2/22 Update: Mea Culpa


Well, it’s been longer than I usually try to go between updates.  At this point we’re clearly stretching the definition of “soon” and I’m sorry about that.  That’s partly unavoidable and partly my fault.  The Colosseum has turned out to need considerably more work that I had estimated, at the time of the last post I hadn’t looked closely at those files, since we had planned on saving them for last, as they’re mostly not as important as the story or the NPCs and side quests.

The Colosseum files are structured differently than all of the game’s other files.  Where most conversations look like you’d imagine they would, a string where one person’s dialogue shows up is followed by either that person’s next line, or a line spoken by someone else, with a speaker ID in the metadata, the Colosseum files are not like that at all.  The Speaker ID data is calculated completely different from any other text file we encountered. To make it short: We can’t really find the Speaker ID at this point. In the mean time, we are working on those files, but it’s a lot slower to need to open up the game, have a save file with all of the Colosseum battles available, and see who says what where.  A fair number of them seem pretty straight forward, they’re basically filler there to add some content, so the dialogue doesn’t get very involved, but some of them, particularly the sidequests that happen in the Colosseum are more complicated.

Also unavoidable was the limitations on our time.  I took three months off of school at the end of last year for reasons I won’t get in to here, and that gave me a lot more time to work on this project, and we made a lot of progress during that time.  Fortunately for my eventual career, but unfortunately for this project, I went back to school a few days after I made the last post, and Romsstar started his Master’s degree program.  In a few weeks I’ll be done with this term and will need to transfer to a different university, where I won’t be able to start classes until the fall, so I’ll once again have several months in which I’ll have lots of time to work on translation projects, which I’m looking forward to.

Here’s the part that’s all my fault though. I shouldn’t have made a public prediction about our release schedule.  It seemed reasonable enough at the time that I made those predictions, and I did go out of my way to say they weren’t guaranteed, but it was still foolish of me.  We’re still going to release, and there’s still a comparatively small amount of work left to do, but I can’t promise we’ll make the kind of progress we’d like to until I finish out the term in mid March, and given what happened last time, I’m not going to make any public predictions about a release date again, though we’ll keep you informed of the progress we make as we make it.  I apologize to anyone who has been upset at our lack of progress, and while I can’t promise slow downs won’t happen in the future, I will try to be better about not promising things I am not 100% certain can be delivered.  The vast majority of people have been extremely patient and kind, and I think I speak for everyone on the team when I say that we appreciate it.


179 Responses to “2/22 Update: Mea Culpa”

  1. GuiRadam Says:

    yay finally some news, and dont worry guys just keep doing the awesome work you guys have been doing, thx guys your all awesome


  2. Anonymous Says:

    the fact that you’re taking time out of your life to do this and FOR FREE is more than enough :)


  3. jeanme132 Says:

    Rai But are you really first, or did you remove any previous comments to Gain the prestigious title :o, Rai is Illuminati Confirmed


  4. Rai Says:

    Oh hey, a new post. GUESS WHAT!? First!


  5. Eclairrisa Says:

    It’s okay guys~! fully understand u guys get a life too.. so just take it easy~

    i’ve been waiting for almost 2 years.. hey it’s not a big deal to wait for a few months more.. (hope it will be finished in a few months though.. >.<)

    keep up the spirit! never lose hope, and never give up.. we, or atleast i, as a fan believe in u guys!! ^^


  6. Jamie Says:

    Hey, at least we know not to expect anything before mid march, it’s the not knowing that gets me, haha.


  7. ahmadmanga Says:

    Oh!! while I feel some sad.. but it’s great that you’re still working and learned something from this (don’t do any public predictions)

    Keep Up everyone!!


  8. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not any more Rai, all your post are belong to me.


  9. The-Annoyer Says:

    oh no,, more waiting :( jk,, no problem guyz, you are trying your best,, I can wait another year,, you are doing it for free,, so take your time..!! :)


  10. Kostja Says:

    Take all the time you need! Real life comes first, no matter what and everyone who doesn’t realize it isn’t worth your work!


  11. calex93 Says:

    Don’t worry man, you’re doing what you can, priorities are priorities, so we’ll wait all we have to ^^


  12. DataOV Says:

    Lol rai’s comment is weird


  13. jeanme132 Says:

    Okay rai now you are just making me doubt my sanity o.O


  14. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Mother fucker. xD


  15. yoshichao Says:

    Well, thanks for the in depth update I guess.

    Guess I’ll reduce the amount of times I check up on this page from like once or twice a day to like once or twice a week.

    Oh well, things happen, you guys are definitely doing a damn good job I hope, so I look forward to the final release.

    Since I probably won’t comment here again till its release (since I’m starting Uni soon down here in Aus), thanks for all your hard work.
    Christ I wish proper companies didn’t have to rely 100% on profits and could be more like you guys.

