Digimon Wold 1 Stream Recording Link


Hey guys,

the Twitch stream was a blast and thank you everyone for watching. Unfortunately some of you guys missed it, but don’t worry, we got you covered ;)

You can watch the whole thing here :)

And guys if you liked what you saw then please show us your support , because without that we won’t be able to do any more of those in the future.



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  1. Chrona Says:

    …shit it’s Friday? Could have sworn it was still Thursday for some reason. Oh well, I’ll check out the video soon


  2. Tex Killer Says:

    Very interesting stuff :)
    I couldn’t be here at the time, but I’ve watched it now.
    I think when someone asked about the random item, it was meant to ask if the location of the item can be generated randomly, and not just the “have it” or “not have” it at a fixed location, but it is OK.

    You guys said that the items, digimons, etc, tables were on the executable. Do you know the address of those tables? Wold it be possible to change the references to that address to the end of the file and have the table there?

    Thanks for the good stuff! I’ve already donated some days ago. Keep it up! :D


  3. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Sorry about my audio, I ended up figuring out what was wrong, but not until after we were done. Won’t be a problem in future, though.

    Stream was a lot of fun, I’d like to start doing them more often if we can.


  4. VX Says:

    Tex: “I think when someone asked about the random item, it was meant to ask if the location of the item can be generated randomly, and not just the “have it” or “not have” it at a fixed location, but it is OK.”

    Exactly what I meant , same location grow stale after a while, randomizing it will greatly change the vibe when you enter new map.
    roundabout way to do it is to have ~30 spawn location in each map with very low probability (1-2%).

    here’s a few questions i may missed from chat/stream:

    breaking 999/9999 max stats.
    adding completely new map location / item instead of replacing existing ones.
    having NPC digimon helping you out in battle.
    Make several static recruitable digimon (such as jijimon or agumon) to move around in their house, just like the fountain area digimon.


  5. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I can’t say with certainty without consulting with Romsstar, but I believe that the many spawn locations with low probability will probably be the only way to do what you want.

    So far, adding new items isn’t possible, not without removing an existing item in the process. I’m not sure about maps, but I do know that we don’t have anyone on the team capable of creating new maps on par with and in the same art style as the originals.


  6. Davide Alferes Says:

    i would suggest like making an online folder with all locations pictures, it could be easier to take a look and who knows, in the middle of so many fans, someone with some reasonable skills could make some light on the subject ;)


  7. Ultrawhatever Says:

    it was unfortunate that i cant watch the stream live. got a crappy wifi connection where i was at (away from home). but besides the info on the game, what i missed was the conversation. i mean it’s fun to interact with the makers of the patch and fellow fans.


  8. Duhsorry Duh Says:

    I had work, so I couldn’t watch the stream. Thanks for posting it. It is very interesting stuff.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    great stream guys


  10. fladimir Says:

    Do a like :) in the video this is amazing :D


  11. Janess Says:

    Any hopes to hack into the 3D models beside the background?


  12. cryum Says:

    1) Is it possible to modify the ingame menu to add additional options?

    2) For the .exe limitations, is it possible to modify the pathing settings of the programs that look for digivolution/technique data to look in a different storage, even if it’s just another .exe with greater size?

    3) How compatible are the maps in terms of data type? Could you, say, add in the maps from FF7 or some other game?

    4) Are the cards limited by exe storage?

    5) Would it be possible to make multiple “campaigns” each with different parameters. For example, a story where all the town is 100% functional from the start, but you only have babies with a maximum lifespan of 3 days, and all the enemies and bosses are babies too, with a completely different story.

    6) I recall a number of minigames in World 1. Have you separated those sections out from the code?


  13. Romsstar Says:

    1) Not yet
    2) No because without the exe the game won’t even boot. the exe is the core, you can’t repoint the pointers to a different file. The only thing you could do is incease the LBA and make the file thus bigger, which we tried, but the game didn’t boot then.
    3) Not at all, it’s a custom format they came up with for DW1. Also every map is limited by its palette.
    4) nope actually they are not, cards are stored in a separate file
    5) Theoretically possible but we are stuck on the model loading process
    6) Not yet.

