Stardate: November, 14.1th


By popular request, here’s an update.  Things are progressing well, we have been making the last round of edits as we insert the text into the game’s packs.  As mentioned in the last update, there are 294 of these .pack files, and quite of few of them for some reason are largely or entirely copies of sections from other packs.  At the moment, we have 45 of them completely finished, including the game’s three largest packs.  That puts us at 15% of the total, but we’ve been editing the largest packs first, so it’s actually more than that, but I’m not going to bother coming up with a metric to measure the actual percentage.

In other news, we ran into a show stopping bug where the game would freeze and then crash any time the items menu was opened.  We found that last night, and I can now report that CompCom has already fixed it by rewriting the pertinent sections of the insertion tool that Roxas from the GBATemp forum made.

We are still hoping to release before the end of the year, but I want to be entirely clear that it’s possible we won’t be done until January.  Either way, we’re very close to the finish line.


67 Responses to “Stardate: November, 14.1th”

  1. Rain Clark Says:

    Great to hear. Appreciate all of the work that has gone into this, more than you will ever know.


  2. Gary Sia Says:

    No worries guys as they say, slow and steady wins the race
    and thank you for the hard word….patiently awaiting more good news…^^


  3. mrianmerry Says:

    I’m amazed by the speed with which CompCom fixed the problem. That’s some awesome work!
    And godspeed with the insertion. Hope you aren’t burning through the audio books too quickly ^^


  4. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m out, so I’m listening to books I’ve read before. Feel free to suggest some new authors, though.


  5. yoshichao Says:

    Wow so like, I recently wanted to look at some stuff about this game like the chart of Digimon you can get in it and stuff, and I’ve been following the progress of this translation for a while, but God it feels amazing to have an update on the same day that I decided to read through all comments on the previous post just to get up to speed with things.

    Love you guys so much, can’t wait for when you release it, been so hyped for this game since it was announced, but I never played it because I wanted to know what was going on in it, and knowing that you guys have managed to make this desire of mine possible is such an amazing feeling.

    Just saying it again before I finish this comment, but excited for the release of this translation, and thank you guys so much for this project.


  6. Foufoune Says:

    still following you guys, keep up the good work x3


  7. Rai Says:

    I find it amazing that you actually found a bug what, 2, 3 days ago? And then promptly fixed it with, what seems to be, no side effects (Thankfully!). It just goes to show everyone here, what a competent team you guys are. As far as I’m concerned, you guys are stealing the show away from Bandai :P. Seriously, keep up the amazing work guys.


  8. twilightsquid Says:

    I want to toss out the most heartfelt thanks I can. I am a guy, and I would give birth to all of your babies for this. When I found out there was an actual factual sequel to digimon world 1 I was ecstatic, and then absolutely crushed when I figured out we will probably never get an official release of this or decode. I was in a darkened world, hope a fleeting dream. Then I found this project and the heavens opened above me while a chorus of angels sang the digimon theme song. Thank you!


  9. Arioch Says:

    Thanks for the update! You and your team are doing great!


  10. Rogério Lima Says:

    Great work everyone! Thanks for everything!


  11. aseasonforcherries Says:

    As a long time Digimon fan, I’m shaking with excitement and cannot thank you and your team enough for your time and effort.


  12. SHSLTorturer Says:

    Better a slow but good release than a quick but crappy one! Keep up the good work! (y)


  13. Jessica Says:

    Ok quick question, I already been playing for a bit. When the patch does come out, is it recommended to start clean with a new game? Or can I continue with the game that I’ve been playing?


  14. whiteytitey1234 Says:

    theres the update i was talking about!


  15. NeoWolf Says:

    Thank you for the update and great works as always especially with the bug, kudos CompCom and the rest of you guys :). Really looking forward to this, at least I’ll have alpha sapphire to keep me occupied :D 14 days!!! :D (for UK….)


  16. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Jessica: I would probably start a new game to see the story that you missed, but if you’ve grown attached to your Digimon, you can keep using the save file you already have. Our patch doesn’t effect anything to do with the save file.


  17. Ernes Says:

    Thank you !!!


  18. Lau Says:

    Thank you for the kind update =D!
    Good luck on the rest of the project, happy christimas and new year!