    I wish you all the best on your education endeavors, and hope nothing goes wrong to potentially screw over this project.
    Love you all <3


  16. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Sorry Rai, I just discovered the ability to edit timestamps while thinking about the best way to post the tutorials when the time comes. I don’t want the posts for how to put CFW on a PSP, how to dump an ISO, how to patch the ISO, and how to get PPSSPP running to all clog the front page, but WordPress evidently doesn’t let you make posts that don’t show up on the front page, but which can still be accessed from links. After some thought, I ended up deciding that the best way will be to just set the timestamp to 2001 or something so they’ll be accessible but not on the front page. Then I decided to screw with your comment, because it was funny.


  17. Otakon7 Says:

    Don’t worry, just make it ’till the end of the year and we’re happy ;)

    There are a few translations coming up by the end of the year, so waiting for one more isn’t a problem.

    P.S. Yeah, rough estimations are hard, I’ve had a few similar projects, and while it’s easy to say “within a month”, sometimes, it just keeps dragging on lol


  18. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: I’ll get you next time, Gadge-I mean… …bye!

    EDIT: I will say this has some immense opportunities to screw with people. …And that is extremely tempting to do…


  19. Obryant Says:

    We’ll wait another year if we have too cause that game worth to play 8)
    finish what you started dude (_)9


  20. Marwa Al-Alawi Says:

    I’ve been waiting since nearly the beginning of this project and I don’t see why myself and others can’t wait a little more. It’s a little disappointing that I won’t get it now but I’m a big girl and good things are worth waiting for. As always, thank you so much for what you do and I know how much time school sucks up. Do what you can and when it happens, it’ll happen.


  21. Person27 Says:

    The problem with the game market nowadays is that gamers are ruining the market by wanting the developers to rush games, and that means the translators too get rushed. Take your time, release it when you’re ready, we’re not going anywhere. I wish game companies would realize this.


  22. TamagotchiDaddy Says:

    Nah it’s okay take your time guys. None of you guys are getting paid to finish this project, you guys are doing it for FREE. So the least we(everyone waiting for the patch) could do is to wait patiently and stop bitchy about “why is it taking too long?”
    Besides I also have a personal life, I also have a job and I do not sit on the couch for the whole day and stare at my monitor waiting for some updates.

    Good Luck and Good Job reaching this far on the project
    *thumbs up


  23. Jukan Says:

    This post is a complete joke, DO NOT take it seriously. Please, just don’t!

    This just in: its seems that the team is secretly planning on charging $20 for the patch for those who do not have the full game, all money will be going to Sporky’s pocke….i mean to the developing companies so they can see for themselves, that a fan translation patch is outselling the most recent crappy all-star arena game . Those who imported the game, and can provide proof will get the patch for…..$10!?!

    Also, this post is a complete joke, DO NOT take it seriously. Please, just don’t! (saying it twice to be safe)


  24. Trexo2 Says:

    Dude, your a liar making excuses now. I’ve seen parts of the coliseum done in your videos and yet you say “there different we only just noticed” how is that possible that you’ve only just noticed when you’ve clearly already edited these files


  25. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Please link to those videos, because I went through and checked just now, and that’s not true. There are a couple of screenshots from one of the first fights in the Colosseum, but not a video. It isn’t not that we just noticed, it’s that I had not personally dealt with those files. Romsstar had, I had not. Also, rough translation and edited are not the same thing. Why would we not be releasing today if everything were done?


  26. NeoWolf1991 Says:

    Thanks for the update, no one will or should care that it is taking longer. I’m happy to wait. Playing this in English is worth the time…I’d wait until 2016 if i had to. Great work as always and don’t blame yourself to much, **** happens (Censored for the youths) :)


  27. Zalis Says:

    @Sporky I’m sure you guys answered this before but I don’t want to be one of the people asking on launch day, how exactly will the patch be presented? Are you going to release the translation data and we’ll have to provide the iso and patch it on our own? or are you guys gonna provide a patched iso (if that’s even possible?)

    Again sorry if it’s been answered but I figured it’d be better to learn sooner then later


  28. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    Sorry Zalis, we can’t provide you with an ISO. Legally speaking, it would be copyright infringement for us to do so, or for you to download a copy from one of the hundreds of sites that have it available. You are supposed to buy a copy of the UMD, put CFW on your PSP, and use something like UMDGen to create an ISO of your copy, the apply the patch file we will provide to the ISO using XDeltaUI. We’ll have tutorials explaining the whole process on release day, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it at the moment.


  29. Rai Says:

    @Trexo2: Kindly please go fuck yourself.

    Oh wait, I take back the “kindly please” part, just go fuck yourself.


  30. azurezeed Says:

    Well said rai, well said.

    now let’s get this post to 1k comments again


  31. Zalis Says:

    Hey thanks for the reply. But yeah I figured it would be illegal, which is a shame because it seems like downloading an ISO from one of the hundreds of seedy websites (Which I would never go to ofcourse) skips a couple steps in the process. But alas, we are humble and law abiding citizens so that’s out of the question.


