Progress report 07.05.2014


Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while since the last update.

The issue was that Sporky, our Editor’s computer broke down and ever since then our Editing process was stalling.
But oh lucky day, since yesterday he got his new computer which means the Editing process will finally continue.

Don’t worry, we weren’t sitting around doing nothing in the meantime. The NPC insertion process is still ongoing but I’d say for now it’s at about 90%.
So while I have no screenshots ( I just couldn’t come up with what to show you), I’ll just randomly toss some numbers at you guys:

Story Translation : 99.9 %
That is just a placeholder in case I messed up something.  It’s basically done.

Story Insertion:  99.9 %
That is just a placeholder in case I messed up something.  It’s basically done.

Story Editing (1st Edit) : 70% . Ongoing

Story Editing (2nd Edit): Not started yet, since 1st Edit isn’t finished yet.

NPC Translation+Insertion: 90%
I need to test things here. Bear with me.

ASM Process: 30%
There’s still a huge assload to do and the game is not exactly on our side with this.
Any ASM hackers out there? I guess StorMyu could use a helping hand, it would speed up that process.

Quality Checking/Betatesting: 20% (?) Don’t know, currently I just test out randomly stuff. There’s barely a point since the 2nd Edit isn’t even in place yet.

So the bottomline: Editing continues, and I should be able to give you a more detailed progress report soon.


48 Responses to “Progress report 07.05.2014”

  1. Nick Says:

    Thank for your hard work! I heard a group was working on translating the game back in 2012, but that’s a common claim people make. I figured you would have given up after a little bit. so I was shocked when one of my subscribers on youtube showed me your progress. I’m so grateful you guys have stuck with it and have put so much effort into this. Don’t think for a second its unappreciated or not worth it because it is.


  2. Chaosbringer Says:

    Thanks for the update :D
    As long as you keep your promise to release before 2015 no one will have the right to complain :p


  3. Andreus Says:

    I have been keeping track of this project since 2012 and i must say i m really proud that you guys went all the way trough it, you are all very very awesome and competent people and i m really glad you guys are there for us, truly.
    I wonder if you guys could put up a donation system so we could really appreciate all the work you have done for us till now, you deserve nothing less.
    From your Brazilian stalker, alot of good wishes!


  4. Andreus Says:

    Also, wouldn’t be easier for you guys to choose like 50 beta testers from this website to help with this? I dont mean releasing it yet, just choosing some people by sorting or something alike.


  5. Chaosbringer Says:

    @Andreus if they accept donations they will be in an awkward position in regards to Namco Bandai.. simply put, accepting money for this for patch would jeopardize the team’s position, and would make what they are doing right now illegal..

    Nice try with the beta testing idea, but I don’t think Romsstar would go for it, as he wouldn’t really be able to trust all 50 people not to release the Beta version of the patch to the public…


  6. Johny Says:

    just decided to look at the blog randomly today and boom, prgress report! keep it up!


  7. Grocia Says:

    Thanks for all your work!


  8. Marcus Says:

    Hey guys! This work is amazing! I’ve been following you for some time. I just can’t hide my admiration and how I am glad for this! Congratulations and keep working, all we thanks!


  9. dwfitzgerald Says:

    Thanks so much for all your hard work on this project, I’ve been waiting quite some time and every progress update makes the anticipation greater!

    Take your time, I’m sure it will be fantastic when it’s ready for release!

    As Andreus said, I’d definitely be willing to make a personal PayPal donation to the team (unrelated to the project, of course).

    You guys rock!


  10. Henry Says:

    Yaaaaaay, can’t wait for you guys to finish it. :3
    Good luck and Bless you guys :D


  11. Dragonjar1 Says:

    Thank u for doing this, u guys are amazing if possible email me when u guys are done :)


  12. ENM SOTIE Says:

    Great news :) still waiting for this :)
    Good luck guys keep it up and more games to come :)


  13. ENM SOTIE Says:

    oh btw is the game usable in ppsspp on android device? just wanna know if it does TIA for the answer :)


  14. your fan Says:

    good job and thank you very much!! :)


  15. Okili Says:

    just look at all the smiling faces in the comment section. makes me happy too. the waiting for something good to happen is always the best feeling


  16. Barcelsnacks Says:

    Keep up the good work and thank yoy guys.


  17. Pedro Loures Says:

    Well, I’m a programmer for quite some time and I have already had some experience with hex and such, but for ASM I need to know a little more of what do you need, cuz I have to keep the lead you guys started with, the program which StorMyu is using or if I can do in some other program and put it up together before giving it back, stuff like that.


  18. Bacons Says:

    This made my day.Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. Everytime I randomly check this blog and fine an update, I get happy. :P


  19. Nightmare12 Says:

    Thanks a lot for the progress update Romsstar! And good luck with everything that remains :)
    Aside from this i hope you won’t mind me but I just wanted to ask the people if they had signed the petition for the localization of digimon games to the regions outside of Japan. Here’s the link:

    Plus we have many digimon fans active on the Bandai Namco forums, you could join on the discussions. Here’s the link:


  20. Dainbow Says:

    I just found this website yesterday and decided to check it today again. Awesome to see you’re still updating, keep up the good work and thank you again.


  21. Kuno Says:

    Thank you guys so much for all the hard work you’re putting into this! I can’t wait to see the patch once it’s out, and I’m so glad you’re still working on it with so much dedication! :)


  22. Chanon Sritongtim Says:

    Thank you for doing all of this!
    Hope you all not overdoing yourself.
    Take your time!
    Sorry if my English is no good,English is not my native language :)


  23. Terrence Says:

    i wish u goodluck :D


  24. HomelessChildExperiment Says:

    ASM is at 30%, does that mean there is a lot of technical work to be done? It sounds like ASM is the core of the coding and inserting the translations and stuff into the ROM. Anyways, I’m asking because I have no idea what to make of that part because well I’m not a ROM hacker lol. Could you clarify what that part means?


