Progress Report: 01.03.2015


Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I had the pleasure to post a blog post, simply due to lack of time with my studies. Now I seem to have some time. As you might have noticed we got a new banner. We were thinking long about any motives we might use, but we thought given our group name, the things that we do, and taking  everything into account, that this motive actually suits us. And it looks kinda cool too, don’t you think? :)
We don’t know what other projects than Redigitize or Decode we might end up doing, so we wanted to have a banner we could possibly use for other projects. You’ll see how when the time arrives.

As for Redigitize: It’s taking longer than anticipated, it should’ve been out by now, but I’m sorry, that it’s not. Real life is really a bitch sometimes. There is a certain irony in the fact whenever Sporky got time I’m busy and it’s just the other way around. It’s really hard to coordinate. But we really try our best.

The Colosseum stuff is in the process of editing, and we are happy to announce that one of our Editors, Kalker is back which will speed up this mess a lot and hopefully and FINALLY bring to you this release.
Believe me at this point, I want it as badly as anyone of you, it’s sooo close it almost hurts :D

Please bear with us a little longer.


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  1. Mike Says:



  2. rubbercircus Says:

    Sweeeeeeeetneeeesssss. I cant wait. Keep it up you guys.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Keep the good news coming bro! Best of luck ~


  4. Anonymous Says:

    You guys rock!


  5. Otakon7 Says:

    The new banner scared me, I thought you got hacked lol


  6. Romsstar Says:

    Hilarious. I think we kinda belong to the other side though ;)


  7. Otakon7 Says:

    @Romsstar: Guess we should be careful not to get on your bad side then :P

    Anyway, kinda of a late introduction, I’ve been keeping tabs (literary :P) on this project for a while now but didn’t quite find the need to comment (since others pretty much said what I wanted to say), but here I am so, hi and thank you very much for your work so far :)

    Off topic, I made a small web browser demo fight game a few years ago in tribute to Digimon World 2 (don’t hit me! I liked that game), so I thought I link it here in case people want play something for fun while they wait, but since it’s kinda of an ad, I thought I’d ask for permission first (well, and I kinda “borrowed” a few Digimon sprites, so thought I’d mention it).


  8. DemonKingKenji Says:

    not sure if its meant to be like the matrix code but I see a whole lot of green >..>


  9. ahmadmanga Says:

    so I think it’ll be out before the half of month!!


  10. Brian Says:

    Nice to hear from you Romsstar! Keep up the good work, all of you!


  11. Harry (Kiriha) (@TheChaoticBlade) Says:

    Awesome, been looking forward to this for a long time :D


  12. Anonymous Says:

    glad to see another blog post. keep up the work and i hope to be playing this soon. its the only reason i have kept my psp out :)


  13. TamagotchiDaddy Says:



  14. fenrir Says:

    holy hell that new banner is sick man


  15. Tagazak Says:

    Go guys go !


  16. Rai Says:

    Banner is green.

    All is good.


  17. Sterahi Says:

    It’s so close now! I was in Mea Culpa wondering why there hadn’t been any new comments lately, then I came to the home page and it all made sense to me xD

    Now I have to admit to being torn now between continuing my file in Japanese, or just waiting and restarting entirely in English, Knowing full well that I will restart in English anyways so I can read the dialogue!


  18. Gary Says:

    Cool banner guys…..and don’t worry for the slight delay….again,
    slow and steady wins the race
    Keep up the good jobs… cheers


  19. AdolvsLink Says:

    Oooohhhh sexy new banner is sexy. 😄
    As I patiently sit here, goggles on and ready for my return to the digital world. So I have a question though. Is Death X digivolution in this game?


  20. NeoWolf1991 Says:

    Awesome, Nice banner and as always : Great work :D


  21. Slayn Says:

    Rommstar I have a request, would you be able to translate the last of the Growlanser, the 6th one? it’s for ps2 i think, and i believe it’s pretty long, nothing to do with re-digitize, but long at last. No hurry and i’m not pushing you to do it, just wondering you know, if you do think in the proposition, just do it whenever you want to. It’s the only one i’ve got left, and i’m sure there other thousands who’ll think just like me :D


  22. FantazeyR1F Says:

    The new banner hurts my eyes, maybe a bit more opacity on the green?


  23. AeroAmaya Says:

    I dig the banner!
    Also, I don’t mind the length it has taken Operation Decoded to finish this project, I am just glad you will share your work with us and allow us a chance to play this game in our native tongue!
    Thank you for your hard work and talent!


  24. kizzy Says:

    like musashi always said, “here goes nothing!” :D


  25. darklegendz89 Says:

    Thank you for your hard work guys :)


  26. ahmadmanga Says:


    I’m not native english speaker, and I’m happy that they are working to translate to a language I know


  27. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Slayn: Probably not. We normally work on projects that we have a personal interest in, and a ten year old game, that is the sixth in a series I’ve never heard of before today doesn’t interest me much. Admittedly, I’m only speaking for myself here, Romsstar might decide that he wants to work on it himself, but I kind of doubt it.

    @AdolvsLink: Death-X appears in Decode, but not in Re Digitize.


  28. Yuuki Hiro Reynanda Says:

    AHA!!! 28th RESPONSE TAKEN!!!!
    nice job guys…and here i am going to suggest a game for anyone that have finished all digimon games on psp the title of the game is FATE/EXTRA!!!! that game is good..and hard and you will use your head while playing the game..! thats all from me..i hope you guys the best of luck..!


  29. Jessu Says:

    I’m so extremely excited.


  30. oscarvelasco137 Says:

    That banner is great. Have I already seen those “Matrix” like green words in digimon before?


  31. big bird Says:

    @oscar looks like the mount infinity/back dimension teleporters to me, if memory serves


  32. calex93 Says:

    So close I can almost feel it in my hands :D

    Shoutout to antonDB, I know you’ll see thi, bro XD


  33. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Oscarvelasco137: If so, it’s completely coincidental. We decided we should make a more general purpose banner, and ended up deciding to make a Matrix homage. We figure we can replace Agumon with a character from each game we work on whenever we finish one project and start another.


  34. Akito Kitoru Says:

    These kinda remind me of tamers’ digivolution


  35. Juan Com L (@marveloustib) Says:

    Almost done YEAHHHH


  36. weed4mex Says:

    Really glad this is coming together. I do like the new banner and as far as the future hold a remake of the original Digimon World 1 for ps1. Someone started one along time ago but quit. Thanks again for all the work your team puts in.


  37. BigPapaSmurf Says:

    But.. but … but I waant it NOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW! :(


  38. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not more than we do, I promise. We’re all excited to move on to Decode, but if we let ourselves start work on that, this patch may never come out, so we’re making sure we finish that before getting started on Decode. Plus, I’ve never actually played the game, and I’d really like to, but I’ve been holding off until the offical release.


  39. Sum Guy Says:

    Can anyone see this video for Cyber Sleuth yet? From what I can tell, the video should have streamed at 4:00 AM MST


  40. Romsstar Says:

    @Sum Guy:
    Yeah I watched the whole stream.

    The matrix theme is not completely arbitrary and the teleporters from the DG Dimension were taken into account, but also there is a similar theme running in the Colosseum in Redigitize+Decode. As this is the part we’re currently wrapping up it kinda inspired me. Sporky just didn’t know, but yeah all those parts definitely influenced it too.

    Are you talking about that russian remake called Digimon World 1.5? This person stole graphics from me without asking permission.XD The only other Digimon World 1 Remake I’m aware of is my own, which came to a stop because of Redigitize. I might pick it some day though.


  41. Romsstar Says:

    As you can see here, this is where part of the inspiration for the banner was taken from.


  42. Akito Kitoru Says:

    Is that an … omnimon that doesn’t know how to swim?


  43. Otakon7 Says:

    @Akito: Chaosmon*

    Anyway, my question got sweeped (well, doesn’t seem likle Romm was here since yesterday anyway), so gonna ask again (any “admin” will do in answering).

    I made a small Digimon browser game and thought about linking it here (kinda for people to play something while they wait, even if just for 5 minutes lol), but since it’s technically and ad, I wanted to ask if I could actually link it here.


  44. Akito Kitoru Says:

    I know it’s not omnimon, that’s an banchou leomon head over there and some other digi’s , but … seeing as it doesn’t appear in the main series I thought not many people would know it’s name (I was suppposed to know it, since it appears in some games I played, but I didn’t encounter it)


  45. Romsstar Says:

    Otakon7: I don’t mind, just post it.


  46. Otakon7 Says:

    @Akito: ah, thought that’d be the case, my bad.

    @Romm: thanks

    (ignore the “Go back” link, it’s tied to another project)


  47. DigimonWorld1Superfan Says:

    you guys dont need to be sorry!!! ur doing a service to the digi-community! Thanks for everything!


  48. Fandy Syaukati Putra Says:

    thank’s guy’s , keep good work, and keep healty :)


  49. mike a Salinas Says:

    Hell yeah !

    I can’t wait ☆°☆!

    Keep up the good work (•u•)


  50. Noël Rakotondramanana Says:

    I can’t believe it’s almost there… Some people must have waited for many years than i, but I’m really excited too to have the patch soon.Thanks again to the team


  51. Anon Says:

    wow :v



  52. Juan Perez Says:

    I think I love you guys :P
    Keep on the amazing work, I can already feel it here


  53. demidevimon Says:

    its my birthday :D
    (btw i have been stalking this vlog since january 2013


  54. Glitch Says:

    I think it’s an awesome banner. Kudos to the artist; also glad to see you guys still working hard towards the project. Thanks for all the hard work!


  55. pujangga Says:

    I have waiting this translate for 2 years and i happy to hear that please release it at this march of you can all thanks a lot for you all


  56. A fan Says:

    It’s cool guys.


  57. andreus89 Says:

    @Otakon7 its a cool little game mate, but in case you don’t know, in my game after some turns Veemon couldn’t attack or even heal anymore, i had to guard with him for some turns and when it finally stopped then Guilmon started to have the same problem.


