Progress report 09.05.2014 – About ASM Hacks


Hey guys.
I keep getting the question: What exactly are the ASM hacks, why you guys do them in the first place and are they even necessary? I hope with this post I might clear things up and actually give you some progress report, because those hacks  actually are were achieved in a timespan of two days (that is yesterday and today).

Let’s start with the most obvious question:

What are ASM hacks?

First of all ASM is an abbrevation we commonly use to describe Assembly language. Assembly language is in essence, machine code. Stuff your computer understands without additional operations. Now when it comes to Games, every machine uses a specific processor. This specific processor was designed for one of those specific languages. In games, that is usually MIPS.  Now when a game gets localized, obviously things can’t always stay the same. English Text needs more space,

sometimes it needs less space. We need to enlarge those boxes ore move them around in order to fit stuff. A practical example:
Often, when we hack a game we encounter a common issue: There is no variable width font avaible. But here you might ask: What is that, why do we need it in the first place? Well, for Japanese characters you don’t need it, because they all have the same Width and as such the font usually avaible is MONOSPACED

What is wrong with that you might ask? I’d like to illustrate that with a picture:



See? Not only it takes up a lot of space, it is just very hard to read. And especially in games where we have textboxes, it is just an issue, because it limits on how much you can squeeze in.  So what do we do? We certainly don’t want a game that has monospace text.

This is where ASM comes in. When the programmers coded the game it was written in a non-machine language, like c++, c# or other modern languages.
However we don’t have the pleasure to own the source code of the game. What a Romhacker usually ends up with is the completely compiled game. Usually an ISO or a ROM. Now an ASM hacker, has the ability to read assembly language and actually backtrack things ingame and figure out how things like this:

addiu  a0,a3,0x1

This corresponds to a box, text or anything similar in the game. And they adjust the values to what they need to make it work with the localized version.
This is what an ASM hacker essentially do (Or well that’s the short version of it)

Next point:

Normally ASM Hacks are tedious work

Why? Because programmers are lazy. Or let’s say most of those who program games in the industry are.  So they just toss all the stuff their game uses in one big archive and even they won’t have a clue what the hell is where.  Because they neither care or intend you to hack their games (naturally). But if routines that belong together just fly around, and things are just tossed together, how can you know where to look for the thing you need? That’s the thing: You can’t.

There are some approaches though of course.
– You analyze the files and figure out what corresponds to what. Essentially you read Hex files. This approach is rarely succesful

– You Debug by making Ram Dumps, using Breakpoints, and finding values. -> The way to go. There’s just one catch. Even if we find a value,
we found it only in the RAM (Random Access Memory). As soon as you enter a new room, reset the game or anything similar, all your changes will be gone.
So once you found a value in the RAM you have to backtrack it to its root, otherwise you can’t change it. That’s why it’s hard.

Another issue is, that depending on what console you work on, there might be only a few next to no tools to actually debug a game.
Especially when it comes to a “new” (in terms of Romhacking) console like the PSP, the tools we have for ASM debugging and hacking are still very limited.

Whether we’re succesful to backtrack a value or land on a value that just happens to use the same instruction, is to a certain degree luck based.
You seed add a0,a2(0x42C3) or add a0,a2(0x42C3) can occur more than once, even more than twice (up to 100000 and more). Whether you’re able to backtrack it to the right value is somehow a hit and miss thing. But usually, once you found one routine, you’ll find the others, because they like to stay close.

Ok so at the end of this post many people might feel just as confused as before (or even more confused). It wasn’t intented as an tutorial neither do I think I’m qualified to make one. I just tried to give you a very short and limited outview on ASM.
And now I just wanna show you how this whole jabbing looks in practice. Enjoy SOME ASM Hacks from Re:Digitize (Screens show work in progress and are subject to change)


Screens show:

Before and AFTER an ASM hack was applied.

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240 Responses to “Progress report 09.05.2014 – About ASM Hacks”

  1. Nightmare12 Says:

    Wow that must’ve been a lot to type, and you did a pretty good job of explaining it too. So this translation wasn’t a walk in the park from any angle, more reason to thank you and your team for all the hard work and effort! :) the ASM hacked versions just look so much better, a lot more natural. Just wanted to ask something, is the ASM hacking process done or is it still left? What you wrote in the first para was kind of hard to understand. Sorry if its stupid question. And good luck with the remainder!


  2. Romsstar Says:

    haha yeah sorry the pictures are that small. I’ll probably update that later with more detailed ones.
    Actually there is still a lot of ASM work left but it should go quicker now that I’ve figured out the principles. In my last post the ASM process was at 30% remember? Now I would say it is at about 70%.
    40% in 2 days. Not bad huh ;)


  3. Nightmare12 Says:

    No problem at all! Even they look great. I was especially impressed by the “which one is same” and the beelzemon digimemory one in which the the areas indicating text have gotten larger! All in all, its finally nearing completion and looks splendid.
    Oh that’s great news! Haha its amazing, you rock Romsstar! :)


  4. nick Says:

    Thanks for the insight, and great job on the progress!


  5. Riptor Mcloud Says:

    Hello Romsstar and team. First off I have been watching and waiting for this patch for years and I am happy that you all have done such an amazing job with this. I do have a single concern about this recent post that I just have to nitpick a little. You talk about RAM dumps, but in the one paragraph you talk about Read Only Memory…that is ROM, RAM is Random Access Memory. I just wanted to point that out, and I hope you all keep up the great work!!


  6. Juan David Says:

    Everyone is going to love you when you release that translation! thank you so much, you can’t imagine how hard is to understand the stuff translation, it’s not easy ; and we are so happy that someone decidded to make it. Thanks.


  7. bintiez Says:

    So excited about this,, keep up the good work guys!!.. You all the best!!.. And thank you so much for making this translation.. Hehehe


  8. calex93 Says:

    And when I was younger I thought game translations were only grabbing text files and translating them, lol.
    You guys are amazing and you can count with all our support.


  9. Romsstar Says:

    True, thanks I corrected that. Better screenshots will follow soon guys.


  10. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Calex, there is a lot of that, though. It’s probably the single longest part of the process, but yeah, there’s definitely more to it than that.


  11. Rain Says:

    wish i could help :(

    Regardless, i just wanna thank the team once again for all their hard work thus far. Good luck!!


  12. YinYang Says:

    Keep up the good work guys. :D we will always support you guys so good luck you guys are the BEST :D


  13. tori Says:

    U R AMAZING!!!


  14. Cassie Hack Says:

    Now this is dedication. Just wow! Saying thank you isn’t enough.


  15. mastaklo Says:

    Im from germany and i got an important question
    When this patch is 100% done will we be able to translate the english version
    Or would that cause problens with asm?
    If its posible could anyone upload a tutorial on how to do that so we can translate it in other languages?


  16. momentaihenry Says:

    Hey Romsstar,

    I’ve picked up on some MIPS (assembly) and C this semester, and would love to help out in any way I can once my finals are over. (After May 16th) Huge digimon fan and looking forward to this patch’s completion.


  17. digiFan Says:

    You guys are the best!
    Thank you very much


  18. Drai Says:

    So What most probable date can you complete the translations?


  19. Zanzoltan Says:

    I have to thank you for this. Even though we’ll have to wait months, I’ll “Make” the patience. I’m actually playing all the other games I never finished of Digimon, just to calm the ansiety for this one. Take your time…

    Perfection takes it’s time :D


  20. Tasaq Says:

    You could also add kiss, this would give even better understanding hwo hard this is :)

    link to kiss:


  21. Paulo Sergio Says:

    Great work guys!


