Special Episode: OpDecoded Goes Live On Twitch at 18:30 (GMT+1, 2:30 PM EST)


Hello Tamers!

Today we’d like to present you a special episode. Many of you have requested Decode. But what most people don’t realize:
Re: Digitize and Decode are two completely different games. The story is at least twice as long, the in game content is three times as large.

Let me just give you some data:
The in game menus and card descriptions were roughly 500 KB for Re: Digitize, but in Decode this very same number skyrocketed to 1.5 MB!I intend to give a bigger report on Decode in the future, please stay patient.

Another reason we haven’t started working on Decode yet is that we want to finalize our 1.2 Version of Re: Digitize.In addition to fixing the typos people have helpfully alerted us to, we are working to add some additional features.

We will talk about this and some other things on twitch today, plus show you a preview of a special feature that is almost ready.

So stay tuned and make sure to check out our twitch channel at 18:30 :)


Ask some questions in the comments, and we’ll answer them as we have time.


48 Responses to “Special Episode: OpDecoded Goes Live On Twitch at 18:30 (GMT+1, 2:30 PM EST)”

  1. hufflepuff Says:

    What time is that in the UK? >_<


  2. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:



  3. Chronoid Says:

    Agh! I was at work at that time!
    What did I miss?


  4. July Says:

    Why not make a special patch not letting our digimon die?
    sorry my bad english


  5. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Chronoid: Mostly us having audio problems. Also, we showed that we added a BlackAgumon line.

    @July: That kind of defeats the point of the game. Also, just CWCheat some chain melons.

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  6. Chronoid Says:

    BlackAgumon line, hm?
    So, trying to meke some non-playable digimons lees so?


  7. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, for now they take some cheats to override some errors the process introduced, but we think we can overcome them.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I assume they work like normal digimon? (In terms of obtaining them, I mean.)


  9. Romsstar Says:

    yeah they do.

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  10. Anonymous Says:

    damn i missed it —___—, anyway I have 2 questions: first of all is there any way to rewatch the stream ? and 2nd of all about how many digimon are roughly going to be added in re digitize


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Do they have full digivolution trees? Like, does BlackAgumon only digivolve into the virus Greymon, or does he have a full set of champions he can turn into?


  12. Anonymous Says:

    WOO WONDER what the special feature is..


  13. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Three Anons: The stream was pretty painful, we had to turn off the audio since it echoed repeatedly for some reason. We’ll do another one in the near future, and with some more warning. For now, we’ve added about six Digimon, and may add more.

    They do have full evolution trees, we put them into the regular Agumon line for now, and can change them basically any way we want. For now, we’re still getting aspects of it working, so nothing’s finalized yet.

    The special feature is new evolutions, by the way.

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  14. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    Did this already happen? If yes, maybe there is recorded video to watch?


  15. DiogoN96 Says:

    additional features?! GUYS, THERE’S GONNA BE ADDITIONAL FEATURES!!!


  16. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    @DiogoN96, who reads comments from other post already knew about additional features and more Digimons will come before this post even came about stream came.:P


  17. Truth Says:

    Wouldn’t adding more digimon like this step over some legal boundary?


  18. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’re enabling models already in the game, so it’s not a problem. In one case, we did a pallet swap on existing Digimon. Either way, we’re not adding any new data to the game.


  19. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Fight, guys! Even though I don’t own a 3DS I’ll be around, as useless as I might be.


  20. Anonymous Says:

    in regards to everyone who missed the stream, because i missed it too, what was the full list of what you covered? I’ve been reading through the comments, 6 digimon or 6 evo lines of digimon? and what sort of additional features are being added? If you’re planning on covering all my questions in the next stream then no need to answer, I can just wait


  21. Anonymous Says:

    yay new evolutions


  22. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    Basically, we showed off the BlackAgumon line, which includes BlackAgumon, BlackGreymon, Viral MetalGreymon, and BlackWarGreymon, and BlackWarGreymon X. We also showed Apocalymon, but it is the only one of those we showed that isn’t able to battle yet, but that’s coming very soon. We have plans for other evolutions, basically anything that has a model and attack animations in the game can potentially be added. For now though, it takes the as yet incomplete 1.2 patch and some cheat codes, and we don’t plan to make these options public until we have eliminated the need for the cheat codes, as they can cause problems.

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  23. Anonymous Says:

    I hope you guys do something with that weird green and horned Agumon that’s hidden in the game.


  24. Anonymous Says:

    thank you sporky for the answer, I’m super excited for the blackagumon line AND apocalymon, they are some of my favs, can’t wait and hopefully i can catch the next stream


  25. Chrona Says:

    So hype about this :D

    My personal requests of things that exist in the game would be Tsukaimon, BlackGatomon, ChaosGallantmon, ChaosGallantmonCore (I think he’s in it? I saw a blueish one) and maybe BlackMetalGarurumon. Are those all likely to make it in?

    And for BlackWarGreymon X, are you making it so that we need another X Program to turn into it, or just stat-based?