  58. Doraemon Says:

    @Spooky McDonaldsspoon “…Romsstar might decide that HE wants to work on it HIMSELF.” I was hoping for a chick with big boobs :,c

    @Isostar were you working in a DW1 remake? :O


  59. Anonymous Says:

    Hey man, in first place i wish to thank you for your project.
    I know it may not mean much but, Thank you. For trying so hard on this project.
    I’m Cheering for you guys :D


  60. Ruka Says:

    Wow, I was thinking how cool it would be if Digimon World would again be Digimon World and I totally didn’t know about re digitize.. Until now and now it’s about to be translated? Im so happy TwT


  61. Anonymous Says:

    operation decoder?


  62. cryum Says:

    Agumon is just right, but I think the text is a little hard to read on the banner.

    Of course, working on the game itself takes priority.


  63. IndraWP Says:

    Dude, you all are awesome!!!


  64. Otakon7 Says:

    @Andreus: that’s because you spent all of your MP :P

    Anyway, thanks :)

    The game was modeled after Digimon World 2, so guarding restores MP


  65. hiandromon Says:

    great news!! still on time to play D:


  66. Sum Guy Says:

    I’m a fairly adept programmer, if you tell me where to look, I can help by programming a gui for translating the colosseum text. I’m not asking for any of your translations, but I don’t want to perform any reverse engineering rework if I can avoid it. Just offering, in case. I know many people offer to help. So I don’t mind if you turn down my help. Good luck either way.


  67. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think we’ve got things figured out at this point, but I’ll email you if it turns out I’m wrong.


  68. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    Take your time your doing King Drazzil’s work so just do it right lest you earn his wrath


  69. laenith Says:

    i hope the progress is going smoothly, thank you for all of the team hard work and effort for making us the translation. i wish you good luck


  70. Anonymous Says:

    Excuse me if i ask, but how can I download the update


  71. Sterahi Wilzuun Says:

    You can’t. It hasn’t been released yet.

    On Thu, Mar 5, 2015, 11:41 wrote:

    > commented: “Excuse me if i ask, but how can I download the update” >


  72. Geo Says:

    12/3 is the date :P


  73. Rai Says:

    There isn’t a release yet. Wait until they release the full finished patch.


  74. not Geo Says:

    3/12 is the date


  75. Jukan Says:

    The patch was released Feb 39th remember? Or was it Feb 45th? I forget, either way, good luck finding a way to that date to download the patch!


  76. Antho Says:

    You are the best ! =D And what about digimon world 3DS ? I can’t wait this game !


  77. Anon Says:


    i just ate cookies


  78. Erick Angel Demetrio Says:

    I’m Brazilian and i come to see the progress almost everyday!

    i’m f***ing anxious!


  79. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I can’t wait for the update, I’m trying to tie myself over with anything I can. I can’t wait! Nice banner by the way!


  80. XDragon2688 Says:

    Thanks for the news, no worries!


  81. Kairu Says:

    Dungeom fighter global is just around the corner it will hold me till this comes out


  82. Anon Says:



  83. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Man, I cannot wait to be able to play this one. If only I knew Japanese… I wish I could help, but I’m just getting to study codes n’ shit. Also: India Golf November Oscar Romeo Echo. Alpha November Oscar November.


  84. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Jukan: You misread it, that’s February of 2045.


  85. Anonymous Says:

    i really cant wait for that :D
    keep up the good work guys!
    May Alllah be with u


  86. Anon Says:

    Release date confirmed!!! SPork has spoken! FEB 2045!!!


  87. Jukan Says:


    Aww man! Your right. Welp, lets enjoy the next 30 years of waiting for the patch then! take your sweet sweet time now. A word a week would probably be the perfect pace then right?


  88. Kayel Says:

    Yeah ! I cant wait, you do an awesome work ! Keep going, I support you :3


  89. Chrona Says:

    How does Dokugumon shot web?


  90. azurezeed Says:

    Good, keep doing your best


  91. Anon Says:

    Remember ppls of internet, this is blog about digimon so keep the topic PG13 :v

    some innocent kids might visit this blog

    even i know some of u are 45 years old wizard who still love Digimon :D


  92. Doraemon Says:

    Some offtopic :P:
    Someone play Dark Souls? or Dragon Nest? :3


  93. ahmadmanga Says:

    Wow!! the release date is confirmed?! feb 2045?!

    Oooookay…. In 10-something years I might invent a device to make me jump 20-something years to the future to play this game with only 10-something years wait.


  94. ahmadmanga Says:

    I noticed that I can “understand” some japanese now.. with the help of a dictionary (& kanji radicals) of course. I still have waaaaaaaay more to go to reach sporky level though.,.,

    the interesting thing that japanese language have many loan words from english, yet many people from japan don’t even understand English…

    making me ask… “…..Why” ?


  95. christian Says:


    Keep up the good work guys, hope that you expedite it..😂


  96. Patrick Asafe Souza Says:



  97. Anonymous Says:

    Soooo Hyped right now!


  98. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I may have to think about making # trigger our spam filter.

    @Ahmadmanga: There are three major reasons for that. First, Japanese culture tends to be rather fond of using loan words. I can’t point to any research that says they do so significantly more often than others, but anecdotally, I see a lot more loan words in Japanese than I do in English.

    That leads me to the second reason, though. Japanese may not have more loan words than average, it could simply be observer bias. Most English loan words are no longer thought of as such. Garden, lamp, eagle, and orange are all French words that have been so thoroughly incorporated into the language that most people don’t realize they are loan words any more. By contrast, Japanese has Katakana, a separate way of spelling all recent loan words, which makes them stand out. There are a few that have been around so long that they’re spelled in the same manner as native words, though. The first that comes to mind is tenpura, the Portuguese dish imported to Japan in the sixteenth century. It’s been around long enough that it has kanji, actually. The ten at the beginning of the word uses the heaven kanji to denote how good it is.

    Perhaps most important important to the discrepancy between Japanese words entering the English lexicon and the opposite is that America has had a much greater and more concentrated presence in Japan than Japan has had in America. The US forced Japan to allow trading in 1854 at gunpoint, and had an embassy in Japan for about seventy five years prior to World War II.

    Although tens of thousands of Japanese people emigrated to the US prior to the War, they were a statistically small minority by comparison to the American population, and were widely discriminated against (even today, with about 1.2 million people of Japanese decent living in America, they comprise less than one third of one percent of the overall population, and most do not speak Japanese). Since the War ended, the US has had a military base on Hokkaido, and was significantly involved in rebuilding the Japanese economy. As a result, dozens of new words entered the Japanese language to describe foreign concepts, while America has quite few, sayonara and domou-arigato-mista-roboto being the only two that come immediately to my mind.

    Uh… That ended up being a longer lecture than I thought it would…


  99. Anon Says:

    D: spork, that wall of text…

    Just give replying on blog comment a super low priority unless its very important

    We cant wait anymore, some of us already lost their mind and decide to jump from some random temple in Tibet :/


  100. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I wrote that in about ten minutes, to be honest.


  101. ahmadmanga Says:

    Thanks for the reply it’s really interesting stuff I didn’t know


  102. Rai Says:

    @Anon: Piss off with your useless bullshit comment.


  103. aznnguyen123 Says:

    UPDATE: Digimon Adventure Tri is coming up next month on April, 2015. Can’t wait to watch this!! By the way how is everyone doing today!


  104. Juho Says:

    Bear with us


  105. Rai Says:

    Well, would you rather bear with them, or go naked with them? Your choice. :P


  106. Lau Says:

    Goodd luck guys!!


  107. mars Says:

    More updates please :3


  108. Fhufuu Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon
    Uuuuh.. Garden.. eagle.. and lamp aren’t.. french xD;
    Eagle and lamp although are very.. very close to the french word.. Garden.. isn’t xD;
    Though.. what you mean by loan words.. are basically words that are the same in other languages ?


  109. Anon Says:


    u meanies :(


  110. mon Says:

    years over years over…..


  111. KonanDoyle Says:

    hey just for fun! im back again!
    Who in here can tell the history of Digimon?


  112. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Fhufuu: Generally, they’re words that at least start out the same in both languages. Orange has maintained the same spelling, but is pronounced differently, while eagle has a relatively similar pronunciation, but a different spelling. I suppose it depends on how one defines a loan word.


  113. Fhufuu Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon Right.. They are kinda similar. at least the gle part for eagle. Thanks for specifying~ !

    can’t wait for this to finally release~ !


  114. Anon Says:

    Rai y u always bully me DX..oh..wait…did u bully me because u like me but u cnat find a word to express it? :D i seee! damn i’m genius


  115. ahmadmanga Says:

    I define “loan words” as words that are considered native for “language A” .. but the origin of those words are from “language B”..

    japanese have many of these:

    Digitaru = digital
    sando = sandwich (I don’t know how it became like this)
    Pasokon = persornal computer

    and so on


  116. Martos Says:

    Great to see the project still alive and well guys. I’m curious though as to how the patch will work when released, will it be similar to Monster Hunter 3 Portables patch? In that we just downloaded it, then applied it to an ISO dump of our own game, or would it be a sort of all in one installer you guys code up with the patch?


  117. Rai Says:

    @Anon: Now since when do I ever bully you?!

    I just have a low tolerance for stupidity. Which you’re full of. I’m aware that it’s on purpose, but still. Stupidity is stupidity.


  118. Chance Akabueze Maliki Emerson Says:

    Thank you soooo much!


  119. Meganekougekirabudayo Says:

    @Fhufuu: Garden in french is “Jardin” only 2 letters are different and in several situation, not this one, “G” is pronounced the same as “J”. I never noticed before but they do are almost the same.


  120. Anon Says:

    rai is meanies :(


  121. FantazeyR1F Says:

    When did you all get so ghetto?


  122. Hara-chan! Says:

    @FantazeyR1F Genius! Laughed more than I should have! and I’m at work…


  123. Anonymous Says:



  124. Motoko Kusanagi Says:

    Then stop being stupid. It’s probably a matter of a couple of weeks at worst, so please try to act like a banana and do absolutely nothing.