  32. neal cullum Says:

    I’ll be on holiday on france mid june so if this patch happens to be ready by that time then i’ll be a happy man. Keep up the great work!


  33. Anonymous Says:

    xD i remember how a while ago alot of people were sayin Release in March and every1 was like : ” Noooo its February ” and now its most likely goin to be march or if not April lolz, but anyway i dont mind , your doin a great job guys so take ur time (:


  34. DemonKingKenji Says:

    comes to the first of april “sorry guys but april fools we haven’t translated anything” lol just kidding take your time dragon ball xenoverse comes out for me in 3 days so that will occupy me till its out


  35. Rai Says:

    I’m also eagerly waiting for Xenoverse (however that’s the 27th for me ;-;) so that’ll occupy me too for quite some time.


  36. Hakaru Says:

    It’s okay Sporky, these things happen. I don’t think you owe us anything here, this patch was y’alls own free time and hard work to begin with. Believe it our not, not everybody here is selfish enough to want to disregard your important things like college, your future in the making in general. Really though you don’t need to apologize for your busy schedules. People may be bitchy and complaining about the delay but the reason they are feeling the anticipation to begin with is because it’s a treat for all of you guys to be translating a game for free and for fun to the public. You don’t owe us anything and we love you for every blog update letting us know. Take this at your own pace. We’re cheering you on at the sidelines all the way!


  37. Spiriter Says:

    Yes…. Law abiding…. Tots wouldn’t download an iso…….


  38. Mike Says:

    You guys are doing a gr8 job if others can be patient srew them im happy to wait so thank you and keep it up.


  39. Anonymous Says:

    The fact that you guys are working hard and for free at that means a lot to all of us. So good luck at school and when you finish is when you finish, no need rush.


  40. Father Ted Says:

    Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that translates into English as “through my fault”. It is repeated three times in the prayer of confession at the Catholic Mass.

    I thought I’d mention it just in case you’re too lazy to Google it so


  41. Sterahi Says:

    Well I guess this is the best time for me to get back into Skyrim! The frightening game that it is, I’m gonna lose way way too much time to it!

    Best wishes for all of the team and for all the progress that’s being made so far! Personal projects are hard, especially with such an audience watching every comment you make hoping for the patch to come early. Pacing is hard for it all too!


  42. Romsstar Says:

    Trust me: No one of you wants to finally have the patch as badly as I want to finish it guys. Stupid Colosseum, stupid school… But on a more positive note, I’ll probably hold my workshop soon, I’ll make a proper announcement over the blog so people will know when. I’ll probably make a chatroom for this, this will be the easiest thing, so people can ask questions if they don’t understand something.


  43. Gary Sia Says:

    No worries guys, just take all the time you need…..
    As they said, slow and steady wins the race~ Cheers


  44. Kit Says:

    It’s alright, your education is more important. Just keep up the good work. I’ll play it no matter how long it takes.


  45. JT Toledo Says:

    Im pretty sure, no most certainly sure that people are going to play this game for its story mode more than the sidequests. the story progression and digimon are what this game is made for. At this point i dont even care if i play the extra quest nomore as long as i can capture some badass digimon! PLEASE consider releasing the tanslated game in spite of whatever! I wanna play and Digify man !!!!! LMAO … kay bye.

    p.s. thank you and keep up the good work


  46. JT Toledo Says:

    Im pretty sure, no most certainly sure that people are going to play this game for its story mode more than the sidequests. the story progression and digimon are what this game is made for. At this point i dont even care if i play the extra quest nomore as long as i can capture some badass digimon! PLEASE consider releasing the tanslated game in spite of whatever! I wanna play and Digify man !!!!! LMAO … kay bye.

    p.s. thank you and keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight & all support goes to the school work.


  47. Gamerz Says:

    I’m legitimately sad about the update :(


  48. Romsstar Says:

    Me too.


  49. AdolvsLink Says:

    This is still cool lol. Tbh I actually have like 11 new games to play so this way I won’t be confused as to which game to play. ^_^ keep up the good work guys, I for one prefer it if you take your time on this.


  50. sporkymcforkinknife Says:

    C M0n gayS U c4nT ve Siri0us 8lack ab0ut It. Ur 1i3R2 ThAt 0mly w4nt $.

    ok. its a joke dont kill me >.<


  51. Resty Q Vargas Says:

    YES! Im in the 50th Comment! BOOYAH! :D


  52. Jukan Says:

    Don’t worry. I won’t pirate the game when the patch is released. that would be stupid.

    I already did so back in like, October when I learned of the patch!!!


  53. Chrona Says:

    Anyone wanna guess how many times you’ll be asked for the release date during your workshop?

    I’m guessing…84


  54. Lucas Says:

    University firts. Keep it up!.


  55. Pedro Says:

    Jukan, lol me too. I tried playing in japanese, but dem hieroglyphs didn’t make it possible.


