Progress report 11.04.2014


Hey guys,  I thought I might fill you in what’s new.

99% is translated+inserted(oh yeah :D), the 1% is something that the game probably doesn’t even use but we gotta be sure.
70% of the Story is edited.


90% is translated (Remaining 10% are all at the Colosseum and basically super unimportant but we will translate them anyways)

80% is inserted

~20% is edited

I’m afraid nothing new to report here. But patience, StorMyu is the man for this job and I know he can do what needs to be done.

Release Date: 2014
There you go, I gave it to you, a release date :P

Some new, super unimportant screenshots but showing that stuff is happening anyways:


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156 Responses to “Progress report 11.04.2014”

  1. Chaosbringer Says:

    First! :p
    Looks great!
    But what’s 201? In 201 days?


  2. Romsstar Says:

    Release Date: 2014,
    corrected now. Damn I didn’t expect people to catch the typo that fast. Guys do you stalk this blog?XD


  3. Chaosbringer Says:

    I certainly do! :p


  4. Brian Says:

    awww yeah!
    looking good :)
    keep it up!


  5. Romsstar Says:

    Btw guys which format do you prefer for screenshots? This slideshow one, or the one from the previous post? WordPress is really limiting me on options but I hope you guys are fine with it.xD


  6. Jonn Says:

    You guys are actually doing it! The screenshots look great! Namco Bandai should pay you guys and publish this, seriously! :)


  7. Chaosbringer Says:

    I think the previous is a bit better since you get to see a layout of all the pictures… but it’s no big deal, of course, as long as we get to see the pics ^^’


  8. rachel Says:

    that site has an english patch (map,items,digimons) so use it to play the game untill these guys release the full version


  9. Romsstar Says:

    @Chaosbringer: You can find now the old gallery format underneath the Slideshow. This way everyone can view the pictures the way they want to. Everybody wins, right?:)


  10. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: thanks for the progress update and the new post! Screenshots look great as always :D


  11. Nightmare12 Says:

    And woah both formats look sweet!


  12. Romsstar Says:

    @Nightmare12: Thanks a lot, and keep in mind: Those are unedited yet. They can only get better :D


  13. jay kim Says:

    only 8 months left XD


  14. Romsstar Says:

    @jay kim: That’s the maximum. But I’m pretty sure you can expect the release much sooner than in 8 months ;)


  15. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: oh cool, but these are great too, Can’t wait to see how it looks in the end! Actually it is us who should thank you, youll be making a lot of people, very very happy :)


  16. Chaosbringer Says:

    @Romsstar such a people pleaser! No Wonder people take advantage of that and start asking you about stuff!
    Just kidding :p
    But seriously thanks for the quality service, you rock :D


  17. MecBrian Says:


    I really like this business of hack rom, you could put together a video of how this work is to translate maybe in the future there are more people helping you translate more games and making the happiness of the children

    sorry, I don’t speak english, I am Brasilian.

    I am crazy to play this game! thank you! *–*


  18. cryum Says:

    2014? That’s great. If I ever had the inclination to complain(I don’t, take whatever pace you like), just knowing that it would happen within the year means a lot.


  19. summer Says:

    awesome work! looking forward to it, thanks Romstar~!~


  20. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the update. You guys are fantastic. Keep it up! I am eagerly awaiting the day we can play. :3


  21. JC Says:

    good work guys! hopefully that would put an end to the undying “hurry up!”, and “what’s the release date?” chain of questions! maybe it would be “2014? could you be more specific?” lol!


  22. Adam Says:

    awesoooome guys keep the good work you are great guys


  23. MykeMadness Says:

    Great to see the progress here Romsstar, StorMyu and the others! I’m always checking in as super busy myself, couldn’t dedicate myself like you guys.

    Part of me is hoping that it is released before 15th May as have a long 8 hour journey then and would be awesome to play at same time. But this isn’t a GET IT DONE message, it is a THANKYOU for being totally awesome and working hard on this!

    Keep up the great work guys.