  125. oscarvelasco137 Says:

    WTF?! I got an eyeache (Does that exists?) trying to read FantazeyR1F Post.

    What Sporky wrote in 10 minutes we read in 1 ;)

    Definetlly Rai has a special treat to Anon -.-


  126. Rai Says:

    “@Anon: Now since when do I eva bully yo slick ass?!

    I just gotz a low tolerizzle fo’ stupidity. Which you’re full of. I’m aware dat it’s on purpose yo, but still. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Stupiditizzle is stupidity.”

    Damn, that shit caught me perfectly apparently!


  127. Chrona Says:

    This video reminds me of this comments section. Or vice versa


  128. ThatGuy Says:

    I just downloaded the old ps1 digimon world, and then I saw this. I love you guys for doing this.


  129. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Martos: I haven’t played MH3, but that sounds about right. It’ll be a small file that you can apply to the ISO via XDelta GUI. I guess we could create a custom front end for it, but that seems unnecessary.


  130. ahmadmanga Says:

    FantazeyR1F: hahahahahah!!. what a funny site.. gizoogle huh?


  131. 8lackz Says:

    i’ll bear with you


  132. ahmadmanga Says:

    noticed that cyber-slueth is out in japan:


  133. ahmadmanga Says:

    oops.. my bad.. it will be out in 2 days


  134. Martos Says:

    @Sporky Ah, you really should try it if you’re a fan of the series. The translation effort was good (nothing compared to how much you guys have translated, but anyone who’s played a MH game could tell you there’s very little in the way of story outside go kill X monster). Still, if it’s worth anything, I’d say not to do the custom front end, as it sounds like it’d be a lot of work, and could be more of a headache than it’s worth to you guys.


  135. Anon Says:

    u all meanies \ :v / imma cry and hug my digi-teddy bear


  136. Raiyen Says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhh now I can sense of those people in Digimon world 3 where they were stuck and can’t return to real world and the Gm told them to hang on a little longer

    Hope you can finish it soon we are counting on you guys alot good luck


  137. Enlik Tjioe Says:

    supporting all of you always! Ganbatee kudasai..


  138. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    @Martos:I’ve never actually played a Monster Hunter game, but I’m certainly willing to give it a try at some point.


  139. Rai Says:


    Just kidding~


  140. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Damn, I hate when I forget to change my name. Stupid WordPress…


  141. Max Says:

    The PSP version finished??


  142. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:



  143. Goth2191 Says:

    I was playing the game a bit, and… Is there a way to make last longer the lifespan of de Digimons? cheat, mod, item, whatever? I find a bit sad that My Digimons only live for like 10-15 days (maybe less depending on the evolution stage they are) no matter how good I take care of them… Is it not possible to make them live longer? like a month or so? :’/


  144. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There are items you can feed your Digimon that extend their life span. I can’t recall the name at the moment, but I’ll let you know next time I talk to Romsstar.


  145. Goth2191 Says:

    Thanks, I’m glad to “hear” that, then I’ll be waiting for that n.n


  146. Anon Says:

    Nerrrddddddddddddddddddddd :U


  147. oscarvelasco137 Says:

    Eto.. Sporky, How much time took you to learn Japanesse?


  148. FromKorea Says:

    I really appreciate your work on Redigitize
    I’m just curious… Are you gonna release the translated version through this wordpress or other websites?


  149. Jukan Says:

    @anon Were all nerds here, including you. So welcome to the DigiNerd club!


  150. max1heretik Says:

    Unchained melon, something like this ^^


  151. Anonymous Says:

    so the game is coming out in 2045? is this going to conflict with the release of immortality? cause if so, I might have to postpone getting it for a bit.


  152. Anonymous Says:



  153. azurezeed Says:

    this progress report is getting far less comments than the ones before


  154. Romsstar Says:

    People got used to Sporky, when I post no one gives a crap anymore :D


  155. HAH Says:

    It’s NEVER coming out LoL CYBER SLEUTH TOMORROW BITCHES!!!!!! You all still watching for THIS?! LOSERS they been lying to you. All the mods on here do is delete comments when someone exposes them for not really making the game.

    Disregard that, I suck cocks.


  156. BigPapaSmurf Says:


    Who are you again?


  157. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @FromKorea: The post about it will be here on WordPress, but the actual file will probably be stored on a cyberlocker site like MEGA, and available as a torrent on most of the major torrent sites. I’ll look at hosting it directly on WP, but I don’t think it’s possible. Anyone is more than welcome to upload it anywhere they like (like we could stop them), but we’d prefer attribution and for people not to claim they made the patch.

    @Oscarvelasco137: I started learning Japanese about nine years ago, and didn’t feel confident enough in my skills to work on a translation project until a year or so ago. Had I been more dedicated and not dropped out of college I probably could have managed that a lot faster, though.

    @Max1heretic: That’s it, I thought it was some kind of melon.

    @Anonymous: I think it’ll be fine as long as you install immortality before you patch it into English. You might have trouble saving, though.


  158. Anon Says:

    i dont know who is this romsstar is but its sound disappointing like Yamcha :v


  159. Romsstar Says:

    I’m the only guy on the team who has all files that will make a patch.
    So if somebody pisses me off, no patch. So nobody important ;)


  160. salary0n Says:

    i think they just joking there, i mean everyone who wait for this patch to be happened from the first time you post on gbatemp know who you are :) so chillax dude, youre the man ;)


  161. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    Currently abstaining from playing this game tll monday I have a ton of travelling to do then so will be starting a new save as rookie slayer to see how high I can boost the gym with baby bonuses then killing my mon soon as I reach rookie


  162. All Hail Romsstar Says:

    All of you! Bow down to mighty Romsstar!!


  163. Anon Says:

    Oh now i just remember, Romstarr is a GOD


    ooo lord romstar pls dont mind those fools \ :V /


  164. Romsstar Says:

    Oh don’t worry so was I^^
    Thanks for playing along guys haha :)

    On another note, all 207 battles of the Colosseum are done (just need some checking) now some NPCs within the building, some cards and we’ll start with testing the crap out of this for bugs and stuff.


  165. digicro Says:

    Thank you Yggdrasil for creating you people


  166. ahmadmanga Says:

    YES!! Tri is near !!


  167. Fhufuu Says:

    Is this a remake ? or some sort of continuity for digimon season 1 :o ?


  168. ahmadmanga Says:

    It continues after Digimon Adventure 02 (except the distant finale), but with Adventure 1 characters as the main characters.. I have high hopes for this series, and wish it don’t break them


  169. it's me Says:

    will it be release this month ? or next month?


  170. digicro Says:

    I think that it won’t include 02 at all,I didn’t see anything related strictly to 02 yet


  171. Romsstar Says:

    That depends on how much Sporky needs his sleep. He got loooots of Colosseum Editing to do :D

    But I can say this much:
    We’ll try to get it to you as fast as possible without trying to lose any team members due to suicide. Sporky got some papers to write till the 19th of March or so. Obviously in the meantime editing is going really slow, sometimes not at all. But we made some bad experiences with hiring more editors (whoever wants to suggest that) . Most of them didn’t meet our standards, or let’s just say our style. They did a fairly good job in what they did, it’s just not what we needed. Obviously I’d loved to release it way earlier, but sometimes things just don’t work the way we want to. We have no intention to stall, but no to rush it either. There are still typos and other things that need to be eliminated to ensure a playing experience that will be AT LEAST on par with any official localization, although I got the feeling that we might raise the bar with this one… It’s gonna be great, and when it’ll finally be there you’ll all see: it was worth the wait.


  172. Jared Nunley Says:

    I’m glad to see this project didn’t die. I’m overjoyed to see the amount of support for this project and digimon in general. I love what you guys are doing and I’m rootin for ya keep it up! Thanks for all your blood, sweat, and tears.


  173. Trinciacrophobia Says:

    God, I am so pumped. Thanks for the mini update. It’s so awesome that there are people out there with this high level of talent willing to work solely for their own satisfaction.


  174. Sum Guy Says:

    Just curious @Romsstar what did the editors do that wasn’t up to par?


  175. Anon Says:

    DIgimon Tri

    and once again we will see how the crest of friendship holder, STEAL the crest of courage holder’s girl =)))

    Oh the irony


  176. Mobijet, Steven Says:

    Digimon Tri hyped me beyong reasons. I hope this project could be completed before Tri’s release! GOO GO GO!


  177. Drunkprince Says:

    @Romstar and @Sporky McForkinspoon i was wondering and i really need to ask. After this project is finished and before jumping to your next project (decode) can you stop by and help lost evolution team finish their project? it seems that they stopped once again the project not to mention that its already 3 or 4 years since they started it. With your OP team helping them with be a big bang kamehameha in their work.. we talk about burst no shit XD


  178. Romsstar Says:

    Really? I was under the assumption they were almost done, just like us? I suppose we could, although we’re not that OP as you might think.XD

    @Sum Guy:
    It’s more that they and us had a different understanding of the job of an Editor. There’s this common misconception that an editor just corrects grammar and typos, where I (we) expect a lot more than that. Ideally an Editor has to have some japanese knowledge,
    he can check sentences he thinks are questionable, he can restructure a sentence if it doesn’t sound right, to an extent where the edited sentence can be completely different than the translated one as long as the meaning was preserved. Japanese knowledge is not totally required but helps. But in some cases if the editor does a good job, we don’t care for the japanese skills that much, as for example with Kalker. I hope that answers your question.


  179. Sum Guy Says:

    @Romsstar, yeah that answers my question. I see where they’re coming from, but you’ve stated your requirements for editors before, so yeah it makes sense to me. Thanks for the answer.


  180. Ein Says:

    Keep up the goord work guys.. :) Anyway sorry for OOT is there is real 3DS emulator out there ?


  181. Fhufuu Says:

    No sadly :s the only ‘real’ 3ds emulator out there is Citra. And its not even done. It can only run a few Homebrew.


  182. Truth Says:

    Even once the editing is finished, won’t there still be a period of testing afterward before release?


