Update & Password List Part 2


Hello Tamers!

I hope you still enjoy the game. We carefully read your various reports and try to help and fix what we can. I saw various LPs and I’m happy to see people playing it for hours. We collect your various typo reports and will (hopefully) fix all in the next update. Please report everything you find to opdecoded@gmail.com or romsstar@gmx.de

We are sorry we couldn’t give you out new passwords on Friday, but due to unforeseen circumstances this wasn’t possible.

So while a little belated, here is your next batch:

Robust Tamer Kit:

Giant Revolver (RizeGreymon Digivolution Item) : 5eymqwas
Metal Parts(MetalGreymon Digivolution Item): 8smd467l
Storage Card β (Digitorin) : 5t20ckd7
Defense Chip × 3: nl86jf36
HP Chip × 3: 8brj4mzp
Mysterious Digicore × 3: g4vp0ajf
Colosseum Fight (CardCollector): fqrqdqmf
Colosseum Fight (Today’s Men Have No Time): vl0pj6gl
Colosseum Fight (The Perfect Combination): xumkfqmm
Colosseum Fight (Strongest *Blush*): taeun3pf

This Kit is intended for Tamers that have a hard time surviving the rougher Battles in the Colosseum or some Boss Fights. Additionally this Kit provides Greymon lovers 2 additional Items, that will make it easier for those who fail to get the one they want. Phoenixmon Fans will enjoy the Storage Card we included. The 3 Digicores are not for selling guys, but you can use those to recharge Digimemories once you recruited Hagurumon ;) Last but not least 4 additional Colosseum Fights for the completionists out there. Enjoy!


97 Responses to “Update & Password List Part 2”

  1. lukemckeon10 Says:

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help… I got the ISO and patched it fine but when I went to put it on my PSP I didn’t have enough memory even when I deleted everything off it so I compressed it down to a CSO and loaded it onto my PSP… My problem starts when the game is “checking save data” and keeps telling me I need so much KB to save but I have like 200+ MB left on my memory card to have space to save and there’s nothing in the save data on my PSP either… What’s also weird is if I press the home button and click yes to exit the game it won’t bring me back to the PSP menu but rather just closes the home screen and goes back to the game but I’m stuck on that save message no matter how many times I press ok or cancel… Can anyone help? :(


  2. Romsstar Says:

    Press Circle instead of X when the menu comes up…


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! You guys are true legends!

    Also a small bug report:

    Version is Sub.

    Memorial Stela Locations mail from Jijimon and Going to Swamp! mail from Akiho have the same content.


  4. Romsstar Says:

    Thanks. This bug is known already and will be fixed with the next update .
    Also this bug only exists in the sub version.


  5. lukemckeon10 Says:

    I have; managed to get to the start menu and clicked new game and now I’m just getting a black screen… I’ve no idea what I’ve done wrong everyone else’s seems to be working fine


  6. Romsstar Says:

    I don’t know what you are doing wrong either but try press start and to skip the opening. perhaps compressing it to CSO deleted the opening.


  7. lukemckeon10 Says:

    Pressing every button on my psp but it’s just staying black


  8. confused Says:

    still cant beat h kabuterimon on 40th floor with all storage card pass unlocked. metal etemon,and examon gets crushed by that sh’t..!!!!


  9. Kupopo Says:

    does anyone of you have a cwcheat code for never miss in gym?


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Yey new codes!!! great job spork and team! hehe I noticed I fought players named romstart and spork in the Colosseum! haha you guys should have OP partners!


  11. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Anon: The Colosseum NPC names are randomly set for each new game, so they pop up in different battles for everyone.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    @lukemckeon10 its most likely because of ur cfw version, i had to update mine to 6.60 so it worked. When i was on 5.50 gen d3 i also had a black screen when i pressed ” new game “


  13. lukemckeon10 Says:

    How do I go about updating my CFW?


  14. ダコスタフェレイラジョゼエドゥアルド Says:

    i just can use one time this Password?


  15. JV Says:

    Thank you very much for doing this and yeah im still enjoying the game so much hahaha:D best of luck to you guys!


  16. Zekron Says:

    Found some typos, sorry if I’m wrong:
    …,making it its attack from a hiding spot. (without ‘it’?)

    …fore- legs… (no space?)