  24. Djalma Says:

    I think this 201 is : 04-21-2014


  25. CasualGamer Says:

    Sorry if this has been answered already.
    What is the difference between

    Story translation translated and inserted
    Story edited

    Thank you :)


  26. AdiKOV Says:

    2.0.1. What do the numbers mean Mason!


  27. Romsstar Says:

    Guys there is nothing as 201. Refresh your browsers. It was a typo and it stated 2014 as already discussed at the first two comments.xd


  28. DemiDevimon Says:

    Why my comment just deleted
    I post my comment about the time of

    201 realist date
    And I was the first


  29. Arioch Says:

    Way to go! Keep working man. This project is great. It brings so many memories of Digimon World for PS1…


  30. Romsstar Says:

    Spoiler alert!

    Wait till you realize that

    Digi-Tower & Colosseum = Mt.Infinity

    Railroad Plains = Native Forest

    Signpost Forest = Tropical Jungle

    Submerged Ruins = Beetle Land

    Ancient Bone Swamp = Ancient Dino Region

    Sewer Maze = Dark Lord Mansion

    Fluorescence Cave = Mt Panorama / Drill Tunnel

    Gravel Wasteland = Gear Savanna

    Night Canyon = Great Canyon

    Bonkeno Volcano = Factory Town

    Powdery Cliff = Freezeland

    Binary Castle = Misty Trees

    Bottom Line:

    We revisit ALL the places we visited In Digimon World 1.
    They just evolved, look different but you can always see what they used to be, which is kinda super awesome.
    We even have references of Hiro and the Story actually ties up the lose ends how everything came to be what it is.
    I really love the Story. Sorry for spoiling you guys.xD

    This way ReDigitize is not only a true remake of the old system,
    it goes even that far that it is the true Digimon World 1 SEQUEL!



  31. GJ4 Says:

    How to download it ??


  32. Romsstar Says:

    1. Realize there is nothing to download yet.
    2. Realize there is nothing to download yet.
    3. If rule 2 fails, reapply rule 1.


  33. Sandy Says:

    AHHHH I LOVE YOU. Thank you so much for doing this!


  34. Ryan Lennon Says:

    Hey, I really appreciate what you are doing here and I love the Digimon franchise too. For free too, you guys are doing something amazing. I hope it isn’t cutting into too much of the teams time.

    I’d love to know more about how you are doing it mind you.

    Have you all by any chance thought of taking this to bandai eventually? Obviously they would be wary but with a fully translated game (when you are finished) I doubt they would argue the only thing to say would be proving sales. Perhaps stating release timing coinciding with a new digimon season and whatnot.

    With Saint Sieya being release….. still I mean …. hmm

    Or did they lose the rights to release it?


  35. Romsstar Says:

    I’m afraid Ryan, even if we did go there, that wouldn’t change a fact.
    1) We translate the PSP Version, which Bandai like never ever would consider to release. (The PSP market is as dead as it gets)
    2) The only version they would consider to release is the 3DS version which is remarkably different
    3) Our translation applies only to Redigitize PSP. Would make the job easier but the content that is new in Decode is amazing and since we can’t work on Decode that won’t change a lot. The untranslated parts in Decode are quantitywise too big.
    4) Even if we’d offer to translate Decode for free:
    While we have the set of skills, fact is most of us are still students or at least not professionally trained in this field. Even if we’d offer our services, Bandai Namco won’t consider hiring a couple of students to complete such a serious job.


  36. Hamada Elgendy Says:

    BRAVO BRAVO …. Good Job guys :)


  37. fenrir Says:

    i love you guys to death.thanks so much for translating this game


  38. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: the rule joke was pretty funny lol :D but just a question, have you played/finished Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode?


  39. Dillinger Says:

    I’ve had a question that pops into my mind every time I come here. Are you using the English or Japanese level names (Y’know, Child, Adult, Perfect, etc.)? It’s extremely unimportant and I’m fine with either, but I’ve been very curious about that.


  40. Sandra Says:

    THANK YOU!!!