  56. Sterahi Says:

    @Pedro It’s possible! I’ve found a few guides online helping me out, but that being said the patch will make it much much easier to pull it off! I’ve just gotten into the Crystal Caves area, it’s taking me a bunch longer than It would if it was released in English, but that said it’s still fun! Admittedly I’m mostly playing to get used to raising Digi’s again… They changed it up a good deal!


  57. Inide Says:

    This is probably an avenue you’ve already explored, but I’ll suggest it just in case: Have you considered looking at the collosseum files as a table, with each character file essentially an entire column/row and a master file that uses if statements to choose different lines from the grid based on conditions such as what character is in the conversation, whats just happened, smacktalk etc etc? On the off chance it is set out like that it should be relatively simple to identify the identifier through debug logs or (though more complex) use the algorithm that calls the text as the basis to create an on-the-fly editing program


  58. Gabraham Says:

    I can wait just a bit longer…

    Spirits of the earth, lend me your strength!


  59. aseasonforcherries Says:

    Thanks for the update but an apology really isn’t necessary. What you’re doing is a free service to all of us.


  60. Pedro Says:

    Sterahi, playing a game with a guide/walkthrough is really boring to me, almost like a chore even. I’d rather wait so I can enjoy the game at it’s fullest. :)


  61. AdolvsLink Says:

    @Inide: that’s actually really smart. I could see that lightening their work load a little. But that has potential to be one heckuva chart.


  62. terry Says:

    We believe in u


  63. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Indie: That’s more or less what we’ve ended up doing. There will still be some edge cases, but it looks like a lot of them are mostly or entirely one sided conversations.


  64. TamagotchiDaddy Says:

    Sporky and the guys are adding Pikachu in the game along with the Kanto starters be patient guys ;)


  65. 8lackz Says:

    and that’s for making me opening this site every 2 days.

    BDSM aside. take your time guys, nobody can rush perfection and right now i still wasting my time in DW1 PSX…

    Keep fighting! :)


  66. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    I’m happy waiting what else am I going to do buy the official english translation?


  67. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, I mean, I might as well spill the beans now that Trexo has fingered us. The patch is done, but we’ve only been letting platinum level members buy it so far. If you’ve never heard of platinum level, it’s pretty exclusive, and you obviously just weren’t invited. But the Platinai ended up paying enough for me to retire to my private island, so maybe we’ll let you leadites see it soon. [/s]


  68. kizzy Says:

    c’mon dont feel sorry for us, i mean you dedicate your time and energy for some charity project

    well at least something us can do is cheer for you, so hang in there, keep the good work!!! and thank you very much :D


  69. Anon Says:

    YAAAY AN UPDATE, so where do i need to click for patch download? :D


  70. Marcos Says:

    you gotta do what you have to, we will wait as long as needed, just… dont give up now, thats all i ask please as a fan of the series, i have been looking for this translation, for a long time, take your time, we trust you…


  71. Konandoyle Says:

    Finally News!


  72. fireguardiancoty Says:

    This will be my first patched PSP game when you guys release it! You guys are always in the back of my mind, and I try to check every now and then to see the latest news. Just take your time and don’t overwork yourselves. The end result will be worth it.


  73. Tsukiyo Says:

    OH cock!


  74. Russell Spriggs (Devastate) Says:

    A day closer than yesterday, don’t get why all the haters are hating


  75. Rai Says:

    I’m surprised nobody brought up the fact that Sporky just admitted to being fingered by Trexo.



  76. Anon Says:

    @Rai cause they said NoHomo, so its okay :v no one cares


  77. Brian Says:

    I sense a name change coming from Sporky, something along the lines of SporkyMcFingerinhole, or maybe even SporkyMcspooningfinger :p :p :p

    Anyways Good luck with the project, these things happen. I’ll be waiting ever so patiently for the patch to come out. (Yet somehow i’m getting the feeling after this post I’ll be permabanned for foul language) And if I can do anything to help, don’t hesitate to ask! :) Greetings from rainy Belgium ^^


  78. Doraemon Says:

    @TamagotchiDaddy How do you dare to say that?


  79. darklegendz89 Says:

    stay calm waiting progress :)


  80. Wafi Saman Says:

    I just pray that you finish in time before i die. Big fan of digimon world back on playstation 1 here. Would really love to finish this game but sadly i cant japan that well. Anyway all prayers and hopes on your team. Really appreciate what you guys do here, and best of luck!


  81. Agá Says:

    Criativa here, just to let you know that today the data on the post title is the same date that the post has been done ♥

    Anyway, hope the game takes long enough to be released to give me time to finish Fallout New Vegas xD


  82. Rai Says:

    @Anon: They said no such thing!


