Digimon World 1 Twitch Stream


This Friday at 9:00 PM German time, we will be hosting our second Twitch stream, in which Romsstar will show off the abilities of the tool that he and Ze0nx have been working on for the last five years.  We may also talk some about our Decode project, though that is hampered by our lack of a 3DS video card.

As with the last stream, since timezone math is complicated, we have put a countdown timer on the right side of the main page. Consult it on Friday to get a better idea of when we will be streaming where you live.


21 Responses to “Digimon World 1 Twitch Stream”

  1. Gary Sia Says:

    wow….means 3am my time…
    anyway, great job guys~


  2. Chrona Says:

    3PM for me, I’ll probably be there :D


  3. Jamie Says:

    I’ll hopefully be able to catch this one, lol. If by video card you mean a flash cart to play downloaded games, you don’t need them anymore. There’s CFW that let’s you install games directly to the 3DS’s SD card now, it’s not as efficient as a Gateway Card though because you have to install the games which can take hours, not sure how good that would be for the translation, I’m guessing you’d have to install the game after every change you make that needs testing in game. If you need any more info about it though, I’ll happily answer anything you wanna know.


  4. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    No, we have Gateway cards, Jamie. It’s a card to allow us to record video to play on Twitch that we need. Nintendo doesn’t make them, but there’s a modder who installs them. They’re expensive, though.

    @Gary: It’ll be archived and put on Youtube, so you’ll be able to watch it another time. We’ll consider varying the times for future streams though, to make things easier for our fans in various parts of the world.


  5. trex0113 Says:

    Can you please tell us your Settings in PPSSPP like Graphics and System because when I use some cwcheatcodes like SP Gauge Full etc. the game freezes but in the Stream I have seen that the code is working for you.


  6. Nilson Aguiar Says:

    4pm for me! :) i’ll be there watching :)

    thanks guys!


  7. Duhsorry Duh Says:

    Nice I’ll try to tune in


  8. Vebrendos\Skullbazon Says:

    Heck yeah ill be there, it will be at 4 pm here in my country!, cant misa this one, cause ive missed all the others…..


  9. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    All of the other ones is one, so far.


  10. Miruki Says:

    hi.. Just want to ask about this game. is it include new digimon which is shown in this link http://www.siliconera.com/2013/06/26/digimon-world-redigitize-decode-reveals-new-demons-and-angels/


  11. Romsstar Says:

    Miruki: This is Decode, our next project. We posted Screenshots and a Video of a Translation already.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    nice, cant wait for this stream (:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    But will the DMW1 tool fix the jukebox and the ugly in-game font?
    Because this is actually the most important issue.


  14. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The jukebox thing was fixed years ago. By Romsstar. It’s public and you can patch in the fix right now if you want to. No idea on the font, but I’ll run it by him next time I talk to him.


  15. Anonymous Says:

    I did get the patch a couple of years ago for that, but the jukebox was still broken.
    Now, I could’ve screwed something up while patching, but it was a long time ago and I forgot.


  16. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Wait…., it was Romstar, who fixed the jukebox bux all those years ago!?….wow, the more you know i guess XD


  17. stallion8426 Says:

    Dang…looks like I’m missing another stream. College things going on today…


  18. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    You ready guys??, just 4 more hours to go!!!


  19. Anonymous Says:

    cant wait for it :D


  20. VX Says:

    funny , my jukebox work just fine.

    stream past midnight for me , still going to watch tho. my tamer rank still suck at 3 , new patch would be a good reason for me to continue playing


  21. Romsstar Says:

    The stream was a blast, thanks to anyone who attended.


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