  41. nana Says:

    can i like donate some bit really you guys deserve something for all the shit you guys had to deal with, while making this translation…thank you..


  42. Juho Says:

    Thank you for all the hard work. Appreciate!


  43. Hombre Says:

    Wish this version of the game let you use MetalSeadramon. Thanks for the effort guys.


  44. Sils Says:

    OH GOD, iam really thanks !!! maybe translation this game is your purpose of living, keep stay cool and easy :D


  45. Paulo Sergio Says:

    Thank you, you guys are doing great!


  46. Jake Says:

    Thanks for the awesome work guys! I wanted to play this game for a very long time yet I simply could not find an English version for it. That is, until I noticed what you guys were doing on this site. On behalf of everyone here, I would just like to thank you for translating a game such as this so that we may enjoy it!


  47. Krownyh Says:

    Where are the haters? Where are the haters?!!
    Haha good job Romsstar!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks a lot!


  48. Rashius Says:

    Good job.. :)


  49. Diego Portugal Says:

    nice, keep going romstar, dont rush things or hear those stupid guys trying to rush it, keep doing it with calm and in the final it will be great, i am ansious to play it too, i’m a great digimon fan but we have to know how to wait, it’s worse if we try yo rush things, keep going romstar and cheers from Portugal ^^


  50. Kyubey Says:

    Damn, I remember when this was simply just an idea proposed in a forum. You and Roxas really started something amazing.


  51. Goose Says:

    Goodness, it feels so close, yet so far. I’m just happy to see this almost finished, and I’m really excited for the final product. Thank you so much for putting all the effort into this, it means a lot to many of us.


  52. Alonte' Says:

    Thank you for everything you guys do, the whole team thats working on Digimon World Re Digitize. You guys are really awesome for translating this Digimon game for the us. Without you I wouldn’t be playing another great Bandai/Namco Digimon game.

    Hopefully this makes Bandai/Namco release and make more digimon games for the US. They should pay you for the hard work you have been putting into this game. An actually release this game to the US for a digital download on the Psn store. Thanks again and thanks for your time.

    PlayStation Network ID: Sanrai308


  53. 999th Says:

    Wow, I’ve been waiting for your updates. This seems more detailed. We should just be thanking you guys in advance instead of rushing you.


  54. Rusty Pyrus Says:

    You so freaking awesome guys :)


  55. kmilloz Says:

    wonderful! Congratulations, guys!


  56. xone Says:

    can’t wait! and great job >w<)b


  57. BLADE Says:

    omg just yes p.s hope all the haters are crying in frustration at this awesome news


  58. Jessu Says:

    So, if I’ve been playing a Japanese ISO, and then I want to play with this patch when it comes out, will I be able to use the same save I’ve been using, or will I have to start all over?


  59. Chaosbringer Says:

    @Jessu based on my sense and previous experience with patched games, I would say you will definitely be able to use your savefile
    They’re only changing text and some other data in somes files of the ISO, as long as the game ID or region code or whatever it’s called hasn’t changed the PSP will probably think the savegame is compatible..


  60. Jessu Says:

    @Chaosbringer Awesome!
    Thank you very much for answering so quickly, by the way.


  61. Chaosbringer Says:

    @Jessu you’re welcome
    But you know, I’m not really part of the translation team or anything.. so let’s wait and see if Romsstar or someone else from the team confirms what I said ;)


  62. Jessu Says:

    @Chaosbringer ah, well, alrighty then.
    Regardless, thank you still.


  63. digiFan Says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work to translate this game..
    I really appreciate all your hard work.


  64. yudhis9000 Says:

    I know you can finish it I counting on you


  65. Rai Says:

    Whilst I’m not of the translation team, I do know some things about hacking, and roms.

    Unless Romsstar and his team changes the game’s ID, your save file should still work. I don’t really see why they’d change the game’s ID, so I’d assume they’ll keep it the same as the original one.

