroll to the end in this one, so many comments.


  212. Chaosbringer Says:

    @Nightmare12 how about pressing the “end” buton on your keyboard?


  213. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Chaosbringer: I assume that would work if I was using a keyboard, I use my phone mostly. Again, it was just a request.


  214. krastn Says:

    Thanks man and nice job, I will wait for it :D


  215. Adam Says:

    I laugh so hard with the people so impatience. I think what the hell the people have a life? I dont think so,I know all we want play the game, the team first,but you know.. there are other things,other games,life out of this place,I read the coments everyday but I understand how long takes the project because I am a 3d animator,(for funservice) and it takes a long time(and I am optimist) so come on guys,they are awesome they are making a game that they translate not only the basic things(menu,names etc) but they are translating a full game so lets them make their job,they are making for fun and with comments like hurry up, you are a liar,thats a fake,etc thats feels bad,be good and cheer them up
    Sorry for my bad english keep up the good work guys you are awesome cheers from Spain


  216. rachel Says:

    that site has an english patch (map,items,digimons) so use it to play the game untill these guys release the full version.


  217. Vinicius Gomes Says:

    1 year later…
    me – hey buddy,how are going your translate?
    buddy – almost there !
    me – oh man, great joab, dont have hurry we are here to cheers and suport u.
    buddy – thx (idijit)


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