  83. XDragon2688 Says:

    Gotta love the impatience and conspiracy some people come up with…

    Just throwing my two cents in about patiently waiting :D


  84. Anonymous Says:

    i am waiting here since 8 Months. Come on guys we believe in your team^^


  85. Judas Says:

    so i just found out there’s a way to glitch fishing so you can infinite fish to your heart’s content….
    but I’d still rather lose my chips in a battle and be able to buy as many as I want from the lost item shop :(
    found out about that glitch on DW1 by accident. I had sooo maaany tyrannomon…
    anyone else not really see this is a glitch and more of a secret for the secret shop? Devimon can get shrekt


  86. GREYMON Says:






  87. Toledo BR Says:

    Thanks for update!


  88. Anonymous Says:

    I am so excited for this! Thank you for all the work you have done and good luck with the rest!! =D


  89. Rai Says:

    G-Greymon, are you okay? You seem to have Capslock stuck to on!


  90. Lau Says:

    It´s fine. Altough sad D>, but you and everyone of the team have a life, so it´s super understable.

    Good luck with your studies, and the project =D.


  91. mikashemica Says:

    Its okay, to be late. Better than never. Programming is complicated, translating japanese is hard. When someone give it all and do it for free, can i complain ? NO, coz face them face-to-face, and JUST say THANK YOU already feels HARD.

    So, thanks for all your HARDWORK, I wish i have a lot friends like you guys , who helping others , using your OWN skill TIME ,without being PAID

    RELAX and stay COOL. Take your time.


  92. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    @Greymon Thats why my Birdramon became a megakabuterimon


  93. Brian Says:

    Damn you people are quick to get rid of these ungrateful comments ;) I sense the hand of Rai in this one :p
    I just got an email on my Iphone, with yet another rant towards the team, and when I got to my desktop it was already gone ;)

    I was kind of hoping to get the person to freak out even more for being an ungrateful child, but it’s prolly for the best they are deleted asap :p here’s to a job well done Rai!


  94. Truth Says:

    Mmm, that fresh comment thread smell.

    Even though the news isn’t all that happy, I’m just grateful for not having to scroll for an eternity on mobile anymore :3

    I wonder why the Colosseum is structured so differently. Does this go for all NPCs inside it, or just the ones that you fight? I’ve been assuming that its done the way it is because of possible tournament matchup shenanigans.


  95. Anton Says:

    Sporky McForkinspoon Said:
    February 23, 2015 at 6:15 am

    Well, I mean, I might as well spill the beans now that Trexo has fingered us. The patch is done, but we’ve only been letting platinum level members buy it so far. If you’ve never heard of platinum level, it’s pretty exclusive, and you obviously just weren’t invited. But the Platinai ended up paying enough for me to retire to my private island, so maybe we’ll let you leadites see it soon. [/s]


  96. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    To all those who don’t think the coloseum matters there is a boss on the 40th floor with around 100k health and I have no idea why


  97. Anton Says:

    Yeah, surprisingly i couldn’t find proper “I’m no stranger to sarcasm” meme so i had to make do with the above comic.
    LOL :)

    anyway thank you so much for the update, I appreciate it greatly.
    Just picked a PS3 copy of “Digimon All-Star Rumble”.
    it is a little too much like “Digimon world 4” or “Skylanders”…
    it isn’t awful, but it isn’t great either.

    personally It is totally worth the wait for a Proper Digimon game translation. I already have pre-hacked all three of my PSP (1000, 2000, and a Go) and purchased a hard copy of the UMD to rip an .ISO from.

    Once again thanks “Team Decode” (at least i think that was the correct name they chose..) for all the hard work you have all done on this project.


  98. Anon Says:



  99. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Brian: That particular one was me.

    @Truth: All of them, and yeah, the tournaments are probably why. They probably didn’t want to code it two different ways. It’s most complicated during the Lily/Asuka quest where for some reason characters from Tekken show up and have a really long quest line.


  100. Jamie Says:

    100th comment, bitches.


  101. pujangga Says:

    So we need to waiting again bro?


  102. tile Says:

    Nooooooesssss, you evil evil man, sadface, but i still love you.


  103. Inide Says:

    Characters from Tekken appear, Sporky?
    That could be awesome…..Can we make King fight Weregarurumon?


  104. JP Says:

    Hey dont worry about it! We are all rooting for you! <3 JP


  105. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Afraid not, but you do fight Lilithmon and Seraphimon. Also Lily in a Monzaemon costume.


  106. Brian Says:

    Nevertheless a job well done! Seriously people need to get a new hobby instead of making those ungrateful comments. I support you guys all the way, because you are doing it for free and clearly with a passion for the work and the digimon franchise as a whole. And even if for some reason you don’t succeed or dare I say release it publicly, the world isn’t about to end.

    There are worse things out there than a digimon game not being translated. Still I wish you the best of luck, and thanks again for the hard work being done. ;)


  107. Brian Says:

    And crap baskets… my last comment is awaiting moderation again lol :p


  108. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    My fault, or rather, people who pretend to me’s fault. WordPress is stupid, so I can’t just prevent people from posting as me, so anyone who uses my name in a post gets modded.


