Progress Report: November 27th, 2014


Hello again, as requested, we’ll be making more regular progress reports.  In the last couple of reports I’ve talked about the .pack files that we’re working with as we finish making the patch.  There are 294 of them in total, and they break down into two general categories.  87 of them are either related to the story, or have the text of the various NPCs you meet on File Island, and most files that have the text from cut scenes also have some NPCs in them.  The remaining 207 are all used in the Colosseum, and are individually pretty short, but in aggregate rather a lot of text.  With that said, here’s the break down.

Of the 87 story and NPC packs, we have 46 done, which puts us at ~53%.

The Colosseum has not been a high priority at this point, but there are 7 of them done, which is ~3%.  I think we can take care of these in about a week once the other packs are done though.

There are also a few odds and ends to take care of once these files are done, like the emails and news stories you recieve over the course of the game.  I don’t have an exact number on those right at the moment, but Romsstar tells me they shouldn’t take terribly long.  We’ll also need a week or so to test for bugs and such before we release the patch.  If things go well, I think it should be possible to release around Christmas time, but as I noted in my last update, it’s possible we will have to wait until some time in January.

For our American readers, happy Thanksgiving, and for everyone else, happy Thursday.


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  1. Russell Spriggs (Devastate) Says:



  2. Micheal Says:

    Spectacular :D


  3. BoneToad Says:

    I dont mind much about the time taken for the release. Because I am waiting for many other thing to be released right now. So all of these I am waiting for including this Digimon World: Re-Digitize Eng. Full Perfect Marvelous Excellent Patch work by you guys are great awesome magnificent amusing jobs which can practice me to be a a lot patient and a betterman for my future wife. xD xD xD


  4. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    YES! :)


  5. sumyunghai Says:

    So…. at this rate could we safely assume a finished localization patch around christmas or new years if continued at a steady rate?


  6. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Sumyuhghai: Yes. We would probably be done already if real life obligations didn’t keep coming up for Romsstar. He is the only one familiar enough with the .pack files to know exactly where in the game they are used, and and can organize them in a useful manner, but between his job and the fact that he is in graduate school getting his master’s degree, he doesn’t have a lot of time to do that. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes we finish editing the packs before he has time to put up any more, so some time ends up getting wasted.

    Still, we’re coming along at a pretty good pace, so I think we’ll be able to release before the end of the year unless something unexpected happens.


  7. Sterahi Says:

    Oh man! That’d be a great Christmas gift! Though the family probably would like to see me some time during my Christmas break… maybe..


  8. digipokemon Says:

    ill buy a psp just to play your patched game


  9. DataOV Says:

    Stehari is right, i may lock myself in the room playing this if it’s out before christmas :P


  10. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Digipokemon: I certainly won’t tell you not to if you like, especially since PSPs are so cheap these days, but if you have a decent computer you can play it perfectly well on an emulator like PPSSPP. That said, if you can, buy a copy of the game anyway, whether you plan to play it on a PSP or an emulator. Showing Namco that there are a lot of international Digimon fans will encourage them to translate the games themselves so we don’t have to.

    This will be something of a Christmas gift to myself if we finish it by then, I haven’t played the game except to do a little testing, and it’ll be nice to take a couple weeks off from translating before we start our next project, which will be either Digimon Adventure, or Decode if we can find a way to make a playable patch for the 3DS.


  11. Jukan Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this patch. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Digimon. Pokemon was in my life too, but Digimon was priority 1 when it came to my little obsession. When I saw Digimon World on a shelf at Walmart when i was like, 12, I got the game without thinking and fell in love with it. Not only because it was Digimon, but because the game was…REALLY fun! Even today, the game still holds up. The excitement I had when I played it as a child, never faded away.

    I’m very excited for this patch. I really look forward to this game, about as much as I did on the car ride home with the original. I actually plan to stream the game once the patch is out. This is definitely going to be the best Christmas present I’ve gotten in a few years!


  12. LeonM Says:

    I can´t thank you enough for this :) I am a fan of the first DigimonWorld since I was a child, I remember playing it despite knowing almost no English and enjoying it nonetheless. I played that game several times later, so it was a nice surprise to find out there was a remake/reboot of that game.

    Thanks you for the great work!


  13. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Excellent. Happy to hear about progress, as always. If I lived near you guys I would probably buy you guys some fancy dinner.


  14. aseasonforcherries Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon: is there any store in particular you recommend buying the import game from? I would like to make sure that Bandai Namco is able to see a fan overseas buying the game new, and if I buy it used they’ll never know.


  15. cursewriter Says:

    I dont even know how i can show namco the US has fans of digimon waiting for the game since id have to buy the game off of Ebay from an international seller :/ anyways thanks for your hard work guys keep it up!


  16. brodiej Says:

    happy thanks giving you guys are awesome


  17. theo Says:

    you guys are amazing!!


  18. lodgears Says:

    Thank you very much for all the effort.
    I cant believe I will play this game in such a short time.
    And happy thanksgiving for the group too.
    Thanks again!


  19. Erick Angel Demetrio Says:

    That will be a nice x-mas gift!!


  20. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    A new copy can be bought here for relatively cheap, aseasonforcherries. They’re a reseller, but Namco would presumably notice an uptick in sales following our release.


