Progress Report: December 17th, 2014


Hello everyone.

After hoping for weeks and trying to work as hard as our lives allow us there’s no helping it:

We probably won’t make a 2014 release.

Let’s back up a little bit:

While almost all NPCs are done, and the Emails as well, there’s nothing that can be done

about the fact that there’s still the Colosseum and some other ares that just need checking.

Now due to unfortunate events some people of our stuff are occupied which led to slowdowns in events.

This also includes me, I’m afraid My education currently occupies me stronger than I could’ve foreseen.
And as our staff is currently smaller than we also could’ve foreseen, this leads to a postponing in the release.

Maybe, just maybe a miracle might occur and we might make it after all.

But guys I just don’t want you to get your hopes up to be disappointed then. But just to be clear:

We are talking merely of WEEKS that the release might be postponed.

I’m sorry for everyone who was hoping to be able to play this on Christmas, but don’t be guys.
As for the future, we might have a card up our sleeve that might be exiting as well ;)

Thanks for your continuous support.


128 Responses to “Progress Report: December 17th, 2014”

  1. Krownyh Says:

    That’s fine! Really! What are a couple of weeks for something that we would never put our hands on if you had never decided to translate the game! Don’t worry and peace! Have a Happy Christmas and New Year! Thanks for all your effort!


  2. SHSLTorturer Says:

    It’s no problem for me! It’s still really good to finally have some kind of release date! Keep up the good work!


  3. A fan Says:

    No problem guys real life is important.
    Thank you for your hard work.
    A 2015 release is no problem.


  4. Rai Says:

    Dammit Rumsttar. How could you put real life in front of your very important translation works?! After all the money we’ve paid you, Reemstar!? What about our rights?! We have rights too y’know! You owe us! You owe us Ramstarr! Either that or give us our money back, Romestarar.


  5. wellitongb Says:

    I know you can’t release in 2014, but i like a version beta to test for you. I promise dedicate me to report bugs in game. Please, disponibilize the game for me. :)


  6. Romsstar Says:

    Rai, as clearly specified on the toilet paper contract, there will be no refunds.

    Hmm Reemstar, doesn’t sound so bad either :D


  7. Brian Says:

    @Rai Hahaha your post pretty much says it all, it made my day at least :p
    @Romsstar and team
    These things tend to happen, and as always RL comes before everything else. So no worries there! Thank you for all the hard work as always. And of course, happy holidays to the entire team!


  8. Romsstar Says:

    I’m rather surprised no one has asked about that last remark in the post yet ;)


  9. Brian Says:

    I’m just guessing here, but I hope you’re hinting towards translating the 3DS version of Re:digitize. :)
    A man can hope no? There’s only one problem with it I guess. How much more awesome would you and the team become then? My brain would not be able to take it :p


  10. Jamie Says:

    Anyone that is truly interested in the translation reads the comments section and already know this and is fine with it. :)


  11. Jamie Says:

    That was my initial thought and hope too, I follow the 3DS hacking scene and it’s more than possible to translate games now, so I’m really hoping it’s that. xD


  12. Rai Says:

    Shit, I forgot about the toilet paper contract. Oh well~


  13. Rai Says:

    Also, is that remark a hint on that you’re translating the weird VPet remake that came with Digimon- nevermind, that was with Adventure, not Re-digitize… My mistake~

    Oh, I got it! You’re obviously going to translate Cyber Sleuth! Because you can totally do that with your magical rainbow powers.


  14. Jamie Says:

    Perhaps they’ve been contacted by Namdai and offered the means to translate Cyber Sleuth! :O


  15. Falzar Says:

    No problem, I still, and forever will, love you.
    But, you said that there’s areas that “just need checking”, then is the translation part, and text insertion, done, or almost?
    Anyway, happy xmas and new year for you, guys!


  16. Brian Says:

    I haven’t been following the 3DS hacking scene that much lately, but after researching it a bit just now I actually found out huge steps have been taken recently. God I really hope Decode is going to be the next project from Romsstar and co!

    And I really do hope Cyber Sleuth comes to the west eventually. I still love my VITA and a digimon game for it would be so awesome ^^
    Make it happen Namdai!


  17. Rhombic Says:

    @Translation staff
    No problem for me. You guys worked so hard on both real life and this project, I understand. :) Love you guys so much!
    Happy Christmas!