    Either way, if they’re just translating, then yes, your save will work. If they change the Game’s ID, then you can still get your save to work, all you need to do is figure out it’s new ID and then change your old save’s folder name to it.


  66. sotie Says:

    all i can say is AWESOME!!!!!


  67. Joey Says:

    Thank you all so much for your hard work if its people like you who give us hardcore digimon fans hope thank you a thousand times over i wish there were something i could do to help if you ever think of anything you can get ahold of me at if i can help in some small way sadly the only skill i have is drawing anime lol


  68. Gabraham Says:

    I can’t wait for this translation to be done, you guys are doing great work!


  69. No game no life Says:

    Roxstar 1% = 3 months. Lameeeeeeeee 3yrs for one project supa lameeeeeee


  70. jay kim Says:

    well ur id kinda sums up ur personality.
    Unlike you “No game No Life”, they have their life other than gaming, which we should respect.
    They are doing this just for us with no profit what so ever.
    So stop b!tching.


  71. Romsstar Says:

    @No game no life:
    You know what’s lame? A hate post among 69 other overwhelming positive and supporting posts. If you try to insult someone you should at least try to figure out WHO you want to insult, because I have no idea who Roxstar is…
    Maybe you should pay more attention at school instead of playing games…


  72. Chloe M Says:

    Thank you so much for putting in the effort and time to translate this game, I really admire what you’re doing!
    I’ve wanted to play Re Digitize since it came out, but I don’t know a word of Japanese. Just found this project, and from the looks of things you’re doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work!


  73. No game no life Says:

    romstar ur a bimboo! no game no life is an anime ._. sucker!!


  74. Krownyh Storm Says:

    @jay kim:
    By no means I’m trying to defend that guy, but “No game No life” is an LN written by a brazilliam… It’s gotten an anime adaptation and is getting pretty popular here, so I can kind of see where this is coming from. Ah, I might be wrong… It’s cause’ I tend to think everything is brazilliams fault lol ( Even tough I’m one of those… )


  75. crixxelven Says:

    omg omg omg… *heavy breathing


  76. calex93 Says:

    @No game no life Translate a game and if you finish in less than a year, come back.


  77. Chakaru Says:

    Awesome job guys! Everything seems to be in English already! Can’t wait to play and understand it. Keep it up guys, you rock! :-)


  78. Dragonjar1 Says:

    When is this goin to be released?


  79. calex93 Says:

    @Dragonjar1: When they finish :P
    They told they won’t give any release date, because they want to make it 100% awesome (not their exact words but you get the idea).
    But it’s known they’ll finish this year, and I expect it before September with high confidence.


  80. nisemono Says:

    *heavy breathing*


  81. Zanzoltan Says:

    Ok, I’ve been a little on the shadows while watching this project advance. Actually, I’ve been following this project for almost a year if I’m not mistaken. And I had lost hope some months ago when you said that there wasn’t nobody that could help you with finishing the project…

    Now, almost 1 month after, I come back and I see this…

    And I have to say *Kudos* to StorMyu and you…you’re doing a terrific job, and a more splendid work that even the f.cking company that designed this game (yeah, I said it. They deserve it. Another great game that it was never translated)…

    So, I’ll be waiting for the release of this patch, and with a big grand smile. Because, since I was 10, I’ve always thought that “Digimon World” for the PSX was one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. And now, I’m gonna have the opportunity to re-live that sense of wonder over a new adventure with a little of the classic taste of a great game…

    So, once again, I have to thank you. And, don’t worry, take all the time you need to finish this project, we can always wait for a little bit more. When it comes to a great game, and a great project wanting to be even better…


    PS: I’m from Argentina, so excuse my very poorly written english. I know some of the words, but as with any kind of language you speak, you still can learn something new everyday. So, I’m still learning :D


  82. Alex Says:

    Waiting from Venezuela, thanks for the work


  83. fikars Says:

    September x_x it long time
    can not wait to play it


  84. Typhlosion24 Says:

    wooooo! yes!! thanks :D


  85. Hallucinogenikz Says:

    I got a english patch that was mentioned in these comments, but I play Digimon with the JPCSP emulator and I have no idea how to apply the patch to the actual game, can anyone please help?