  19. Mario Says:

    Thanks for all the effort all of you putting in this translate, that is all i can give to you good luck on the rest of the project, happy christmas and new year!

    from Mexico


  20. derex Says:

    december is holiday time so I dont think It will be done until jan.


  21. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    Salamat,……I mean thank you for the update :)
    Support Support! :)


  22. Ace Liaren (it was Sora Yuuki before..) Says:

    ho… that was one quick problem solving… im sure a lot of guys have said this, but stil… thx for your hardwork..!,Good Luck and GodSpeed!


  23. Auyx Says:

    Great to hear its coming along nicely. Thanks for your hard work.


  24. Vlaizev Says:

    Thank you so much!!!


  25. vivovace Says:

    i am realy amazed with ur work, really appreciate it, thank you very much :)


  26. Gilbis L. Says:

    Just a little more I can finally play this one..
    Thanks a lot guys for making this possible..=D


  27. Amy Says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!! You guys are so awesome! Seriously! I am a huge fan of Digimon World 1 and have been dying to play this game ever since it came out. Love you guys!


  28. DigimonWorld1 Says:

    Thank you very much! You guys are awesome!


  29. Anton Says:

    Wow. You guys 86’ed that game killing bug faster than Russel Crow Ruined Les Miserables with his poor Singing. lol

    Hell Bandai/Namco Should hire the lot of you and give you two years Salary in advance for the amazing work you have to get this game Translated. Lets be honest here, you all have done more work to translate the game to English and are farther along than they would be, and they have the Original source code, official programing tools, and at least 50 programers they could dedicate to the translation. keep Being Awesome Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Looking forward to sharing this soon to be Newly translated Digimon game with my Daughter as soon as it is finished :3.


  30. easy Says:

    Good Work, keep going like this we enjoy the news!


  31. Anonynon Says:

    You are doing God’s work. I’ve been waiting for the spiritual successor of DW1 to come out since 2002. I love Digimon World 1 and Non-RPG one on the DS was OKAY but the other games were pure garbage.


  32. Amanwithasoul Says:

    You guys are the best.


  33. DataOV Says:

    Check-in to this post :P
    Good job btw


  34. Raija Says:

    Awesome, cmon guys, slow process but perfect results

    Always waiting u guys
    Jazakallahu khair


  35. Raija Says:

    Do ur best guyz ^O^


  36. Somsai Says:

    Holy fuck we are almost home! You guys are amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’m glad ya’ll understand how bad we want this game. LOVE YOOOU.


  37. A fan Says:

    Thank you guys you are awesome <333


  38. Rai Says:

    @Raija: Honestly, if you compare this to other translations, this is actually pretty fast. There are still translations out there in works, that have been going on for more years than this.


  39. Raija Says:

    Oh yeah?? Woow glad to hear that


  40. azurezeed Says:

    I’m still waiting the statue you promised


  41. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Sorry, the statue of limitations is up.


  42. xPainx93 Says:

    Hey guys, been following this project for like a year and i just decided to comment on here, just want to say thank u for all the hard work. Cant wait to play


  43. kirito Says:

    goodluck guys still rooting yall^^


  44. Guto Says:

    Hey Sporky, can you do something like, in a determined day of the week you comment here how is the progress on the text insert? It’ll be nice for us to have something to wait for every week… xD
    thanks anyway, bro! You guys are the best!


  45. Rai Says:

    He does that anyway. Just not on a certain day, just when he feels like it :P Good enough for me anyhow.


  46. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I guess I could, but I mostly post news when there’s something worth posting. Today for instance, I am off hiatus because Romsstar posted more pack files for me to work from, which is good because I ran out a few days ago. So, the news for the last few days since this article ran is that nothing of substance has really happened, because real life came up for Romsstar.


  47. ahmadmanga Says:

    Still following you.. I hope you complete it by the end of the year!!

    thumbs up!!


  48. azurezeed Says:

    Is great to hear you’re off hiatus, keep up the good work :)
    as always, thanks!


  49. Pssy Says:

    Oh thank you! I gonna start to do some voodoo to help you guys too! Thank you!


  50. Russell Spriggs (Devastate) Says:

    Sometimes i like to think back to the days pokemon and digimon went head to head for supremacy and like to think what if digimon had won.


