Password List Part 4


Hey guys, sorry you haven’t heard from us lately.

Hereby I provide the 4th Batch of Passwords:

The Lazarus Pack

Chain Melon × 2: iz6qshrf
Digipine  × 3: 0813w4c5
Bandage DX × 10: r9e4eh23
Speed Chip × 3: 4xia1avw
Brains Chip × 3: b82xwb8u
MP Chip × 3: fpe35sqa
Super Restore Floppy × 3: nvf04eoa
Colosseum Fight (Colosseum Takeover): amsru6ar
Storage Card Gamma (Sukamon): 890e6njh
Storage Card Omega (MetalEtemon): h33p9mqc
Beast Glove (Gaogamon Digivolution Item):  nw25081b
Blazing Wings (Birdramon Digivolution Item): 5zlv2bog




40 Responses to “Password List Part 4”

  1. Duhsorry Duh Says:

    First to comment! Thanks a lot guys.


  2. Sander Says:

    Bonjour guys, just curious, how’s the 3DS translate project state?
    Are you guys already started? Thanks so much for the effort! Take care.


  3. Anonymous Says:



  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the next set guys! How’s everyone on the team doing?


  5. Romsstar Says:

    Demotivated I’d say.


  6. Lukeyy Says:

    Hey guys, finally got it working on my PSP! (Had to update the CFW which was a pain in the ass!) I was wondering what the difference is between the Dub and Sub version you guys have?


  7. Anonymous Says:

    @lukeyy While dub uses the English translations of some digimon as omnimon, gallantmon and such, the sub version use the original Japanese names like omegamon, dukemon and so on.

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  8. Romsstar Says:

    Dub : names like Myotismon and Gatomon.
    Sub: names like Vamdemon and Tailmon.


  9. azurezeed Says:

    Thanks, take it easy and don’t lose motivation ;)


  10. Jaigh Says:

    Funny how you insult me due to you feeling as though I never said “Thanks” because you don’t recall receiving one. Please, I’ve been following since the first week this project was posted and gave moderately regular posts of encouragement on here and GBATemp. Thanked many times for your time and effort put into this project. Not take your frustration out on the people that EXPECT you to do what you SAY you are doing to do. Know what else is simple, not losing your cool on your own damn site and talking to people like their trash. Grow up.


  11. Romsstar Says:

    Where are those expectations exactly coming from? The passwords were a service to begin with, not a right. So if I won’t do what I said I’d do, what will happen? I owe you nothing, do you realize that? So don’t talk to me like I owe you something in the first place, if you don’t want to be treated the very same way you treated the group. I could shut down the whole website, and I won’t lose ANYTHING, since there’s nothing for me to gain….
    But Rai said it all for me in the other post.


  12. Jamie Says:

    Hope everything is okay with you Romsstar, ignore the ungrateful S.O.B’s, don’t let things get you down, don’t know what’s got you feeling demotivated but we’re all still here for you dude!

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  13. Romsstar Says:

    Thanks Jamie, I appreciate it. It’s just that now that the patch is out and all, we’re just not that relevant anymore and I understand, it’s natural, many people got what they wanted, but we’re not done yet… We’re just getting started. Decode is the main event after all…
    And I know why it’s happening, people think it’s gonna take another 3 years, but I really hoped people would understand from our “legend of operation decoded” post why it took so long. Decode won’t take even HALF that long. Then, not trying to complain really, but we allowed donations for our twitch stream, and despite over 50 viewers, we received ONE….Just the one. I’m really grateful for it, but given how many people downloaded the patch and played the game, it’s all a bit disheartening. So yeah, given all that, and that the 3DS emulator isn’t playing decode yet, which is crucial for us debugging it, motivation is running rather low.

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  14. Anonymous Says:

    ..its normal..people really do use other people..


  15. Anonymous Says:

    anybody up for playing League of Legends in the meantime? PH server hear.


  16. Cheers :D Says:

    thank you man been awhile since you posted one, i’ve been wanted a new colliseum battle :D


  17. Zekron Says:

    Thank you for the 4th batch! :D


  18. Romsstar Says:

    Anonymous Says:
    August 12, 2015 at 4:03 am edit

    ..its normal..people really do use other people..

    -> True but then those said people don’t have to be surprised if I get sick of it one day and stop doing anything at all. That’s how it goes.