  22. Romsstar Says:

    @Tasaq: And that table isn’t even complete.
    This is for the Intel Assembler but the PSP is using a mips32r2 which has even more instructions.

    Try this ;)

    And that’s only one volume. xD It is actually even harder than many people acknowledge.


  23. jay kim Says:

    coming here everyday to see any updates…
    became my habit.. T.T


  24. cryum Says:

    Cool, I actually understood that. Gotta love(hate) lazy programming.


  25. Tasaq Says:

    @Romsstar I showed 80186 table only as reference since it’s easy to give an idea :) I personally spent my time with ARMv7 and much much more time with PTX/ARB (since I am gpgpu & graphics programmer).

    Thinking about what all you must be doing gives me headache, not easy thing to do, and it’s easy to lose nerves :)


  26. JP Says:

    Thank you guys for all the work you and your team is putting in. This is very interesting how this stuff is working. Keep up the great work!


  27. Dhmhtrhs Kamarinos Says:

    to honest i dont care about how long it wil take , just give us some progress report , i need to fill the joy of this comin close to be 100 %

    keep up the good work


  28. arandomlurker Says:

    i would say thanks for translating the game but we dont have it yet :( looks good from the videos though. it seems like this will never get finished though, i mean you said 95% of the story was done and inserted in february ad 70% of npcs were done in march, i know there was a hold up but is this gonna take until after the summer is over? i was thikng june would be reasonable to expect it but now it looks like we wont get it until august or later


  29. Lokys Says:

    @arandomlurker The team are doing a 100% translation and they want it perfect.

    From what I understand from Rommstars post the game is 99.9 percent translate (the 0.1% probably being nothing) but now they’re working on the ASM hacking so that the translated parts of the game actually fit into the dialogue boxes.

    You SHOULD be thanking them for taking the time out of their lives to translate a game we all probably downloaded for free.

    If you think you’ve waited too long for the game to be translated then go and learn Japanese and leave the negativity out of the comments section.

    Show some appreciation and leave the crap out of it.

    On that note: Again, thanks team for taking the time and I can’t wait for the release, I check every day just in case there is a progress report XD


  30. demi Says:

    Island full of dead people has been found


  31. Romsstar Says:

    The status currently is:
    Story: 99,9% (See my last post)
    NPCs: 90% (This is related to the 90% in ASM)
    ASM: 90%
    Story Edit: 90% (Any complaints about Edit progression: Refer to my last posts)
    NPC Edit: 30% (Any complaints about Edit progression: Refer to my last posts)

    And I just wonder: How this people, who know nothing about our project can say anything about how far things are or when a release is to be expected when even I can’t. lol

    I said: The release will happen in 2014. I will hold up my end.
    I didn’t make any other promises. Which day, or even which month, I can’t even remotely tell right now.


  32. Shiroma Says:

    Good work gambare


  33. Shiroma Says:



  34. PeanutTrader Says:

    @romsstar what do you mean you can’t even remotely predict the release date?
    I know there are bumps in the way but if work goes in a linear progression you need to have some idea of when it is finished. Still i’m gratefull for what you are doing here.
    Good luck for all of you and i hope there is a release date soon as I’ve been following the project for 1 year and have been getting impacient


  35. Romsstar Says:

    The reason for that is simple:
    I can’t control other people.
    This is not a one-man job and you never can tell when the others will have their part finished. If, for example Sporky is busy and can’t do the Edit right now, there’s nothing I can do about that. I don’t know when he gets free time to do things and this holds true for everyone on the team. And despite me being the project leader, I can’t and I don’t want to force anyone doing their job. Because everyone signed in volutary and there’s no paycheck waiting at the end of the tunnel. Hece I can only speak for the parts I’m responsible of.


  36. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: oh sweet! ASM is now 90%! Thanks for all that you’re doing Romsstar and team. I just have one question, how is the NPC work related to ASM? If you don’t mind me asking


  37. Romsstar Says:

    Basically most of the ASM work that is/was required is on NPCs.
    The Restaurant, Birdra Transport, Warehouse, things like that.
    They are all tied together and translations have to be adjusted to what we can put into the boxes and naturally those two things are tied together.


  38. Nightmare12 Says:

    Oh alright, so both would be completed together?


  39. Romsstar Says:

    Most likely, yes.


  40. Goose Says:

    Still sitting here in anticipation. Keep up the great work!


  41. GabrieliosP Says:

    Monospaced text really is hard to read, so thanks for fixing that as there are some games with official releases that still use monospaced fonts.


  42. PeanutTrader Says:

    But all that’s left is the editing, ASM and the quality testing right?


  43. Mila Zalach Says:

    I can’t wait any longer D:
    I’m thrilled and i’m looking forward to the patch ASAP


  44. BLADE Says:

    well this seems to be getting closer and closer looking forward to this so much just completed dmw1 and dmw3 and not to mention playing masters but this will be special when its out :)


  45. James Says:

    Rommstar please give us at the very least a rough estimate what month this will be released for us to play. Next month? July/August? Christmas? Any rough ETA would be appreciated.



  46. jay kim Says:


    If you READ the POSTS then you will know that he does NOT know the DATE for the release, because he does not have CONTROL over other people.

    so be PATIENT! XD


  47. James Says:


    I’m aware, if you READ my POST it clearly says “rough estimate” as I’ve taken him not knowing a precise date into consideration.

    ESTIMATING roughly how many more months it will take to have this 100% completed isn’t too unreasonable, considering I saw a post back in 2012 almost 2 years ago now it was still somewhere in the 90% completion area……


  48. Saldash Says:


    The release year is 2014, that’ll have to do, he can’t give any better estimate then that. and do remember to always look at “last updated on” if you are looking at forum posts.. Some posts are 2 years old, but have been updated last week.

    Romstar and team, please keep up the good work, and keep your heads cool in this upcoming summer.


  49. Rai Says:

    James you have to remember between those two years, they had huge setbacks they hadn’t planned.

    Plus I’m pretty sure that “completion rate” was for the translation part, not asm, editing, etc.

    I’m sure there’s another reason why (outside of not controlling team) Romsstar won’t give a month release date, because if his team fails to deliver at that month, there will be shitstorms about his team being stupid, fake, etc. It would most likely demotivate them and delay the translation even further, you guys don’t want that, do you? You do want the patch right? That’s why you’re even posting on this blog after all. 2014 is a good enough release indication.

    Seriously, be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Bitching about release dates won’t make it come out faster.


  50. Romsstar Says:

    Truth is: The 90% back then were really true, BUT: Back then the translation was in txt files because we couldn’t insert them. Insertion, Editing, ASM and more, all those things were basically at 0% when I mentioned that the translation was at 90% (which it really WAS). But everything else was not.

    Setbacks where:
    Roxas developed his tool for 3 months (which still didn’t get the job right), and then for around 6 months 3 programmers showed up trying to help: One ditches us halfway, one stole the translation, another one tried for 2 weeks and said it was impossible to do…

    Then CompCom showed up and finally fixed the problem. So truth is: From those 2 years you have to subtract about 9 months in which nothing happened. It’s a pity it took such a long time, but understand that this wasn’t a choice, and the PSP hacking field is a pretty new scene. So to find someone who could actually do the job was already a blessing.

    So yes Rai, you are completely right: The completion rate back then referred only to the translation, plus, as I mentioned in my gbatemp posts, the translation was stored in txt files due to programming issues.


  51. eldajun Says:

    how can i download your english patched?


  52. calex93 Says:

    @eldajun Waiting for the release


  53. jay kim Says:

    I believe Romsstar will give us a link for the english patch.