  109. Djalma Says:

    Take you time guys. I can’t wait to play this on my TV like a console, with the tv cable hehe. When you release this patch all of my games will have to wait .


  110. Brian Says:

    @Spork – y
    ROFL! Why would people even put time in doing that? People on the internet never cease to amaze me…
    best to just ignore them, delete the post and move on. Reacting to them only encourages the fun they seem to have in trying to ruin other people’s experience anyways


  111. Anon Says:

    Brian welcome to the internet, you must be new here


  112. Chrona Says:

    As a professional internet troll, I hate this don’t feed the trolls mentality :(


  113. DemonKingKenji Says:

    if spocky and roamingstar as well as other team members can complete the translation by the end of this month I will buy every team member a box of donuts … now that’s a fine motivator if I do say so myself…

    the internet is a strange place where digital monsters called trolls roam do not feed them they will bite your hand.


  114. Noël Rakotondramanana Says:

    It does’nt matter at all.thanks for the update.Hang on guys we are almost there


  115. Juan Perez Says:

    Hey, thats how life goes… No one can expect to fully know whats gonna happen.

    You guys are doing all digimon fans a favor. Keep on with the excellent work, we can wait a little longer


  116. Marcos Antonio Says:

    we have waited all this time, we can wait a little more. Ah, just a question: Did you guys see that new digimon game thats comming out? Cyber sleught or something like that? I looked everywhere and didnt see anything about a release to the ocident. Do you guys know something or plan to translate more digimon games?


  117. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    I know that Cyber Sleuth exists, and saw some of the promotional material for it, but haven’t looked at it recently. For now we plan on translating Decode next, and we’ll decide on other projects down the road. For now, Cyber Sleuth is out of the question, since the Vita hasn’t been hacked yet. We’ll take another look once we get close to the end of Decode. We’ve also talked about doing Digimon Adventure for the PSP at some point, but for the moment that’s only gotten as far as the theoretical stage.

    Edit: The real Slim Sporky.


  118. Anon Says:

    fake spork?
    why is his ID looks awfully fake compred to the last one :v


  119. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Ah, nope, that one was me. By default that’s what my posts are named, and I usually change it a few seconds after a comment posts. I forgot that time.


  120. Doraemon Says:

    I found a video of a translation of digimon re: digitize, but it looks better than the buggy one… Somebody know who made it?


  121. Neo Says:

    Cyber Sleuth is a Vita game, aren’t it? So the chances of seeing a release in the west or a translation… sadly, I think it is zero. Of course I’d love to be proved wrong. But the Vita wasn’t hacked, and if the didn’t released the 3DS version of Decode in the west, I doubt they’ll release the Vita game.
    Of course I’d love to be proven wrong. Bandai Namco, please prove me wrong! Or some skilled hacker, please prove me wrong.


  122. Anton Says:

    yeah.. that link is for Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up…


  123. Akito Kitoru Says:

    @ スポルキメクフォルキンスポーン (just testing if it accepts japanese, just in case) (Now that I think about it, should it be to ロムッスタル instead? don’t remember if スポルキ understands katakana)

    Is there an Monzaemon costume in this game? like, insta ultimate from Numemon? (it’s nice but I still couldn’t beat toy town with it … guess my stats were pretty bad )


  124. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    @Akito Kitoru not that I’ve found. When you recruit him you get to buy the training manual. I also think that the monzaemon evolution is blocked to you until you recruit him however. There are a few such incidents wargreymon Dukemon and metalgarurumon to name a few.
    On the subject of filth evolutions don’t bother trying to get etemon from Sukamon sukamon no longer evolves in any way except back to whatever he was before the change. Etemon is now numemons ultimate form


  125. Akito Kitoru Says:

    Oh shit (pun intended). Well , another reason to hate sukamon.


  126. Jamie Says:

    I’m still hoping Namdai will do the right thing, and release Cyber Sleuth in the west. I would actually buy a Vita to play it.


  127. Meganekougekirabudayo Says:

    @Akito Kitoru: You wrote MechForkinspon. That sounds pretty awesome but there are some mistakes. You should write “マック” to pronounce it “Mac”. “メ” is pronounced “me” like in “ramen”.
    And “ポー” is “pô” not “pû”, you should write with a “プー” for Forkinspoon.
    For Romsstar I’m not sure of how he wants it to be said but I think it should be /romzsta:/ or “rômuzusutâ” in romaji, written “ロウムズスター”.


  128. Meganekougekirabudayo Says:

    @Myself: Correction, you wrote MechForkinsporn. Even more awesome


  129. DigimonWorld1Superfan Says:

    Dont worry bro, what youre doing is awesome, take as long as u need


  130. hiandromon Says:

    things will be alright. just give it time. ^_^


  131. ahmadmanga Says:

    yeah… スプーキマックフォーキンスポーン IS JUST AWESOME !!