  183. Anonymous Says:

    Great work u guys , i cant wait to play it lol


  184. Brian Says:

    Digimon tri new trailer!

    Edit by Sporky: Fuck your ad-fly bullshit. Link changed.


  185. azurezeed Says:

    ^ hahaha good work sporky ^


  186. Rai Says:

    All hail the magic Sporky editing.


  187. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    This may not be the right place for this but as I know Sporky was a fan thought I’d pop in and post this

    RIP to the great Terry Pratchett Prolific author and by all accounts amazing human being your books have touched millions and the world is a duller place for your passing


  188. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    So I’m not sure but I think it may be possible to lose the baby/intraining perma Gym Bonus.
    I was trying the Idea I had before about killing all my rookies and just running the gym constantly to see how high I could stack it and it worked fine with my first babywent from 9 per training to 10 then I killed him by throwing his in training form at rookies next baby training stays at 10 till he hits rookie and then drops back down to 9 again.
    Now in saying this I was being a horribly abusive shit to my partner neither feeding hm or letting him rest training him beyond exhaustion to the point where he got sick going to keep trying this time at least letting him rest/eat see if it works better that way.

    Of course it could be like DW1 where some mon are better at training some skills for example n the original I think numemon and sukamon got about half the training effects as any of the other I dunno we’ll see


  189. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Vex: Yeah, that was a bit of a shock, even though I’ve known it was coming. A sad day.


  190. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    Ok third baby and the machine is back up to 10 again guess the gear digimon just has a disadvantage at training brains that said I still didn’t gain the second training boost so either bad/exhausted training works against it or they don’t stack like I thought they did


  191. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    and third baby just hit rookie without giving a new perma bonus beginning to think they don’t stack like I thought they did


  192. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:

    Dunno if it’s okay to post this here but I’m sticking it everywhere I can think of I’m trying to collect the stories of fans of Terry Pratchett, how they first encountered his work how it affected them sort of thing and would appreciate any stories you would submit. Not quite sure why I’m doing this to be honest may have something to do with the grieving process you can blame all sorts of stuff on that.


  193. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m perfectly fine with that. As far as I’m concerned, this place can be Pratchett Central for the next few days, if people want to talk about his work.


  194. buggerit Says:

    @Vex my dad installed Discworld 2:missing presumed? on the computer in like 98 or 99 or thereabouts.
    best point & click adventure ever
    shame i played through it the other week and remembered everything :(


  195. i feel old Says:

    to think it’s been almost 20 years since it hit the western media ’til digimon tri came out…
    better late than never! at least it won’t be as bad as series 5! or was it 6? … i can’t remember… im going senile… wheres my botamon…? what do you mean it’s a skullgreymon?!


  196. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s been about sixteen years since Adventure came to the US in August of 1999, the same year it was released in Japan. But yeah, DATS was definitely not my favorite series. Season six was pretty good, but the Young Hunter follow up was kind of meh.


  197. DemonKingkenji Says:

    1999 good year to be a 5 year old lol had a lot of awesome anime growing up


  198. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, I was nine years old then. A good year to be debating the comparative awesomeness of Agumon and Pikachu. I rather vividly remember, three years later when I was twelve, debating whether or not Ken was going to turn out to be a Digitdestined. A fight I won with the unassailable logic of “Dude’s got a digivice, c’mon.”


  199. Ein Says:

    @Fhufuu thanks for reply:)
    let’s hope digimon tri will be a good anime to watch :D


  200. Chrona Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with 5 though. It’s 4 that was irredeemably awful


  201. Pedro Says:

    I think I’m the only one who likes 4 and 5 a lot T_T
    Though they aren’t as good as Adventure, and none compares to TAMERS AWESOME MASTERRACE!!!
    I remember nothing from 02 except that V-mon was cool.


  202. Anon Says:

    1 and 3 for me

    Digimon 1 maybe because its nostalgia, anything i see as a child will looks awesome and stay awesome till we all grown up….

    for 3, its fun and kind of dark o-o


  203. Truth Says:

    I’d probably like 4 more if the last 3rd wasn’t “curbstomp: the marathon”.

    At least we got “The Last Element”, which is one of my favourite themes.


  204. Rai Says:

    I’d probably like 4 if it was actually Digimon.


  205. azurezeed Says:

    i love digimon 1 and 3
    but i like all of them, every season have something good that makes them awesome, though i haven’t finished the last 2 seasons :(


  206. Trần Bảo Hoàng Says:

    Thx for the great work u guys ! i cant wait to play it lol


  207. Anton Says:

    Personally, seasons 1, 2 & 3 of Digimon were the best. The Season 3 ideal of a human Digimon hybreed was very interesting but I feel that season 4 took it in the wrong direction by making the human beings the Digimon via use of the Spirit items (whatever the hell they were called) haven’t seen anything else after that except for Xros wars/ Digimon fusion, which I personally don’t like. Call me a bit nitpicky if you like but I couldn’t handle them screwing up the Digimon names
    ( yes I’m aware they probably are the original Japanese names) however their version of Starmon that looks more like a superstarmon that had it’s arms and legs chopped off.


  208. Kramm Says:

    i love you guys for the effort! XD


  209. Akito Kitoru Says:

    @Spanky Mc50shadesofhate & Homingsstar
    Man, now I understand your delay. Just a week into college and I barely have free time


  210. 68 chips 24/7 Says:

    anyone else not think the infinite item glitch at the market manager was intentionally left in there for DW1? I mean c’mon, the manager himself said “Are you trying to mess with my bussines?” or “Are you messing with my business?” so it makes it kind of blatant…


  211. Minako-chan Says:

    Just a bonus guys:

    Cyber Sleuth gameplay with english subtitles! I am so hyped omfg


  212. ahmadmanga Says:

    Leaked kanye west tape :


  213. lpatamon Says:

    Guys I really can’t thank you enough for all this effort you put on the translation for Re: Digitize. You have kept up with people asking when will be ready, people getting angry because is not ready when they want and/or pressuring you to accelerate things, and yet you’re still here almost at the end of this long journey.

    A Journey I’m sure taught you all new things that can be put in use in future proyects. Keep up the good work guys and you have my full respect :)


  214. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, we’ve definitely learned a lot doing this. It helps that a lot of the tools we made to work on Re Digitize will work with no or only minor modification on Decode, but we’ve also learned some less technical things. For a long time, Romsstar was the only one who had access to most files, and he’s just dole them out to everyone else as needed. To some extent, that made sense, particularly when we didn’t know each other well, and after an early member of the group leaked things. Now that we trust each other, we share most of the files, and plan to share all of them for Decode. We’re also a lot better at writing in the same style. Lots of little things, but they’ll add up.


  215. zharif omar Says:

    hey, just asking. will this patch will be available for ppsspp? or is it just going to put in seplugins and played in psp only?


  216. Romsstar Says:

    @zharif omar:It will work just the same on both+ Android ppsspp version too. it also works with a CFW PS3 (you can convert PSP isos to play them on PS3)


  217. Drunkprince Says:

    @romstar as it seems the pace is way too slow since arron and yurix have RL “issues” :P . have it in mind and after this project talk with the others if you can help them finish lost evo. even a little help can do the work i think. Having both games in this year is really great XD


  218. Bakti S. Adhityatama Says:


    i hope that bandai really do localize their game.. i mean, in English, and ported it in another console.. hahaha


  219. Raidenz Says:

    at least we know that this project still running, keep up the good work guys, we counting on you :D


  220. digicro Says:

    50 Shades of Grey(mon).(It’s 35 actually)


  221. Dr Jones Says:

    I know u get a lot of question about how long it will take for you to release so dont feel pressured to answer my comment.
    Im going on a 2 month trip through south america early may, will i be able to play this game before then?

    ty for the project :) we all appreciate


  222. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I hope so, but I can’t necessarily promise it. What I can say is that my finals are over on Wednesday, and after that progress will go a lot faster. I don’t think we have all that much left, but I’ve opened my stupid mouth too many damn times already.


  223. Vex Ocelano Says:

    @sporkmeister no rush I can’t get to my computer for the next week anyway so even if it came out today I couldn’t install it


  224. Doraemon-kun Says:

    Fine, I’m gonna make my own translation! With blackjack…and hookers… In fact, forget the translation.


  225. Exalted_Knight Says:

    I still have a month of spring semester left. Thank you guys for still keeping up with us. Many goodlucks to your finals!


  226. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks a lo


  227. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You’re welc


  228. Anonymous Says:



  229. Romsstar Says:

    Release date is


  230. ahmadmanga Says:

    I’m here to say “Thanks for your work” again


  231. ahmadmanga Says:


  232. Yuuki Hiro Reynanda Says:

    ……just by looking at the seer numbers of commenters in this page is…how should i say this….overwhelming…?


  233. Chrona Says:

    No it isn’t. It will be though :D


  234. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, the January thread got to over a thousand. I think we’re still doing okay for now. The release thread should be fun to watch though.


  235. Ginx Says:

    well, for digimon story : cyber sleuth
    for you guys that don’t know yet.
    they say that bandai namco will consider de localization if the petition reach at least 50.000

    here is the link :


  236. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Isn’t that what they said about Re Digitize, and then Decode, except they kept increasing the number of signatures? And yet, here we are, having to translate it our selves. I mean, I’ll sign it it, and I’d certainly buy a localized version (I might buy the JP version, actually), but let’s not get our hopes up. If Bandai intended to localize Cyber Sleuth, they’d have announced a date before it came out in Japan. Particularly with Tri and the whole fifteenth anniversary thing happening.


  237. ahmadmanga Says:

    sadly I think so too


  238. digicro Says:

    me too.that’s the reason they released all star rumble,to shut our mouth up


  239. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    It made me shut up. ASR made me wish they hadn’t released any game at all. I should have asked for a refund, but I went on vacation a couple days after it came out.


  240. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    ASR was a niche game that had its ups and downs but overall its just fun to play when you have nothing else to play. But at the moment, I’m playing DW:DS. Watching all the Cyber Sleuth games made me go back. I have faith though that we will see new Digimon games over here eventually.


