Just a reminder :)


Hello guys!

Just a reminder, our Twitch Stream is gonna take place in an hour, whichever time zone you are in, IN ONE HOUR :)

So come and join us on twitch.tv/opdecoded  :)


22 Responses to “Just a reminder :)”

  1. Ultrawhatever Says:

    so who’s gonna be in it? the whole team?


  2. Romsstar Says:

    sorry only me this time due to conflicts in schedule :)


  3. Ultrawhatever Says:

    oh i was expecting everyone. no worries there. it’s not like this is your last stream is it?


  4. Ultrawhatever Says:

    actually this is my first time watching a live stream so i’m kind of excited! lol


  5. Romsstar Says:

    Ultrawhatever: No I don’t think so. Rather hopefully the first of many ;)


  6. Ultrawhatever Says:

    so how many members does operation decode have? too bad there schedules wouldn’t allow them.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    YAY! I’m actually gonna get to watch it! Any later and I would have had to miss it cuz of work :)


  8. Ultrawhatever Says:

    and by the way, what time is it there? here in my country the stream will start at 2 in the morning.


  9. Romsstar Says:

    20:00 here. We’ll try to find a more convenient time for everyone next time.


  10. Ultrawhatever Says:

    don’t get me wrong, it’s totally fine by me, i’m a night person.


  11. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    @Ultrawhatever, why I gotta feeling that you are someone I know. :?


  12. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    Whatever, because I remembered that he already saw some live streams and one of those is mine. :D


  13. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @modestas really? must be a mistake. i don’t know you.


  14. Ultrawhatever Says:

    @modestas nah can’t be. i’m a “virgin twicher” see? lol. i mean this is my first time watching a live stream. i even installed the app just a while ago just so i can see this.


  15. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    @Ultrawhatever, where are you from?


  16. Fatalîs Says:

    how can i get black agumon? :<


  17. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    For now, you wait. We’re working out some bugs before we make this mod public.


  18. Person27 Says:

    Great stream guys, i missed it live, but just finished it, hope you can work out the bugs for the virus type lines, looking forward to playing it.


  19. Max Says:

    I had to go outside ans i juste came back , it’s aready finished :(


  20. Mack Takoi Says:

    I would love to make a donation of the project if there was some form of beta access for doing so I can see the progress and test it. Even just having the menus translated would make playing through the game a possibility for me


  21. Rai Says:

    @Mack: And that would cause the project to be C&D’d fast.

    Besides, you’re not meant to be donating for the game, but donating to help Romsstar in general.


  22. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think we might be okay on that front, but we’d get a whole lot of leaks, and we don’t want our names on things we’re not proud of.

    I will say though that when beta time came, the regular commentors who seemed like cool, trustworthy people were the ones we asked. And apparently we chose well, since there weren’t any leaks.


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