    …. Although it digivolved the reptilian Tanemon,… (digivolved from?)

    …originally a normal Growmon,… (Growlmon, right?)

    …nutrient data in its body. and thus,… (feels weird…)

    -Darkramon- (Darkdramon)
    Even now it is said be wandering… (to be wandering?)

    Due to it heroic form… (its heroic form?)

    “Alpha inForce” (don’t know, maybe just me…)

    appearance of a panther- man. (no space?)

    [News Log]
    -Popular Online Game “Digimon”-
    …to make these “Digimon” fight each, other while raising it online. (without comma?)

    -Dummy Garbage Found (Niko)-
    …I’m southwest of the Gravel Wasteland!… (in the southwest?)
    …little too big for me, through. (though?)

    Also, thank you for the 2nd batch! :)


  17. SuperSwordGaming Says:


    Thanks for the card hunting typos, they were a little rushed and we didn’t give them the proper spell check and grammar check we should have. We’ll get on those, thanks again!


  18. Bintar Alfurqan Says:

    i want to ask about golden armor item
    i think it should be ultimate digimon can evolve into H-kabuterimon
    but its written champion digimon


  19. Romsstar Says:

    Thanks, we know about that one already.


  20. stallion8426 Says:

    Ok guys so I need some help…

    Omnimon/Omegamon or WarGreymonX?


  21. Anonymous Says:

    It looks like Omnimon in the Colosseum is using the same dialogue as VictoryGreymon at the start of the battle (and maybe the end too, I don’t remember what either of them said at this point). Dub patch, obviously.


  22. xredcomet Says:

    What does the storage card do?


  23. Anonymous Says:

    @lukemckeon10 Are you on 5.00 CFW? My PSP2000 uses that firmware and has the same issue (dub version). Plays perfect on PPSSPP though.


  24. Anonymous Says:

    how can I get metalgreymon ??


  25. Green Says:

    Thanks for the matches! The last 2 were a somewhat decent challenge.


  26. stallion8426 Says:



    Just find your current partner (or who you plan to get) and it will tell you all the requirements for all of its options.


  27. Zane Says:

    To Rommstar:

    Hi just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done! I’ve been around since the very beginning when the petitions were first started and i’ve been around ever since then.

    I have a quick question (if you ever read this). It’s great that the patch is out for the PSP but what ever happened to the patch for the 3DS? I understand you were able to hack into the 3DS using “gateway” and were able to change the words into english.

    Do you plan on releasing Digimon World RE:digitize english patch for the 3DS via gateway?

    if not then either way I am still having trouble trying to connect the english patch 1.1 with the actual game on PPSSPP. There doesn’t seem to be a guide I can find anywhere.. If anyone can help me out that would be great, i’ve been trying hours but for some reason the game is still in Japanese for me on the emulator but I have the english patch downloaded.

    Thanks again for everything!


  28. Rai Says:

    @Zane: You have to patch the ISO with the translation patch first.


  29. Zane Says:

    Not sure how to do that… Is there a video somewhere that would be easy to explain to me? Never really done this before but its a bit confusing to me, sorry.


  30. Zane Says:

    Above comment in response to @Rai: ^^


  31. Anonymous Says:

    cheers for the new batch have passwords :) looking forwared to more Colosseum fights.


  32. Haseo Says:

    Oh yeah, fotgot to say that i found a typos in dub version. When my partner digivolve to wargreymon x on status screen my partner is a blackwargreymon x.


  33. ExDii Says:

    More codes! Thanks! Does anyone know how to get stronger techs? My Blue Meramon keeps getting blown up since he only knows firewall. TT^TT


  34. Carlos Says:

    I just was wondering if u will translate the Nintendo 3DS version? And if so for how I can install the translation in 3ds cartridge?


  35. Zekron Says:


    Try going here:
    (Skill List)

    The only skill that can be learned by your digimon should be colored grey in Digivice > Skills, I think. The order of skills in that guide should be the same.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Rovim Says:

    just wanna say that,
    the error I have before probably cause by my ISO
    i have change to another one and repatch
    and have finished the game
    but there’s another problem
    i have follow this guide
    but i only get 99 for my prosperity rate,
    is there anyone who have 100?