  21. NeoWolf Says:

    Awesome work as always. Whether it’s Christmas or January this will be great , so close either way! Thank you from the bottom of my nostalgic ridden heart. :)


  22. jordy vandenberg Says:

    if the the patch gets released where would we be able to download it


  23. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Multiple places. We’ll most likey post links to some cyberlockers and torrents. We haven’t really discussed it though, is there a place you would prefer?


  24. Anon Says:

    Use this site, Files here never get taken down since most of U.S or any copyright holder site doesnt know of this site, its a indonesian file hosting service


  25. faisalobryant Says:

    @anon i agree with you dude :D


  26. Vex Ocelano Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon stuff real life I say pull a misery on him/her kidnap them take them to some cabin to the woods and chain them to a computer. the only downside with that plan may be that every other speech bubble may of changed to a plea for help


  27. Ace Liaren (it was Sora Yuuki before..) Says:

    oooo! im really happy right now! we have said this many times but still… ill say this again! thx for your hardwork guys!! wish you the best in life~


  28. jordy Says:

    Not really but if you guys could post the links to the site so we can find it easy that would be usefull


  29. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Will do, Jordy. I’ll be writing up a post that has all the links and instructions you’ll need to mod a PSP, make an ISO of the game, apply the patch, and getting running on either a PSP or an emulator. It’s not all that complicated, and if you’ve used an emulator or a modded PSP before, you can skip most of the steps.


  30. Giblis L. Says:

    I’ll get ready for this.. THank you very much for the update.. =D


  31. Lucky Tatsumaki Says:

    Good Luck (y)


  32. aseasonforcherries Says:

    Thanks Sporky that’s a great deal. I was able to grab the last copy in time :)


  33. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Glad to hear it, I’m sure they’ll have more available, but glad you got your copy.


  34. Huntar Says:

    You may want to leave out the bits about modding the PSP and getting an emulator running. Those two things are liable to get someone’s hackles up if they notice this project. Everything else is good, but I’d be careful with that stuff. People that want to know how to do it can always google the instructions they need once you explain how to patch the game.


  35. Rhombic Says:

    Wow!! I gotta say you guys work faster than I expect. Good to hear it’s coming out within a month or so. I’ve been waiting for many things that took longer than this. Wait a little longer won’t hurts.

    I thank you so so much! Love you guys so much. :D


  36. Tamer_Jay Says:

    Good luck with the project! I really hope everything goes well. Y’all are badass! Much love.


  37. Struwwl Says:

    Hey! I just have a quick question and I hope I understood it correctly: Can I buy the japanese version and then play it with your patch? Or do I need to use a ISO?

    Also, I have been following you guys since the beginning and I love what you do for us. Thank you so much.


  38. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Struwwl: You will need an ISO. However, the only way to legally have one is to own the game and create one. While I’m not so naive as to think that everyone who uses our patch will buy a copy of the game, I am certainly encouraging as many as I can to do so.

    @Huntar: There is nothing illegal about modding a PSP, or running an emulator, and in order for people to go about the process of using this patch the legal way, having a modded PSP is actually required.


  39. Donnie Leonardo Says:

    how big the patch size might be? if it’s big i would like to download it from torrent XD
    -sorry for my bad english


  40. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The internal one we have right now is a bit over 2 megabytes, but that doesn’t include subtitling the opening video. With that included, it’ll probably be in the 30-70 MB range, unless I’m much mistaken. Torrents are my personal favorite distribution method, so I’ll definitely make sure that’s an option.


  41. Donnie Leonardo Says:

    i hope this will be done and not wasted….you know…before waiting for this patch i was wating for monster hunter portable 3rd full english patch(,,,but when it was 99% complete(said the creator) the site and project are closed without warning….
    so good luck…i’m still followning you up!


  42. Donnie Leonardo Says:

    i like torrents too since it has seeding-leaching system which i don’t understand but i like XD. i often download file over 1 gb with torrents


  43. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, as unfortunate as that is, I can tell you that the only thing likely to shut us down is a C&D from Bandai Namco, and we haven’t gotten one, or had any contact from them.


  44. JAIR RIVER Says:

    parcero aunque este en ingles a muchos que hablamos español nos parece mejor que en chino


  45. Souls Says:

    Man, gotta love you guys. It’s really nice to see you so near of the ending of the project. Still, let’s hope that some unexpected things happen, since the patch will be a nice christmas gift =D


  46. yoshichao Says:

    This is great, I’m so damn glad that it’s almost done, you guys have done an amazing job surviving through this fan translation. From what I’ve heard, translations are agony and hard to do if you’re doing a fan translation.

    I hope it can be out by Christmas like I assume others do, but don’t put the quality at risk if you guys have to hold it back a bit.
    Let the impatient ones be impatient, as quality is way better and more important than the speed of a release.


  47. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, it can be tough at times. People tend to take for granted the amount of text that’s in a video game, but all together it adds up to the length of a short novel if you’re translating an RPG. We could probably have released months ago if we were willing to put out a bad translation (See the Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment translation Bandai Namco put out), but getting the text to flow just right.

