It’s Here!


We have arrived!

Yes you are reading right. After almost 3 years of work, thousands of hours, tears, panic attacks, and all the hardships we had to face, it’s here.

This is the Digimon World Re:Digitize Translation Patch! After testing over a period of about two weeks, in which all of us got little sleep, we are confident enough to release our baby to the world. Every one of us played through the game, and I 100%’d my third run today.  All I can say is: It’s fun! The game is fun!

We are all extremely proud of our work.  In playing through the game, there were times when it was hard to remember that this was written by us, that we are the authors of those very same English phrases that you guys are about to read. Incidentally, I’m very happy to release it on this particular day since, as it happens, today is also my Birthday! While we could probably polish it even more, I feel it’s time for you guys to enjoy it.  We hope there won’t be any typos or other issues, but on the assumption that there will be, we have added functionality to the patcher program to release updates if need be.  As the server may have issues if everyone presses that at once, I would ask that you not press it if you are downloading the patch on the day it was released.  All of the 1.0 patches are included with the program, so it’s unnecessary anyway.

There’s really not much left to say.  If you want to know how it started, and what it took to get where we are now, I advise you to read the “Legend of Operation Decoded” post, it’s all there. I don’t want to bore you with more stories, but I assure you this won’t be the last time you hear from of us ;)

Please keep in mind that we are distributing this under the Creative Common License, as a derivative work we own solely the rights to the translation, neither the game nor any other Brand associated with it.

The patcher and patches can be downloaded here:

DWRD Patch 1.1 (Direct Download)

And tutorials for installing Homebrew Enabler and creating an ISO from your UMD are available here:

As mentioned before, this patch won’t include a subbed version of the opening video, due to legal and technical reasons.  This may change in a future update, but that is difficult to confirm as of yet. However, for those of you who want to know what’s going on in the video, you are free to check out this subbed video we posted on Youtube a while ago:

1,097 Responses to “It’s Here!”

  1. Chrona Says:

    I love you <3


  2. Hex Says:

    Muahaha! Victory is ours! Being patient wins the day, with awesomeness as the reward!


  3. Kostja Says:

    Goodbye reallife!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is great! Thanks Guys :)


  5. killermonkeyguy Says:

    If I ever meet any of ye, pints are on me. Fair feckin’ play lads :D


  6. Sealtest Says:

    OH GOD! <3


  7. Antho Says:

    Merci !!!


  8. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    You guys enjoy, we worked hard on this, credit must go where credit is due, make sure you tell Rom and Sporky how much you appreciate their hard work, yes I helped, but NOWHERE near as much as they did, they’ve worked harder then many of you expect, and many of you were worried and doubting, but here it is, so take it, and enjoy!


  9. asep fajar Says:

    thank you so much


  10. ByRod Says:

    I <3 U!
    Gotta get home ASAP!
    Btw, how did you guys resolve the CRC stuff? Only thosee 2 hashes are supported, right?


  11. bobcat946732 Says:

    Just want to say thank you to the whole team and Happy Birthday. I’ve been following this for a little over a year now and while I’ve never commented before, this is the time to do it.

    Words won’t be enough, but, thanks. ^_^


  12. Subtilizer Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Romstar and team :D, so what are you guys planning for next? Having a break or working on another project? Either way best of luck to you all.


  13. Romsstar Says:

    the PSN and a legal rip of the UMD Version are supported. Apart from that you can change between the Dub & Sub Version. Everything as promised :)


  14. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats to the team for all the work. Its actually been kind of fun watching the progress you guys have made. Thanks so much for the dedication.


  15. Saldash Says:

    Happy birthday Romsstar!


  16. ezezero Says:

    YES! Thank you so much team =D And happy birthday Romsstar!


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my god!! Thanks!!


  18. Sealtest Says:

    Your now my favorite people in the world. Thank you everyone on the team for the great work!


  19. Anonymous Says:

    Woo! Congratulations on finally finishing it. I look forward to playing it in the near future


  20. SuperSwordGaming Says:

    We’re going to be starting our work on Digimon World Decode for 3DS, but we’re most likely going to take a small break, most of the team’s been up for day, I saw sporky up and online for 24 hours straight yesterday, so I’m sure they all want a rest, or in sporky’s case, a friggin’ nap.


  21. Anonymous Says:

    you are AWESOME Thank you


  22. Xacris Says:

    Thank you guys so much! I’ve been following this for…. the better part of 2 years, eagerly awaiting each progress report. I’m super excited to play it.


  23. RoSe Says:

    Shit, I knew smashing the F5 key would work someday. It only took like 3420 tries!

    Awesome work, guys. Been waiting patiently since 2012. It’s here!


  24. Nopony Says:

    Been following this for a while now but never commented, and now I think it’s time to finally say: THANK YOU GUYS!

    You guys deserve some kind of award or something for this, I hope you’re all proud for working and finishing something so awesome. Thank you guys, go and feel awesome, you deserve it.

    Happy birthday Romsstar, hope you enjoy your day..


  25. EriolSagara Says:

    Sir, you and your team made my day. Thanks a lot for the effort and the passion you all put in this translation.

    PD: If the link says the file does not exist, try again, the server may be busy.


  26. AndreF Says:



  27. Anonymous Says:

    How can i patch?


  28. vizz Says:

    I am so grateful for all your hard work you put into this great game that brings me a lot of memories when i was little. i don´t have more words to express this feeling, really thank you everyone of you that made this possible and well, happy birthday Romsstar.
    ps: this is my first time writing a comment.


  29. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Anonymous: Use the patcher program we linked to. We made it as idiotproof as possible. You’ll need the ISO of the game, that’s for you to acquire.


  30. Anonymous Says:

    Well… After all these years, 3 girlfriends, finished college and everything that have changed in this time we