  37. nalcwap Says:

    Is possible translate(dub) the first video?thanks and sorry ask


  38. The Great Digi Hunter Says:

    Posting this post of mine here as this is recent…

    Okay, Okay. Can someone, PLEASE describe to me, how to dump and .iso file, as detailed as possible? Because, these sites I’m trying to look up are not helping, and I’d like some first-hand help so I can play my japanese copy on my PSP 3000…


  39. dabluebonnet Says:

    Thanks so much for finishing the patch. Your dedication to the game, and to us players was amazing. So happy that I’m gonna enjoy this game. I was wondering if there was any update on the 3ds Verizon patch?


  40. Romsstar Says:

    @Haseo: You’re playing 1.0 then. this was fixed with 1.1


  41. stallion8426 Says:


    They have stated that due to legal and technical reasons they cannot translate the video for the patch but here is a link to the video with english subtitles


  42. soulreaver1 Says:

    does anybody know if I can play this on m33. I installed the file after I patched it but when I hit new game the screen stays. If I hit load the game tells me no save file but when I hit new game it just stays black. Do i need to upgrade to pro 6.60 or does it not matter. By the way this is for my psp.


  43. hk Says:

    Why I can’t find chumon to obtain ability to walk on water? I can proceed the game!


  44. Anon Says:

    to operation decode team, what a future plan do you think, after translating digimon redigitalize for psp and 3ds ??. Maybe, modding digimon world 1 and digimon world 3/2003 or translate digimon lost evolution and digimon xros wars blue/red or retire Or retire ?.


  45. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I doubt we’ll retire, but it seems very premature to pick our next project. We won’t really start on Decode for another few weeks, not until I get back from the trip I’m on, and once we do we have at least a year, probably two before we finish. What game will seem most interesting to work on in two years will probably change in the intervening time.


  46. TenaciousDingo Says:

    You know, a little while ago I was searching for a faq on learning skills, and found a 3 year old thread on the original DW1 from Romsstar… And reading it, I realised how much you care about this, how much it means to you, and I just needed to thank you guys again, just beacuse.


  47. JP Says:

    I am rocking my 3rd Digimon (metalgurumon) since I started and finally hit max stats. I did not realize from my previous Japanese plays you can use the digisoul to power your new digitama. I thought it was just digi memories. Makes it harder to decide. Does it only go up 100/1000 stats each incarnation?


  48. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You don’t have to choose. You can do either or both.


  49. JP Says:

    Wait really?! I will have a look when he dies next time. That part always depresses me so I don’t read well. lol!


  50. Beelzebub Says:

    sry but can some1 tell me what is this password thing XD


  51. yaseen Says:

    Thanks but with passwords the game will be easier : ( SORRY FOR MAY BAD ENGLISH


  52. Rai Says:

    @Yaseen: Your English is fine, and the passwords don’t really make the game all that easier. You still have to train well.

    @Beelzebub: There’s a terminal in Jijimon’s house. Go to it and put the passwords in.


  53. 18h25min started on 7july Says:

    Yo, I really enjoy the game… thanks for translating it guys, really thank you… I just got my first mega form digimon wich is miragegaogamon from weregarurumon… I already had many digis but died at ultimate form… Hope everybody enjoys the game like me too…


  54. nalcwap Says:

    stallion8426 thanks for help me


  55. hk Says:

    Its been 3 days since I played this but I couldn’t find chuumon to get to kumamon! Please help!


  56. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Isn’t it funny how after they got the patch some people simply disappeared?
    Anyway, does anyone else feels like Re;Digitize is way faster than DW1? Time-wise, I mean. My partner died in about 4 days, and days seem to go in a flash. I don’t think there are enough new digimon to the rate I’m raising them. I got myself a Bluemeramon in 5 days, my second partner!
    I wish I could mod that, since I want to dedicate myself a bit to the game. Big time and giant life span/evolution age increase.
    One complaint that I have with the game is that recruitment doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore, doesn’t feel like the town is increasing. Well, I guess the speed is also kind of a complaint…


  57. JP Says:

    I do prefer the layout of DW1 where the city is completely empty. I just love how it built up the more you progressed. I love that game so much <3. I think the new training makes the game go much faster. I feel like the time in the game could go faster (hint) ;-)


  58. Anonymous Says:

    anyone know how can i get guilmon from the swamp??