    We were focused on different things plus this project wasn’t really a never public thing, and i wouldn’t expect many more public updates in the future, the interest and demand was also rather low (24 viewers joined the stream). Meanwhile there are plans to release a hack and potentially the tool in the future but we aren’t even nearly there yet.

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  14. darwin0818 Says:

    Missed the stream tsk due to schedule prob. Nice tool used in hacking the digimon world mr. Romstar. By the way you demonstrate the use of tool i could see a promising revision of digimon world 1. Thank you sir romstar. Thankyou sir sporkymcfork. Thank you team.


  15. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Janess: Some, it’s talked about in the video. Basically, there’s work done on it, but the model and animation data is not fully understood yet.


  16. imkevinlol Says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for the stream. It was super cool to see one of your beloved games come back to life. I’m really excited for what you guys are doing here and also what’s to come! Thanks again!


  17. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Tnx 4 the stream guys!, it was very informative XD


  18. Wew Says:

    Hi guys. Can someone help me out in recruiting all digimons in digimon re: digitize decode
    Also after i recruit megaseadramon when i talk to him he leave the town also woodmon, ogamon and seraphimon after they evolved in their baby form.
    How can i recruit shellmon? I already have his shell but he isnt leaving, also the palmon with red scarf and cherrymon. How can i recruit them?


  19. cryum Says:


    That’s cool. I’m already pretty amazed at what’s been decrypted from a completely non-standard format. If it’s so difficult, I’m not sure what you wanted to do on DW1 that wouldn’t perhaps be easier on Re: Digitize, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on this.


  20. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I haven’t ever asked him, but I suspect a lot of it is that he really likes Digimon World 1, and Re: Digitize is just not the same game. On a more practical level, switching to Re: Digitize would present many of the same problems in the reverse engineering department, but wold require starting back at square one since it uses a different set of proprietary, undocumented formats.


  21. Romsstar Says:

    While Redigitize presents in itself a really great game, and decode even more, it’s just not DW1. On a more practical level though, Redigitize is a LOT easier to reverse engineer than DW1. I could perhaps achieve the same things we did in DW1 in Redigitize within a year. I just have no motivation whatsoever to do extensive research von Redigitize. Decode, a bit more, since it’s so much better,but we lack the means to do it yet


  22. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Still, good luck on this and future endevours!! XD. On another note, what are the main difficulties with the new translation? (just curious thats all)


  23. Romsstar Says:
    • No Emulator to test things quickly on with frameskip
    • No Debugger to debug and write ASM – No motivation
    • The game is not as hackerfriendly as Redigitize was
    • No motivation


  24. Cheers :D Says:

    my god, the nostalgia… :-(


  25. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    I have been meaning to say this from some time now…., regarding the motivation aspect of the ordeal you are now facing, i want you to ask yourselves a question:
    Why did you start this translation group as a whole?: was it for the “fans”, or it was something you wanted to do for yourselves BY yourselves?. What i mean by this is, dont do things for the approbal of other people, especially strangers in the internet, whose attention span has being growing weaker and more spastic over the years. If you want to do this, if you guys really meat to do this, find the reason, the actual reason for doing it, it doesnt mather what everyone else say, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!, do not feel pressured on investing your time and resourses on something you do not enjoy, you guys have already done so much. It doesnt matter if it ends here, just do what you guys trully want.


  26. syrus213 Says:

    Hi guys a very good work and now, I can think that my dream can become true, a game where I can create my own digimon with my digivolution line and all, is it possible ?????


  27. Romsstar Says:

    Vebrendos/Skullbazon: The lack of motivation is not because we got fewer fans. The reason is that there are so many roadblocks in Decode we can’t overcame, that we can’t achieve the same standard of quality, as things are now. It’s the lack of the required tools (Emulator, Debugger). Our group is nothing like those standard groups, so don’t worry about things like that.