  241. Vex Ocelano Says:

    I think a lot of the reason for the high number of thread posts is due to the high number of thread posts..wait that came out wrong okay with other sites the comment sections get paged every 30 comments or so right? But not wordpress all on one page meaning that the easiest way to find where you were up to last tine you were here is to search for the last speaker and the easiest way to remember who spoke last is to say something yourself


  242. Jukan Says:

    Anyone here wonder what they will do for April 1? If anything at all that is lol.


  243. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Almost certainly nothing. It’s a little tempting, but it doesn’t seem like a good use of our time.


  244. Chrona Says:

    Release a patch where all the Digimon can only say their own names and title it “Pokemon Mode”


  245. Anon Says:

    Rai, Rai?

    Do you wanna build a snowmaaaan :3


  246. digicro Says:

    If you make a patch before April 1st you could post a link on April 1st but no one will believe you.That would be a good trick


  247. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Chrona and Digicro: Both of those would be pretty funny.


  248. ♦♥♣☻ Says:

    Otsukare desu! Thanks guys and keep good working! I’ll be standby anytime to play this release project! btw, nice banner.


  249. Gamerz Says:

    Wanna see something cool?

    Re Digitize in 60FPS :D


  250. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Cool, I’m surprised that doesn’t break anything. I’ll have to try that out when I have time to actually play the game some time. OF course, a youtube video doesn’t reall show much since it all gets transcoded.


  251. .Tigris Says:

    I rather play at 3 times speed than in 1080p 60 fps on emulators, same as original


  252. Anon Says:

    srsly what with this 1080p 60 fps trend in gaming lately

    i cant even see the difference between plying 30fps an 60fps the difference almost unnoticeable when playing, unless u really keep attention on small detail while playing……


  253. Rai Says:

    @Anon: Your eyes are clearly shit then. There’s a definite difference between 30fps and 60fps. I never really cared for 1080p shit though. 720p is good for me.


  254. Anonymous Says:

    The faster the movement on screen the easier it is to spot, try playing a racing game at 30fps and 60fps and you’ll quickly realize what people are talking about.


  255. Jukan Says:

    I guess this means my eyes are shit too. TBH, I cannot tell the difference between 720p and 4k on a big screen TV. My eyesight isn’t poor, I just can’t see the major difference, and thats why I don’t give a flying crap about resolution. The monitor I use now outputs 900p max, and I am fine with that. 1080p would be a waste on someone like me.

    As for relevance to the topic, if I can’t tell between one resolution and the next, I could never tell the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS to save my life either. Some people just can’t tell, or care!


  256. Anon Says:

    Y u always be a meanies rai :(

    my eyes are normal i wear digi-glasses


  257. ahmadmanga Says:

    I think my eyes are as bad as you two!! can’t notice the difference between 30 and 60 (but can notice between 15 and 30 which looks bad)

    I watch anime at 360p (sometimes 240p to save internet bandwidth) I don’t care about 720 & 1080.. but I know and respect those who care


  258. Anonymous Says:



  259. Anonymous Says:

    please can someone help me, iam playing the japanese version of the game, always when i train the mind, the emulator crash and i need to restart iam using ppsspp emulator, anyone got this problem??? by the way good work guys, iam looking for this translation for years, now that it almost done iam very happy to see people working that way, thank you very much.


  260. Sora Yuuki Says:

    well…cuz facebook is being a f###ing little girl trying to sell my personal info to other company(by that i mean asking my id card or something) here i am using my old “Sora Yuuki” name…
    putting “this” aside

    wow…digimon fans is burning here…just look at all the comment…(and in my previous comment i said its..OVERWHELMING cuz i dont know until i follow this translation that there are a lot of fans in the west and internationally)
    theres a lot of people care about digimon franchise in here if bandai DO NOT localize the game….they will miss a good fortune my friend…(even tho im not from the “west” but since i can do english…i dont really care if they localize the game in my country…for which in this case..they REALLY WONT do it, cuz alot of people hate japan for some reason..ahem..ahem…colonialism..ahem..)


  261. Rai Says:

    @Ahmadmanga: Telling the difference between 1080p and above is different to telling 30fps to 60fps.

    60FPS is way more smooth than 30FPS, and in high speed games, 30FPS is often unplayable.


  262. Anon Says:

    noob wrekt noscope 360 4K 60FPS pc master race boohyaaa


  263. Gino Says:

    I have been following you guys on your mission now for a while and I’m so excited I can’t wait! This is the first time i have decided to say something to you guy so here it goes. You guy are awsome. I have always been a huge fan of digimon i play every game I can. I already have this one but the language barrier is to much for me . But once you finish I can fully enjoy this digimon game to. so thank you for doing what you guys do. 😃


  264. Saldash Says:

    @Rai I totally disagree, it might be unplayable for you because you see the difference, to me and many other’s it’s not even noticable even in race games or other fast games.

    I feel it’s not right that you tell other’s their eyes are shit, it’s not something we can change.

    anyhow some people can’t see 3D either. not that they are missing much in that aspect >.< and i’m not missing anything in the “60 fps” aspect, because I’ve never known it, or will ever know it.


  265. Drunkprince Says:

    I have a feeling the release will come with the first episode of Digimon Adventure Tri. So wait for the announcement of digimon’s starting day.


  266. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    So @Sporky, How do you feel you did or how are you doing with your finals?


  267. Chrona Says:

    If you, say, put Majora’s Mask 64 and 3D beside each other I could tell that there’s a huge difference in framerate, but most of the time I couldn’t tell you if what I’m playing is 30 or 60. And I’m fine with that


  268. Neowolf91 Says:

    Just thought i’d point out that some peoples eyes dont see 60 fps they cant go past 30, they can still have perfect eyesight its just the way the eyes they have work and the same goes for resolutions as for 3d i can’t see it because of the fact my eyes are mismatched 1 is very blurry and the other is…kinda…ok i guess lol but even with my terrible eyes i can see in 60 fps but because of the shoddy mismatched god damn crappy ass eyes i cant see 3d and will never be able to see it…until holographic imaging anyway but yeh seeing in 30fps is actaully a good thing because to you guys it looks extremely smooth and that means you only have to get 30fps in a game giving you an advantage over us that need to get 60 fps :)


  269. Jukan Says:

    The most i would notice in the example you just mentioned, would the the improved textures and graphics. FPS would still go right over my….eyes…


  270. Anonymous Says:

    Check this quote:
    “The USAF (United States Air Force), in testing their pilots for visual response time, used a simple test to see if the pilots could distinguish small changes in light. In their experiment a picture of an aircraft was flashed on a screen in a dark room at 1/220th of a second. Pilots were consistently able to “see” the after image as well as identify the aircraft. This simple and specific situation not only proves the ability to perceive 1 image within 1/220 of a second, but the ability to interpret higher FPS. “

    So the evidence suggests we can see in at least 200fps with our eyes, so your brain can surely tell the difference whether you wish to ignore that or not.


  271. Tex Killer Says:

    Actually, our eyes can only detect images at about 24 times per second, and anything more than that will end up “blended” on the 24 FPS that we really see. We can percieve the difference between 30 and 60 FPS in games (specially high paced games like racing games) because games don’t usually have motion blur, and our brains can “interpret” such blur as smooth movement. If a game runs at 24 FPS, every “frame” our eyes see will be “static”, without any blur at all (so things will appear to be jumping between positions instead of moving). If the game is rendered at 60 FPS, any “frame” our eyes see will be a composition of at least 2 different game frames, so things will be a little bit blured when they are moving.

    That won’t be the case if you are watching a movie, since the movie frames will have that blur from the moment they are recorded. For that reason, 24 FPS is perfectly fine for movies, and we shouldn’t detect many changes if the FPS is increased.


  272. Tex Killer Says:

    Oh, didn’t see Anonymous’s comment before posting mine. That is perfectly explainable since the flashed image would be blended with the rest of the black images detected by their eyes. They would see that one screen blended with the dark, or darker than usual, for one instant.


  273. Anonymous Says:

    @Tex Killer
    That’s completely bullshit


  274. Caguamon Says:

    Put this video in HD, if you cant tell the diffeences then change the speed to 0.25


  275. Caguamon Says:

    Why I am banned? was for my weird jokes? no phil collins fan? u.u sorry


  276. joskez Says:

    @sporky : about patch for decode, can you use it on .cia or just for .3ds format, personally i want to play it with cia format but if it takes another year (or two) after the patch for 3ds format, i’m fine with it, thanks for your hardwork :)


  277. jeanme132 Says:

    Continuing on The Framerate Discussion i Have to Agree With Rai in That 30 Vs 60 fps 60 Is Superior Withought Any Discussion necessary. Having Been a Huge Console Only Player For A Big Part of my Gaming Life, After i Switched To PC, the Increased responsiveness From Playing in 60 Frames As Opposed to the Nearly Fixed Standard Of 30 frames in Consoles Was So noticeable That i now Have a PS4 Staring at me Everyday wanting to be used. The Only excuse for not noticing the difference between 60 and 30 is that you have never gamed on 60 before, both visually and even, more while playing.


  278. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Drunkprince: If that happens, it will be entirely coincidental.

    @Justin: I’m finally done, and I’ve got my final grades back for two of my three classes, all As so far.

    @Caguamon: You’re not banned, the spam filter for WordPress is just bad. It either catches nothing at all, or anyone who posts a link. Some of my posts have been flagged as spam recently.

    @Joskez: I have no strong feelings one way or the other, we’ll probably look into that closer to the release of the Decode patch.


  279. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    @Sporky Good going, mate! I’ve got a few weeks left. Damn creative writing degree is taking longer than expected.


  280. .Tigris Says:

    @TexKiller : Bullshit. We can both blink 1 time per second and still never blink at the same time. Even if our eyes could only get 24 iages per second, which if i remember correctly is not the case, 60 fps would still be better as it would increase the sync between the monitor and our eyes refresh.


  281. Neowolf91 Says:

    @SporkzmcgonnapassallandgetA’s Congratulations!