    That said, it’s been two years, which is a fairly short period of time for most fan translation projects, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done. Hopefully our next project will be faster, since we’ll be able to avoid making some of our early mistakes from this project.


  48. yoshichao Says:

    And if you guys can achieve the dream of translating Decode, couldn’t you just port over a lot of the translation from this game for some/most of Decode?

    That’d probably assist greatly in shortening the duration of that project.


  49. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It would assist somewhat, but only about a quarter of the dialogue is the same in Decode. It’s still too early to say whether or not we’ll be able to do a translation of Decode, but we are looking into it.


  50. Jamie Says:

    I’ve been following the 3DS scene for the past few years and with all the recent tools that have been released I’m around 90% sure 3DS games can be translated now. The basic tools for unpacking, editing and repacking are out there now, I think the only game files that can’t be edited are the audio files, as they’re in a format that nothing can open or convert yet.


  51. Lau Says:

    The next year is going to be starting with fun!!
    Thank you guys! You´re excellent!!!!!!!

    Good job!


  52. Struwwl Says:

    Thank you for answering my question! :)
    I’ll still buy myself a copy soon, I just want to have it in my shelve, lol. (I even bought a japanese version of Tales of Vesperia, because it’s my favorite game ever, just to have it.)

    Can’t wait to finally play Digimon. Once again, thank you for the hard work!


  53. André Says:

    Nice! Keep the good work. Thanks a lot.


  54. Arxin Says:

    Hi..I would like to ask, can you please specify what ISO/CSO version of the game we will be needing to patch once the patch is released.


  55. Rai Says:

    There’s only one version of Digimon World: Re-Digitize…


  56. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Arxin: As Rai said, there’s only one version, the Japanese release. You’ll want an ISO, not a CSO though. A CSO has had excess space trimmed to make the file smaller, which normally is fine, but that can cause problems when applying a patch to it, since it can alter data based on where it is supposed to be located in the ISO. You can probably convert a patched ISO into a CSO without difficulty, though.

    You know you have made and/or through methods I’d prefer not discussed here obtained the correct ISO if its MD5 hash is 031400B3FEBB5C3B7CC5C83776C119F7, though there may be others that work as well.


  57. Anon Says:

    I’m not sure if this has been asked or mentioned or if itd already been answered but is the patch for the psp verison and if not will it still work for the psp veridon


  58. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    This is only and specifically for the PSP version. The 3DS version, Decode, is for all useful purposes a different game, and well over 80% of our work would not be helpful should we ever translate it. This will work on both a PSP with custom firmware or HEn installed, as well as a PSP emulator like PPSSPP. It will not work on a 3DS.


  59. Rai Says:

    If only there was a PSP emulator for 3DS, then I could tell you you’re wrong in the last part, haha.


  60. cryum Says:

    so close. soooooo close….


  61. Juho Says:

    I can already feel it, playing day 1 after the patch, then game breaking bug appears and all hell breaks loose on the comments.


  62. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well Juho, that seems unlikely, we’ve only found one major bug so far, and it’s already been fixed. On the other hand, it’s not like we provide a warranty. If a bug is found, we’ll do what we can to fix it, and provide a full refund of all the money people paid us.


  63. jordy Says:

    Pay? The patch is free right?


  64. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yes. That was what we in the business call a joke.


  65. yoshichao Says:

    lmfao, Sporky be careful with those jokes, most people in the comments don’t seem to read every comment, so you’ll just be edging them on to all ask “DO WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PATCH?!”


  66. Danny Says:

    Good job man!


  67. Rhonda Says:

    If you hurried your asses up you’d have been done by now.

    Think people would pay for a patch? Hell no, rather play the game in Japanese.


  68. Hasty Capablanca Says:


    If you shut your damn yapper, they’d be able to focus better.


  69. yoshichao Says:


    Umm… I guess thank your for proving exactly what I was talking about in then next post or so?

    You obviously read none of the above before my post lol


  70. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Rhonda: Our group has never intended to ask for money in exchange for this patch, we have in fact turned down offers to donate money to us. However, if you’re really so incredibly annoyed that we’re not done, and feel that our work is literally worthless, then I would ask that you don’t play the game using our work after we release. Play it in Japanese, you can start today, no need to wait on us any more.


  71. Juho Says:




  72. ahmadmanga Says:

    “If a bug is found, we’ll do what we can to fix it, and provide a full refund of all the money people paid us.”

    I liked this line ~~

    @sporky: I’m admiring the fact you’re doing this “for the art” of it.. even if it comes in 2015/2016 you’re still releasing it on time


  73. jordy Says:

    I dont mind to wait hell if i need to wait another year idc really just as long you guys do it right and ofcourse have some free time for your self


  74. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ll be done soon Jordy, it’s just people who simultaneously think that we’re lazy for not spending more of our free time making this, and also that something they’re so impatient to have is not worth a penny to them that piss me off.


  75. jordy Says:

    Those people should shut up its not that they can make a english patch anyway take your time and thanks for doing this patch


  76. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    Can i have a request? :)
    can you guys release this next year in december? so that every one who are impatient will get annoyed :D
    more support guys and GODBLESS! ^^


  77. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Hmm… Would I be a terrible person if I make a post in which I “clarify” that I was talking about next Christmas?