  132. JustInuYasha Says:

    Well hopefully it’ll continue to be worked on to the end. Can’t wait to actually play the storyline but raising digimon is just as great.
    Maybe one day people will start modding in-game Digimon. =P


  133. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    Holy crap they’re setting up a twitchplay for digimon world one this is going to be horribly entertaining http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplaysdigimonworld1/profile


  134. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    I predict a permaloop of numemon then dead


  135. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, that does not sound like something that can actually be finished.


  136. Meganekougekirabudayo Says:

    Almost ahmadmanga, you just replaced the wrong “ポー” : /po:/. It was the one at the end that had to be changed. Sporky: /spo:ki/ but spoon: /spu:n/


  137. Anon Says:

    anyone here wanna summon our dark lord SATAN ?


  138. Santa Says:

    Someone call me or is my hearing aid on the fritz again?


  139. oscarvelasco137 Says:

    you “bakas”?


  140. anonimuz Says:

    For what reasons specifically would a Colosseum-less release be a problem? I’m sure a lot of us just want to at least play the main game in English. If and when the Colosseum update is finished translation, whenever, however, you’d release it and the save file would work on it, right? I suppose there’s the sense of completion (hitting 100% on all ticks imaginable) when it comes to translating something, but in all honesty I don’t think people would really mind. Possible reasons would be technical ones as to why this would not be possible, or perhaps that you’d get shut down by Bamco as soon as any files are shared, so you might as well make the shot worth it when releasing? From what some people are saying on the comments, the Colosseum plays a large portion grind-wise too, so it would be a gimped game which is why it’s out of the question for you guys. I don’t know, just guessing here. Either way, please think this through, I’m sure a lot of us would be more than happy to at least get the main thing up and running, in whatever state.


  141. Akito Kitoru Says:

    oh yeah, I mistook the sound in english. In portuguese and japanese “po” is just pronounced “po” but in english it changes … why would someone write “po” but pronounce “pu”? just strange
    and I do know that メ is pronounced “me” , just coudn’t decide wich sound would be better because マ has an more open sound like in … maracas (?) … más … macaco … I don’t know an word in english that sounds like that, only spanish or portuguese comes to mind


  142. Akito Kitoru Says:

    but yeah, I guess マック would be better than メ ’cause that’s what they use for mcdonalds so …
    and admit it, MechForkinsporn is cooler than the original and it doesn’t get our posts to moderation for using his name


  143. Sporky MechForkinspoon Says:

    @anonimuz: It’s not that we think you guys would mind, it’s that we would mind. We don’t want to release an unfinished product, part of the reason we don’t want to is for the benefit of less technically inclined users, but to some extent its the vanity of not wanting our name attached to a product we aren’t wholly proud of. Regardless, we’ve made the decision to only release a finished patch, and we don’t intend to move that goalpost when we’re pretty close to the finish line. I do understand why people dislike that, we’ve weighed the arguments on both sides, and decided that this is what we feel more comfortable doing.

    If nothing else, we don’t want to set a precedent of versioned releases for future projects. Fortunately, our Re Digitize patch doesn’t break save game data, which is nice, as people who want to start the game in Japanese and get attached to their ‘Mon can keep it. Not all games are like that though. Plus, we still don’t want to support versioned releases, they’re an annoying and inelegant kludge that requires people to check back regularly and bug us about getting the next version out so they can make more progress. The only way I would consider it would be if we could give people a method to auto update their patch, which does not, to my knowledge, exist, and that still wouldn’t fix the latter half of my objection.


  144. Doraemon Says:

    that twitch thing is insane, imagine people fighting greymon, mamemon, aidramon, warumonzaemon (if they manage to get a monzaemon :v) or etemon…
    but its curious, i think the outcome depends on how many trolls find that.


  145. azurezeed Says:

    $p0rki is right, i don’t want to have to patch the game 10 times to get the best experience


  146. Akito Kitoru Says:

    Actually, MechSporkinson, I think there is a way to auto update (would be good for those using emulator, but still kinda annoying to those on the psp) I think it was … tortoise SVN ? I remember using it with an indie game but don’t remember where it is anymore. I keep losing things on my computer


  147. Rai Says:

    @Akito: That’d just be the same as putting up a new download link. You’d still have multiple patches, and you’d still have to download the new version and then patch your ISO.


  148. User Says:

    Oh and I hope your TL patch pushes Scamco to actually localize the upcoming Vita Digimon game, like SE only got a move on once Skybladecloud released a TL patch for FF Type-0


  149. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s a very revisionist history, User. Squeenix had pretty clearly been working on the Type-0 localization for quite a while before he released his patch, and he intentionally released it early so that it would be out before the announcement, which he had reason to believe was coming because SE had been conducting some sort of negotiations with him. While I certainly hope that Bamco localizes Cyber Sleuth, there’s not a lot of evidence that Sky’s patch had any influence on that decision. Also, Type-0 kind of sucked, which probably had more to do with not localizing it to begin with.