    The problem IS what I gonna do on this Christmas T^T………..


  18. Anon Says:

    SANTA WHY U DO DIS! i want my Christmas gift !!! DX


  19. theo Says:

    I understand, thanks so much for the hard work, real life is much more important and without you all this will not be possible. love ya guys, God bless you and Merry Christmas!. :D


  20. NeoWolf Says:

    I can wait as long as it takes, this game will be awesome but life is important. Thanks for the honesty and all the hard work.
    Merry Christmas :D


  21. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Hey everyone, thanks for understanding. I thought we’d have a lot of hate spam by now, and having just come from my cousin’s funeral, I’m really glad I don’t have to deal with that just now. It’s a little silly, but it means a lot that you’re not being like 99% of the internet.

    @Falzar: At this point, over half of the story and NPCs are edited to the point where I’m happy releasing them, and inserted into the game (I don’t have an exact count on hand), as well as about 80% of the emails. I haven’t really gotten started on the colosseum yet, but that’s coming. All of the stuff not inserted yet needs to have someone on the staff look it over for a last round of quality control, and put the line breaks in their right places (when we started we had to take random guesses at where they should be).

    There’s also a few odds and ends, mostly making sure we didn’t miss any files or anything. I’d also fucking love it if we could find a better way of doing spell checking than the current process of me looking really closely at everything, but at this point it’s probably more trouble than its worth to make that happen.

    As for the possible surprise, we can’t make any promises, and we wouldn’t want to announce anything prematurely.


  22. Brian Says:

    For what it’s worth, my sincere condolences. When I read Romsstar’s post I was expecting a wave of nay sayers calling out to you and the team as well. It’s rather refreshing to see people respecting and understanding the situation before them instead of the usual ‘Why you no works harder?” comments, trying to spoil the fun for everybody on the team. Well except for Rai, with his toilet paper contracts and “Rumsstar name calling of course :p

    Jokes aside, thanks for everything you’ve done for the loyal digimon fan base. I trust you will all present us with the best translated experience you can possibly create. You people rock ;)


  23. Biloal Says:

    Hi guys before I say anything else I want to thank you for your efforts again and again,you couldn’t make it a time for 2014, WHAT SO the goal is to finich it not to do it in 2014 or let it down,the day you release it I will be sure to do my best to let everyone know who’s the team who did this amazing work just so we can enjoy the game we hoped to play understanding every word on it, thank you thank you and thank you again.


  24. Zanzoltan Says:

    I’ll wait…we’ll all wait…

    There’s no problem for the release date…only that it’s released eventually :D

    Thanks for the great work :D


  25. Jamie Says:

    I’m gonna guess from the last bit of your post that you’re looking into the tools and such needed to translate Decode but don’t want to announce it yet in case it can’t be done properly and to your standards? :P


  26. kirito Says:

    hey yall bought the game long ago caause i heard bout the patch but i guess it could stay in my closet a while longer lol,looking forward to it n thanks for the work


  27. Oscar.velasco.137 Says:

    I don’t know in your country, buy here, we have something like christmas in march, its called “Reyes Magos” i will change the date of my gifts.

    Thank you guys, don’t surrender.


  28. Gary Says:

    No apology needed, we will need to thank you even still…
    You guys use your precious time to ensure this project is completed, this is very commendable.

    Cheers and wish you a early Christmas and even earlier New Year. ^^


  29. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    way to go PS: yo romie give me that Playboy magazine I lent you back! :D


  30. Zanzoltan Says:


    Here on Argentina, the “Reyes Magos” is celebrated on January the 6th…

    We’ll have to wait for the “Carnaval” on 18 of February I suppose. But, HEY! At least it’ll come out :D

    No thanks to Bandai Namco, athankyou.

    But thanks to this awesome guys :D


  31. Ray Cefiro Says:

    just release it, we don’t need 100% patched


  32. CK Says:

    Hey guys. I’m a recent follower of this project of yours (6 months or so) and I just want to drop in to say that you guys are amazing for doing this. It broke my heart when I found out that this game hadn’t (and most likely would not) get a West release. You guys pulling through with this translation and especially not dropping it halfway like most groups do is amazing and definitely a dream come true to me.

    Thank you for all you hard work and know that a few weeks or months are NOTHING when knowing that, if not for you guys, we would never get access to this amazing game.


