Password List Part 3 + Stream Screenshots


Hello Tamers!

Today we present you the third Batch of Passwords!

Ultimate Digivolutions

Devil Chip A x2: 20rsdjrq
Devil Chip D x2: axefv9af
Devil Chip E x2 : v61au2ro
Dark Matter (DarkDramon Digivolution Item)    dpzbt0lh
Proof of Courage (WarGreymon Digivolution Item) :  py2ez1a6
Ice Metal (MetalGarurumon Digivolution Item): 3555fbxt
School Uniform of Justice (BanchoLeomon Digivolution Item)  : vq8ril7g
Gigantic Crushing Sword (VictoryGreymon Digivolution Item):    6lguca4r

This pack is intended for Tamers who have trouble beating the Digimon at the Colosseum and just want to have an Ultimate/Mega. For those of you who unlocked the required Digimon but have trouble reaching the right stats, we included the Devil Chip Set :)

To those who missed the stream

Our first attempt of streaming at Twitch was apparently missed by many, which seemed also to be due to a confusion in the hour. But don’t worry guys, we will host the stream again,
and hope you will us all join this time. If you really want to show us your support, this is your chance!
The Re-Stream is gonna happen on Friday (24th), we will give out the exact time later on the blog. If you’d like to follow our Twitch account, you can find us here.
Meanwhile, we decided to upload some pictures of the stream, so you guys can see what you’ve missed :P Enjoy!


55 Responses to “Password List Part 3 + Stream Screenshots”

  1. Just Curious Says:

    You’re like Santa without the Christmas..
    You keep on giving and giving..
    Thank You..


  2. Zekron Says:

    Another typos I found, (again) sorry if I’m wrong:

    …that the flame is it’s real body,… (its real body?)

    …suited to life in a snowy field. (lives?)

    -Growlmon (Y)-
    A yellow, Data-type Growlmon. (without comma?)
    Compared to is viral counterpart,… (to its viral?)

    …,in addition to its survival instincts,… (instinct? without s)

    …appearance of a the rose,… (without the?)

    …”should not exist,” and… (comma outside quote?)

    …equipped with the superdreadnought class weapon,… (super-dreadnought?)

    It is a super- heavyweight Digimon… (without space?)

    A Seraph-type Digimon, whose… (without comma?)

    …Regeneration, in its left. (is in its left?)

    …its true identity, and… (without comma?)

    …at terrifying speeds. (speed?)

    …same place, and as it is always- (without and?)
    -wandering the Digital World. (in the Digital World?)

    -Mysterious Digicore-
    …which the it was brought… (without the?)

    -Thanks for the hat! {BlackGarurumon}- (not ShadowWereGarurumon? because the picture is)
    -Is My Technique Useful? {WarGrowlmon}-
    Hey there, it’s WarGrowmlon! (WarGrowlmon)

    Also, thank you for the 3rd batch! :)


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for this game!
    i’m a little mad tho, i had a Guilmon and instead of evolving on a great growlmon if shitvolved on a Meramon… i hate that thing.
    (do you have a pass for credits? i’m short on meat haha)


  4. CV Says:

    So is there a 4th batch? Also, is there going to be a 1.2 patch? Thanks in advance Sirs and Mams.


  5. Romsstar Says:

    @CV: Yes there will be probably 2 more batches (So 5 in all).
    Yes a 1.2 will come. Please refer to my answer to you in the other post ;)


  6. Reirei Says:

    Thanks for the new codes and those screenies! can’t wait to try it!

    btw, i was hoping you also include the rest of Storage Card. :)


  7. Person27 Says:

    Noooo, i’m working friday, well I open so hopefully i can be home in time for the stream, and @reirei you can find the other storage card codes up on gamefaqs, somebody found them out and put them up or were leaked, i don’t know which


  8. Blue Says:

    DG Dimension V2 , where can i learn that skill! \o/


  9. Gustavo Says:

    Black Agumon??????? How???


  10. Sponge Bond Says:

    How do I apply the Metal IcE item?


  11. Teachaos Says:

    ähm is the 25th not saturday?


  12. Chrona Says:

    Sweet, wasn’t able to attend the first stream so I’ll try to be around for this one :)


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Will the final version of the black agumon line will have the virus type? Cuz I see the greymon still vaccine type lol just curious I love virus metalgreymon :)


  14. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Teachaos: Sorry, typo. I’ll fix that now.


  15. Romsstar Says:

    @Gustavo: Well you should have seen the stream for that ;)

    @Anonymous: Yeah it’s gonna be Virus, I forgot to fix it for Greymon only actually, my bad.


  16. noseke Says:

    This is my chaosmon wath do you think guys?


  17. Kyle Soirez Says:

    If possible, Iwould like to know that stats required to get black agumon. Unfortunately, I work on Fridays all the way through the weekend, so I wouldn’t be able to see the stream.. :(


  18. chris skates Says:

    Just an fyi guys. The more card sets you get the more digivolve items you get. Really smart to save gil for when you get to tentomons card shop


  19. Burikito Says:

    Is RizeGreymon bugged or something? It can’t use nor learn machine techs despite being part machine type. Playing on an emu by the way.


  20. Anonymous Says:

    Excuse me how do you get black greymon, black metal greymon, black wargreymon-X ? please someone tell me…


  21. agmelmejor1996 Says:

    Bk agumon line in psp version? :o


  22. Caguamon Says:

    Someone knows how do I get this?
    Advance training
    Advance training +boost
    Its because I get 100 prosperity? or tamer rank 10? or is a bug?