  86. Kar Says:

    @Hallucinogenikz same problem here. I found this blog after the patch 😁
    @ Romsstar can you plase given an introduktion when you realse this?

    (PS: you guys are awsome 😄)


  87. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Hey guys, I’m the editor, and currently the one slowing things down… Sorry. Anyway, I had some answers for the questions on here.

    @Nana, the thought is appreciated, but we’d be in kind of a weird legal position if we accepted money for what is, at least arguably, copyright infringement, and in any event, we didn’t do this for the money. It’s really cool of you to offer, though.

    @Dillinger, I personally hate the dub names and stuff, and much prefer the Japanese, but a lot of fans want the Americanized names, so we’ll be releasing two version of the patch so that everyone is equally unhappy.

    @Jessu, so far as we can tell, there should be no problem continuing to use a save game from an unpatched ISO after applying the patch, though I personally would want to start over and see the story, which is pretty damn great.

    @Hallucinogenikz Our patch will come with instructions, and it’s usually pretty easy to apply them, if you give me a link to the partial patch I can take a look at it, but AFAIK, the ones that are out there right now are really buggy menu only patches, so I probably wouldn’t bother.


  88. Jarrid Says:

    Thanks so much you guys!
    Please remember that there are plenty of people out here that really appreciate this and completely understand how much time you need to take! cant wait! :D


  89. Grimlock09 Says:

    wow Romsstar you guys are the best!! you make gamers happy and bring digimon fans a new hope to play the game!!! more power too you guysand keep it up!! we are all excited and apreciating what you are doing… :)


  90. Samuel Benardiyanto Says:

    can’t wait to play :D
    keep calm and pray for your best


  91. admirable fan of patching Says:

    You people are really great ! You make gamers their life great ! You are like gaming heroes ! Thank you very much, for your time ! With regards from Holland and Morocco ! For the best summer so far and better to come !!!


  92. k Says:

    In sincere appreciation of your valuable work, Thanks so much you guys


  93. Hallucinogenikz Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon
    This is the partial patch, I was planning on using this until you guys finish so if you can help me apply this patch to my UMD file of digimon that would be so awesome


  94. BLADE Says:

    well my exams will so be screwed at this rate and so glad to see positive comment on here for once
    @romsstar and the team again good job massive thumbs up


  95. MrMelchiah Says:

    I am looking forward to play this Game. I played Digimon World on the PSX and i am hoping your Patch will allow me to experience this awsomeness on my PSP. Takes as much Time as you need because good Things need Time.
    And Greetings from Germany


  96. the sharing truth patched Says:

    It feels like the world is counting on you people ! I hope I can play the game this year… but, anyway you people are great ! Maybe, if you need help with something in life, write down what you need, for example everyone wants the game for personal reasons.. maybe, we can give you what you need, there is for sure 1 out of 10 or 100 who could help you too, like you people are doing for us ! Greetings from the world “!!!


  97. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Hallucinogenikz: I’m download it now, my Portuguese isn’t strong, but that link seems to say that what they have is a prepatched ISO. It’s in a passworded rar, I’ll see if I can open it and get back to you. If I can, I’ll upload a torrent and give a link to that since file locker sites are bullshit.


  98. patching will change the world in one language Says:

    That is a game with English patch only on the menu… wait for the real patch pro’s finish.. it’s worth it !


  99. Hallucinogenikz Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon
    Thank you I appreciate it


  100. Marcos Lemeszenski Says:

    Nice work! :)


  101. Jessu Says:

    Checking back every day because of how excited I am, I can’t take the wait!

    I need something else to play to occupy myself until you guys finish making it perfect, I’m excited.
    Good luck!


  102. Bang Otan (@tantowiw) Says:

    Good job bro! you are doing awesome and many people is wait your project :D keep it up !