    Is it possible to get any progress report?
    I know you gave it out like last week but I would love to see even 1% progress was made XD
    If it’s too much of me to ask, it’s fine to ignore me.
    I won’t be heart broken T.T


  54. Rai Says:

    People should stop asking for progress reports. Getting too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing too.

    Plus it’s getting annoying to see several posts of “Progress please” right after Romsstar posting progress not that long ago. Again, patience, it’s a virtue.


  55. AdiKOV Says:

    Can i leave a hate comment, even if it’s a fake one. We don’t get them as much as we did before. So we can’t rip on anyone who doubts this…


  56. Romsstar Says:

    @AdiKOV: Is it boring if a project has so much support and believe behind it?XD

    @jay kim: Progress reports aren’t exactly a weekly thing. If it makes you any happier: ASM 91%.XDD

    Seriously when something is that close to completion I don’t bother that much with numbers any more. Not that I ever did to begin with.
    I just don’t like numbers neither do they like me.XD

    Currently it’s just waiting for Sporky to get that Story Edit done :)
    Once we’re through with that I might consider a new progress report.


  57. jay kim Says:


    Yes. that 91% made my day! XD


  58. AdiKOV Says:

    Just trying to fire things up and get people more excited :)


  59. Goose Says:

    Just hearing that it is a little closer makes me happy. Each day I have to look here just to see any news I can find. I will just have to continue monitoring this until it’s done. :P As per usual, thanks again for this work.


  60. LordLOL Says:

    Hey, i can’t help with anything and might be end up just bein a annoying useless leecher, but just wanna say Thank you very much, i’m a big Digimon fans…So if you guys complete this translation and fully released it, U guys will be forever one of my heroes \’w’/


  61. Huntar Says:

    You did get some native English speakers to do the final edit sweeps, right? Not to be rude or anything, but I haven’t seen anyone from the team post in a way that makes me think that English is a primary language for them.


  62. Rai Says:

    Whilst I’m not a part of the team, I think their English is good enough to be honest. But then again, I don’t think every team member has posted yet. Granted, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Just be glad it’s not Pokémon Crystal: Vietnamese Version, haha.


  63. Romsstar Says:

    @Huntar: It’s funny but most of the time when we get such posts, it’s from people whose English is actually on such a low level that what they file under “grammar mistakes” is actually correct but they are unaware of that. Not implying that you are part of those people, that’s what we often get.

    Just two examples:
    “I kinda dissapointed wit the translation”
    “no, I’m stick with the Japanese version”

    Anywho, as I stated many times, I’m not a native speaker, so naturally my English is not perfect. Although I didn’t get the feeling it was that bad to be honest… So yeah my postings might contain mistakes.

    The only team members that posted so far were Sporky and me.

    As for native speakers we got Sporky McForkinspoon aboard, and I dare you to find mistakes in his postings. I assure you he’s a native speaker and I honestly don’t know what you could find wrong with his English. And you have to take into account that the language we end up using for the game substantially differs from the one we use in our postings.

    But to be honest I don’t get the feeling that you are a native speaker either. I hardly encountered any native speaker using the word “primary language”. It’s not exactly common. But if you are a Native Speaker indeed and if you feel you are up to the job, and you think you can do better, feel free to apply as an Editor, take the test and given you pass, join. After all I won’t reject people who are honestly doing good work.


  64. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Hunter: As Rom has said, I am a native speaker, and I dare say a rather good one at that. My mother is an English teacher, and I was captain of my debate team in high school. That said, yes, if you would like to apply for an editorial position, feel free to do so. I have only so much free time, and at this point editing is the primary bottleneck. Another skilled editor would greatly move up our release date.


  65. Huntar Says:

    Yeah, I hesitated on asking about the editors for a long while because I didn’t want to seem like a jerk. It was more of a niggling worry than anything significant. I’d honestly never seen Sporky post before, and it’s a problem I’d seen come up before in translation efforts. Sporky’s diction seems perfectly fine, though.

    I decided to say primary language as opposed to first language so as to not exclude people that grew up in multilingual households. It’s definitely a less common usage, but I felt it’d be a better choice.

    Honestly, I would apply to be an editor if I was between semesters or out of school again. I don’t feel I have enough time to give the task adequate attention right now. I would really only have enough time in another few months, and then for only a few weeks. Sorry if it seemed like I was being overly harsh about the effort you guys are putting forth. That wasn’t my intention at all.


  66. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s alright, I appreciate the apology.


  67. Saldash Says:

    I’m not a native english speaker, though if I can I wouldn’t mind helping out. Unemployed anyhow so plenty of time.


  68. i suck at english Says:

    funny thing is i only know how to speak and write english and some of these none native english speaker are better than me -_-


  69. Dainbow Says:

    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop, looking forward to release, which will come when it does. Until then maybe I’ll do something productive.


  70. The-Annoyer Says:

    Can you tell me the whole conversion percentage, please?


  71. Juho Says:

    Oh man I am so going to play this on PPSSPP in my 51″ FullHD tv.
    It will be like back in PS1 era, with Digimon World. But NEW!
    Good work guys, good work. Keep it up and don’t give up.


  72. Romsstar Says:

    @The Annoyer:
    Nah, people will get confused and annoyed and I don’t like this.xD

    @Juho: Haha exactly how I’m doing the Alphatesting right now :D
    It looks great btw. XD If you manage to get yourself a PS3 Controller and make it work with PPSSPP it’s almost like playing it on a ps3. it’s great.xD


  73. Rai Says:

    Oh man, thank you for not saying the percentage of the entire translation. It’d just cause people to start arguing, and tell you to hurry up, etc. It wouldn’t be good at all, and at most, would probably be straining on you.

    Good call, good luck, and keep it up, you and your team are doing fantastic.

    P.S. I generally play my games on PPSSPP with a PS3 controller, myself. But when there are several games that don’t work properly (Super Stardust Portable is an example, that game is unplayable.), I just use RemoteJoy Lite v19, and use my PS3 controller on that, it’s somewhat the same kind of experience, just…. worse graphics. :P

    ….Yeah it’s hard to go back to the PSP after playing on PPSSPP with all that enhancing it does.


  74. Juho Says:

    I am using PS3 controller on my PC :D wireless connection too.


  75. Juho Says:

    What kind of graphical settings you have on the PPSSPP?


  76. huialx Says:

    stll no news ? :/


  77. RaiRai Says:

    i am using xbox 360 controller :/


  78. Goose Says:

    Goodness, just the sound of alpha testing makes me want to play it that much more. Sounds so boss.


  79. MrHappy Says:


    Kudos to all of you doing this, I’m eagerly awaiting the full patch release. That being said, take all the time you need and know that when you do release the patch, this is going to consume my entire being,

    I’m told that this is a bad thing.

    I disagree with them wholeheartedly.


  80. eldajun Says:

    thanks everyone

    @Romsstar do your best ^_^


  81. Gary Sia Says:

    Can’t wait for it….checked this blog and gbatemp almost everyday….haha….

    Good job guys….^^


  82. Romsstar Says:

    Oh right, since people crave for those little %s and it’s not worth post (yet) :
    ASM: 95%
    (It would be done if I hadn’t discovered a bug last minute :/)


  83. PeanutTrader Says:

    @romsstar i’m getting mixed feelings..


  84. PeanutTrader Says:

    @romsstar is it quick to fix? Is the patch being released after it is fixed?


  85. MrHappy Says:


    Hahaha, slow down there.

    Even if it’s fixed quickly the patch is still being -alpha- tested. Which means it’s going to be Betatested after that as well. Whether the general public will be participating in this betatest is to be determined, but I imagine the whole process is still at least a month away from completion (this is me throwing a random guess out there).