  33. Ein Says:

    Don’t worry guys.. Your works is great so we can wait a couple week for great quality translation :)


  34. TamagotchiDaddy Says:

    So you guys are hinting us that you’re going to translate Cyber SLUT! HELL YEAAWWHH!

    But on the serious side of my reply…Nah it’s okay just take your time guys. Real life is way important specially in this time of the year. Wish you all a Merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year.


  35. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    Dafuq? what happened! >.<
    just kidding :)
    It's okay….still gonna support you guys! I think this will be finish after i finish persona 4 golden since i didn't played it in ps2 and this is my first playthrough. well see ya guys in january :)


  36. Raphael Lim Says:

    its ok take ur time, we already wait for 2 year, there is no big different for another week, keep it up and thanks you for all ur handwork


  37. Jacky Says:

    boooooo. enjoy ur christmas anyway! its so festive everywhere.


  38. Rai Says:

    Don’t be like that, Jacky. They have lives.

    In other news, I know what they’re planning. And it’s amazing.

    …You guys are planning to re-translate the entire game into Ebonics right? Because if you don’t I’ll be sad. AND A SAD RAI IS A SAD TIME FOR EVERYBODY!


  39. Lau Says:

    Well, it´s just weeks! We waited until now, no problem =D.
    Good new year for you guys! Good luck with studies and happy


  40. Adam Says:

    thanks for all that you are making, you are the best!!Happy Christmass and good luck with the studies!


  41. hufflepuff Says:

    The waiting will just make the experience all the better ^_~


  42. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    If this project weren’t going to be finished by April, I would seriously consider making a patch containing nothing by dick jokes and terrible puns. I might do that anyway.


  43. Jukan Says:

    I vote do it! Only if you have the time and find it fun while still doing so, otherwise, we can do without. Still, a fun translation would be epic!


  44. Kuroneko Says:

    Don’t worry about the time! Your personal life is what comes first, and you’re not even getting paid for doing this, so there’s not reason for you to rush.
    Thank you very much for translating this game :)


  45. João Pedro Says:

    That’s fine! I know it’s a hard tranlation. I’m sure you’re doing a great job, good luck!


  46. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: It’d be hard to play like that :P


  47. Victor Says:

    you were trying to go for a 2014 release?! holy shit you guys are incredible, I have no don’t you guys are working your absolute hardest, you put pros to shame, godspeed


  48. azurezeed Says:

    @Rai: I think it would make the game easier

    Just imagine that beautiful piece of art


  49. Gabraham Says:

    IMO you guys can release the patch whenever it’s convenient to you. You should be able to have time in your lives to enjoy the holidays and get your real-life priorities taken care of. Please do not push yourselves and have a Merry Christmas!


  50. Noël Rakotondramanana Says:

    Hi everyone, which PSP emulator do you recomand me to use on Smartphone? Coz i want to play re digitize on phone rather than PC. Or will only real PSP can read the patched iso? Thanks


  51. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t have a phone that will run a PSP emulator, but I hear good things about the Android version of PPSSPP, and the game runs fine on the Windows version of PPSSPP.


  52. AeroAmaa Says:

    Enjoy your free time with your family!


  53. Rai Says:



  54. Rai Says:

    Aw. it didn’t work :(


           (The Joke)

    (Your Head)


  55. Rai Says:

    Also guys, don’t work on Christmas. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but your lives are much more important. We can be patient, and if there are impatient people? We’ll stab them. With a rusty Knife. Doused in poison. ….from the bottom of the ocean. ….a contaminated ocean…. And force him/her to listen to Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

  56. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Unfortunately, I will be working my real job on Christmas. They’re paying me double though, so I can’t complain too much.


  57. Rai Says:

    Oh fair enough. Well, you guys should still take some time off around the Christmas time. You guys do more than enough for us, we can stand waiting a couple of extra weeks or months.


  58. poketrainer Says:

    pfft dont worry guys , we can wait another year , but most important thing is your study/live + you should put a donation button on every post so we can donate . And BTW you’r doing a great job. keep it up ;)


  59. Jamie Says:

    Really wish there was some way we could all pay you guys back without getting the project nuked by Namdai, you deserve at least something for all the work you’ve put in.