  28. Wew Says:


    Thank you for helping me in gamefaq in digimon re:digitize decode but i still have problems in recruiting digimon like deramon, kwagamon,wizardmon,princemamemon,kyubimon

    Also how will i evolve those baby digimon in town? Like the poyomon near the signpost forest (night) and in the alley,jarimon near the colluseum,koromon near jijimon’s house (night), yuramon and dodomon near the restaurant. :)

    Sorry for posting it here. Cuz i think this is still digimon re: digitize (decode) relate. Thank you :)


  29. Romsstar Says:

    Who said they are all suposed to evolve? Yuramon and Dodomon for example aren’t. Not every Baby Digimon in the game is supposed to evolve you know. xd

    Deramon: First you have to find the Spores for Cherrymon, (You can get them from the Mushrooms around (12% chance). Since you ask for Deramon I assume you did that already. You have to return to that place and use an Air Technique there.

    Kuwagamon: You need to have recruited Kabuterimon for that first. After finding Kuwagamon you have to use the Bomb Facility and return two hours later to that spot.

    Wizardmon: You need to bring him ジャンバリの薪 (no idea how I will translate this one yet) . You can find it in the Signpost Forest.

    PrinceMamemon: You gotta bring him to the Location of Wizardmon.

    Kyubimon: I assume you did that one already. Give Stringy Grass to a Wanyamon in the Gym. It will evolve to Renamon and tell you WIzardmons Location. done.


  30. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Is decode hard to play in jap?, also how do you guys play it?, do you need a special card or emulator?


  31. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s not any harder than Re: Digitize was, but since we speak Japanese, we’re probably pretty biased.

    You need a Gateway card of the other softmods for the 3DS to play it at this point. The Citra devs tell us they’re working on adding support for Decode at some point, but that it will be some time. Maybe by the time we’re ready to release, but who knows.


  32. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Tnx 4 the answer!, il see if my current card supports the mod


  33. Romsstar Says:

    Sky3DS won’t ever work with our Decode Translation though. just a heads up.


  34. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    What!!, man……. ok ill wait then XD


  35. Romsstar Says:

    Sky3DS can’t support hacked games. not now not ever. it’s because the card is just build the way it is. Emulator/Gateway will be your only options.


  36. Wew Says:


    Oh. Haha. I thought every baby digimon wild evolve lol. Thank tou romsstar sensei :)
    Haha. I’m completing the game by the power of google translate , cuz i can’t understand japanese. Lol.

    By the way i just finish the mount infinity and beat idorashi. After that it drop 5 shiny gems. What are does? Thanks guys. :)

    (Gonna continue the story arc. Im at the dessert part right now :D )


  37. digicro Says:

    hey.re digitize has element weaknesses(like fire beats nature) so I wonder if original DW has these same weaknesses like in walkthrough on gamefaqs?I notice that Agumon deals preety big damage on Palmon


  38. Syd Montague Says:

    Yes, DW1 has an elemental weekness system. A move has only 1 element, a Digimon up to 3. The game will create a type factor from these (e.g. a Fire move vs a Nature/Ice Digimon -> Factor Fire vs Nature + Factor Fire vs Ice = 66% more damage). The order of the natures does not matter.

    == Type Factors ==
    — = very ineffective (-0.266…)
    – = ineffective (-0.166…)
    O = no effect (0)
    + = effective (+0.166…)
    ++ = very effective (+0.333…)

    v vs > | Fire | Comb | Air | Natu | Ice | Mech | Poop |
    Fire | O | + | – | ++ | ++ | + | ++ |
    Combat | O | O | — | + | O | O | + |
    Air | + | + | + | – | + | + | – |
    Nature | – | + | ++ | O | O | – | + |
    Ice | ++ | + | – | + | O | O | ++ |
    Mech | O | O | – | O | O | O | – |
    Filth | – | + | – | — | O | ++ | — |

    (I hope my table is understandable – formatting get’s a bit screwed in a text field^^)


  39. Romsstar Says:

    Don’t worry, we’ll move from wordpress to a real website soon.


  40. azurezeed Says:

    thanks, i couldn`t catch it online, i arrived when everyone was just chatting


  41. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Glad you could make it for some of it. We’re coming up with ideas for the next one. Decode is probably out since we can’t reliably record video from our 3DSs, and though the DW1 tool has other features, those were certainly the biggest ones.

    We’re open to suggestions, if anyone has something they’d like to see.