    Long story short…it’ll get here when it gets here.


  86. Romsstar Says:

    It’s perfectly normal to run into bugs with such things.
    Please refer to older posts, but the short answer: yes to the first and NO to the second question.


  87. Juho Says:

    Those damn bugs just like to hit you in the face when you think its all good and well.


  88. Romsstar Says:

    While this highly depends on our Editors, I’m inclined to say that your guess sounds to me about right. But like I said, that’s nothing I can actually estimate.


  89. BLADE Says:

    it will get here when it gets here guys :)


  90. Zack Says:

    @Romsstar Romsstar i need your help,do you know how to rip off a psx FMV? Even with replacing them with a dummy file it freezes.If you have time,could you send me your e-mail? Thanks :)


  91. pablitox Says:

    It was a very good explanation!

    i can tell asm hacking is really difficult, my partner is doing his best effort so the game gets finally translated, as the script is finally ready.

    that said, i wish success in yours!



  92. Azrail Turnip Says:

    Oh hi, long time without making any comments, but I always following you guys! Almost everyday entering the page seeking any news. I wish the best of luck for the team!

    Romsstar, just answer me one thing…
    Somewhere in the last posts and comments, you said that this game was like a… parallel or an older version of the Digimon World 1 psx game. Could you tell us more about this? I known its almost a spoiler, but still I would like to hear (read) more about that, its so exciting! Thanks in advance.

    As a lot of people here, sorry my bad english! Greetings from Brazil
    (different from the others, I hate the world cup ok? Hahaha)


  93. Romsstar Says:

    @Azrail Turnip:
    Actually I did explain this in a spoiler comment ;)
    But in short: Redigitize can be consired as a direct sequel to Digimon World 1 as it plays in the same universe, just many years after. Hiro from Digimon World is considered a legend, there is even a cameo from him (sorta).
    Please refer to my other post for detailed explanation.
    It’s a longer post marked all in white, you have to mark the text in order to be able to read it.


  94. Lying too your face Says:

    so glad i discovered redigitize, after seeing digimon world 2,3 and 4 i was disappointed, the NDS games arent bad but they just dont match upto digimon world 1.

    im gonna assume once this translation is all done that we will have to manually apply it in a similar fashion as Team Mavericks MHP3D translation patch?


  95. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Lying: Yep, we cannot legally supply you with a prepatched version of the game. I’m sure someone will post one somewhere if it gives you too much trouble, though.


  96. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar what put to Azrail just made me so happy :) bet that means ur going to hack this game well and true like dmw1 lol


  97. Cole Says:


    Thanks for all the wwork you guys have put in. I saw in the previous comments about an extra editor would speed things along. English is my native language and I’m an intern for an English professor at my college, haha which means I’m used to grading and going through and fixing a lot of papers. Let me know if I can help in any way. Thanks!


  98. jay kim Says:

    I vote Cole to be our editor.
    It might speed up the process XD


  99. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We would be more than happy to interview him about it if he contacts us privately, or leaves an email address.


  100. Cole Says:

    Hi Sporky, I got an email from Romsstar and I responded to it. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys! Hope I can help!


  101. Nightmare12 Says:

    This is pretty sweet, a new editor! I hope you get selected Cole, that should push the release date forward a bit I hope. Romsstar and team, good luck with the remaining and thanks a bunch


  102. Lying too your face Says:

    applying the patch to the game would be simple enough, Would be a hell of a lot faster then waiting for someone to put a torrent of a pre-patched version up.


  103. Fladimir Silva Says:

    i expect July :D
    Thanks RomsStar you the best :D


  104. Rai Says:

    Don’t “expect” any month. You’ll just disappoint yourself if it doesn’t come out.


  105. The-Annoyer Says:

    I miss The The Digimon Adventure Series :( :'(


  106. Andrea Says:

    Will this came out for both 3DS and PSP?


  107. vorp Says:

    “As for native speakers we got Sporky McForkinspoon aboard, and I dare you to find mistakes in his postings.”

    “As Rom has said, I am a native speaker,(should be a semicolon) and I dare say a rather good one at that.”

    ” I have only so much free time, and at this point editing is the primary bottleneck.” (have only is very awkward, it should be only have)


  108. Huntar Says:

    No, both of those corrections are wrong. A semicolon wouldn’t be used there, and that’s a perfectly fine phrasing. You could’ve had something if you pointed out that daresay is one word, but you somehow missed that, despite your clearly outstanding understanding of the English language.


  109. BLADE Says:

    look as long as he game is in English dose it matter if its perfect …no as long as it reads right and is playable then thats more then you would have got people picking at simple things if any one has a problem with the editors way of putting things do it yourself ..rant over


  110. blister Says:

    Oh common…. Now we gonna argue about this small details? Oh common…. Dont you guys have anything better to do?

    The team is awesome. Good luck guys


  111. Romsstar Says:

    Some people like to look for that hair in the soup, just for the sake of trolling. I’m pleased to see people didn’t fell for it. Expect an update coming very soon guys, currently we’re just trying to solve an issue for your benefit ( A stupid one that proved to be more nasty than I’d expected but we’ll solve it)


  112. Gary Sia Says:

    Woo Hoo….way to go guys….^^


  113. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Vorp: You’re just wrong, neither of your corrections are correct. Huntar, however, is correct that “daresay” is only one word, mea culpa.


  114. Rai Says:

    BLADE: I gotta say, you’re quite wrong when it comes to “If it’s in English, it’s fine!” logic. Go play Vietnamese Pokémon Crystal, ‘then’ come back and say that.

    Actually, play it for the hell of it, it’s hilarious and amazing. It also makes you respect proper English more.


  115. crimsondisco Says:

    I kind of feel sorry sometimes for people who do projects like this, there will always be somebody complaining and nitpicking about even the small details and you just need to be sure everything is perfect because you just don’t want to release a flawed patch, even though you’re doing it for free. I can’t just say “you shouldn’t care about then” because I know how important it is for you guys to release something that you’re proud of. But you have my full support at least if it helps somewhat!


  116. BLADE Says:

    @Rai that idea dose sound interesting lol. However proper English is a funny subject because i am from England and speak English as my main language and people in America who speak the same language have different ways of using words and spelling them. however i respect there way of using the language.

    as for that post i put my general point was as long as you can read the text and follow it dose it matter if there are a few hiccups in it and the spellings and punctuality don’t have to be spot on in a post which the essentially was aimed at. evidence for it not needing to be bob on can come from my last post, were people could read it and understand it but it was not spot on .

    p.s that Vietnamese Pokémon Crystal dose sound very funny

    pp.s @romsstar keep up the good work


  117. baronlineshop Says:

    how i can get english patch?


  118. The-Annoyer Says:

    @baronlineshop, Wait Till The Release


  119. Romsstar Says:

    …Soon… :D


  120. crimsondisco Says:

    Ohhhhh hohohoho :)


  121. Rai Says:

    @BLADE: True, if you can understand what’s being said then it’s fine. And yeah, Vietnamese Pokémon Crystal is very funny. I’ve also been playing Chinese Pokémon Emerald which has also been quite amazing too.

    as lng as th txt isnt lik dis den im fin wid it rly lol!!!

    …That hurt, trying to type like that. Never again.