  60. Says:


    We can also pay you double than we are paying you right now if you want ^_^


  61. Resty Q Vargas Says:


    Spare me sensei :|


  62. eieo Says:

    Please take your time. Merry chrismass


  63. Attention Seeking Whore Says:

    How dare you put your life ahead of my entertainment?! You work for ME, not the other way around. Insert more generic hate mail here


  64. AdolvsLink Says:

    It’s just a few weeks. We’ll be fine till then. After all we’ve been patient for quite some time. We can be patient a little longer.


  65. AdolvsLink Says:

    @rai O_o Rebecca and Justin at the same time?! Do you even need the knife any more? That’s just sinister


  66. sauce_baus Says:

    Your education is more important than a deadline for a translation that you’re making as a side project! I know I am super excited for this and if it weren’t for you wonderful folks I’d be spending god knows how much money on learning Japanese just to play this game and possibly a few more.

    Happy whatever you decide to celebrate and thank you for your time and energy!


  67. Rai Says:

    @AdolvsLink You’re right… Stabbing them would just distract them!

    Also, people who are asking about donation stuff. Romsstar and Sporky have both said, many, many times, they can not accept Donations. Bandai would shit on this as soon as possible.


  68. Juho Says:

    I don’t have time to play until january, so no biggy. Merry Christmas!


  69. jeanme132 Says:

    ^^I Really Do Hope Romsstar and Co. Find Some Way To Not Give The Patch To People Like you, thinking you are entitled to the patch. Just a thought you know :P. Enjoy your christmass Peoples


  70. Romsstar Says:

    @Anonymous :
    And I should care about your opinion because….?


  71. DemonKingKenji Says:

    wow what an ass I think you can wait one more month or two these guys are doing the best they can with what they got. keep up the good work guys an have a safe xmas and new year.


  72. Romsstar Says:

    @DemonKingKenji :
    Thanks for your understanding.
    We’re not a company and the people I have the pleasure to work with aren’t salaried employees either. We really try our best to make it happen as soon as possible, but you never can predict when a person has the time to work on this or doesn’t. And it’s not like we have other peoples to replace our staff members. If a person falls out, this will delay the process and there’s really nothing I can do about it. Most people understand that, but some like this Anonymous guy don’t. (really? He doesn’t even have the guts to post a nickname?)

    I’m grateful for the people that are out there and support us and rest assured, it’s worth your wait. And you won’t be disappointed.
    And we’re on to something very nice, which you’ll all appreciate, I hope as well :)


  73. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: Since when did they promise ‘anything’?

    Oh wait, they didn’t.

    There’s your answer.


  74. Jamie Says:

    @Romsstar: People like him don’t even deserve a reply from you, out of all the people commenting here, only one person has had anything negative to say, think that just goes to show how appreciated you guys actually are. I actually expected more negative comments to be honest, this is the internet after all, haha.


  75. azurezeed Says:

    @Anonymous; wow at first i thought it was a joke, but seriously what an asshole you are if that wasn’t a joke

    Don’t worry about bad comments team, you are doing a great job and many people appreciate it, happy holydays


  76. Jukan Says:

    Shall I make a take at an angry, ungrateful persons comment? let’s see.

    Um, How dare you have lives, we have been waiting for this patch for X years, get your butts behind that PC, and release that patch by the 25th or Idk, i’ll….blow up the internet, yeah lets go with that.

    Seriously though, we can wait, even if people like that anon start acting like ass holes, I know in my heart this patch WILL come out, and blow away expectations for us all. Thanks again!


  77. lodgears Says:

    No problem man! Take your time. And thank you for all the hard work. Without you guys we probably never would play this game in english so, we just have to wait and thank for the effort. :D

    Merry Xmas!


  78. zilve Says:

    ive been waiting for a long time now so those few extra weeks dont mather;)
    just really glad you guys what you do


  79. Anon Says:

    Hey hey, thats a different anon over there, he is not me


  80. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That anon’s comment was deleted, and the IP address permabanned, so of that I am certain.


  81. ParkerXD Says:

    Its all good, thanks for the hard work and all the effort you’ve put in making this possible. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  82. demidevimon Says:

    which well come out first? this patch or digimon cyber sleuth?


  83. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The patch. There is basically no chance we won’t be done before Cyber Sleuth comes out.


  84. Terence R. Scraperfield Says:



  85. Rai Says:

    @Demidevimon: Which’ll die first? The patch, or you?

    You, naturally. “I’m really feeling it!”