  25. Pedro Loures Says:

    Homeless, ASM means that the modifications necessary into the code, not only translations (as they had to change stuff like more lines for sentences, and stuff like that) to be added. As the game is done, you have the “output” of the program, so, it’s like getting the output, making a few changes, and putting it back together, as called of “Reverse Engineering”. It’s kinda fun, but takes lots of work. 30% means that there are few changes on the list to be made, very few probably, but the 30% is the risk margin of things not going as planed, as the solution devoloping new bugs into the game or glitches. I’d say that, if we get everything working correctly, that would be around 50% at least.


  26. Lane Says:

    Thanks for the Upate


  27. cryum Says:

    Thanks for the update. Just keep trucking.


  28. Romsstar Says:

    Truth is, there is a lot of ASM work left. But also that it’s a hit and miss thing. Once we found what we need it’s usually a 10 minutes work. It’s sorta a gamble with Redigitize. PSP Hacking is also still a very new terrain, my experience with Digimon World helps here, but it’s still substantially different.
    The 30% marks what is DONE, so 70% of ASM work still lies ahead, alas.


  29. Romsstar Says:

    I think I gotta correct myself on this one. I spent the whole day ASM hacking myself (as you know from my Digimon World 1 hacks I do know a trick here and there) and now I’d say at least 50% of the ASM work is done.


  30. Tasaq Says:


    I keep telling something like that to my boss “No worries, when I will figure that one thing the rest will be piece of cake” :D The funny thing is that I am always serious :)

    So people waiting here for full translation, as a programmer I tell you this is completely legit and very common.

    Just can’t wait, keep up the good work, got my fingers crossed for you guys.


  31. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: oh wow that’s great! Translator and ASM hacker, I envy you :) keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do


  32. PharaohAnubis Says:

    Just passing by to say thank you for your hard work, and that no matter how long ti takes you to finish it up I’ll play it and always be thankful to you guys.
    I’m a fansubber so I know how much sometimes translators and other staff involved need to hear these words to keep them up, keep it going guys you’re doing a terrific job I bet the end result will be awesome.


  33. bocahmon Says:

    Good job horray.. im always check this page EVERYDAY just want to know how is the progress Im a fan of digimon.. already finish this game for a while a go.. but still want to play it over and over again.. im never stop to laugh when i see my digimon really desperate to go to toilet lol.. it same just like me really desperate to see this translation complete lol ;)


  34. Goose Says:

    It’s so close, I can almost taste it! So good to see that a good amount of progress has been made! I’m always waiting on the edge of my seat for more news, so anything like this always makes my day.

    The hardest part is being patient, but I think I’ll be able to live. Maybe.


  35. krambharos95 Says:

    thank you for doing this for us it is great and i very much love it so than alot guys i really wanted to play this game


  36. dont tell bullshit Says:

    i think they doing bullshit. they always make new problem and that technical problem there usually ppl dont know that meaning but for it ppl who know that they know this only bull shit.. they give ss but if u pro editor u can see that ss with soft touches


  37. Philip Beni Says:

    Although I enjoy working with assembly code, I certainly am not an expert and would likely be of little use in assisting the ASM hacks. However, as a native english speaker with a lot of experience with foreign languages (But just a little Japanese), I would love to assist in the story editing. I’m pretty proficient in my ability to rearrange sentences and chose alternative words for improved readability.


  38. hrythz Says:

    Thanks alot for doing this. . . Im a big fan of digimon, just cant wait to play this game >< Goodluck to all of you~


  39. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Phillip: This is a throw away email address where you can reach me. I don’t like posting my real one where spambots can find it. We mostly have NPC text left, so it shouldn’t be too taxing, but we’ll want you to look over some text I’ve already edited before we officially make you a member. We could certainly use another skilled editor, so I hope you’ll apply.


  40. simolg Says:

    Can I Get The Download Link


  41. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:



  42. Ellen Says:

    Guys, i soo glad you still working on this project!
    Have been following you guys since last year.
    Keep up the good work!
    I´m really happy i´ll get to play this game sometime.

    Good luck! :D


  43. Lucas Says:

    Thanks a lot for work on this! There is any way to donate?


  44. Reptilian-Overlord Says:

    Great and once this is finished you guys can begin working on DECODE ^-^


  45. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Lucas: Thanks for the thought, but we could get into legal trouble if we accepted donations for this. Seriously, it means a lot that you’d be willing to donate, though.

    @Reptile: No can do. Long story short, the tools needed to debug and changes we’d like to make don’t exist, and we don’t have the skillset to create them. We have the script, and it’s three times as long, with twice as many Digimon, and is all around better, but for now, we can’t translate it. We’ll be doing the Digimon Adventure game instead as our next project.


  46. Reptilian-Overlord Says:

    I know there’s an english digimon adventure game english translation in the works, its english up to about episode 9 (first encounter with devimon on infinity mountain) you guys arent the ones working on that? If not, im sure you’ll do just as good a job.. adventure is awesome dispite being linear.


  47. Djalma Says:

    Translators, check this out!

    It has more comments than many game news there.

    Actually too many people all over the world are waiting, young to old people that loves Digimon.


  48. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, we were linked to that article a few times in the last few days. I wish it were accurate, though. That article says that our patch is already 100% done, leaving the reason for our delay unclear. We haven’t released because we aren’t done yet.


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