    Liked by 1 person

  122. Emma Giudice Says:

    I have to say (as a native English speaker) so long as someone checks it over to make sure it doesn’t suffer from “google-translate-itus” then I’ll be fine with it, s for posts and spelling/grammar errors. Who hasn’t had a typo or mis-phrase creep in when they’re posting?? I make them all the time. Personally I would rather Rosmtar and Sproky spent time on the game than on fastidiously re-reading everything before they post it i case there’s so e minor error in it :P


  123. Resty Q Vargas Says:



  124. BLADE Says:

    @Rai that little bit of chav talk you put in had me wetting my self i could feel your pain writing it as i read it lol. And as for Chinese Pokémon Emerald you should try playing some of the “clone” games in there native tongue that is truly a laugh especially when translated into English.

    @ Emma Giudice could not agree with you more :)

    @ romsstar and team as always keep up the epic work

    p.s when the game comes out it would be epic if you changed this site into a post site just for the game and tips and tricks :)


  125. Tenshi-sama Says:

    Thanks guys for making an English translation for this! I can’t wait ’til it comes out and keep up the good work! :D


  126. Cold B. Says:

    I would like to thank everyone. The PSP is a system that unfortunately has several pearls that were only released in Japan. (like Frontier Gate Boost+, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, the SEVERAL “Tales of” and so on…)

    I even thought about learning Japanese just to play these games and many more but unfortunately I would still have trouble playing with my friends. =.=”

    Anyway, pay no attention to those who are looking for flaws in the paradise. And if some of you just can’t wait, use this spreadsheet until the patch is released:


  127. The-Annoyer Says:

    Thank you for all your effort Romsstar and Gang! :) :)


  128. eldajun Says:

    is it done?


  129. Rai Says:

    Quit asking if it’s done. It’s done when it’s done. It’s irritating to no end.


  130. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar and team do u think any of the guys that did final fantasy 0 will help know they have finished there project ?


  131. BLADE Says:

    stupid predictive text ^


  132. Raziel Says:

    @BLADE He refused SkyBladeCloud’s help,so they probably won’t work together.


  133. BLADE Says:

    @raziel that’s fair enough bit of a shame but there must be a reason for it


  134. Romsstar Says:

    There is a reason for that , but that’s not something I’d like to discuss (Again). But that’s not the point :)
    Moreover we’re doing perfectly fine with the team the way it currently is. I’m happy how things work out and I’m pretty sure you all will be satisfied with the result. After all we’re going for quality, not speed. Other members from other translations might not provide what we’re seeking for this translation. It’s a question of style and too many editors will inevitably cause too many flavors. Just stay patient guys, I know it’s been a long wait but stick with us just a little longer! :)


  135. Krownyh Says:

    Talking about good translation have you guys seem Digimon Ruby? LoL
    Have a look : ” The grade that digimon evolve is divided totally into infancy period, development period, maturity, utterly period period, and finish period~”


  136. Romsstar Says:

    Well that’s what Google Translator gets you I guess.


  137. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar what ever you and the team decide mate will be fine by us keep up the good work


  138. TOPBOY 99 Says:



  139. dave Says:

    @topboy99 if you really think they would re-dub the intro to english, you are straight up retarded.


  140. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar i have been playing that translated final fantasy and the one thing i have notice is the talking in Japanese kind of takes you out of the same. is redigitized the same with in game speaking or is it just in certain bits like the first digimon world ?


  141. Rai Says:

    I have no problems with subtitles. I’ve never really felt like I’m being “taken” out of the game, because I’ve never felt like I was in a game to begin with. I mean, come on, text boxes are pretty much the same as subtitles.


  142. flipdeflip Says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m pretty new here sinds i didn’t know DWorld re-digi exists…
    Yeah shame on me! Sinds then i have been looking non stop for an English patch (without any luck). So i’m really rooting for U guys here!

    So keep up the good work, my heroes!


  143. Romsstar Says:

    @BLADE: That depends on what you’re referring to. There is hardly any voiceacting in Redigitize except for the Opening.
    There are parts like the scold or praise and sleep thing which have voice acting (one worders)

    But we decided not to subtitle those as it’ll feel natural to people who played Digimon World 1 (Plus it’s simply not worth the trouble)
    As Digimon World 1’s Opening was subtitled as well I’d say that if you were fine with the way how Digimon World 1 was handled you’ll be more than satisfied how we did it. It’s basically the same, only that we won’t shorten any words and with more refined english and less grammar mistakes.XD (Please don’t take this post as reference lol)


  144. TOPBOY99 Says:

    @romsstar so would u do it or not.if yes thanks if not keep up the good work and also thanks lol.


  145. Romsstar Says:

    So many things I have to say about this, but I’ll keep it short:


  146. TOPBOY99 Says:

    @romsstar is it possible to hack 3ds or 2ds atleast to make it play downloadable games via sd card without flashcart.actually the reason is iam a lot intrested in games.but i live in india so it is hard to buy 2ds and is not even able to be delivered at my place when i thought it to buy on I AM INTRESTED IN POKEMON AND DIGIMON.THERE IS POKEMON XY AND NEW RUBY AND SAPPHIRE .IN DIGIMON REDIGITIZE MIGHT LOCALIZE TO AMERICA.SO DO U KNOW ANY PEOPLE WHO CAN AT LEAST TRY TO MAKE AN EMULATOR


  147. TOPBOY99 Says:

    @romsstar OK AS U WISH AND THANKS


  148. Romsstar Says:

    @TOPBOY99: You ask questions that are out of our possibilities
    and even technically next to impossible with current means.
    And please for gods sake, stop using capslock. It’s annoying me and I bet everyone else. lol


  149. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Topboy: At this point, no. No one has, to my knowledge, hacked the 3DS. I’m as anxious as anyone for that to happen, but it may take years. In the mean time, download the regular DS emulator DeSmuME and play The World Ends With You, it’s great. And when you’re done, then get a GBA emulator and play Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. That should keep you busy for a while.


  150. PeanutTrader Says:

    @sporky the world ends with you sucks if you’re playing on an emulator…
    The touchscreen is too much of a big deal to just use the mouse imo


  151. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Romsstar: uhh if it’s not too much trouble, and if it is possible, could you tell us what work is left to be done?


  152. Zanzoltan Says:

    @Romsstar: By first, I want to thank you for your great work. And by second, everyone was thrilled with the E3. And I would always respond the same whenever I saw a post like that…”I’m just waiting for the Digimon Re: Digitize translation”…

    Hopefully, you could at least give us an approximate…do you think that the project would be done before August? Or it’s gonna take even more time than that?

    Thanks in advance. And thanks to everyone else that’s working on this project (Will give thanks to everyone once is released and perhaps each time someone speaks about a change :D)


  153. Rai Says:

    People need to stop bugging Romsstar and his team. It’s annoying to no end, you don’t need a release date, you don’t need an update every 2 or 3 days. Shut up and be patient. It’ll come out when it comes out.


  154. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar that sounds brilliant i love the way DMW1 was handled if you guys have done it like that, it is more then i hoped for i was a big fan of DMW1 and being only 21 is a big part of my childhood i was just worried of being taken out of the zone not to slag of SkyBladeCloud’s work respectively but i feel i am listening to one thing and doing another i was just worried i would get the same result here but either way cant complain seeing as the company’s that make these cant release them to there fans in other regions


  155. BLADE Says:

    ^ either way please keep up the good work and you have my support if there is any way i can be of help i am more then willing


  156. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @PeanutTrader: I actually prefer TWEWY on an emulator. On a good computer, and with a mouse, I find the game is a lot easier to play.

    @Nightmare: We have a first draft of almost everything done, I am working on the last few cutscenes. At that point, there are some NPCs to work on, and then I’ll need to play through the game and make sure that everything fits on the screen correctly and that I’m happy with the word choices, basically another round of editing. How long that will take is unclear.