  19. Anonymous Says:

    Thats correct rom, just ignore those really dont have to put up with anything from them..just do what you want


  20. Davide Alferes Says:

    i commented the first time to say thanks for all the hard work to bring this all to us, its a game thats been growing on me ( good old memories ), i really hope you guys can overcome this less good moment and i think i can speak for everybody that im really eager to try that black agumon ;)

    cheers =) i’ll be lurking around


  21. Tex Killer Says:

    Hey guys! It has been a long time since I last commented here!

    So, the patch is out. :)
    My very late congratulations on a job well done. I still remember the people doubting the patch would ever come out and asking for an incomplete release… lol

    By the way, I didn’t know you guys would accept donations for the twitch. Had I knew, I would have definitely donated, even if that was all I did there (I don’t want to get spoilers on the game before I play it).

    Don’t be so hard on yourselves, you did a great job and we all know it! :)
    I am sure a lot of people are very happy because of the translation, even if they don’t come here to thank you for it.

    Oh, and by the way… Thank you! :D


  22. Rai Says:

    @Jaigh: I dunno if you’re going to read this any time soon, but I don’t really care if you reply to me or not, but I checked through all of the posts through your IP, and not once did you ever say thanks to the team for the translation. Quit acting like you did nothing wrong, because as far as I’m concerned, you acted out of place.

    By the way, telling us to grow up? Stop being a hypocrite, you’re the one who blowed your load over not getting more passwords within a set amount of time like they actually mattered. You can beat the game completely fine without any of those passwords and they were never required to begin with. If you want us to ‘grow up’, how about you start doing some growing yourself first? These people have lives dude, I’m not sure about you, but they certainly do.

    By the way~ Romsstar didn’t insult you, I did. And I’d gladly do it again with the way you’re acting. I’ll turn your own comment to you. Grow up.

    EDIT: Just searched for comments through your email too. Did you really think we were going to miss you “being supportive”? You were one of the people claiming the fucking translation was dead, even when they said they weren’t dead, you complained out of your damn ass saying shit about how the translation is dead, and that teams shouldn’t only release 100% translations. You were not supportive in the least.


  23. Romsstar Says:

    I’m afraid the newest comment of Jaigh got deleted by the filter where he called us a bunch of bitches and something about that we can delete his comments but not get rid of the truth, whatever that is. I think it’s still in the Trash Rai, you can check it out.


  24. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar: I saw, it’s hilarious how butthurt he’s being. Especially with his lies of him being “supportive” from the beginning, have you searched through the comments using his email? I love it, I love it so much.


  25. Romsstar Says:

    Some of the “supportive” comments of Jaigh aka JustInuYasha:

    • Well while the team is dead, can we at least get a real update? Not to be rude but I’m sure everyone that has been following you so far is dieing to see some true progress updates. How about it?
    • lol, no update in a month and a half. DEAD
      This is why no one supports 100% patches that refuse to release before 100%. -.-

    -> Oh I’ll SO miss that support

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  26. digitalpokemon Says:

    hi everybody! is this the team who made the english patch for digimon world re:digitize?been looking the net for the decode project. just wanna drop by and say thanks for the job very well done! im enjoying the game with my pc for a week now. started playing 9am til 3 am whole week lol! thank you guys! keep it up!


  27. Ultrawhatever Says:

    lol he thought he could hide behind a new name huh? what an ungrateful bastard.


  28. Paramount Says:

    I’m pretty sure those bulk of people who lingers here being the “demotivators” are people who didn’t really bothered to read your “The Legend of Operation Decoded” post.

    Every reason is there up to read, yet they missed/ignored those fine prints.

    Also, people get angry for a reason. I understand that the team who worked on this project (especially going through some ups and downs along the years) is already bored out of their mind.

    People just sometimes need a breather, you know? That’s why holidays exist.

    They’re humans too. They’re not robotic androids who can work 24/7. They were initially people like us, who wanted for a fully translated game.

    But seeing no one did it, they took self-initiative and went for a project which takes up so much more than what they could’ve thought.

    Then in 2015, the fruits of their labor finally came.

    Be glad that people like them even exist. If not you could’ve long forgotten this game.

    If they get upset at you or what, just put up with it. They helped you so much and wants nothing in return. And yet all you give is just negative comments? Oh please.