  86. blnkpoint Says:

    My biggest condolences for your cousin. I read your spell check comment and i’m not sure if you’d need the help but I’m actually an editor/writer so if you ever wanted someone else to do the dirty work I’d gladly assist!

    Keep up the good work guys! Look forward to the next update!


  87. AdolvsLink Says:

    so I have alot to look forward to in january ^_^ btw Rom and sporky I had another game translation suggestion if you wanted to add to that ever growing list. The danball senki games. I know they’re not immensely popular but they are at least quite entertaining.


  88. DataOV Says:

    Well we can always wait by playing other game first :3
    Good luck on the translation guys


  89. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Blnkpoint: Well, we’re close enough to done with this project that it probably isn’t worth the time it would take to teach someone new how to use our tools and the writing style we’re looking for, but if you like, you can try out for our next project (we haven’t officially decided what it is yet, but probably another Digimon game). I’m on Skype under the username sporkymcforkinspoon if you want to get a hold of me.


  90. Demonte Says:

    Whatever well worth the wait I played this game without the translate had only a semi clue what was going on got far and just saying the game was the even barely understanding it all the did choices for evolution te nostalgia from digimon world 1 training was a bitch and a half as always but if it worked happy me so to be able to play it in English I’ll wait til 2015


  91. Orang Gendut Says:

    At least I’m relieved to hear that you guys still have real life.

    As long as you guys still can finish the project, that’s all I (or we) need to know.



  92. Neo Says:

    Just weeks for the release….? WOW. This is one of the fastest translations I’ve seen. I’m used to translations that take YEARS just to be cancelled in the end. You guys are awesome. Happy Holidays, you really deserve it!


  93. Sasha Says:

    Is it possible for you to patch Last ranker ?
    The translation of it already exists you would just need to create a patch.


  94. Neo Says:

    Sadly Sasha, as far as I know about non-oficial translations, the patch is the hardest part…


  95. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’ll talk to Romsstar about it as a potential project, but I doubt we would do it for our next project, and who knows when we’ll be ready for a third.


  96. Skullbazon Says:

    I just want to tell you guys good luck. We’re all counting on you


  97. Anonymous Says:

    hey i have a question, basically ive read that training ur digimon, digivolving him etc. is easier than the psx version and i want to know if any1 could tell me how much easier it is? because what i loved about the psx version is that it was sometimes very difficult to get a ultra/mega so yea i hope its still like that on the psp version


  98. Jamie Says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s easier tbh, it’s only easy if you use a guide that lists all the specific parameters needed to digivolve, if you don’t use a guide I’m sure it would be just as hard as the first one.


  99. JP Says:

    No worries mate! We waited this long so waiting a little longer won’t hurt! Keep up the good work!


  100. deadstalkers Says:

    lol i think they say something about your patch on under digimon world re digitize


  101. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Neat, I didn’t think we’d meet notability standards. Be sure to edit it to say that I’m the sexiest man in human history. That should take care of that problem.


  102. NeoWolf Says:

    “An upcoming localization patch will allow people to play the Japanese game with fully translated English text. A release date has not been announced. According to the following source, the project is nearing completion as of December 2014” That is so cool, your work is going to be known by everyone now. I hope Bandbitc…Bandai don’t go all stingy and C&D this project now it might become common knowledge. Congratulations and great work guys.


  103. Auron Says:

    whats wrong with being guys? D=

    LOL just kiddin =p will be a fine christmas gift if even alittle late X3


  104. Luke McKeon Says:

    Hey guys, I’ve literally just stumbled across this in the last few days, and reading all the comments and posts and threads I’m really impressed and grateful for all the work and effort that you’re all putting in! I’ve watched majority of the videos and the game looks amazing (I actually never realised that Re:Digitise was basically a remake of Digimon World #blondemoment) Kinda wish you guys were the team translating Adventure too!

    Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas!


  105. Luke McKeon Says:

    @Jamie They’re nowhere near 100% every couple of weeks/months they release a new patch with more of the story etc translated!


  106. Romsstar Says:

    I’m sorry guys but we don’t endorse the Adventure translation.
    I ask you to please refrain from posting links and similar here on this topic.