    @Zanzoltan: Ideally, this will be done by August, but we can’t make any promises to that effect. There are many things that could come up between then and now, so the only thing we can say with certainty is that we’re close.


  157. Zanzoltan Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon

    Thanks…just wanted to at least understand what you meant when you said that you were “That close” :D

    PS: Nice name…quite a mouthful, but nice :D


  158. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Sporky: oh that’s sweet. So ASM work is done I’m assuming? And you’re into the Alpha testing stage?


  159. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    ASM is done, and we’re not quite, officially, in alpha yet. But we’re very close.


  160. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Sporky: alright,thanks a lot for the replies and the work that you and the team are doing!


  161. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, there should be an actual post about it soon, but you heard it here first. I drank a bunch of coffee and stayed up all night, and I finished editing the last of the main storyline scenes. There’s still some sidequests, NPCs and emails to edit, but that’s a big step forward.


  162. Nightmare12 Says:

    @Sporky: woah now that’s dedication! Thanks a lot and good luck with the rest, cant wait to see the awesome work you guys have done


  163. Reaver7 Says:

    i’m a french developper, i would be happy to translate it in french when your job will be done ;)
    Congratulations guys for your awesome work, and great job for thinking to the ASM!


  164. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Reaver: We certainly won’t stop you, and, I can’t speak for Romsstar and CompCom, but I expect they wouldn’t mind sharing the tools they made to work on the game. However, inevitably when translating something, a certain amount will be lost. I would suggest that you find at least one person who is fluent in both Japanese and French (if they speak English as well, they could perhaps use ours as a base) to make a direct translation.


  165. HomelessChildExperiment Says:

    I think the lack of updates is indicating that a release is coming out in less than two months. Maybe even sooner. ;)

    Feeling elated.


  166. 99 Says:

    Digimon story cyber sleuth


  167. Rapa Says:

    I just wanted to says thanks for doing all of this. I’ve been fallowing for a while and its been a pleasure to watch. Good luck in finishing :3


  168. Sephkateno Says:

    @Romsstar I’ve been watching this translation for what seems now for a long time and I just wanna say thanks to you and to the other devs for this I was a digimon fan from digimon world 1 from ps1 and have since to feel the same game experience the same digimon thrill the others sequels were not the same for me at least those I played but when this game got released I tested it and felt the same feelings I felt when I was just a kid but I couldn’t understand anything since I don’t speak japanese (although I love the language) then I waited for this project like a kid waits for his Xmas presents :-D Thank you for granting me and a lot more people the thrill the feelings the joy of experiencing another great digimon game! THANK YOU!!!


  169. Topboy99 Says:

    @Romsstar remember you said it impossible to make 3ds emulator See the development of it. And if any of your team members or you could help making this a functional emulator.And keep up the good work and i hope you finish the translation fast.


  170. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Topboy: I don’t believe anyone said it would be impossible, just that a functional one is not likely to exist for years. Although I am glad to hear the problem is being worked on, but I do not believe anyone on our team, with the exception perhaps of StorMyu who has many, many projects already, has the skillset needed to contribute to the creation of an emulator. Godspeed to those who do, though.

    @Sephkateno and Rapa: Thank you both for your support. We’re entering the home stretch, and we are as excited as anyone else to be finishing. We want to release a quality patch though, so we’re going to wait until we feel it’s damned near perfect before we do. Nothing takes you out of a game like a typo, right? We also plan to work together on a patch of the Digimon Adventure PSP game as our next patch, so there’s more good things to come.

    Liked by 1 person

  171. Sephkateno Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon No man thank you!!! You are the heroes on this I just wish i could suport you the way you deserve for all this work you have put on this project and I’m really looking forward to your next project!!!


  172. crimsondisco Says:

    Citra just runs very basic code, they still don’t have many functions to make games playable. And that is because the 3DS is not fully hacked yet and barely documented obviously. There are no usable exploits yet for firmwares above 4.5. Citra was never made to run commercial games, just small homebrew that use basic functions and that’s it.


  173. Romsstar Says:

    Sorry for the lack of update but we’re just way too busy testing. ASM : 100% (given there are no more bugs)
    First Story Edit: 100% (Second revision is taking place as we speak)
    NPCs: Work in progress don’t ask for %

    Btw is it weird to love your own project and be totally satisfied by how great it turns out to look? I hope not :)


  174. Giga Ramadhan Says:

    of course not. we always love your project and we are really grateful to you guys because we really want to play this game. I hope you guys can finish it perfectly.


  175. Rai Says:

    Whilst it’s not weird to love your own project, what Giga said is actually wrong. A lot of artists hate their own work and think their work looks bad, regardless if it is or not, I myself am a sprite artist, and I think a lot of my sprites are quite bad, despite being told I’m apparently good.

    It’s just something inside humans that are never really “satisfied” with their work, and want to make it better. If you love your own project, and is satisfied how great it looks, then it generally means you’ve beaten your own expectations, no? That in itself is an amazing accomplishment.


  176. Rai Says:

    Nevermind~ I misread Giga’s post, I thought you said that “We always love our projects”, and not “Your project”.

    My mistake, but my post still stands as it is :V


  177. your fan Says:

    thank you for the hard work!! :)


  178. Tasaq Says:


    Definitely not, this is actually the coolest thing about what you are doing right now :)
    There those moments, where we reach the deadline, we give our product to the customer, and after that there’s that moment when I have nothing to do anymore, I launch the app I was co-creator off and I am always satisfied with the results :)


  179. Adam Says:

    thank you so much for your hard work,you are doing a great great job,keep it going guys and dont worry about the update,take it easy and do it when you are ready


  180. Sloto Facil Says:

    soo close thanks romsstar
    launch beta test for us :D


  181. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Sloto Facil: We do not plan to have a public beta. Things tend to go badly if incomplete versions are released to the public. Other people will take credit for our work, still others will flame us for doing a “bad” job when it’s simply a work in progress, people will have a hard time keeping up with the current version, and it’s distinctly possible that an incomplete patch will be buggy and crash constantly (which we would also be blamed for). It’s just not worth the headache.

    Unfortunately, it’s quite a risk even having a closed beta, since anyone we give access to can post it on the web before we’re ready, which is why we’re doing most of the testing ourselves, and having only friends and family help us with it. That’s somewhat unfair, I wish there were a better way of doing things, but I’m afraid there’s just isn’t one. On the bright side, the wait is nearly over.


  182. AJ999000 Says:

    No, it is not weird at all. I can tell that not any project you have worked on would satisfy you unless you see that the final result of the project you have worked on is perfect and flawless.

    And I am really glad to know how much progress has been made on this project.


  183. BLADE Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon all the points you have put are to true in fact its a little saddening that people would pick such great work apart even if you specifically told them it was a beta copy :(

    shame that we have to wait for a while longer. However on the bright side its not looking far off :)

    as always keep up the great work


  184. Romsstar Says:

    Truth is, the team used to be much bigger. But same said members DID spread the patch and stole the work and although they were explicitely told not to spread it (and way less to claim it’s their own work) this is what happened. If this happens even within your own group, how can we possibly start an open beta? (Needless to say those very same people are not part of the group anymore)

    And then there’s just the thing that people nitpick on everything. One wrong letter (which is btw totally normal in a beta) and they would just run wild “this patch sucks!”.

    I’m pretty sure even if we are to release out patch finally then, there will still be people out there, screaming the very same.

    I agree with everything Sporky said.