  59. stallion8426 Says:


    in the water there are spots with ripples (the circle things). In one of them by the bathroom farthest from Guilmon (in the swamp) is the ore you need.


  60. Anthony Says:

    @Anonymous : you have to bring him a stone to carve. You can find it in front of one of the toilet in the swanmp (in the middle of some wave circle).


  61. Doras Says:

    Will you translate the 3DS version?


  62. Blue Says:

    Release some storage card with rank 8/final skill of fire/light/machine element ?? :D
    For the sake of not grinding Phoenixmon in volcano with my Dukemon for 5 digimon days getting nothing lol.


  63. Volkster1337 Says:

    This is a fantastic patch! I been playing through the Dub version and so far I been enjoying it^ This game is amazing! Brings back memories of me playing Digimon World on the PS1. I’ve already gotten MetalGarurumon just now and I’m about half way through the game’s story. The other Megas I was able to get was
    MetalEtemon who was my first, and HerculesKabuterimon who was my 2nd. MetalGarurumon’s my third and so far I’m liking him^ I’m gonna try and get Wargreymon but it won’t be easy due to the fact that I have to do 40+ battles to getem while also training. But I’ll try, I can’t wait to finish it!


  64. Reirei Says:

    Does anyone know how to get the BlackWarGreymon X Card? Is it available at Tentomon’s Card Shop (Jumbo Pack)?


  65. Waltz Says:

    Seems like some players complain how to beat H-Kabuterimon in 40F..its easy for me…use attack then defense command…i use wargreymonX defeat him…by repeating this style of gameplay till he dies…hope this tips help u guys… :)


  66. hk Says:

    What is the purpose of collecting digi cards?


  67. ExDii Says:

    This sad feeling that rips at the heart after your parter dies. TT^TT


  68. Anonymous Says:

    When I patched my iso. It’s keep telling “incorrect iso hash”
    Help me:(


  69. Blue Says:

    @Volkster1337 Doesn’t really mean 40 battles means you have to do it,I digivolved to Wargreymon almost doing 20 battles estimated
    Its all about the stats mate :D


  70. OldRPGGaming Says:

    Been really excited to show this to you all =D check out my new Digimon !! https://youtu.be/S-rb7T5UT0k


  71. Anonymous Says:

    PLASE make a 3DS Patch


  72. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’re working on it, but Decode is a very different, much larger, game. There’s about three times as much text in the game, so it’s going to take quite a while.


  73. Excitement+10 Says:

    For a remake they sure did fuck up some. its annoying to watch digimon sit there and hug each other in fights, the ai is screwed.
    digimon die way to fast.


  74. Darwin Says:

    @Mr. Romstar and @Mr. Sporky. Finally! played your translated English Patch for Digimon world Re-digitize. Its awesome! The time and effort put to translating it was absolutely heart stopping. Such dedication needs an actual reward. What do you actually get for releasing this wonderful work for free? You are God’s Disciples for your great generosity. Even if you don’t get an actual reward for this, you will get lots of Merits from God himself. Thank you for such dedication. Please how can i follow your projects? I’m willing to buy your projects if ever you change it to paid projects later on. I am willing to be a good costumer if ever your organization make awesome Digimon projects paid.


  75. OldRPGGaming Says:

    Hey all =D just for anyone here that wants to see the game, I uploaded my final episode today ! hope you check it out and enjoy it =D https://youtu.be/Wafp76HfqZk
    Great work on the patch, now i’ve finished the story im confident in saying it is near FLAWLESS !! good job everyone !!


  76. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Dude, I don’t think this is the correct place to promote your channel…


  77. Jean Says:

    @Darwin as much as that sounds great, offering paid fan translations is really stepping on a lot of legal toes. Even just having a donation button. Translations do take a lot of work, and it’s a shame not to be able to thank the people who work on them more, but that is simply not a very ethical thing and gets people in big trouble.

    @NeoDaedalus yes, time seems to go a bit faster, but your Digimon should not die in 4 days. My first Digimon lived until 10 or so, 2nd 18. In the beginning of the game, like DW1, you have less money and resources, and worse training to raise your Digimon. It is actually nice to have it go faster, because DW1 was a little on the slow side. And your Digimon can live quite long.