    After I get 100 prosperity, but before getting tamer rank 10, I was trying to get all the digivolutions, so I use some cwcheat to do this faster (the one that evolves my friend as soon as he reach the requeriments, and the one that kills him/her), but never used cwcheats before. Could be one of these cheats?

    And the black agumon digivolution line replace the original agumon digivolution line? or is added? For example all baby “2” like koromon have 5 possible digivolutions to rookie, but now they would have a 6th or even more?


  23. darwin0818 Says:

    Just feed it to garurumon


  24. darwin0818 Says:



  25. darwin0818 Says:

    After 1.2 patch. Well wait for it. Watch live stream at 24th july


  26. ExDii Says:

    How are you able to train brain that high? The Ghost leg is really hard.


  27. Anonymous Says:

    When I try the Ghost Leg Brain training I can’t actually see the lines anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?


  28. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s because of your emulator’s graphics settings. Play around with them, what works depends on your graphics card, so I can’t tell you what to change to fix it.


  29. Anonymous Says:

    To continue from my last post, I fixed the issue of the Ghost Leg. Needed a new build of PPSSPP.


  30. hufflepuff Says:

    I’m having an absolute nightmare unlocking skills :(


  31. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s chance based, but it goes up based on how many times you Digimon gets hit with a skill in a given battle. Also, you won’t learn techniques unless it’s one your partner can use.


  32. hufflepuff Says:

    I was trying to unlock them by battling the corresponding Digimon, but it just wasn’t working. In the end I just used trained brains and saved/reset until I got what I wanted >_>


  33. Snake Says:

    pls “X-program” code, just 2 in all the game sucks. war greymon X is cool. i dont undertand why u can just have 2 items in all the game.


  34. Anonymous Says:

    how do you recruit PATAMON! i am at 99%


  35. Klonoa723 Says:

    @noseke: I too have a Chaosmon. With all maxed stats.
    And I did it without advanced training (din’t unlock it). Just used the veggies and the restaurant. (i’m filthy rich)

    And, exactly, what we missed? You guys hacked the Black WarGreymon line in the psp version, or you’re showing that in decode you can have it and that you guys started working on translating it?


  36. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The BlackWarGreymon line isn’t accessible to the player in either game. We currently have it working in the PSP version, and might be able to port the hack to Decode as well, but haven’t gotten far yet.


  37. darwin0818 Says:

    Sir, what time would be for the twitch, :/


  38. henk Says:

    does anyone know if there is a decent walkthrough out? :)


  39. Paranoya Says:

    NOOO!! Not Again… I’m not home friday…


  40. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Darwin: We haven’t decided, but Romsstar or I should post an official time tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Sander Says:

    Are you guys working on the 3DS version yet? I ask this because the 3DS version, is so superior from the PSP one, it worth wait.


  42. darwin0818 Says:

    Try gamefaqs. Google it


  43. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Sander: We’ve been making the tools, and will be starting the translation proper soon, but for now, we’ve been focusing on getting a final version of DWRD out that doesn’t have any typos, and potentially has some added features.


  44. Zero Says:

    hmm, there are mistakes for Sub ver, the Digimon name..
    HerculesKabuterimon should be HerakleKabuterimon,
    Beelzebubmon should be Beelzebumon..
    it should be more I think but I dont unlock the rest of Digimon or cards yet.. so can you refer to Wikimon for original Digimon name source?


  45. Anonymous Says:

    Lili says.. “you came..come at me!”

    haha pun intended..


  46. Vex Ocelano Says:

    @anonymous I trust you answered “Gladly” also can I get a time zone for the stream I’m free friday my timebut is friday my time thursday yours or will it be at 3am for me(not saying I wouldn’t watch it just need to now when


  47. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s the issue, and why we haven’t set an exact time. I’ll be flying back to the US on Friday. We could potentially do it late Friday night US time, or Romsstar might do the stream alone, in which case it would be GMT+1, except that DST makes it the same as DST+2.


  48. Klonoa723 Says:

    @Sporky July 20, 2015 at 5:11 am: Oh, cool, you guys also planning on making other digimon useable? Like, I was actually surprised that Impmon isn’t useable but Beelzemon yes… I mean, its his digievolution… Still, better than nothing, I guess…
    (And I just finished the game with him! :D)

    Also, now I’m just curious: How exactly do you translate the game? I mean, you actually know japanese and then translate it to english, or you use programs like Google translate or Atlas or what? ‘Cause if it’s the latter, do you people need some help translating Decode? I’ve got a lot (and I mean a lot) of free time, and if I could use it to help you translate Decode, I’d gladly help.


  49. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Klonoa: We don’t use machine translations, they’re objectively terrible. We translate the text by reading it, and when necessary, looking up words in a dictionary. So, unless you’re fluent in Japanese, I really don’t think you can help.

    @Darwin: That’s still up in the air somewhat, but I think biweekly is most likely. Possibly more often if someone on the team wants to stream something, but the ones where we show new stuff from the patches will probably every other week.


  50. Ein Says:

    Hi, i wanna ask digivolution item for chaosmon and omegamon didn’t work for perfect/ultimate form.. Does anybody have the same problem ?


  51. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    They’ll only work if you’ve fought the right Colosseum battles to unlock those evolutions.


  52. Ein Says:

    @sporky : i already cleared all colosseum battle and receive title for every floor.. Is there is something event that I may miss to unlock them ? I am now rebattle again omegamon and chaosmon in 40th but still can’t use it..


  53. Rayland J Elzy Jr. Says:

    im running the dub version on ps3 and evevry password i try does not work.can someone plz help me


  54. Anderson Rafaela Medeiros Says:

    how get black agumon and digivolutions ??? please ! ! ! :'(


  55. Romsstar Says:

    This is a discontinued hack.


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