  150. Anon Says:



  151. Meganekougekirabudayo Says:

    Animenz my favourite anime pianist, second theishter


  152. Anonymous Says:

    awesome keep up the good keep up the good work i look forward to your next post.


  153. Anonymous Says:

    Sporky McForkinspoon Says:
    December 18, 2014 at 4:01 pm
    If this project weren’t going to be finished by April, I would seriously consider making a patch containing nothing by dick jokes and terrible puns. I might do that anyway.

    Cant wait for this patch ^ XD


  154. Blazemon Says:

    release date april 20th confirmed by weedmon


  155. DemonKingKenji Says:

    that was a good vid but I still prefer the song on guitar I have managed to learn a bit of it but I suck at it haha

    hopefully with the new series coming out and enough people around the world going on about it will also get them to realize that digimon is still as popular as ever and they may start to talk about translations.

    also Rai if you got xenoverse on xbox1 I believe I may have walked past you last night hahaha


  156. Akito Kitoru Says:

    @Meganekougekirabudayo: Actually my favourite is Ishter-kun, with Animenz second, but it’s very close indeed. Did you watch that Snk collaboration? man that was awesome

    @Rai: Oh yeah, I guess that’s right … I don’t remember very well how it worked, but I guess to auto update the game they would have to use it with an patched game and thats against their policy and everything … well I wasn’t hoping they would use it anyway, they should take their time to do it their way


  157. Rai Says:

    @DemonKingKenji: Sadly I lack an Xbox One, I got it on PS3 (It’s so laggy at times :V But it’s fun as hell).


  158. Anonymous Says:

    Hey its okay man. just keep up the good work. just hoping that i could play it before my cancer gets to terminal stage. really wanted to achieve something in my life man,


  159. mikashemica Says:

    You not really achieve anything in your life by playing games. Do something to community, lets they remember you when you re gone.


  160. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Don’t feed the troll. We get posts like that from time to time to try to guilt us into releasing early.


  161. mikashemica Says:

    Its fun, really


  162. mikashemica Says:

    Their act of trolling, make this blog alive. So, should we thank them?


  163. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll patiently wait! Keep it up! ^_^


  164. Poko Says:

    RIP. ArukayoWW

    The one posted here and patiently waiting since 2012 just died in car accident.


  165. mikashemica Says:

    Dont worry, he/she will incarnated as a digimon and live happily ever after. The End


  166. Spinnerweb Says:

    I want to say that you are great for working so long to help us play this game. Best of luck.


  167. ahmadmanga Says:

    he/she will incarnated as a digimon and live happily ever after? are you sure he/she’ll have his/her memories?

    oh.. right.. they’ll be better not remembering their cancer life.


  168. Vex Ocelano Says:

    Any Xenoverse players here want to swap details for team ups? If anyone’s interested I’m on XB1 and my ID is Vexrapopple

    I am aussie so I apologize in advance for any connection issues(aussie web sucks)


  169. Zephuros Says:

    it’s ok… i’ve just been waiting for over 3 years……… :D……………..
    (and DAT cyber sleuth is….. heavy breathing)
    anyways…keep up with the good work…..
    hope you guys release it by the time i got holidays.. (around April…)


  170. Truth Says:

    For some reason that piano up there makes me think of a few Kingdom Hearts tracks instead of Digimon ones.

    Still, thats some damn lovely piano playing.


  171. Doraemon Says:

    McForkinspoon has 13 letters… so the release date is march 13th
    BUT… Romsstar has 8 letters, so its March 13, 2008. WE ALREADY HAVE THE PATCH!!!


  172. DemonKingKenji Says:

    @vex im aussie too and on xb1 so hit me up anytime if I manage to get online just look for my name DemonKingKenji or gamertag DemonKingOni you cant miss me im the giant blue demon with a red cape


  173. sxubach Says:

    Hello here, I was wondering if maybe some of you could help me find the anime saga digimon hunters (aka digimon xros wars 02), because it seems to have disappeared from the internet T.T


  174. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Sure, you can download it here.

    It’s not as good as the first Xros Wars, but not bad either. Also, Baka BT is great, they do a great job of curating their torrents, and they only do complete series/season, so you don’t have to hunt for different episodes and what have you.


  175. sxubach Says:

    OOOOOh . thx!
    I couldn’t find anything past episode 12


  176. TheSoulStabber Says:

    Where do I donate you money?
    I’ll definitely drop some when I can play this thing since they wouldn’t localize for me to buy from them.


  177. oskaruhr Says:

    Excuse me if i ask, but how can I download the update


  178. jukester Says:

    Came back after playing 100 hours of mh4u and still a nono. Owell, still hope that it gets done. Keep up the good work.


  179. Chris_Pirtle Says:

    You’re a MH fan as well? Good stuff. I haven’t gotten to play 3 or 4 on 3ds yet :( Have to endure with United & 3rd on psp.


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