  185. BLADE Says:

    @romsstar again i understand what you put but there is no denying it is a shame that incidents that you and Sporky have said would occur ( because in all honesty people would nit pick and ruin something that’s so awesome before it is finished ).

    a open beta would be brilliant for the fans , but i fully understand the reasons you and your team are saying and i will not pester for one .

    all in all again keep up the great work :)


  186. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s definitely a shame, I’ve certainly been on the other side, frustrated at how long these patches always take, and the possibility that people will close up shop entirely at some point. We get a lot of complaints that this project was started in 2012 and it’s still not done. What people don’t realize is how amazingly fast it is that it’s only taken two years.

    I mean, think about it, when a professional group localizes a project of this size, they’ll have more translators, they don’t have to reverse engineer every change to the game’s code they make because they have the source available, and they get paid to translate full time, and it still takes months. We don’t get any of that, and at any time someone in the group can drop out. And we have the public watching as we do it, wanting updates and betas and offering to help us “test” all the time. Plus, if you have the skill and inclination to make a patch like this, you’ll be asked to work on more than one.


  187. BLADE Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon yer to be honest what you have done is pretty amazing and from what i know (correct me if i am wrong ) but psp hacking is still fairly new in terms of this field of work.

    and yer the pressure is on when the public have regular updates on your progress and then make you feel low when there is a hiccup in the progress.

    p.s two years is a decent time i mean some games that were released in japan didn’t get a global release until much much later (final fantasy series prime example). a few more months in waiting for this isnt going to make a dint in my spirit :)


  188. Muhd Syafiq Says:

    So like its been a while now…I heard that Sony gonna stop making PSP starting next month (i think) do you respond to this?


  189. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Muhd Syafiq: It’s entirely to be expected. The PSP is now a generation behind, they were bound to halt production soon. I’m surprised they hadn’t already, actually. That doesn’t change the number of people who already have one. The PSP has been hacked wide open, while the Vita has not yet, which means that those who like to run homebrew or ISOs will keep using their PSPs for the time being.

    Besides, PPSSPP has gotten to a point where anyone with a halfway decent computer can almost perfectly emulate PSP games. Frankly, I prefer doing that. I can upscale the image, and play with a PS3 controller, which is much more comfortable to hold than a PSP ever was.

    As for this patch, it doesn’t change anything. We’re all but done, and we’ll finish it soon.


  190. BeeLi Rexhepi Says:

    Hi. im just wondering how far u have come so far. have been looking averyware for this game with half deasent english, but by the looks of the screens it looks awsome., so just wondering how mutch is left.

    ps. good work so far m8’ts


  191. Tasaq Says:

    I am just sad that Vita isn’t as successful as PSP was :( I still hope it will bounce of, but It seems that even Sony abandoned it. Still, there are many PSP games that are not translated into english so teams like this one is something I am happy about, since it’s like there are still games coming out :)


  192. TOPBOY99 Says:

    Hi guys i have news about localization petition of digimon cyber sleuth.hit this link who are fans of digimon.


  193. Juho Says:

    Oh boy, I just finished Digimon World 1 again, 5th time I think, last time I played it was 2 years ago. Kinda speed run because I knew all the tricks and stuff. Can’t wait to put my skills on the test on this baby.


  194. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @BeeLi: Pretty close, probably two or three months, but I wouldn’t want anyone to try to hold us to that. Plenty of things could change that.

    @Tasaq: I think it’s the price point. I kind of want a Vita, but I have enough mobile devices that I don’t use already that I’d probably only get one if it were pretty cheap. I mean, a Vita does a lot of cool things, and has a few games that I’d like, but I could buy a cheap computer for the same price. Plus, they haven’t really advertized for it in the way they did for the PS4, outside of knowing it exists I couldn’t tell you much about it.

    @Topboy: I think it would be nice if they localized it, but I have literally never seen one of those petitions work.

    @Juho: I’m looking forward to it too, I haven’t played the game much, and don’t plan to until we finish the patch.


  195. Tim S Says:

    I remember a month ago I was ran into this site and when I read the previous progress report I was excited but became impatient quickly, I read this a month late and it’s come such a long way, I can’t wait for the release, this will definitely be something I can play for a while without boredom! Thanks again guys!


  196. Tim S Says:

    What happened there? “…I was looking for an English version of the game and ran into this site…”


  197. Yhouvialz Says:

    dude what take you so long for the next progress report ? :/, its okay if the patch still have long way to go, but please give us monthly report :D


  198. Gary Says:

    Who are you to ask them to give a monthly report….
    This is not their main job(They won’t earn any money from this either) and they take their free time in doing this. Rather than patiently waiting for them, you ask for more?
    Sheesh…can’t you people be more considerate?


  199. Hamada Elgendy Says:

    41 days since last progress report :(


  200. Romsstar Says:

    This doesn’t mean there was no progrees. On the contrary, there is so much progress that I don’t have the TIME to make a progress report because I focus on pushing the release. Relax, be patient, it’s not like we’re doing nothing lol


  201. Setsuna Says:

    @Romsstar Thank you so much for making these translation, thanks for all of your kindness :D


  202. jay kim Says:


    Thank you for your hard work and I hope you guys just keep making progress than waste your time on progress report if you know what I mean~!! XD


  203. Woishy Says:

    looking forward to the release ^_^


  204. Juho Says:


    Get out of here, work harder! *whip, whip*

    (arousing sounds intensifies)


  205. Romsstar Says:

    All right, from now on I’ll work two times slower than before! Everyone say thanks to Juho!


  206. MX Says:

    :P Rom you tease, I imagine you are as eager to see the fruits of you labour as we are.
    @Juho *Slaps upside the head*


  207. Fladimir Silva Says:

    Thanks Juho you a great awesome Idiot!!!
    @Romsstar work in his time, no importance to these people without a minimum of respect for his work, amazing you to start with this translation only nonprofit organization for people to enjoy and understand the game in English, so I respect him very much, no need to rush with the translation because I know you like everybody here wants the perfect or close to it, so good job and good luck: D sorry for my bad english
    I an brazilian kkk


  208. mrianmerry Says:

    I remember looking at the gbaTemp thread about this project way back in early 2013, and thinking to myself “how the hell am I supposed to wait so long for a translation? what could be so hard, other than the language barrier?”

    So yeah, seeing this post after rediscovering the entire Re: Digitize project has been a joy. I eagerly await your release, and proffer heartfelt thanks for your hard work so far!


  209. Lunarice Cloud Says:

    In the meantime….Let’s all go sign this a few 1000 times!


  210. Jack Carter Says:

    @ Romsstar Once the progress is finished, do you start testing or do test while your working on the progress?


  211. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Jack Carter: We are testing as we continue to work on editing. At this point, we have officially gotten everything from the main storyline in English and inserted. Romsstar just told me that he played through the game from start to finish. Now we need to do the second round of editing.


  212. Juho Says:


    Oh s*it, well. Better than not working at all!
    Anyway, quick question about the game. How many hours first timer can put into it? Is it “hard” like in digimon world 1? I remember having a hard time recruiting digimon to the town when I was a kid. But well, I was a stupid kid.


  213. Jack Carter Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon: That is great news! Thank you guys for all your hard work, what happens in the second round of editing?


  214. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Jack Carter: Basically, in the first round, Romsstar sent me text files containing the lines he had translated, but without any clear indication of who is talking in those lines. This can make conversations hard to follow. The second round consists of me playing through the game (with cheats for max stats so it doesn’t take long), and editing the same files with the game on the screen. Everything just sounds better after the second pass. When doing that, I also make sure that people’s lines don’t pass outside of the text box That’s a lot easier with a new tool that Romsstar coded the other day.