  282. Shekhar Says:

    I like 👍 digimon season 1 a lot and now I am waiting for digimon tri in India


  283. Shekhar Says:

    Please send the date of digimon tri in India please I requested you I am 8 year old when i watched and now I am 21 year old it’s a very long time if you calculate.


  284. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    Nothing but good vibes coming from cyber sleuth. Every review I’ve read has had good things to say. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if this was the one to be localized instead of Decode. While I would love to see Decode over here, I will not be heartbroken if they skip it in favor of CS. I love digimon as much as the next fan but I’m ready to play something XD


  285. Sum Guy Says:

    @justin besides our heroes here are already translating decode, even if Bandai Namco decides to skip it.


  286. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    I’m just hoping that with the upcoming free time Sporky may or may not have…We may get our patch soon :)


  287. Ayushman Says:

    We know the amount of hard work you guys have put in this translation which bandai namco conveniently decided to skip on so even if it takes a little longer than anticipated I am sure it will be worth it.


  288. Tex Killer Says:

    Well, I can’t post. All my previous responses are being flagged as spam, I think :/


  289. Tex Killer Says:

    @Tigris: You seem to be thinking that our eyes take instantaneous images, and there is no such thing. Our eyes absorb light for a period of time (like cameras) and then send the information they gathered to our brains. That period of time is about 1/24th of a second. Every light that enters our eyes during that time frame is “blended” on the same image that goes to our brains. That is what makes motion blur a thing: if something is moving during that time frame we will see a “trail” to where it moved, since the light it reflects will come to our eyes from different positions during that period. There is no such thing as “synching” the monitor images to our eyes.

    @Anonymous: Why do you think what I said is bullshit?


  290. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    When that happens, just wait. About half of our comments get flagged as spam (edit: including this one), so I check through every few hours.


  291. Tex Killer Says:

    Thanks, Sporky.

    After that I went on to check on my facts. It seems that things are not as simple as I thought (this is not my area of expertise, so I must have read something wrong or oversimplified sometime): the exact proccess of human vision doesn’t seem to be cientifically proven. As far as my research went, one of the two leading theorys regarding our perception of motion is concisive with my previous explanations, but there are some evidences pointing to the other theory. Regardless of which one is true (or none), it is kind of a concensus that our perception of motion is related to the bluring of moving things, and if motion blur is present we (the average human being) don’t detect much difference as different frames are shown faster than about 20 to 100 times per second (the exact number deppends on the study). Still, as games don’t usually feature motion blur, we would need higher framerates to “simulate” the motion (and the blur) and produce the feeling of smooth and realistic motion.


  292. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    No problem, Tex. Not an area I know anything about, but I find I enjoy playing games more when they run at higher frame rates. I don’t really care why, though I’d be curious to know the reason why if there’s ever a definitive answer.


  293. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Status update: With finals done, I’m back to work. The Colosseum’s a fourth edited now. There are some other things to do when that’s finished, but I got all of that edited in the last four hours.


  294. Anon Says:


    Finally :D i can stop trolling


  295. Rai Says:

    @Anon: You troll? Wow, I would never have thought so because you’re terrible at it. <3

    @Sporky: Games that run at higher frame rates are more responsive than games at 30fps. You can see the difference between 30fps and 60fps easily at

    It has many examples, including racing games, where it’s mostly noticeable IMO.


  296. Anonymous Says:

    Troll in the dungeon…


  297. Pedro Says:

    How big is the patch going to be? My PSP only has 8GB of memory and it’s almost full because of my other ISOs.


  298. Chrona Says:

    9 gigs sorry :(

    Actually the patch won’t have much effect on the size of the ISO, the text barely takes up any space at all in the grand scheme of things. The game itself is just under a gig in ISO format, I sincerely doubt the patch would bring it over a gig. You could always convert to CSO if you need more space, but I prefer having fully uncompressed games for maximum loading speed


  299. Anonymous Says:

    Great news Sporky!


  300. Pedro Says:

    Thanks Mr. Chrona!


  301. Rai Says:

    Whilst I would agree with Chrona, I wouldn’t take his word as final, considering he’s not one of the team members of Operation Decided :P

    But he’s pretty much right.


  302. Chrona Says:

    I’m part of the team :(

    I’m the uh…official cheerleader?



  303. Inide Says:

    I half expect that when you post to announce it’s complete, noone will actually believe you and there’ll be comments on the release post asking when it’ll be finished


  304. SmurfyD Says:

    Well I got tn-x working on my vita which means I can finally play non psn playstation titles with sound on my vita. Time to play through Digimon World again before this releases.


  305. Romsstar Says:

    Chrona’s right.


  306. Maria Says:

    What else do u can do in Digimon World 1 ?
    I guess it is really fun when u start playing it. But right after u finished the game it just gets the same old thing.
    How is it with this game? Will it be the same like DW1 ?Or a remake with more feature ?


  307. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m not sure I totally understand the question, but mostly like DW1, I think. Once you beat the game, you can keep playing, and there’s some postgame bosses, but it’s mostly just raising your Digimon at that point.


  308. crimsondisco Says:

    Hey guys, check this out:

    The first realtime debugger for the 3DS. It might help with the Decode translation, right?


  309. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yup, Romsstar was pretty excited to hear about that. In all likelihood we’ll start translating and work on the technical aspects once Citra and other tools that seem to be being created at the perfect time for us improve.


  310. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    So hows the current translation looking?


  311. Anonymous Says:

    tanto rollo para una traduccion


  312. Cris Ruiz Says:

    Well, I think in a week or two we have another update. Thank you guys and keep doing your best ^^


  313. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    Personally I’m hoping sooner but these guys do such an awesome job either way, it is worth the wait


  314. Cris Ruiz Says:

    Yeah, i waited more than 30 months for this, a month plus or less… doesn´t make difference xD Well, I´m hungry of news… Like the rest I think haha


  315. SxE Says:

    cmonnnn fast fast :3


  316. Truth Says:

    Keep a cool head, guys.


  317. Chrona Says:

    But I don’t wanna


  318. Meganekougekirabudayo Says:

    I guess girls just wanna have fun


  319. Kaitou Kid Says:

    Let’s play a little game here in the comments while waiting for the release, here’s how it goes:
    1- Leave your comment normally as you were going to do it, but at the end you leave the first letter of a name of a digimon
    2- The person commenting next will have to continue the name by saying the 2nd letter at the end of the post
    3- The person providing the final letter before the -mon states the full name of the digimon and gets a point! :)
    4- Example
    p1: A
    p2: G
    p3: U (says the letter U and not Agumon, which means the next person can’t just say -mon and end it, meaning we have to go for another digimon)
    p5:I, Agunimon!!

    I hope everyone got the rules, I’ll start: G


  320. Anonymous Says:

    any news?


  321. it's me Says:

    News, news, news …… :v :v :v

    will be it release the of the month or next month ? or it will release last year XD

    go .. go.. go team (>.<)9


  322. Anon Says:

    1 april, something big


  323. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, like I said in a recent blog post, I’ve learned my lesson about saying anything even vaguely resembling a release date. I will say that the last five days since my classes ended have been some of my most productive since I joined the project. I seriously doubt we’ll make 4/1, but we’re getting pretty close.


  324. Kyle Says:

    @Kaitou Kid
    Yeah I’ma break the rules right quick and saaayyyy Guilmon or even Garudamon. Sorry to ruin the game just had to. Anyways this is my first comment after being a long time lurker and the years watching this. First off wanna say thanks to the team for putting so much effort into this, I can’t express the gratitude I feel because after seeing this game for the first time I was ecstatic about this whole thing, I always wanted Shinegreymon in the original DW1 but ya know :/ also @Rai your wittiness and “sarcastic” attitude reminds me an awful lot like my brother, you’re an a$$ but a lovable a$$ haha, @Sporkywhateverthehellelseitis you seem like the all knowing wise leader Gandolf type of person and with as generous as you and the team have been by putting up with dumba$$ comments in this thread and people bashing ya’ll I gotta say you and the team will definitely be successful in life, finally @Romsstar you seem to pop into the comments entirely too randomly like anytime you do its technically the leader of this group, pretty much the deity just intervening and telling people to back the fuck off or giving insightful knowledge haha, anyways once again thank you all and if you manage to read through this wall of text then thanks again, I however have to fix a major a$$ problem with my jeep when I wake up and I need my sleep or I’ma take a monkey wrench to the whole damn thing, so goodnight to all my fellow geeks of digimon.


  325. Anonymous Says:

    april 1st is a good release date, because if you fail you will just have to say, april fools!! and if its done it will be great ^^


  326. Rai Says:

    Kyle: Finally, someone gets it! I love me too. ;D


  327. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Kyle: Pretty much. Romsstar started the group, and is a leader insofar as we have a leader, but I pretty much run the public side of things, with Rai’s help. Romsstar reads all the comments, he just doesn’t usually say anything.


  328. Ralph Gabriel Monserrat Says:



  329. Rai Says:

    Make what happen?


  330. Chrona Says:

    The thing


  331. Kyle Says:

    @Rai and @Sporky, I’ve honestly sat through most these posts since it started and angrily shook my fist at some of them God awful posts people make, I guess you can say I’ve been the guy in the back ground rooting things on in silence and condemning other idiots on here haha but you guys, and gals, are really cool and I feel like we’re all one extended digimon family, theres dozens of us, dozens I say!!! Btw I feel like once the project is done, even if you all can’t get together, each take a pic and someone photoshops all of you together like an achievement or such, also I think you guys deserve better recognition so other chump a$$ slumps can’t claim this as their own project and definitely add this to your resume for future careers, @Rai you will become a bouncer, preferably one who doesn’t actually fights but can insult someone so badly they will want to leave xD


  332. Rai Says:

    @Kyle: If that was an actual job, I would be there so fast haha


  333. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    I agree, try for April First (Watanuki for you Japanese speakers :P) and if it fails to meet the deadline post a link like we get it, and its us getting rick rolled or something XD


  334. Anon Says:

    y no one believe 1 april release :\


  335. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Eh, if we had released Re Digitize and were working on Decode we’d probably do something for 4/1, but as it is that seems like a dumb idea. I mean, the joke is that we’re four months late, which isn’t that funny.