  78. AdiKOV Says:

    @Sporky, well you didn’t specify WHICH Christmas… wink, wink


  79. chris concepcion Says:

    about your next project, I vote Digimon Adventure!


  80. Wayne Fuentes Says:

    Awesome xmas gift! :)


  81. Hasty Capablanca Says:


    Haha! I can somehow tell you’re pinoy.

    Ingat sa bagyong Ruby, ‘dre.


  82. Ernes Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


  83. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    Haha! Nice guess :D
    Ingat din sayo dude!


  84. Rai Says:

    Jesus christ guys, why can’t you hurry up guys? You’re taking forever, and I’ve been waiting for this patch for about 5 years now. Come on guys, step it up already, stop dedicating the life you have outside of the patch, and dedicate it entirely to the patch!

    Otherwise I refuse to pay for your patch, you silly, silly translators.


  85. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    Rai you stupid or what?The patch will be for free anyway so you don’t have to pay anything you jerk so shut up, i’m waiting for 5 years too, i think most people are too, it doesn’t give you the right to say whatever you want, just because of that you shouldn’t get the patch lol


  86. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Rai was being sarcastic. He’s one of the more common posters here, and was joking about, among other things, the fact that this game only came out two years ago.


  87. Jamie Says:

    I was just thinking to myself, has it really been 5 years already? xD


  88. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    I thought It was just another complain/rush things post like it’s usual, my bad :P


  89. Jukan Says:

    Only 5 years Rai? i been waiting 15 years for this game! And I am finally getting it and in English!

    FYI,. Digimon World 1 has only been around for a little over 14 years so…..


  90. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    It will be really awesome to play this game in english, it’s like digimon world 1 but with better graphics, amazingly dw1 was like the first rpg game I ever played, i were like 8 at that time so i didn’t knew what the hell was rpg before, i know it wasn’t a fulll rpg, it was more like a simulator, wasn’t perfect but it was the first, after that I never stopped


  91. Rai Says:

    I thought people would have picked up on the joke sooner honestly, I mean I post a fair bit in the comment section, so I would have figured people would have seen that pretty much all of my posts have been supportive. :P


  92. Rai Says:

    Also @Jukan; At least it’ll be properly translated this time. Holy shit was the PAL translation of DW1 bad. And buggy!

    So glad we have things such as emulators so I can play the US version of DW1, and hackers that patch bugs in things.

    Now if only we had a downloadable patch to fix that awful Bonus Try rigging bullshit in DW1…


  93. BLADE Says:

    Well not been on here in a while. Shocked to see the progress its amazing !!!!, if this is out before new year I may just end up being totally unsociable playing this :’)

    As always keep up the great work :) and major thanks for all the work and time put into this


  94. KonanDoyle Says:

    Hello Im new here.Im very happy with the progress! keep it up guys Im itching to play the English the way I tested the pre patch Iso.of the game tried using the multiplayer menu but it doesnt work it just freezes.hope you fix it making it Adhoc multiplayer compatible

    thanks and more power!!


  95. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Konan: That patch wasn’t from us. As far as I know the multiplayer stuff works in our patch, but I have never tried it personally, as I don’t know anyone else who owns a PSP.


  96. KonanDoyle Says:

    wow thats great to hear it works!! does the multiplayer work on ppsspp?

    And also where can I download the Iso if your awesome work is finished?


  97. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, some googling suggests that PPSSPP does have multiplayer support, but that’s also something I’ve never tried. I will do so next time a couple team members have time though.

    With regards to downloading our patch, there are two things. First, we have not yet released our patch, it should be done soon, probably some time next month, though we’re going to see if we can get done by xmas. Second, you will not be able to download an ISO directly from us.

    Providing an ISO, either of the Japanese version, or one with our translation applied, would be a violation of copyright, and while I disagree with the law, I’d rather not get my ass sued off. You will need to create your own ISO from the UMD I would rather you don’t tell me you don’t have, and then apply our patch to it.


  98. KonanDoyle Says:

    Thanks for your fast response! to apply a patch to Iso??
    I only tried patching with gba.


  99. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s quite easy, but we’ll have detailed instructions when we release the patch. You’ll need to download our patch and a program called XDeltaGUI, and have an unpatched ISO. WIth XDelta you tell it where the ISO and the patch file are, and it will create a second ISO with the translation in place, which you can put on a PSP or play with an emulator.


  100. Hasty Capablanca Says:

    Yes, PPSSPP does offer multiplayer capabilities (tried it with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and it works fine), but not all games are supported. And some haven’t even been tested yet. Including Digimon World Re:Digitize, sadly.


    Perhaps we can try it out once the patch is released? I don’t know what sort of multiplayer this game has, since I really haven’t checked the game for myself yet.

    But if you’d ask me, I just want to play this game in English; I can live no multiplayer, honestly.


  101. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, multiplayer testing will likely wait until after release, no sense putting off the release to test a feature that I forgot that game even has. That said, nothing we’re doing should effect any of the multiplayer code, so if PPSSPP’s multiplayer works with the Japanese version, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work with our translation. That assumes that nothing unexpected happens, but the thing about unexpected things is that you don’t expect them.


