Password Pack 5 (Last One)


Hey guys!

First I’d like to thank the guys still commenting and supporting us, expect some news from us soon.
As a sign of gratitude, I thought I’d like, although a bit early, provide the LAST Password Pack.
Yes, you’ve read right. With that pack, we’ve given out all the passwords.

Healer Pack
Small Recovery × 10 : 4n9t92n0
Medium Recovery × 10: u3bygsr0
Large Recovery × 10: l22s3yyx
Super Recovey × 5: q77jk8e6
MP Floppy × 10:  85da29zt
Medium MP Floppy × 10: s90l6dc6
Large MP Floppy × 5: 33b3qpy8
Protection Floppy × 5: 61rrbrjo
Recovery Floppy  × 10: lgec2y14
Omnipotent Floppy × 5: lfng1jw5
RE Floppy × 10: 6iu9z993
Storage Card Sigma (Examon): 1rag2kie


PS: We might do another stream soon, but this really depends on your support guys, so please comment and show us you’re there, because we’re doing this for you guys ;)





49 Responses to “Password Pack 5 (Last One)”

  1. Chrona Says:

    I’m always up for a stream :p

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  2. Romsstar Says:

    Chrona if we had only like 100 more of you :) XD

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  3. cv29 Says:

    I’ll join the stream as well if I’m free during the time. Anyway, that was fast. and i guess Examon is the highlight of the last batch huh? Nicely done Sir Rom. All that is left is 1,2 version patch huh?


  4. Romsstar Says:

    Yeah Examon definitely is. You see we brought out the great and important things in the first batches, so people would have all the important Colosseum Battles and stuff, in order to ensure a full gaming experience. So the last batch is kinda underwhelming but it was done so people wouldn’t have to wait on important passwords.


  5. Syd Montague Says:

    Lurking around here and definitely interested in more streams. ;)

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  6. Duhsorry Duh Says:

    If I’m available I’ll watch the stream. Sorry I missed the last one, and as always, thanks for the items!


  7. tycoondude Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for everything, I love your work. You have my support till the very end =D


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Rom and team, im still the anonymous guy commenting from before haha, too lazy to login..

    lets play league of legends in the meantime!

    -from PH


  9. Alex.2539.93 Says:

    Thanks for the game, what about the news of the Digimon World 1 hack? I´m waiting for it


  10. William Says:

    Thank you guys for doing all this. Some people do really appreciate it


  11. Laurence Says:

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting in all the time and effort into making this happen. Ever since Re:Digitize came out I have always lamented the fact that Digimon is nearly dead in the West. I grew up in Asia and loved Digimon, and since immigrating I’ve noticed the lack of any Digimon media in the West.

    So again thank you and I wish you luck in all of your future endeavors.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work! Been waiting for this for a long time and I’m finally able to play it :P played for weeks now and it’s not one bit boring.
    So I noticed a few things while playing. First, Isn’t RizeGreymon supposed to use/learn Machine Techniques? It shows he can learn/use them, and he uses Heavy Laser in Night Canyon, but when you get a RizeGreymon you’re not able to learn/use Machine Techs. even though it shows so.
    Second, Airdramon is supposed to use Air Techs, and it shows he can learn/use Air & Combat skills, but for some reason he uses Nature Techs even though it’s uncharted. He can’t even enter Nature-Type tournaments either.
    Finally, is Angemon’s special move supposed to be weak? I mean, I got almost all champions and he’s the only one with a special move power of 280, which is less than most rookie types.
    Any clarifications would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and goodluck! :)


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Wait what’s the examon chip for?


  14. azurezeed Says:

    Thanks, i hope i can make it to the stream if that happens


  15. Diogo Santos Silva Says:

    hi, NeoCrimson here, you guys know I don’t comment much, I follow your work since the beginning and rarely comment, but I want to let you guys know that I keep and will keep following your web site, even if you finished re:digitize, it doesn’t matter, you guys are still alive, I still keep hitting refresh, because I know and everybody should know that more good things are still to come from all of you, so don’t loose your heart.


  16. Fladimir Silva Says:

    is nice guy, I’m having so much fun with the translation, I hope you have another pacth to add the black agumon thanks
    sorry bad english brazillian like this kkk


  17. digimonfan Says:

    I’m not sure if I’m right but Double Disc/Floppy password is missing?


  18. someone Says:

    Thanks for the passwords! I’ve been waiting on the 1.2 patch to continue the game at all, so I’m definitely interested in the progress with that one, as well as still checking for any news and cheering on you guys! You’ve done (and still do) an amazing work and deserve all the recognition for it. I hope it’ll keep going on smoothly and no trouble with people who might not appreciate it as much will happen again.


  19. cv29 Says:

    @Anon The Examon is for the machine in the toqwe where you can change your partners for battles from floor 1, 10, 20, 30, and 40.


  20. Romsstar Says:

    @digimonfan: There is no password for Double Disc. I thought it’s weird too.


  21. Davide Alferes Says:

    i vote for another stream =) i wasnt able to atend the last one but saw it on youtube later, i do love you job guys


  22. Romsstar Says:

    Say guys what would you be more interested in: Some footage of our Decode Translation together with explaining WHY Decode is so different, OR : DIgimon World 1 Stream with showing off various hacks, including crazy stuff like, buying metal banana in the secret shop, finding the Giga Hand at Mt Infinity just lying around? :D

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  23. Furnimal Says:

    I’m fine with both but i’d rather see you guys explain things about Decode, It sounded really amazing from what Romsstar said during the previous stream, Considering the stats can go all the way to 9k or 99k i’d like to know more about it and how long your Digimon can live considering this insane stat cap removal.