  336. Justin Daniel Perry-Sexton Says:

    So you got a % rate of completion? I’m itching to play lol


  337. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    This kind of thing really doesn’t break down into percentages well. Technically, we’re about 99% done with the process of translating and editing the game’s text and images. But there are some additional steps that don’t factor in to that. Once I finish that last 1% in the next few days, we still have to do some proofreading and play through the game to double check that none of our changes cause the game to crash or have other bugs. We’re nearly done, either way.


  338. DemonKingKenji Says:

    we are all itching to play but with all things patience is needed as its a big game with lots of text so the testing will probably take awhile


  339. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Hopefully not more than a week or two, we tested each change as we made it, but we still need to do some comprehensive testing regardless.


  340. Orang Ganteng Says:

    I have cancer so I’ve got only around three weeks left, so before I die please make so that I can play this game in English.

    Some portion of the sentence above might be a lie.

    Anyway, what about the anime cutscene in the game? Is it gonna be translated or just given a sub or what?


  341. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Begging of any kind will not be helpful, you’ve posted the same thing before, and I usually delete your comments. There is only one animated cutscene, right at the beginning. We will probably put some optional instructions for subtitling it, but it’s not particularly necessary, and requires multiple third party programs to so. The other option is to watch that scene on Youtube.


  342. Inide Says:

    I know you guy have said repeatedly that you have absolutely no need for any more staff, but I have a fair amount of debugging experience from when I was at college if you’d like any help finding bugs. I oddly find it quite relaxing to find ways to make code fail :P


  343. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We don’t really need additional testers, though I’ll keep you in mind if we find that we do. For Decode, we could potentially use additional translators and coders, if you have experience with either, though.


  344. jeanme132 Says:

    Sporky When you Say Coders, Exactly What Experience With Code do You Think Is Necessary to Be Useful To Apply To This Project. I’m Very Interested in Programming/Coding Myself, But i’m only very well experienced in C#, Beyond that its Basic C, Java And Lua Knowledge and i just started python, with no experience whatsoever directly related to game coding/reverse engineering.

    I’d be interested to help for decode if I’d be in any way useful to the team.


  345. Rai Says:

    @Orang: Hey asshole, there are people out there who have had family members die from cancer. So do us all a favour, and shut the fuck up.


  346. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @JeanMe132: C# is sometimes helpful, but reverse engineering is the most helpful thing. Ideal would be someone familiar with ASM hacking, but they’re relatively thin on the ground. For the time being, I think those are the only coders we particularly need, but I’ll keep you in mind if there’s a project I think you can help with.

    @Rai: Exactly, that’s precisely why I usually delete those posts. My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer on Tuesday.


  347. Anon Says:

    my post got marked as spam but the system allow that orang dude’s post :(


  348. Kyle Says:

    My grandpa died a month after I was born, the last picture ever taken of him and the first ever taken of me, so yeah @Orang you might think it was a joke but screw off, also @Sporky, I’ve learnt a lot of different coding stuff and whatnot just from teaching myself over the years, I’d say I’d help but I’m honestly pretty busy haha


  349. Nonny Says:

    Orang’s comment… seriously how offensive can you get? Both my grandparents died of cancer, it’s not a joking matter. I’m sorry about your grandfather, Sporky :/

    But before I forget–

    Thank you guys so much for the hard work you’re putting into this!! I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.


  350. Anon Says:

    btw dont take any more tester, they might leak your stuff


  351. Skullbazon Says:

    My grandfarther also died of cancer….., man……, why you gotta make me remember that. I miss him, he was awesome with tecnology…. to bad he died before the internet got big, he would have loved amazon, ebay, facebook, bloddy everithing…., aghhhh


  352. Jukan Says:

    April 1st fake patch idea: replace all text in the game with (including items) “April Fools!”

    Hey, the game would most definitely be in English, so I guess in a way, people would still get what they want…just…not the way they were expecting! lol


  353. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Jukan: I rather liked an idea a friend suggested, run all of the translated text through an English to Al Bhed program. It’d be translated, and we never promised it would be in English.

    @Anon: That’s a big concern, yeah. That’s why we’re doing almost all of the testing internally, going to IRL friends and family if we need outsiders.


  354. Jack George Says:

    great work guys….cant wait !!


  355. Rai Says:

    I rather like the idea of purposely making a really bad English translation, like the FF6 English version on SNES!

    I understand they had limited room and so on, but holy shit the little things in that game bugged the ever living hell out of me. Fucking fenix downs…


  356. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    A fun thought, but that would take way too much time to actually manage. Plus, people would actually play it. No matter how awful a translation, it would be better than they have available now. It’s like the SAO: Hollow Fragment translation; it’s terrible, but I’m too lazy to actually play the JP version, so I put up with lines like “Good luck with penetration.”


  357. SmurfyD Says:


    Pls no more bad translations. I still wish there was a proper translation of Der Langrisser done right.


  358. Rai Says:

    Good luck with penetration? That sounds amazing. A lot better than the awful translation of FF6 on SNES.


  359. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s a super great game, I bought a Vita to play it, and I love it forever, but the translation is pretty terrible. A little better now, they patched it after release, but there are still spelling and grammar errors pretty regularly. Excellent gameplay and a decent story if you’re a fan of Sword Art, though. I’m hoping the PS3/Vita sequel, SAO: Lost Song, is better translated, but so far they have only confirmed an English language release for various Asian countries, which usually means Engrish.


  360. Anon Says:


    yup not even rai. dont let rai touch it 1st D:

    he will leak it to every file sharing site D:

    cause rai is meanies


  361. Kyle Says:

    Jokes on you @Sporky, even if you guys did translate it all to the Al Bhed alphabet I played FFX for more than 1,000 hours when I was younger, kid you not one save file had over 500 hours gameplay alone, but yeah I’d be able to read it anyways :P


  362. Chrona Says:

    Hmm…what’s the quickest way to become one of your irl friends and or family members?


  363. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Cool. I’d probably get it if I had a Vita… or a PSTV. :P

    @Anon: How did you know?! All my plans are ruined now!

    We all know that I’ll be chosen for the beta testing phase anyway. I mean how could you ‘not’? I’m awesome after all! [/brag]


  364. sxubach Says:

    I do know how to program PICs in ASM, if that can be helpful at any rate, let me know, because I would really like to learn how to do this kind of things (on the other hand, I am pretty busy, so provably I just would be able to help with small stuff)

    anyway, if you are in need, let me know.
    Apart from this, T.T I really want to play this game, how can people handle the waiting for so many years, I just know of this since December and it is so .. AAAGGGG1!!


  365. xredcomet Says:

    I was wondering how will the levels be translated. Will it be Rookie > Champion etc. or Child > Adult etc.?


  366. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’re releasing two versions, one with the dub terms, one with the Japanese terms translated.


  367. Ferdinando Says:

    Good job everyone, you’re amazing :D


  368. shotgunjackal-q Says:

    haha good luck with penetration
    reminds me of when i was playing valkyria chronicles 2 and shot some guy in the ass with a sniper and the skill penetration activated
    also first time posting (first time i have had something to add) and i was gonna wait for release but im here now
    thanks for the work you are doing i and a lot of people are grateful


  369. Chrona Says:

    Wonder which will be out first, this patch or Mewtwo DLC for Smash Bros. In both cases, the creators are saying it’s “almost done” and “releasing soon”. And I’m hella excited for both :D


  370. Skullbazon Says:

    meh, after the first year you get used to waiting XD, but seriusly…. man i cant believe its been that long, this is gonna turn up awesome !!!!!!


  371. Anon Says:

    huh dub? so u gonna fandub the cutscene or something?

    u will be agumon and romstarr will be numemon something like that o.o ?


  372. Cris Ruiz Says:

    the best things make us wait longer… #TrueFact


  373. Rai Says:

    @Anon: No, Sporky means that they’ll be releasing two versions with different terms. Like the attacks, Pepper Breath / Baby Flame, etc.


  374. .Tigris Says:

    1st of April release the dream !


  375. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Sorry Tigris, I’d like to, but we still have a little bit more work to do, and then testing. Colosseum’s done, finally, though.


  376. NeoDaedalus Says:

    People! A sequel to Steins:Gate, game and anime, are inbound! Grab your tinfoil helmets!


  377. Francesco Esposito Says:

    You will do a final trailer when you’ve done the patch?It would be cool to see


  378. Riptor Mcloud Says:

    I am just hoping it is out around April 8th, I will have time off from College and it would be around my birthday which would be amazing. Keep up the fantastic work guys!


  379. Anonymous Says:

    may or june is the fact


  380. BinTieZ Says:

    Anytime when i have a chance i always checking this translation progress.. Hope you all keep healthy, so you can make this project complete.. I was waiting from about a year already, but never comment.. Thank you for doing this translation! :)


  381. Anonymous;Code Says:

    y para cuando una actualizacion, algo de como va la traduccion?


  382. Bati-surf Says:

    @Anonymous;Code Un poco más de respeto, no? Ellos no te deben nada ni a vos ni a nadie. Y Sporky puso algo en su último comentario…

    Anyways, thank you guys for bringing us this translation, and I don’t know what else to add that anyone hasn’t said before ^^
    Best of luck and have fun.


  383. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Thanks Bati-surf. I was able to read Anonymous:Code’s question, but my Spanish is terrible. If you (or anyone who speaks Spanish) wouldn’t mind, you could translate that I said the Colosseum is done so he or she has an update.


  384. Random Guy Says:

    Leave it to me Sporky ;)
    Code, Sporky dijo que la traducción del coliseo ya esta hecha así que ahí tenes tu actualización.


  385. hiandromon Says:

    @Anonymous;Code y cualquiera que hable español (pero no inglés y que no pueda leer 300 comentarios):

    Sparking MCspun dijo que finalmente terminó de traducir la parte correspondiente al coliseo. Sin embargo, aún le falta hacer pruebas y depurar cualquier falla del sistema.
    Él o ella no piensan en dar una fecha ya que podría suceder cualquier cosa que les impida avanzar como quisieran. Asi que no van a dar fecha ni pronóstico.