  103. Dillinger Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon

    >I personally hate the dub names and stuff, and much prefer the Japanese, but a lot of fans want the Americanized names, so we’ll be releasing two version of the patch so that everyone is equally unhappy.

    Huh, great idea. I’ll have to get the one using the Japanese terms then.


  104. lovelylullaby Says:

    Can’t wait until it’s 100% translated!! Keep up the good work guys! Thank you for your hard work!


  105. digiDONKEY Says:

    Digimon very good and love


  106. collector Says:

    so how is the progress after 2 weeks?


  107. Lokys Says:

    I’ve used that menu patch to play quite a bit into the game and it’s fun to see what the game is like but I am so looking forward to playing the fully patched game and enjoying the story.

    You guys (and girls if any lol) are doing a fantastic job and I’m happy you all wanted to make an english version of this game :D

    I keep checking every other day hoping for the next update or the release XD

    Good work :D


  108. digicro Says:

    Great job Guys :) I am really grateful for what you do . Maybe in future,if you have will for some other project,maybe you could think about Digimon world digital card battle which was never released in English.That game has a plot very similar to Digimon World game


  109. Krownyh Storm Says:

    What do you mean? I’m pretty sure I played DW Digital Card Battle in english during my childhood….


  110. digicro Says:

    @Krownyh Storm No this is another game which was prequel to one you are mentioning.It is called Digimon WORLD Digital Card Batlle and it has MetalGreymon on its cover.


  111. Nightmare12 Says:

    @digicro: I know of the game you talk about. Its a different game, kinda like a outdated version of the one we got in English. Hiro ( the main guy from DW1) is called to the Digital World by Babamon and he has to save it by collecting the speed 7 cards fron the different realms ( the ones that came in DW1). It would be awesome if Rommstar and the team could translate that as Romsstar already has experience with ps1 games. But its not something he just has to do. Its great if he does it, life goes on if he doesn’t. Same goes for Digimon Adventure. Romsstar doesn’t live to translate games, lol


  112. Krownyh Storm Says:

    @digicro Woah, my bad, just looked it up and it looks amazing *–*, Dat Leo Punch in the intro… Seems like Bandai wants to keep the good stuff for japaneses <.< The best games are not localized…(DW 1 had a shitty translation, pardon meh)

    @Nightmare12 You sure Digimon 'WORLD' Digital Card Battle is the outdated version? The one I've gotten had around 300 cards and this one exceeds 1000 :o. Any idea how long shoud it take to finish the game?


  113. Nightmare12 Says:

    From what I remember reading, Digimon Digital Card battle (the one we did get), was supposed to be more refined and improved in various ways. I may be wrong.
    There is a doc file floating around the net which tells you what to do and where to go, kinda like a walkthrough for it, I remember getting pretty far, didnt take me long. The game mechanics are essentially the same as the one we got


  114. Nightmare12 Says:

    I just checked and well, I guess you read wrong or were misinformed, Digimon World Digital card battle has only 159 cards, the season 2 digimon weren’t in it and I think Machinedramon and Rosemon were the only Mega levels.


  115. digicro Says:

    Also all of Digimon World Digital card battle characters are from DW1 except Babamon , Rosemon and Veedramon card


  116. Krownyh Storm Says:

    Nhm… I’ve seem this video after watching the intro /watch?v=vK2BkMpvZrw (youtube), and at around 00:50 he had to choose his deck, and I saw x/y being y the total number of cards, or so I assumed, guess it’s something else. Thx for clearing that up,
    Still i’d love to see a translation, I can’t help but get curious over things I can’t understand lol


  117. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Krownyh Storm: no problem, I would too, more digi goodness :D but its up to Romsstar and his team, let’s just focus on Digimon World Re:Digitize first.
    Also, its been quite some time since Romsstar last replied. Just hope all is well


  118. Romsstar Says:

    I had some fun hacking Digimon World Digital Card Battle already.
    As a matter of fact I considered translating it, despite it’s gameplay. (Well it’s not so much open world anymore)
    The structure is kinda messy though. I might consider it but there had to be a huge demand to actually justify the effort because I’m really not such a big fan of that game to be honest.