  42. Davide Alferes Says:

    sporky on your vid teasing the mods for digitize, were you sing cwcheats or with the tamer rank bonus is possible to get that good?
    for the next steam i would suggest a mix of some gameplay at your choice with tips for players\mix some teasers around to build some hype for the next rounds.

    ps we can use youtube games now =)


  43. Wew Says:

    Im gonna ask a question again in decode. Where is clockmon and how will i recruit him?


  44. Otakon7 Says:

    I always dreamed of how you could insert models from Digimon World 2 or Digital Card Battle into this game. If this goes well, that just might be possible.

    Who knows, you might be able to insert models from Re:digitize at one point :P


  45. Romsstar Says:

    Whenever people mention things like this I wonder how much they really understand of these things. Let me pull an analogy here: Can you build a ferrari motor into a bobby car? Theoretically perhaps, but in the end those are two very different things that inherently aren’t really working well together aren’t they?

    This is the same phenomena we have with putting models from game x into game y.


  46. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    So when can we expect those new models in the game?, next week? #doesntgetanalogyes


  47. Davide Alferes Says:

    vebrendos, its only possible to get new models if they are made with the same architecture, and even if they are made the same, there are problems with animations and other stuff, its not a copy paste work, for instance digimon 2 monsters are similar, but since digimon 2 was only rpg without taking care, sleeping and a lot of other movements would be missing. Sorry if i’m not 100% sure, i only made ff7 reskins =P


  48. Davide Alferes Says:

    I think the best option could be clone a digimon already present and apply a reskin, since all the base work is present, but i dont know how much work would be necessary to add a new digimon entry in game.


  49. Otakon7 Says:

    Well, I didn’t mean like, right away, just that it might be possible one day.

    Though anyway, from my understanding, models are generally just joints and skin, so like Davide said, you apply a skin over a model with similar joint area. Naturally, things will look buggy at first, like the gameshark only digimon in example:

    But it’s one step at a time. It doesn’t need to be perfect (you might just as well leave the “sprites” static)


  50. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    To try to expand on the car metaphor, it’s similar to trying to put diesel into a car that runs on unleaded gasoline. If you don’t know anything about engines except that both run on petrol, it seems like it should work. It doesn’t, and converting one to another is basically impossible, it’s easier to just build a new engine.

    Similarly, putting the models and animations from Digimon World 2 or other games into DW1 or vice versa sounds like it should be easy, since they’re both models of Digimon. But the underlying formats involved means that it would almost certainly be easier to reproduce identical looking models from scratch (note that easier is not the same as easy). Also, there are copyright issues involved in doing any of this, which we would have to take into account.


  51. Otakon7 Says:

    Ah, good point.


  52. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    I was being ironic actually Xd, englando not firsto languago


  53. Rai Says:

    No offense to all you people actually intended, but it was kind of obvious Vebrendos/Skullbazon was joking…


  54. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Squeeeeeee!!!, Rai sempai noticed me!!!


  55. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    So…. whats up guys? XD


  56. Chrona Says:

    Finally got around to watching this. Dunno why I held off so long. Love how much progress you’ve made in hacking the first game :D


  57. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It was pretty cool for me too. I hadn’t seen everything Romsstar showed off.

    We’ve been talking about maybe doing a series of Let’s Play streams of Re: Digitize while Romsstar and I talk about the translation and romhacking of the game. Would there be much interest in that?


  58. Chrona Says:

    I know I’d watch it at least


  59. Anonymous Says:

    That sound cool.


  60. SatouNHK Says:

    I definitely be interested in that ^^, hopefully I will be ble to watch this time.
    BTW, have you guys though about instead of doing streams, just doing a let’s play on youtube? Not sure if it’s a good idea or not, just a random thought.
    And thanks again for all the work you guys do ^^. seriously, you guys do more than lots of company do (I’m looking at you konami)


  61. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ll definitely upload everything to Youtube after the fact, but doing the streams live means we can take questions and interact with people directly, which is kind of nice.


  62. Alireza Says:

    hi guys
    i ll been fan of your work for more then 2 years and your guys doing great!
    now enough about obvious thing lets hit the question
    i finished all digimons game so far and i like them all(except world 4) but i love and grow up with digimon world 3!( played for 350 hours as kids and finish it 5 time as adults:D) i know your guys hacking world 1 at the moment but is there a possibility to do a world 3 after your done with 1?
    thanks for all your hard work


  63. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I don’t think there’s a lot of interest on our end, but at least part of that is that I don’t know what we’d do with it. Digimon World had a lot of translation problems and straight up bugs we can fix, and the problem of how to add new Digimon is intellectually interesting.