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  29. Romsstar Says:

    @Paramount: Thanks for your comment. I’d like to think of some of our team members not particularly human, as they are indeed capable of doing crazy things. I thought it could take a while, even 3 years is not unheard of for fan translations. By a certain standard we weren’t that slow, it’s just: We could’ve gotten it out in 2 easily, if thing would’ve gone smoothly right from the start. but it’s never like this.

    Take Cyber Sleuth for example. This game is not due till 2016 and this is a PROFESSIONAL team, that is at least 5 times bigger than ours translating this whole thing, AND getting paid for, without havign to worry about the fact that what they’re doing is a waste of time and they’re ought to earn money because hey, they’re doing just that. We on the other hand, are on the other side of the river.

    Every single minute we put into this was unpaid for, most of the people on the team haven’t done something like this before, the inital team was a failure, but you know all that from the post.

    What I want to say: I think we were fast enough considering the circumstances, but could we’ve been a lot faster? Definitely.
    Will we be a lot faster for Decode? That depends on the fans and their support. I hinted at it many times already. There is a Donation button at twitch, which you are free to press. Every single penny will mean one more minute we can spend on this instead of our jobs or something else. That’s how it is.


  30. cv29 Says:

    Well, after reading the current comments here. I guess J will forever be a being who wishes to bring good people down to his/her lowly level and he/she even tried to lie? Makes me wonder if he/she is a relative of the character Hidan in Naruto who likes hurting him/herself? Quite sad indeed, hope he/she does not infect anyone here. It is too bad, people like that will never disappear but on the lighter note, their filth will be great fertilizer for their victims who did not join them to grow stronger. Anyway, I the Decode is for NDS right? If so then I’ll say good luck to that project in advance. And hope the Dub words are gone on your final 1.2 version sub patch as there are still some in your 1.1 sub patch like in the card set being named DNA instead of Jogress


  31. Romsstar Says:

    Decode is for the 3DS which is a completely different baby. I really ought to make a cover story on decode because people don’t realize how great it is. As for Jaigh or whatever his name: I don’t really care about such guys, i just had a gut I saw this kind of guy before and I remember EVERYONE who thanked us, given my almost eidetic memory. So if someone with that name would’ve thanked us in any manner: would’ve remembered. Anyways, since none of his further postings contained anything but swearing against us (which is kinda bold you know, using our patch, complaining that the we don’t provide passwords AND insult us after), I doubt you’ll see any more posts of him.


  32. cv29 Says:

    I see, well he (its safe to assume the persons a he right?) should know this was bound to happen when he brought out animosity in the net where many can see. I hope he learns form this, though I highly doubt he ever will.


  33. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Man…. we go away for a couple days and you guys get all bumed out and stuff…., not to worry! im back and shennanigans shall ensue! soon*(tm)


  34. Anonymous Says:

    this translation took like 2 years and 6~7 months give or take, rather than 3 full years
    coming from someone who’s been waiting 8 years and counting for another translation, I consider that fucking fast

    granted, said other translation is taking forever because the translated script was all MTLd and instead of ditching it like they should have, they insisted on keeping that shit and editing it
    it’s been on editing for like 5 years, but that’s a story for some other place


  35. Kona Says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work! This must’ve taken such a long time to translate + more ^^

    I’m currently enjoying the game as I spend the last of my summer days P:


  36. Romsstar Says:

    I just like to say a big thank you.
    The people know who they are.
    This really means a lot and will definitely be rewarded :)

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  37. cv29 Says:

    When you start something new. It will obviously be slow and there is also a chance for it to be dropped midway as many good fancfictions from the site called Fancition.Net but this team pull through and was able to finish which is something many couldn’t and with this completion, their next one will surely come out faster as the got the exp the y got from this project pushing them onward so I believe another success is bound for the team unless uncontrollable things happen such as Mother Nature’s Rage which are hard to predict.

    Anyway, after the Sky Fell or was it before? I saw a Chaosmon at the area before the Binary entrance and is now wondering if it was one of the things Jijimon mentioned from his last mail. And if he appears, does that mean that there is a regular Battle Omegamon somewhere as well?


  38. Anonymous Says:

    You guys should work for an Antivirus company Rom! haha or for Riot Game! we need good people working on League

    that ungrateful bastard!

    -from PH


  39. cv29 Says:

    Yeah, and maybe they can finally get paid for the wonderful job. Thought game editing they got now might not help with what Antivirus companies do.


  40. Anibal Pedlow Says:

    Major thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.


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