  102. KonanDoyle Says:

    Thanks guys for the info. I think multiplayer mode is like where your digimon fights other player on Lan. I really wanted this feature so me and my brother can compete who is better..yes I tried multiplayer using ppsspp on other games.but digimon it freezes after choosing a room.


  103. ParkerXD Says:

    Great news, thanks for all the hardwork


  104. KonanDoyle Says:

    Hurry up Already! Or I’ll make the patch myself in Tagalog Language.LOL.:D


  105. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    ^ haha


  106. yoshichao Says:

    If you want to play the game so badly play it in Japanese, otherwise shut up and wait for it to come out.

    The more you rush it the higher chance of it screwing up and you complaining when it finally comes out.


  107. KonanDoyle Says:

    hey hey take it was a joke really


  108. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    Chill out yoshichao, he is just joking


  109. Rai Says:

    …Learn to differ between jokes and serious comments, Yoshichao, otherwise shut it. He/She/Robot was obviously joking, hence the “LOL”, and “:D”. Plus his comments were of supporting before.


  110. Anon Says:

    While they working on the patch, we just sitting here masturbating


  111. Exia1717 Says:

    Good job guys, I check on this progress periodically and you guys never let me down :)


  112. Rai Says:

    @Anon: aren’t we always anyway?


  113. yoshichao Says:

    Well, since/if he was joking, I’m sorry for going overboard or whatever.

    It’s just that we’re so close to completion, that I’m on edge as I’d assume others are, and kinda don’t want anyone potentially discouraging the guys working on the patch this late in its development.

    I’ll try to not comment next time on anyone’s jokes as I’ll probably not understand any of them at this point in time.


  114. Rai Says:

    I doubt Romsstar and his team would give up so close to the end. They’re insanely motivated from what I can see.


  115. James Ryan Says:

    ‘sumyunghai’ recently asked…

    “So…. at this rate could we safely assume a finished localization patch around christmas or new years if continued at a steady rate?”

    I have the same question. It would be awesome if someone could answer it on the next blog post. I’m really, really surprised it has taken about 2 years though. Out of curiousity.. after all that time how close exactly are we to a completely finished translation???

    I know you said “… Of the 87 story and NPC packs, we have 46 done, which puts us at ~53%” but does that mean you’re 53% done with the final translation? Or just with the packs?

    I’m just wondering how the overall progress is heading, instead of each pack specifically (because I don’t know how significant any of these details are). Without a doubt in my mind, if this English translation is completed, I will be donating to the very kind people who decided to do this for everyone. I’m very, very keen on seeing how the overall progress is heading towards completion. Any general statement or ‘guesstimate’ would help. Are we in for a wait till the end of 2015 or can we expect it earlier?


  116. DemonKingKenji Says:

    if people have waited so many years for an English patch im sure they can wait another couple of months or so people should just chill and watch the clouds drift by …. also why be on edge if you aren’t apart of the development team there is absolutely no reason to be. next year we will have this and digimon story lost evolution for ds since that is almost done as well so keep up the great work mates.


  117. Romsstar Says:

    It seems highly unlikely to me that Romsstar and his team will give up.


  118. Russell Spriggs (Devastate) Says:

    My dog likes to look outside the window. The end.


  119. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @James Ryan: Well, it’s a little complicated. At this point, we have extracted all of the Japanese text and made a rough translation of all of it. Then we went through that rough translation and improved it. That first round of editing is 100% done.

    Now, we are in our second round of editing, and simultaneously inserting the English script into the game itself, that number is what is at 53%. Basically, once we finish all of the packs we’re working on now, we’ll need about a week to do some testing.

    We have been trying to release by the end of the year, but at the moment, if I were to estimate a release date, it would be some time next month.


  120. Rai Says:

    …I can’t tell if that was actually Romsstar up there joking around, or if that’s an impersonator using some awkward non-English letter to make it look like he’s Romsstar…

    Either way, it’s nice to know the details. And hell, the fact that it’s ‘only’ taken two years is an accomplishment (I feel like I’ve said this before :V). People can definitely wait for a few more months.

    Incidentally, Agumon is the best Pokémon.


  121. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m actually not entirely sure if it’s the real Romsstar either. Unfortunately, very little stops people from impersonating us, as some of you have seen before, except that we can and do IP ban people who do so.

    I’ll have to ask Romsstar if he posted that or not, with the admin tools we have on the back end of the site, I can see that they used his real email address, and have an IP address from the right country, but not one that he’s ever posted from before. That doesn’t mean much though, most consumer IPs are dynamic, and change every so often.

    Edit: He says he did post it, as a joke.


  122. Romsstar Says:

    Gee you make one joke and people start thinking someone impersonates you :D Nah guys it was me, I just thought it was funny to post something irregular, given that I didn’t have much time to post anything recently. Gladly Sporky keeps you updated though, and seems to enjoy it as well :D


  123. Jamie Says:

    And that’s one of the reasons I love this team so much. xD


  124. KonanDoyle Says:

    by the way whats the name of this team?


  125. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Uh, we should probably get one, especially once we start on our second game. The next one will probably be Digimon too, but we haven’t made any clear plans after that, though I’d like to take a crack at some of the old Wonderswan Digimon games some day. I suggested Erabareshi Kodomotachi at one point, but it’s a bit of a mouthful.