    Either way I can’t wait, you guys are amazing <3


  26. Green Says:

    I can definitely see a line with Yellow Growlmon -> Yellow Wargrowlmon -> ChaosGallantmon


  27. Romsstar Says:

    @Chrona: That really depends on how much interest there actually is. Currently the numbers aren’t reassuring. All I can say is that everything you proposed is in the realms of the possible,
    but the likeliness of us actually doing it really depends on how well the whole idea is received. If there are basically only 2-3 people caring for it, we can’t obviously waste our time on it.
    As long there is a reasonable interest we can also justify working on those.

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  28. Chrona Says:

    For what it’s worth, 3 of my friends are really interested in this update too and the ability to play some of those, so counting them and me that already exceeds your 2-3 :p

    I see what you mean though – won’t get my expectations up, but I’m staying hopeful. Either you’ll be working on this or on decode, and both of those would be great :)


  29. SatouNHK Says:

    That’s an awesome feature ^^, apocalymon is one of my favorites, and I got a little mad when I found out we can fight him on the colosseum, but can’t digivolve to him. Awesome work you guys are doing, really. Thanks for everything ^^


  30. Bati-surf Says:

    First of all, congratulations for releasing the patch (yes, it’s a bit late…) and thanks! Couldn’t give it a try yet, but I’m sure I’ll have fun!

    And now you say you can add new digis too??? Nahhh
    I’m sure people will love that, but perhaps they are just stalkers that spy from afar like myself.

    Just thought about something else too. You kept saying that you could get a c&d if you anounced a release date. What was that about? Or am I wrong?

    Good luck, guys!


  31. Renots Says:

    Will you be distributing more passwords soon?


  32. Logan Says:

    Oh you bet we’re interested Romsstar. Would it be ready in few weeks or a month or 2?


  33. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are always working hard, I pray all of you are healthy and living a fulfilled life. Please don’t overwork or something like that.


  34. CV Says:

    Thank you very much for uploading this wonderful game! Because of you I was able to make a complete playlist of the game until my 1st clear and 100 prosperity! By the way, I heard there will be a 1,2 patch for this after I downloaded 1.1. Does that mean more text will be fix or edited? Also, when will password batch 3 be shown? Sorry if I’m sounding overbearing but I want to maximize playing this wonderful game before trying to record the NG+. Finally, if you would kindly listen to my last question, I would greatly appreciate it! It is what titles give you mails after attaining them? Thanks in advance for taking the time reading this Sirs and Mams.


  35. Paramount Says:

    Oh yes, is there anyway that the normal Examon (with the lower quality texture) be replaced with the other Examon with the higher quality texture? It sucks to see one that just has all the blurry scales.

    On a side note, the Examon with the higher quality texture can be cheated in using PPSSPP is bugged, sadly.

    P.S. Also, for anyone who wants immortality, fear no more.

    _C1 Digimon Immortality
    _L 0x2037C5EC 0x0000270F

    Cheers. :)


  36. Romsstar Says:

    @CV: The 1.2 will fix all remaining typos and make it thus “perfect” (at least that’s our goal). Password batch 3 is out. Almost all Titles give you a mail but I can’t say exactly which ones do and which doesn’t. Sorry.

    @Paramount: Are there 2 Examons in the game with 2 different textures? I actually didn’t realize it. I can certainly look into that.


  37. Paramount Says:


    The obtainable Examon, which is the one which can fight, can access the menu, can play with, etc.

    And the unobtainable Examon, which can either be hacked only or encountered/fought against. Also if you hacked it in, you wouldn’t be able to access the menu and it doesn’t fight at all.

    (Hopefully the HTML code works.)


  38. Paramount Says:

    Screw that. Here’s the links for the two different Examons.

    The Obtainble : http://i59.tinypic.com/nf3ax2.jpg
    The Unobtainable : http://i57.tinypic.com/2mcgg20.jpg


  39. CV Says:

    Yeah I saw and had already recorded it to be uploaded in my youtube channel later along with 10+ other vids of this game. So is batch 4 the last of the passwords? Also do 1.2 have anything special in it like the pick on your recent update(the Black Agumon)?


  40. CV Says:

    pick-picture, sorry for the typo and double post sir. Again great job on the game! And I’m glad I don’t have to read the Americanized terms with your sub iso.


  41. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    1.2 will be both a final version with all of the typos fixed, as well as any new features we are able to add. It will be the definitive version of the patch.


  42. CV Says:

    I see, then I guess I’ll wait for it before I try NG+ then. Thank you very much for the kind answer sir.


  43. darwin0818 Says:

    Tnx for the complete update description Mr. Sporky

    -The true digimon heroes are you guys. Mr. Sporky, Romstar and team. Cheers!


  44. CV Says:

    Hear hear! Especially since you gave the option to choose a simple translation and unlike others that Americanized what they translate.


  45. Anonymous Says:

    guys where is patamon T_T i cant get prosperity to 100%..im at 99% and he is the only one i dont have..angewomon done..kabuterimon done..bakemon, vandemon all done..no patamon recruited.


  46. Anonymous Says:


    How do we get patamon to be recruited..please check the list, it says 1F Colosseum but I cant find him.


  47. CV Says:

    By the way, what does the new girl in decode do? As well as the extra story for decode? And I hear there is a hard mode there. What does that do and do you can anything from finishing it?


  48. CV Says:

    Sorry, for the typo before, I mean ‘do you get anything from finishing it in that mode?


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