    To the team: thank you! I’ve played about 30 hours, and am raising my 4th Digimon right now. The translation is great! Like DW1 this game is very relaxing and different from most other games, I really appreciate the team’s drive to give this game to fans in english who’ve wanted another game like DW1 for years. I’ve only noticed a few typos (sub) that I’m sure everyone else has reported, as well as one strange instance where some mail from the characters showed up AFTER I had already gone to Jijimon’s house and seen the cutscene, marked as cleared. I’m not sure what caused it, as it hadn’t happened before (I loaded a previous save because i forgot to do something). The part of the game was before the Colo part where you choose between sides whether to destroy or gather the garbage data.


  78. Caguamon Says:

    Someone is getting crazy points at training? I am getting like 50+ point per training (normal) up to 99 (999 on HP or MP). Someone know how I get that?


  79. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    Do you can do patch with stuff from Decode for PSP version too?


  80. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It would probably take a least five years to reverse engineer literally every system in both games and make them compatible. So… No.

    Decode is based on RD, but a number of changes were made to account for the 3DS having a lower resolution than the PSP, which would require a lot of effort to undo, even if the code could be transferred natively, which it can’t.


  81. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    And if people give support for that would you do?
    And would be possible add more Digimon which ones are not in both games too?


  82. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Romsstar is working on adding more Digimon, but I don’t think anyone on the team has interest in porting Decode to the PSP in full. It’s far more complicated than it’s worth, and would present some difficult legal issues, and our time would be better spent translating Decode so you can play it on Citra when it’s ready.


  83. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    Isn’t Citra couple weeks ago was just able to simulate Cave Story 3D only? Cool, so someone adding new Digimon, when new Digimon hit a road? Or there are already some new ones? Roger that, because time is ours to use. Do he putting those new recruitable Digimons (Citizens) too?


  84. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    New recruitable Digimon would be very difficult, and as far as I know, he hasn’t even looked in to the possibility in any detail. Romsstar has gotten pretty close to having BlackWarGreymon and the rest of that line playable, though, and it might be possible to add others from there, but no promises.


  85. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    Roger that. That’s nice. I will wait to see what will happen. :)


  86. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    I hope first bug fix update will come soon.
    Does anyone know if same Ultimate counts for Rank, I mean first died and I raised same new one from new egg?


  87. Anon Says:

    Thank You Sooo Much for translating this game ^^
    I love raising digimon ^3^)

    oh yeah, does anyone know what does storage card do?? is it related to the warehouse storage?


  88. Blue Says:

    Storage card contains 1 digimon inside u can summon it in digi storage (in colleseum)
    U can summon(use) the digimon to enter battles in colleseums but you can’t bring it outside or go into the final boss battle


  89. Skullbazon Says:

    So, hows the vacation going guys? XD


  90. Skullbazon Says:

    ill admit its a little sad seeing this place so deserted….


  91. Snake Says:

    it works excelent! in psp fat(1000) cfw 6.61 ME. with the 1.1 dub version.

    In 5.00m33-6 it wont work after click in new game , you will kept in a black screen forever.

    i updated my old cfw 5.00 m33-6 to the 6.61 ME one , and now it works fine.

    3 years at least i can play digimon wold(psx) “”2″”


  92. darwin0818 Says:

    @Jean yeah i think i could not thank them much more. But even so, they would make a lot of money for this translation and would even motivate romstar and sporky and team to further projects ahead. Hays. Anyway im glad that your team mr sporky and romstar are great persons. Thanks for the free translation. Im happy and every fan out there feels the same and also a bit sad that I could not support you much further in your projects than to cheer for your team and good blessings. Cheers!


  93. darwin0818 Says:

    @sporky where could we follow the Digimon world 1 project? Im hoping for the best for your team.


  94. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’re planning to start doing weekly or biweekly Twitch streams, I think Romsstar will talk about them there. Otherwise, we’ll also make posts about it here.

    Liked by 1 person

  95. Gonzza Says:

    Hi, how do i put the passwords on the game for this items??


  96. Makicchii Says:

    Hello! I was wondering how do the Digivolution items work?


  97. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You give them to your Digimon, and if they meet the item’s requirement (usually in the description) it will instantly evolve into the Digimon that item is for. The requirement is usually level, like, only evolves Champion Digimon or what have you, but a few are a little weirder.


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