    Any suggestions? Also, how come no one has commented on my Agumon in a Santa hat? I slaved over a hot Photoshop for whole minutes to make that happen!


  126. AdiKOV Says:

    @Sporky is that the promo for the Agumon statue that comes with the game?


  127. Krownyh Says:

    No, he’s talking about the Agumon on the Site Headings. Seems like he PS’d making it wear a Santa Hat. BTW Good job! ( I would like it more had you used Gabumon, -sniff-)


  128. Rai Says:

    I have a team name for you guys.

    Romsstar and the Sex Wagon.

    …What? I’m totally being serious!


  129. Jamie Says:

    How about Romsstar’s Cutlery?


  130. Rai Says:

    Romsstar and the Sex Brigade.


  131. AdiKOV Says:

    We should organise a vote after a few names they approve. Digi-packers :-D get it, cus’ of the .pack files :-D anyone?


  132. KonanDoyle Says:

    how about Digimon League?

    cant believe you have been working 4 many years.yet no team name.You deserve one guys


  133. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    How about Romsstar and Friends with benefits LOL :3


  134. KonanDoyle Says:

    be serious guys….its a team name for these awesome people.


  135. MR.V Says:

    Translation Tamers
    Digital World Translations
    RomsSTARS feat. Sporky and the gang :)


  136. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    @Sporky Next month?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOO
    Deep breathes oh well nothing for it but to dig out my old copy of the original digimon world and get some practice back in Should be plenty of time to finish it from a fresh start


  137. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You’ve waited two years, what’s six more weeks?


  138. Jamie Says:

    That’s like… 42 whole days!


  139. Rai Says:

    @KonanDoyle: I am completely serious!

    Romsstar and the Sex Bandits.


  140. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Is that a bandit who is sexy, or one that steals sex?


  141. Rai Says:


    Another one: Romsstar and the Sex Deviants.


  142. Rai Says:

    Or perhaps it’s a bandit who makes sex? I mean you guys ‘are’ making something absolutely sexy.


  143. deadstalkers Says:

    has to be bandits that make every one impotent


  144. zeni Says:

    People making this game in english are the coolest. I just found out about this like a month ago Hahaha that means I waited the least ohhhhhh


  145. Hasty Capablanca Says:

    Rommstar and the Digimon Bondage Gang

    They like it tight!


  146. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    What about my suggestion? Romsstar and friends(with benefits) anyone? no? okay :|


  147. AdiKOV Says:

    The Avengermons


  148. Huntar Says:

    Terbo Nurds.

    I think it perfectly encapsulates the style of this team.


  149. Russell Spriggs (Devastate) Says:

    Digimon Rangers – Like pokemon rangers but like…digimon?


  150. TamagotchiDaddy Says:

    How about Xros Flare
    a combination Xros Heart and Blue Flare from Digimon Xros Wars


  151. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    Another Suggestion: Romsstar and the Boom Boom Pow Team :)


  152. christmasknightmon Says:

    first time posting, following for over a year though. on team name, how about DWR: Digital World Revitalizers? you guys are doing a real service for long time fans of the franchise, and I am really glad both that you’ve dedicated so much time, and that my psp is still functional. ^_^


  153. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Keep in mind we’re going for a translation group name, not a band. We’ll have a separate thread for our band name. Xros Flare is in the lead for now, too bad the second part of that series was so disappointing. Nyanko Tamers might work too, though that’s a reference to this game, so you guys probably don’t know that one.

    DWR has a ring to it. It’s definitely a thought, particularly if we do manage to start working on Decode next.


  154. KonanDoyle Says:

    while waiting for the release…..Me playing plants vs zombies 2.

    Also finishing my Home made manga,check it out guys its called “Slasherroo” search it in Youtube


  155. SinAiz Says:

    How about
    as long as the word mean “that connect many things”


  156. Rai Says:

    Personally I think the name should be unrelated to Digimon. You guys yourselves even said you might do things outside of Digimon. So it’d be weird if suddenly, for example, there was a Tokimeki Memorial translation done by a team called Xros Flare, or DWR.

    For that reason alone, why not go for something simple as, say: Romsstar’s Party, or Romsstar’s Squad.

    It’s partially the reason why I was jokingly suggesting sexual team names. They were amusing (to me at least :V), but they were also unrelated to the series.


  157. Jamie Says:

    I was thinking the same thing as you, Rai. If eventually the team does move in to translating other games series, a Digimon name would probably be a bit strange.

    That’s why I suggested Romsstar’s Cutlery, a Spork, Fork and Spoon(Sporky McForkinspoon) are all items of cutlery but it seemed to go over everyone’s head, lol.


  158. TamagotchiDaddy Says:

    I hope Xros Flare wins *fingers crossed


  159. Rai Says:

    Yeah but, Sporky’s not the only one in Romsstar’s team lol.


  160. Oscar.velasco.137 Says:

    My native language is Spanish, so I dont know how well (or bad ;)) it sounds in english, but I though something like “JaToEn Squad” which means “Japanesse To English Squad”, or your name could be a mix of japanesse and english, ’cause you’re supossed to translate rooms from that languague, aren’t you? it could be “Honyakusha team” well, I hope you like it :D
    And I vote for Digimon Adventure for your next translation ^-^
    I also LOVE your agumon with that santa hat, Be sure that your translation patch wil be my best christmas gift :D
    Go on with your amazing job, guys.