    Concerning Re:Digitize: As Sporky pointed out he’s having issues currently and as such the Editing process is kinda stalling.
    Meanwhile we’re working on ASM and NPC related stuff. Everything that can be currently done is being done.


  119. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: oh wow that’s cool. I was watching one of the earlier released translation teasers so I opened your YouTube user account and saw a few of your hacking works of digimon world 1. It was pretty cool, I must say. Well if you do translate it, it’ll be pretty cool though.
    Oh alright, thanks for the update


  120. JP Says:

    YOU CON DU-IT! I believe in you! \(^o^)/


  121. Slowy Says:

    Hey I’m sorry for my bad english but i must say something!

    I really love you guys because you are doing this for us.
    This is such a great work and i know that it is really hard to translate and programm this full game.
    I really would help you guys but I’m not the Language specialist I can only read and understand…
    I hope you all have fun with this project and hope too that it is done soon ;-)
    Good luck

    With friendly greeting



  122. digicro Says:

    Hey guys.I have a question.Is the File Island from this game exactly the same File Island from DW1 after a lot of years?I read that in Wikimon


  123. Romsstar Says:

    @digicro: Read the spoiler at Romsstar Says:
    April 11, 2014 at 10:41 pm Spoiler alert!

    Pretty much at the top of it. The text is all white, if you mark it, you can read the spoiler. There you have a more detailed explanation ;)


  124. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: ugh man, I couldnt help but check what it was, *facepalm* I knew some of the references but still :x keep strong with the translation and hope you finish soon we all enjoy the game for ourselves :)


  125. Nightmare12 Says:

    Sorry for the “:x” emoticon, I didnt know it turn out like that. No anger or anything


  126. Coraje187 Says:

    Thanks to you all for keeping at it and can’t wait to play. :)


  127. ray Says:

    I understand all that hard effort you and your team must have gone through. Indeed it has been two years or so since release of the original game and I must say the patience level has been very high amongst the mass majority, so thumbs up to everyone.

    I have a question and would really appreciate your time to answer it. I own a PS Vita which I purchased specifically to play this game and I live in the UK. My question is simply how can I play this game on the ps vita and will I be able to implement the translation patch to the vita?

    I am naive and havent got a clue when it comes to technology, all I know is I Love Digimon like everyone else.


  128. calex93 Says:

    @Romsstar: Far from being a spoiler (at least for me), it makes me wish the game even more. Keep the good work! I’ll wait patiently until you finish ;)


  129. gonarr Says:

    Hey there Romsstar!
    I really wanna thank you for what you’ve been doing so far, I really can’t thank you all enough.
    You guys had a hard time but bringing a whole digimon world alive is something great, right? x)
    Alrighty then! Good luck with the ongoing process!


  130. Cain Zeltyr Says:

    Thanks for translating this game. You guys (and girls?) are awesome!


  131. Kevin Says:

    Found someone translating digimon adventure


  132. Arelan Caswady Says:

    cant wait for english translatiion release..hahaha


  133. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Hallucinogenikz I could not get that patch working, and suspect that it’s a fake. Sorry about that.


  134. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Sporky: any luck with the editing?


  135. jay kim Says:

    @romsstar: I was wondering if we can have any progress report?
    I do not want to rush you or anything.
    Just want to see how its going XD
    Tnk you for all your hard work and We rly appreciated it!!


  136. Arien Summer Says:

    They are doing a very job translating this game for everyone to play. (I wish somebody would have done this for the Marl Kingdom series by Nippon on the PSX, they would have been done by now)

    Anyway i played the Raw-Japanese version and had no idea what was going on “Story-Wise”. I know how the game works because i remember playing the Playstation version, the game is very similar only some of the Digimon have different names in the JP version. You feed them meat and train them… only mine always died or turned into those gross nume-things. Looked everywhere for a Palmon-Togemon-Lillymon (Couldn’t see any) Only a Rosemon and that is why i think translating this game is going to be awesome because i have no idea what’s going on, i only know a few Japanese words when spoken not written.