    When I’m done, we’ll need to get the sidequests and NPCs done in the same way, and then probably one final playthrough to double check everything. Still plenty to do, but we’re getting close.


  215. Romsstar Says:

    Just to clarify one thing: It’s not like I’m mean and make Sporky’s job hard on purpose, it’s just that’s the way the files are structured. Nothing that can be done about that.

    The second round is very important for consistency, not making lines going out of textbox bounds and many many other things.


  216. DrPhil Says:

    Just wanted to drop by and offer my thanks to you guys! I’ve been following this for quite a while and I’m really excited to play the final product. Good luck and godspeed to you in the final stretch of the translation. Thanks again!


  217. 999th Says:

    I actually thought you guys would finish before another translation team, but they started earlier so… Go keep doing what you’re doing guys!


  218. Romsstar Says:

    @999th: That other team has also way more members than we do, what speeds up the process as welll.


  219. The-Annoyer Says:

    @Romsstar / @Sporky McForkinSpoon, Sorry for annoying you guys, but will you do another translation after this?

    And @Romsstar, Can you give me the the link to your patched Digimon world 1? I’ve never played it. And want to play it in the meantime, Is it PSX2PSP?


  220. Griever Says:



  221. Romsstar Says:

    @The-Annoyer: Are you referring to my PAL Bug Patch?
    Or to which one? Since the PAL Bug is something only the well um the PAL Version had.

    I did only this one hack for the NTSC-U Version:

    My PAL Bug hack is intended for the German Version.
    The UK PAL Version was bugfree btw.
    For everything else refer to the hacks of CUE, he was my partner in the Romhacking of Digimon World 1 and he made the hacks for the other versions.


  222. The-Annoyer Says:

    @Romsstar, Ok then, sorry for disturbing you, I thought this game was in Japanese and you did its translation too, but you fixed a bug, thanks for the bug bug fixing and thanks for replying.. I’ll get the uk version, Sorry and thanks again


  223. The-Annoyer Says:

    And @Griever, thanks for the link, But it’s google, and I got the game now, Form Emuparadise


  224. NIGHT9009 Says:

    @romstarr i 1st learnt about your project 2 years back and (honestly) has my fair share of rage towards you and your team for taking so long to finish the project. But i never expressed it because this is hard and tedious work. I understand that and respect how serious and professional you and your team take this project (for free, no less!). Instead i encouraged and supported this team, not sure if you remember it in the sea of supportive comments. Hereby i strongly urge everyone else to do the same and be patient for it. All good things for those who wait.


  225. Romsstar Says:

    For free and while tollerating ignorant guys like you who don’t even have the decency to spell my nickname correctly. Moreover I can’t help but wonder why even for one second anyone feels entitled to have rage towards us. I could cancel the project any minute and what then? Right, NOTHING. Instead of Rage you should be THANKFUL that I haven’t cancelled the project yet.

    If ANYONE has the right to feel rage it’s the team, right US. Nobody else. Because you’re getting something damn good here and in the end we get nothing in return. It’s not our job, we’re not a company, we don’t get paid. WE GET FRICKIN NOTHING!

    But I’ll make sure not to express my rage, when you’ll do something for free for me either!LOL


  226. Giga Ramadhan Says:

    whoa calm down, man!
    some people is impatient because they want to play your project. most of the people here want to play your project. how can you let them down. don’t you want to finish your project and proudly present it the people who support you and waiting patiently just for your project? some people maybe annoy you. but, can you feel it? the feel when you completed this project? the feel when other play your project happily? i hope you understand what i mean


  227. Juho Says:

    Did you read the whole text of NIGHT9009? I think he did not mean to offend you. But @NIGHT9009 should know that even “bashing” the translation by joke/accidentally can trigger a chain reaction of Romsstar saying “fuck it” and we never see the translation in daylight. A lot work and stress is enough to handle, no need for kids to whine “WHERE IS IT?!”

    Patiently waiting for the translation, a lot other things to do.

    Remember to eat and sleep Romsstar


  228. Romsstar Says:

    @Giga Ramadhan:
    Being impatient doesn’t jutisfy being rude or demanding.
    At least writing the name of the person you adress correctly should be a given, it’s called manners.

    While most people are really very nice about this project (And you guys are the reason we keep going) some really annoy me.

    I said I COULD cancel the project. Not that I will. So don’t worry.


  229. Romsstar Says:

    I read it and while the overall message was “supposed” to be positive it really made me mad thinking that people feel this way about something like this.
    Having rage towards us… That people consider this “long” ticks me off as well. People obviously have no idea how those things are being done.

    The Final Fantasy 0 started off earlier, had no technical difficulties, had a team two-three times as huge as ours and yet they finished like what, 1-2 weeks ago?

    So I don’t see how anyone can call us slow.


  230. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Plus, FF Type 0 didn’t really “finish” as such. They were worried that they would get a cease and desist letter after the announcement that it was going to be localized for PS4 and XBoner, and pushed the unfinished patch out the door.


  231. Jamie Says:

    I don’t understand how people can rage at something like this. They owe you nothing, they don’t know you, if it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be getting a translation at all. If someone told you they were going to give you $10,000 in few years time out of the kindness of their heart, would you then complain at them about having to wait for it, even though they never had to give you it in the first place?

    The only people that deserve raging at are Namdai for not localizing the Digimon games anymore.

    Keep up the good work Rommstar + Team.


  232. Romsstar Says:

    Thanks Jamie, exactly our point.


  233. Juho Says:


    Oh, sorry then. I have a bad habit misreading when I am angry. So I thought the same of you :D

    They should had kept basic Digimon World 1 formula on all Digimon games, just enhancing the experience. I mean Pokemon is still “the same shit”

    I haven’t read any info about the vita game coming out, so I don’t know whats it like.

    Digimon games just won’t sell outside japan, sad thing. Damnit Bandai!


  234. mrianmerry Says:


    Having looked into the VITA game, Cybersleuth, it looks to be a rehash of the Digimon World DS style of gameplay, but updated a little due to the technical improvement of the VITA compared to the DS.

    DW3 was my favourite of the PS1 games, with DW1 coming second, so I’m quite happy they changed it up a little (plus it was the only PS1 game wherein I could have SlashAngemon on my team!)

    If only there was some way that Bandai could relaunch Digimon in European or American markets, without it seeming to the uninitiated like a rip-off of Pokemon….


  235. Rai Says:

    Even though Digimon came before Pokémon?


  236. NIGHT9009 Says:

    @Romsstar I see you are greatly offended by my post. You are taking my post the wrong way. I wrote it in mind of giving you support and reminding others not to complain. I guess I drew a poor line between honesty and rudeness, my mistake. Please accept my sincere apology.


  237. Arkanun Says:

    So I have a question, I’ve been following this since last summer but I may have missed this. Will the videos be edited too? What I mean is will there be subs for them? Or will we just get the in game story translated?


  238. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The videos are already translated, Arkanun. They’ll be subtitled. Actually, I can’t find the link, but Romsstar uploaded a subtitled version of the opening video to Youtube at one point.


  239. Whitekuro Says:

    The last update has been about a month ago, please give us new feedback about this great work progress !!
    Good luck and keep going !


  240. Aru Says:

    Really awesome!

    I have programmed on java, c#, php and other languages, but it’s very different compared to regular languages.

    I have always wanted to learn how to search/change this kind of things and more than that, wrtting the tools to make it a little more easy (say, something like research and then, make a tool for a specific game to dump the text, or something like that), but it is difficult to find someone with free time to help you at least at the beginning… that little push in the back when you’re stuck.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work!


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