  161. Jamie Says:

    But the rest of the team could all change their name to items of Cutlery, lol. xD


  162. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, I’d prefer something not necessarily related to Digimon, or if is, at least something that sounds sort of general. At the same time, as much turnover as we’ve had in team members, I lean toward something that doesn’t have anyone’s name attached to it.


  163. deadstalkers Says:

    I would love to see some one translate Fate/Extra CCC


  164. NeoWolf Says:

    How about for a a team name “The Localisation Squad” or TLS for short? also after reading the comments I only just noticed the Christmas Agumon , that’s cool :)


  165. Hasty Capablanca Says:

    I actually think a digimon-related name would sound more intimate and unique, as it would carry the history that this team started off translating a Digimon game.

    Sure, they might pursue other series of games and people will wonder why they’re named like Xros Flare or whatever, but that just brings the opportunity to tell of this digimon translation project they worked on over for over two years.

    Imagine this team gets their own website and there’s this About page telling of how the team came to be. People who read that will be like, “Oh, that’s why they have this name. Cool”.


  166. jeanme132 Says:

    Well i haven’t posted a comment in here for like ages… wait does my keyboard still work? it does, Okay :P. Anyways i have been following the progress of this patch since almost the beginning from GBATEMP and i’m happy to see you guys are this close to finishing the translation. Being someone Who is Studying Programming and software Development i can only start to imagine the amount of work and dedication you guys put into this i just wanted to drop by and say you Did a good job here and don’t you forget it. As for a team Name seeing all the obstacles you guys had to overcome how about something like – The OverComers


  167. DemonKingKenji Says:

    hmmm a team name eh well I made up a team name for my team in the digimon story games on the ds I guess you could also use it

    team ‘Lost Hope’

    as in you are the lost hope of those who wanted an official translation of many games but it never happened and it falls apon you to fufill our wishes… now go fourth and make the world yours


  168. Hasty Capablanca Says:

    Hmm, how about…

    Open Rashomon: Your Japanese to English Gateway

    Rashomon = the enormous city gate of Kyoto, Japan

    It’s not a digimon, but you could like, turn it into one (just because it has the ‘mon’ at the end of it)! It makes for a great team mascot!

    “Open Rashomon” because the team is like opening the gates of Japan, and sharing its riches (in the form of game dialogue) to the rest of the world.


  169. Jamie Says:

    How about the… Baka Omanko’s? Just because it would be funny when people realised what it translated to.


  170. AdiKOV Says:

    T&D – Translate & dominate
    Pros100 – looks reallllllly general, but actually stands for Prosperity 100, reference to DW1 :-D


  171. Anon Says:

    Awwssss so its wont be @ Christmas ? goddammit santa!!!! DX


  172. Santa Says:

    @Anon its because u re not being a good boy this year anon……..


  173. SatouNHK Says:

    I’m with @DemonKingKenji, team Lost Hope sounds amazing ;)


  174. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Lost Hope sounds emo though. Just kidding, don’t hit me. Last Hope though sounds cool, and fits more with the description, since I feel that @DemonKingKenji was in the right path.


  175. acknologia Says:

    team statue update


  176. Rai Says:

    Lost Hope sounds as if the team will never release a completed translation.


  177. nabil Says:

    Guys, they release new informations about the latest digimon adventure series. Check it out on There is an official poster too. What do you guys think about it?


  178. deadstalkers Says:

    why not last hope then


  179. Rai Says:

    Romsstar’s Scriptures shot

    Okay okay, seriously, why not Lost Translations? I mean it’d fit. The Japanese games are “lost” for non-Japanese speakers/readers, and therefore Romsstar and his team are the ones who Translate these “lost” games.


  180. Rai Says:

    oh okay. Asterisks = italics. Good to know.


  181. Krownyh Says:

    I like “Kakumei Gears”, I could explain but I’m too lazy :P


  182. ahmadmanga Says:

    @nabil I’m bit annoyed about the style change but happy for “Adventures” comeback !! I think I’ll enjoy the show.


  183. Jukan Says:

    Lost Hope sounds good, maybe Lost Hope Translations? I like Rai’s suggestion, and it seems like it would fit LHT for short!

    Anyways, I’m patiently waiting for the patch. keep up the great work guys! I plan to stream it day 1! (I even have a clean ISO ready)


  184. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    Im gonna kill my time playing persona 4 golden! ^^
    see ya later guys! SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT! :D


  185. Rai Says:

    Lost Hope Translations sounds pretty good honestly.


  186. Guto Says:

    and what about the text insertion progress? xD
    really anxious here!


  187. Rai Says:

    Be patient, how’s that for an answer? Let them do their fucking work already.

    Liked by 1 person

  188. Krownyh Says:

    Yeah… That was a nice way to kill the mood -sigh-


  189. Nakula suksma Says:

    Only two words. GOOD JOB


  190. Juho Says:

    GSD Translations aka “Get Shit Done” Translations


  191. Jesse A Says:

    Greetings team Xros Flare (is that official?) long time fan and stalker here.