    I’d like to thank everyone in the team for their efforts to continue delivering, It’s pretty disheartening seeing the comments go lower ever since the patch came out but i think alot of people paid attention to the game ever since you guys released the patch and I’m sure alot of people appreciate it but many just lurk around here like me.

    I know you guys were not expecting donations for this kind of thing but i find it sad that only one person donated and i can understand why its seriously unmotivating, I was excited about the idea of Omegamon Zwei which even Decode doesn’t have, I hope this isn’t the case next stream and i hope more people attend it! (I honestly couldn’t attend it last time so i had to watch it on Youtube)


  24. SatouNHK Says:

    Thanks for the passwords ^^, and a new stream! I hope this time I will be able to watch it, last time I was in class ;-;
    About your question:
    Personally, I would love to see the DW1 hacks. The reason being that I play DW1 for a long time, and seeing new stuff being done with that game would be a dream come true.
    But then again, I’m really excited for decode, and seeing some translated footage would be pretty awesome too…
    Now I don’t know what I would like to see anymore :P, I’ll put my vote for DW1 hacks, but I’ll be as much exited for decode.

    Thanks for all you guys do for the digimon franchise, we really apreciate it


  25. digimonfan Says:

    @Romsstar: So the Double Disc password is missing (you guys left out) or it doesn’t exist in the first place?I’m pretty sure there is password for JAP version meaning it existed.


  26. Six Says:

    Only have the dex to complete now. What is the quickest way to kill off digimon? No more devil chips and I don’t want to lose 3 hearts and my tamer rank.


  27. Vebrendos\Skullbazon Says:

    Damn my low attention span…. Need to check this site more often xD


  28. Syd Montague Says:

    Uh… Decode or DW1… hard question…
    I probably tend towards DW1, as I’m quite curious what crazy things you can do with it – especially considering the crazy things I already can do with it by just modifiying the memory on runtime. :D

    Scold your Digimon. Low Happiness and High Discipline reduces your Digimon’s lifetime. (In DW1 it only depends on Happiness)


  29. Veeshadow Says:

    Just saying that the english patch making speedrun for this game is more lenient than previous runners do, despite I need to run the game in Japanese for verification. The patch pretty much creates new strats thanks to translated items and skills. So much fun game even without decode contents…

    Spoiler: already get new WR time with New Game+ and basically free WR for pure New Game if I did things correctly later


  30. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to see a new stream. This is always nice to see new things.


  31. ByRod Says:

    I have a question and I don’t really wanna read through hundreds of comments so… What changes will the 1.2 patch have? I’m waiting for it before starting NewGame+


  32. Riley Says:

    Sweet, thanks for the new codes and getting them out as quickly as you guys are now. =P
    Looking forward to seeing more of your progress on Decode.


  33. Chris_Pirtle Says:

    Thanks for the codes. I’m not really interested in watching streams. I am looking forward to stuff with the ps1 digimon world though.


  34. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @ByRod: Nothing major as far as a first play through. Typos will be the main thing, and there aren’t all that many of those in 1.1. We are also planning to add new Digimon, like the BlackAgumon line and Examon. There may be others, but we don’t want to make a complete list until we have everything implemented, in case anything goes wrong.

    I probably wouldn’t wait for it, but that’s just me.

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  35. Anonymous Says:

    I prefer if you do most of the stream on the translation of decode, then spend the last mins talking about the digimon world hacks that you’re working on.


  36. Sander Says:

    Romstar, make a Decode stream and explain everything about the project… It would be more interesting.


  37. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Duh, i forgot to choose…, ok i vote for decode, even considering that DW1 is one of my favorite games, i would love to know more of the 3DS version.


  38. Davide Alferes Says:

    i vote for both =) mega stream time making me choose is so hard =P


  39. darwin0818 Says:

    I prefer digimon world . since it is the most possible game to run at current state. :) and of course! Not to mention that it was the Origin game for the sequels made. So I vote for digimon world 1. (Where it all began) thanks romsporky and gang! Still finding a way to get a credit card. Since I’m still student. T.T


  40. Anonymous Says:

    Obviously we support you as always , you are a miracle team that brought us hope to get Jappanese games to english. Thankful Forever with you all.


  41. Ezequiel Says:

    Everything you do to the Digimon World Community is great, not only translation but all your proyects. DW1 and all the rest. Those who dislike them should get out of here because they are no real fans. Thanks Eternal

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Paramount Says:

    Don’t worry, translation team. The silent majority is with you.
    Believe in yourself, man.


  43. cv29 Says:

    Mostly Decode, if that is not possible then a summary of the story new elements and changes. Then DW1 with Giromon’s Jukebox bug form the local version’s (Eng) fixed finally. Hope to see, and be able to join the stream once more soon.


  44. Romsstar Says:

    cv29: But I fixed Giromon’s Jukebox years ago?

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  45. Ultrawhatever Says:

    i vote dw1! i still have fond memories of sleeping in kunemon’s nest lol!

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  46. nyx Says:

    will try to be there for the next stream, my vote is on decode


  47. cv29 Says:

    Oh? Sorry then, I did not know that. So how do I use the download by the link you provided? I tried pasting it at the same folder as the iso but it still gives me the same error


  48. cv29 Says:

    By the way Sir Rom, when your done with DW1 and you make a sub version of it as well? It was one of the reason why I stopped playing it. I’ll leave a link below to show the pre and post game features.


  49. Empyrea Says:

    This is very late (and I very rarely leave comments anywhere), but I would like to thank this group for translating this game and providing the passwords, too. You guys did a good job and I wish you luck on your future projects! :)


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