  107. Daniel Helebrand Says:

    I know that card up your sleeve probably will be another dígimon game, but is there a chance for Fate/extra CCC ? It needs some reliable translation group :)


  108. Lost Says:

    Digimon Redigitize on 2015 and Digimon Tri ? Hell yeah! XD


  109. dee200 Says:

    begining to think there might be another reason why you guys want release the game yet …..welll life moves on so do I bye bye……


  110. Anon Says:

    promise me one thing if bandai or any copyright holder ask you guys to delete the patch, torrent the patch 1st somewhere no matter what % the patch is :(

    i’m scared u guys catch their attention and all this burns into nothing


  111. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I can certainly understand why you would want that, but in the event we were to have legal action taken against us, I’d rather not be on record one way or another about how we would react.


  112. Struwwl Says:

    Hey guys, I just wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and I hope you will get into the new year well :3


  113. fenrir Says:

    A little bit of more waiting aint gonna kill anyone,its all good man. You know what they say, slowly but surely. Merry christmas, and rock on romsstar, sporky and everyone else


  114. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well dee200, you do what you like, but I will ask you to stand by this statement when we release in a few weeks and kindly not use our work. We’re working on Christmas Eve to do something nice for total strangers, for free. The reason we didn’t release on time has to do with Romsstar getting married, and my family member dying. We could release today if we wanted, but we think that the quality of our release will be better if we wait.


  115. Krownyh Says:

    My condolenses Sporky. I can’t really say what it is like to lose a family member but I hope you’re okay… Best wishes for you and.. for that Lucky(Romsstar) bastard!, The man got a wifu, sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh, oops. Hehe

    By the way, anyone going to have a White Christmas?.


  116. deadstalkers Says:

    congrats on your marriage Romsstar


  117. donnie leonardo Says:

    Keep fighting XD Merry chrismas guys XD
    Sorry if i spelled wrong XD


  118. Anonymous Says:

    Merry Christmas and happy new year! thank you for the translation. Even if it is released later than new year, that will still be one of the Best Gift you could have given to all the digimon fans out here. THANK YOU!


  119. Anonymous Says:



  120. Anonymous Says:

    Merry Christmas !!


  121. BLADE Says:

    sorry to hear @Sporky McForkinspoon I lost my mum a few months ago (hence why I haven’t been on here in awhile) I know what its like pal chin up tho bud and thanks for working threw such a bad time and coagulations Romsstar again thanks for all the hard work cant wait to play this ..tbh this has kept me going over xmas (not to sound sad but reminds me of times life was simple :,) my deepest gratitude to you guys and the rest of the team )

    p.s is this going to be fully compatible with ppssspp on android …I have a psp but the R trigger is damaged should be playable if I am not relying on the R trigger if both are a no go then how would I download a copy of ppsspp for p.c :S

    oh and would that destroy my gaming experience with rubbish controls …pp.s merry xmas guys :) will be back on here more missed my small chats with romsstar :)


  122. Vincent Brooks Says:

    To think it’s Christmas and these guys would cut you some slack. Well to the team that is working on this game, thanks again and a Very Merry Christmas to you all. hope that the negative posts wont push you to drop the damn thing all together but anyways 2 years and still waiting for the release. It’s better late that never. A happy marriage for Romsstar and a solemn condolence for Sporky.


  123. Anon Says:

    Awsss its really pass Christmas after all… it ho u guys are joking and then give us big surprise. But no problem!! We will wait! Thanks guys ;D


  124. Romsstar Says:

    @Anon: Please refresh your browser to check the newest post ;)


  125. Ace Liaren (Was Sora Yuuki) Says:

    Ill just be honest guys.. Im sure this will offend some people, but as much as i want the patch to be released this month… I do feel a slight relieved that the patch is delayed….for some reason…
    Once again im not disrespecting the teams works but my pc was…. Literally… Exploded…. So… Until i can fix the busted parts…. I really cant play the game at all…. I just wanted to say sorry for my selfishness and i really dont have any intentions to disrespect the teams works….just…. Sorry guys…
    And for the team… Keep up the good job and dont push yourselves too far ok?


  126. Lost Says:

    hi. i got a few quick question. what program/s you use to edit text in Redigitize? and what file did you edit? EBOOT or BOOT or else?
    quite curious.


  127. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We have mostly made our own. Most of the text editing and insertion is done with a modified version of the Falo tool that is used in most projects, and the rest are various made for the purpose insertion tools. The files we edit are in many places on the ISO, we did edit the EBOOT, but mostly to change some of the new game menus.


  128. Lost Says:

    :O wow… self-made program. no wonder not many people can translate/edit jap game. Thank for reply.


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