    From what i can recall Japan has always made great games and never released them to the western public. Wonder Project J 2 was one of those back in the 90’s, but thanks to translators these days we get some of them. And from what i read a sequel to this Digimon “PSP” game will be released on the 3DS and translated into English, I’m so happy because i have a 3DS and will buy the sequel.


  137. Fladimir Silva Says:

    soo closeee :D


  138. bintiez Says:

    Aaaaaargh!!.. You guys so amazing!!.. Thanks for the hard work for making this translation.. Thaaaaanks :D

    Sorry for bad english


  139. TOPBOY99 Says:

    hey could u realease patched iso because most of us have emulators it would take long to the iso to be patched and come on the internet please


  140. Lokys Says:

    @TOPBOY99 While this translation project isn’t against any copyright laws, posting a copy of the ISO is.

    We’ve all waited a long time for the patch so I’m sure once it’s here a little longer to patch your ISO won’t be too much :D

    @Rommstar I’m really looking forward to your next progress report :D do you do them every month or as needed?

    Great work to the team! XD


  141. Romsstar Says:

    @Lokys: I post progress reports according to well, progress :D
    Currently the draft of the story is in Editing process,
    but before Sporky finishes the first draft of the story, I have not much to report on.
    So basically I give reports when something big enough happens or basically when I feel there’s a need for it so people know it’s still out there and alive.


  142. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: don’t mind me asking but not even the remaining NPC’s? Or are you done with them?


  143. TOPBOY99 Says:



  144. Romsstar Says:

    @Nightmare12: The NPCs are a different story. They need some testing (some phrases occur multiple times) and I have to make sure whether the game actually uses them or not. But they are basically in place. But they also need Editing.


  145. Nightmare12 Says:

    Oh alright, good luck with it! I justed wanted to ask whether they were translated or not


  146. TheBaronUK Says:

    nice work guys can not wait to get my hands on this any chance we can get an update on what’s going on and where you guys are at :)


  147. HomelessChildExperiment Says:

    KEEP IT UP!!! Can’t wait to see this game. How goes the progress?


  148. tyrant102 Says:

    cant wait for this, im guessing youy guys have atleast maybe a months worth of work at the least, wish there was some way we could help, just keep up the good work guys :) hopefully u guys are close


  149. JellyNuggets Says:

    I love you Romsstar. What you and your team are doing benefits both humanity and the digital world. You should be knighted or something at the very least.

    I just want to wish you both good luck, we’re all counting on you.


  150. demi Says:

    Kid in box
    Murderer is still in loss


  151. Jared Nunley Says:

    Hi, is this project still ongoing I really want to play this game in english.


  152. demidevimon Says:

    you said its gonna get released in 2014 but its 2015 and theres no patch
    lol just kidding take your time


  153. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    What strange sorcery allows so many posters from may to reply to an article in december?


  154. liam Tamer Says:

    So I heard the psp patch is almost done , that’s great news to hear but Now I hear your patching the 3ds version , how on earth would we patch our 3ds games ? I had no clue it was even possible. Is it a long complicated process that could damage our 3ds or game cart ?


  155. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Much like a PSP game, you can’t modify the cartridge you bought. Instead, you’ll need to be able to play a backup of the game, using a flashcart. Gateway is my personal recommendation, as they were the first company to create one, and tend to have features first, but there are others.

    To run a flash cart, you’ll need a 3DS that can run one. Currently, Gateway cartridges and the clones only run on 3DSs with 4.1-4.5 firmware, but Gateway says they’ll be releasing an update soon, though they’ve now missed four deadlines, so who knows. It will presumably work by the time we release at least a year from now.

    Patching the game is simple, you’ll download a 2-10 MB file from us, and use the program XDelta UI to change the backup you can make with a 3DS running Gateway.


  156. Nice Says:

    ahaha cant wait for 100%. good job. upps i think its amazing job :D


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