    Just want to thank you guys for all the hard work and I want to let you guys know, on behalf of the digimon and PSP community, how thankful we all are for you continuous hard work and perseverance with this ambitious project. We’ll always be here waiting patiently and giving the support you guys rightly deserve.

    The future looks very bright and near now that the patch you guys are cooking up is looking more and more real! Thanks again Romsstar and gang. ^_^

    PS Are you guys planning to tackle anymore translation projects after this one? If I may give a couple humble suggestions. I think a good game to try and tackle is Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity as it is very well documented (it already has translations of text, just needs people to make a patch) and has some guys over at gbatemp currently working on a patch (I think. Coldbird tried to start one a while ago but dropped it and JamsRules picked it up where it was left). Here’s a link to the gbatemp thread if you guys are interested:

    Another good game to try and make a patch for is God Eater 2. Noone is working on it as far as I know and it is apparently a good challenge to try to do as it has a lot of rom hacking protection. It has both a PSP and a PSVita version.

    In anycase, thanks again guys. You are the greatest for making Christmas a worthwhile wait! :D


  192. Hewwyeah Says:

    DigiTranslations, DigiFansLations, DigiPewPew, DigiStar, DigiRom


  193. azurezeed Says:

    how about WCIDTPT “Where Can I Download The Patch Translations”, that’s what all the people always say


  194. Rai Says:

    I’m sorry for swearing in my last comment, but I have a rather low tolerance for stupidity. I know I’m not even in their team or anything, but having to read constant stupid messages of asking where the patch is, or asking for updates, just pisses me off.

    Why can’t you people just be patient? The patch will come out when it does. Not before, not after. They set a general time area of when ‘they’ think it’ll be out, at ‘least’ you could do is wait until that time is gone, and then ask?


  195. Krownyh Says:

    @Rai I know exactly how you fell.. just trololo these guys :P. By the way you said your not in the team but xD, you’re always around!

    BTW God Eater 2 would be a great project, I approve


  196. Oscar.velasco.137 Says:

    For those new in this translation line, the team of translator wont release any patch until it is 100% translated and working, and there is no one half translated yet, so, there is no any patch to look for, just wait (I hope no more than two months, but it could be less or more) Until they finish their 100% translated Patch.

    And for the name, I like “Last Hope Translators” ^_^


  197. Rai Says:

    I’m always around because I just support them :P If they came back and only saw comments about how they’re “taking too long” or that “it’ll never come out”, they’d probably get discouraged. So I’m there to make sure they know that there are people out that who definitely appreciate their efforts.


  198. deadstalkers Says:

    Had to by new psp console it broke while i was playing Growlanser wayfarer of time keep up the good work can’t wait for release.


  199. Jukan Says:

    I’m with ya Rai! I’m not one to normally comment, but this project seems worth the time to say something. I’ve been a Digimon fan since the show first reached our shores, and this patch excites me!

    Although it seems like its taking forever, we have to remember that the team is working in their SPARE time. They aren’t dedicated translators or programers, they have lives, and we MUST respect that at all costs. I would rather wait for a quality, well done patch, than get a rushed, horribly translated, half-assed product. Keep up the great work.


  200. Max1heretik Says:

    Please let us know how to donate !
    You will need to be paid, I really want to give you something, and i think all future user will have to do it too !
    One time more, thanks in advance for all your efforts for the worldwide community !

    Greetings from France ;)


  201. azurezeed Says:

    @Rai i know my friend, it’s really irritating to read comments about when is the patch coming out
    why can’t you just wait until is ready?, be patient people


  202. demidevimon Says:


  203. Alex Andersson Says:

    seriously guys you are just staggeringly amazing.
    came across this site by chance, will finish my masters degree soon.. but having read i’ll actually buy a psp and play this game, you are wonderful! THANK you!!!


  204. Bacons Says:

    soon tm


  205. DemonKingKenji Says:

    well im glad people liked my idea for the name but anyway with so much digimon stuff next year I hope it doesn’t distract me from my vet nurse studies hehehe and as always keep up the good work


  206. AdiKOV Says:

    @DemonKingKenji i was kinda speed reading the comments and i read wet nurse studies,and said, wtf? Had to back up a bit for that.


  207. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Wet nurse studies… I kinda want to change major now.


  208. AdolvsLink Says:

    Sup guys ltnt. So for a team name I was thinking, Royal Guard. It has a digimon reference that is disambiguous from the franchise to anyone that isn’t a heavy fan. That way it speaks to your first project without binding you to digimon solely.

    Also I support Gods Eater2 for next translation. Should be fun but there’s hella text in those games. On the other hand super dangan ronpa 2 is only text from the main cast mostly (like 12 npc) so that’d be easy and cool. Plus they’re both good games.

    =Also good job guys! Keep up the good work! Glad to know that quality is taking priority over release date unlike other translations! ^_^


  209. Nhoya Says:

    here is the patcher for linux user

    Simply download it, put on the “data” directory (in the patch archive) and run ./xdelta_patcher path/to/your/iso.iso

    @Sporky McForkinspoon @Romsstar
    I sent a mail with the script as attachment so you can put it directly in the patch archive ;)


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