  51. genovius Says:

    Hi,. . I know it’s off topic but, does swapping the X and O buttons is also possible?


  52. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Uh… I forget actually. I can ask, but IIRC that requires a plugin for your PSP. Swapping it on an emulator is very easy though.

    Unrelated to your question, Digimon All-Star Rumble came out a couple days ago, and it is a really, really bad game. Especially the voice acting, which does not include an option to use the Japanese voices.


  53. genovius Says:

    I see. . Thanks for the answer,
    Really appreciate you and your team hard works. Two thumbs up!


  54. deadstalkers Says:

    I gave my copy to my little brother


  55. Jamie Says:

    Hey guys, dunno if you’re interested but the translation project for Digimon Story: Lost Evolution for the DS is nearing completion, sounds like it will be finished around the same time as this one, so we get 2 Digimon games to play. :D


  56. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Cool, let me know when it comes out, I’d like to play it.


  57. xynalie xyn Says:

    I just came here to express my deepest gratitude to the team..
    More power to you guys! Don’t give up please.


  58. Hasty Capablanca Says:

    @Russell Spriggs (Devastate):

    Who are we to say which franchise won? On what grounds do we mean by saying Pokemon ‘won’ over Digimon? Sales volume? What the franchise has become ‘today’?

    Of course, the matter is entirely subjective. It would be futile to try and impose what ‘winning’ ought to mean. But we – as anonymous citizens of the Internet – do so anyway.

    So here’s my opinion: I love both Pokemon and Digimon, but I have always preferred Digimon. I never thought much about how either franchises’ popularity have grown through the years, but on how I remember playing them, personally, as a kid. While my friends were out playing Pokemon Gold and Silver, I was at home alone with my PS1, venturing BIOS domain in search of Metalgreymon in DIgimon World 2. I eventually got my own GBA and had some hefty amount of time with Pokemon Sapphire, Firered, and even the spin-off game, Red Rescue Team. But really, even with these relatively more ‘advanced’ Pokemon games, I can say I had more fun with the Digimon World games (especially World 3). I can ramble infinitely about how I like Digimon battle animations better than watch mere “pictures” of Pokemon throw embers and water guns at each other. And the MUSIC, GOD THE MUSIC. Just compare this boss soundtrack of Digimon World 2 ( to any Pokemon Gym Battle OST. But does telling you those even matter? Will arguing about which franchise ‘won’ or is better bring us any good?

    Let me tell you this: whether Digimon games ‘won’ or not doesn’t change the fact that I immensely enjoyed them. And I think that speaks for the rest of this community of people who diligently check this blog everyday; it’s never been about Digimon ‘being better’, but rather of it being a fond childhood memory and the excitement of reliving that experience.

    PS: Thank you, Rommstar, Sporky, and the rest of team for providing us that chance. I know Re: Digitize is by itself a different game, but I’m sure I’ll be able to enjoy it all the same. Banzai!


  59. Marburg-chan (@Marburg_chan) Says:

    Thanks for giving updates on the translating :)
    Wish you the best guys! :D


  60. Chase Says:

    Thanks so much! Can’t wait for your release! Been following this since June :D


  61. Simeon Says:

    @Hasty Capablanca
    All of my kudos to You!


  62. Jacob Jones MM2/SS Says:

    A lot of the sailors aboard the USS Tennessee are really looking forward to this so from all of us on SSBN 734 THANK YOU! Thank you for your hard work you all have done so far and the post to keep us assured the project is still a live and well. Keep up the good work everyone! HOOYAH!


  63. ahmadmanga Says:

    Still following your updates..

    yesterday I tried to pay Digimon World 3 on my Xperia J.. I can’t believe it worked. in a good speed too..

    was one of my best games on PSX… (DMW1 has better story/game integration.. DMW3 is a better game)


  64. Juho Says:


    I also played a ton of DW 1 and 2 when I was akid. Also Card Battle.
    Whole summer went by, then i learned to NOT get numemon, and How actually catch digimon in DW2. Because I did not speak english at the time. These games were super hard.


  65. Outlander Says:

    You’re doing the work of the Gods. Thank you.


  66. Auron Says:

    I suggest Piers Anthony. great other. great fantasy novels


  67. Ultima Says:

    WOW, I really can’t wait for this version to be released…
    great job!


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