    Hope I haven’t missed anything.


  386. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Thanks Random Guy and Hiandromon!


  387. Anon Says:

    1 april sooon DO SOMETHING EPIC PLS


  388. Cris Ruiz Says:

    Well, there are two versions of spanish, the Latinamerican one, and the spaniard spanish. I am the second, but we understand us, is like USA and England, similar but not equal.

    Well, at this point I want to cheer you up team, you are doing a great work. I hope we have the patch in less than 2 months, because I will join the Spanish Army and I will not have so much time to play :( .


  389. Rai Says:

    Because of Anon’s incredible enthusiasm for April Fools, I’m tempted to take the blog offline for the day and leave a message of how the translation patch was wiped from all computers and backups, and that you have to submit your loyalty to Mistress Romsstar (:P) and Lord Sporky (That’s one hell of a lord name xD) to get the Translation back.


  390. kalker3 Says:

    “Mistress Romsstar (:P)”

    Yo wat? Rom never told me he was a girl!


  391. Anonymous Says:

    Ill still be waiting. :D


  392. hufflepuff Says:

    Guess it’s about time I hunted out the old PSP and charger. It’s gonna take a while to get this bad boy dusted off and updated. I might play a bit of Digimon World to get my body ready for this.


  393. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Updated? I don’t think you can update it anymore. They took down the support for it not TOO long ago. You can’t connect to the PSN store or anything anymore. I think what you have’ll have to do. Can’t wait for the patch but at least the hard part’s out of the way!


  394. digitoke420 Says:

    I love how there is a ghetto translations xD fucking hilarious


  395. digitoke420 Says:

    man homie why my comment sayin I has a straight up boner for these ghetto translations, wtf I aint got no boner well not a full on boner yo this shit aint done yet xD


  396. digitoke420 Says:

    ok I’m done with these before I have to much fun XD “not a gangbangin’ full on boner yo” xD that killed me


  397. Mushroom Says:

    I’m so excited keep it up guys, many people will be so happy when you release this awesome project…



  398. Anonymous Says:

    hufflepuff can still update via a download from the official playstation website and placing on his memory card, IIRC. Though, I’m not sure whether or not 6.61 could prevent translation patches from being used.

    Might be best to find 6.60 somewhere.


  399. Hishaam Says:

    You guys are doing great work. As one of the few remaining digimon fans in south africa (where it hasn’t aired for years) I am so excited for this release. Keep it up!


  400. Anon Says:

    I hope u guys still visit old Sporky and Romsstar on this blog, after they release the patch, not just take and forget who made it :(


  401. Skullbazon Says:

    Anon: I woudnt worry about that, when this patch is over we will simply obses about the next one XD


  402. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    Speak for yourself, I’ll make sure they get the proper attention. In fact: Rom and Sporky, do I have permission to play the game on my YouTube channel? I’m not going to say I’m exactly well known, but one of my videos managed to get 600,000 views or so, so you guys will definitely get some attention.


  403. Vex Ocelano (@Vexrapopple) Says:



  404. zilve Says:

    this is a psp iso translation, not a ds/3ds rom


  405. Chrona Says:

    Don’t care, I want to play the PSP version on my 3DS. My phone can play PSP games, so my 3DS should do it too


  406. Rai Says:

    @Zilve: You do know they’re going to be doing the 3DS version after this, right?


  407. Jukan Says:

    @SuperSwordGaming I asked for the same thing as well as twitch streaming. They pretty much said go ahead! Don’t see why the same wouldn’t be for you!


  408. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @SuperSwordGaming: Of course you can, you and anyone else who wants to. I can come on with you if you like.


  409. Anonymous Says:

    its april already <3 where is it! :)))


  410. Chrona Says:

    This patch is amazing so far. I think you made a typo though, if you have Agumon digivolve to Greymon for some reason it says “Gremon” until I switched screens and it fixed itself

    But you can’t be expected to look into literally every digivolution path unless you want testing to take years, so I forgive you <3


  411. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Holy shlt! It’s april already. 24 days ’till Yen Press launches some new light novels! Come at it No Game No Life, my wallet is ready! Speaking of translations though, be sure to rest a bit from time to time, I’m sure that having to deal with all real life stuff stresses you guys out a lot, so don’t push yourselves too hard.


  412. Anon Says:

    Hmmm the patch is good but i think u made some some mistake…. also why on earth did u change one of the char name into one of your staff’s name? lol

    np tho, =D

    Nice patch!!!


  413. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    @Sporky: that would be amazing, it’d really boost up your translations popularity so you’d make sure to get the most out of it, if you want to add me on skype I’ll be glad to and then we’ll introduce you and the translation and you could give some insight, maybe mention the hardest things you had to translate or maybe some bugs you encountered.


  414. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Sounds good SuperSwordGaming. I’ll add you at some point, and we can work out a time once we have a clear release date in mind. Is SuperSwordGaming your handle on Skype? If not, you can add me, mine is sporkymcforkinspoon.


  415. GuiRadam Says:

    @Sporky: if the coloseum is done, what is missing to do now?
    the testing of the game translation?


  416. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Hey, random update that I thought you guys might find interesting. We lost some data today, not sure how, but at some point in the last day or so, one of us accidentally deleted about a dozen minor files. But since I have a chron job backing up the entire project every morning to both an external hard drive and my home server, it took about two minutes to restore the files.

    The moral here is that backups are great, and you should always back up your important data.

    @GuiRadam: There are some File City NPCs left, and Kalker is doing a last check on the cards, so we’ll probably enter testing soon. Oh, and there’s a particular file in the Colosseum that I want to check over when I can see it in the game at some point during testing.


  417. Anonymous Says:

    The way that started, I honestly thought it was an “April Fools” update.


  418. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, I considered including a disclaimer, but that was totally true, and not at all a big deal.


  419. stallion8426 Says:

    YAY!!! Almost done!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work guys! The anticipation is killing me, but oh well. I’ll just have to play DW 1 & 3 until its complete. GOOD LUCK!


  420. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Also not an April Fools thing, you’ll want to see a side project Romsstar’s been working on with another programmer. They’ve been reverse engineering Digimon World 1, when they’re finished, we’ll be able to use the assets and what have you to make a whole new storyline. The editor can change the requirements to evolve to different Digimon, change anything related to the random number generator, change or add dialogue and NPCs on the map. It’s pretty amazing, and they’re working on making it so they can add new Digimon models and maps.


  421. Fabio Mendes Says:

    wow that awsome Sporky Big hype on that DW 1 was my favorite thats why i like the one your translating lol but to add new story and digimon to dw1 well sir u just gave me a digigasm hahaha


  422. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Me too, it’s a project I have nothing to do with, so I am every bit as much an excited bystander as you are. Once it’s done I may help with writing a new story, but my impression is that Romsstar plans on releasing the editor to the public so that we can get lots of new stories and mods going.


  423. Anon Says:

    sprk u fail at 1 april :/


  424. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah. We talked about doing a fake patch or something, but frankly, we couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t be douchetastic. I mean, you guys have been super supportive despite our setbacks, and any sort of fake patch would basically be a joke about how we’re months behind schedule, possibly with the implication that we aren’t releasing a patch at all, and that would be pretty disrespectful to our fans. So instead, I decided to do a reverse April Fools and give updates about the two major projects being worked on at the moment.


  425. Truth Says:

    You’re a pretty swell guy, Sporky.


  426. Rai Says:

    I’m a pizza.


    There’s your April Fools. Sponsored by Rai.

    Liked by 1 person

  427. anonguy840 Says:

    do a patch with ghetto translations for today that would be great xD


  428. azurezeed Says:

    ah no april fools joke here?
    i was thinking in writing an april fools joke but i couldn’t think of a funny one


  429. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    @april they’re not going to release it yet, they flat out said “No partial patches” and I agree, to release a partial patch is just not fair or right. The last partial patch was for digimon adventure for PSP. That only had until Kuwagamon attacked translated, after that the translators pretty much went “eh figure it out, we dont give a fuck”.

    @sporky I messaged you on skype and maybe we could have a conversation with you and the other heads of the project going as I’m playing so you guys can put some insight? I don’t know who actually heads it besides you, and who is just stuck monitoring the comments but doesn’t help much with the patch.


  430. DemonKingKenji Says:

    @superswordgaming they ended up translating to the search for kaori and then pretty much said smell ya later and no more translation so annoyed I really liked it the only thing stoping me from continuing is the added dialogue apart from that I already know whats being said


  431. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Regardless, we’re not releasing a partial patch, particularly not at this point. We wouldn’t release a patch of any kind without testing it, and we’re within spitting distance of entering the testing phase of the complete game.


  432. Antho Says:

    Very good job !
    Très bon travail !


  433. it's me Says:

    Hi dude

    so where’s kalker :D ??

    “we are happy to announce that one of our Editors, Kalker is back which will speed up this mess a lot and hopefully and FINALLY bring to you this release.”

    I think he is the april moob suprise for you :V


  434. Anon Says:

    Lilithmon :(

    i want her nao


  435. The Random Guy From Before. Says:

    Ahhh I can’t wait any longer!!! It’s so close to completion that It hurts!


  436. psilopsycho Says:

    I just want to say I’ve been watching the progress on this since last year and what you guys are doing is awesome. The time and effort you’ve put into this is something worth recognizing, even if it takes another few months, I’m stoked you guys did this!


  437. Amdrael Says:

    I have been watching your work each week for two years and now that the patch is coming out soon I want to thank you for your formidable work. Thanks to your work, it will be possible for us to play this amazing game. I hope that, if cyber sleuth is not localized, you consider making a translation in the future, that would be awesome. Anyways, thanks you guys a lot for all your effort!


  438. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @It’s me: He’s around, he’s just not much of a blog commenter. He has been working on a last check of the cards, while I work on File City.


  439. razorblack18 Says:

    keep on going but take your time you are incredible sir yes you are


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