    If we did start a DW3 project at some point, what would you want us to do with it?


  64. Rai Says:

    Everything! Start with everything! ALL THE THINGS!


  65. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Maybe small fixes to the story of DW3?, i always found that part of the game lacking, it sorta feels like a bad team rocket pokemon episode, also either fast trabel or warp to citIes (autopilot Xd).


  66. cryum Says:

    I think it would at least be interesting to see if there they switched to a more standard format for models between DW2, DW3, and Card Battle. At the very least, they’re all on the same platform, so MAYBE the tools are the same, just with different dimensions/proportions.


  67. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I really can’t say myself, but I would doubt it. With the exception of the card games, they all use different engines. It is unlikely that they all use compatible models and animations.


  68. Axis 7th Says:

    I was wondering if stripping off models from digimon card battle would be more similar to digimon world 1. As both of them were released at the almost similar time range back in the days. Plus, digimon card battle has many models and even including ones from the season 2 series. Will that help too? :D


  69. Alireza Says:

    add some new cards and card fights if it’s possible new digimon if it’s not or its hard to do don’t waste your time on it it there are a lots of things you guys can do like adding some challenge in to the game for example special boss fight(doesn’t have to be new digimons use old ones but make them strong) with new items(drop from boss) editing story a little bit (again if its possible) new items and equipment for sell and farm also if it’s possible make a hard game option for guys like me i can go on and go on for couple more pages :D
    as i said before everything you guys do is great and i know how hard it is to do it so i really appreciate
    please at least consider thinking about it


  70. Rai Says:

    @Alireza: At least let them finish the current projects they’re working on before requesting a completely different project to what they’ve been working on entirely.

    Also saying “Please at least consider thinking about it” is easy for you. You don’t know the kind of stuff they have to go through to do this. It’s not easy to do this, and then doing it on a completely unrelated game that you have no technical knowledge on? That would still take several months, if not years to do.


  71. Alireza Says:

    i may not be pro at technical stuff like them but i know enough to understand how hard they have to work as i mention in my comment(everything you guys do is great and i know how hard it is to do it so i really appreciate)
    also i ask them to consider DW3 in future because it may just be a normal game for other but for me it was a very important part of my life when my mother died i spend days playing DW3 alone in home and really it was only thing that helped me through in those days so if you were me wouldn’t you asked them to consider?


  72. Rai Says:

    @Alireza: No, I wouldn’t have asked them to consider, Digimon World 2003 was a big part of my childhood too, and no, I’m not going to elaborate, but I don’t ask them for unreasonable things. They have plenty on their plates already, not to mention the motivation issues they’re going through too.

    All I ask is people to wait for them to finish their current projects, and not continuously ask them for things. They’ve given so much to us without actually asking for anything in return.


  73. Romsstar Says:

    The main reason DW 2 or 2003 won’t happen: I don’t particularly like either game. And I don’t see me spending time on hacking games I’m not fond of. I mean: Why should I?


  74. cryum Says:

    Won’t fault you for that: they haven’t exactly aged well. Even on emulator, it just doesn’t work without frameskipping and overclocking through the slow animations.


  75. Ezequiel Says:

    I love you all people. Romstar you are my hero , the good you are doing here is unthinkable THANKS!


  76. Ezequiel Says:

    Romstar, You are a Beast , a Genius, a Prodigy. I lack of enough adjetives to address your greatness. You are one of a Kind. Thank you for all your work dude. You are fulfilling the dream of many, lost old school players, and what is best you are returning these good old memories back to our hearts. I spent years with this game and i would love to see a refreshed version.

    I’m already following you since a few years now, Re-Digitize project was a complete success, so i congratulate you and your team you guys are so great. I hope you could translate Decode version from DS That would be Awsome-tastic.

    But this Digimon World 1 Proyect is a dream. so the best of my wishes to you and any other great people assisting you in this because you deserve it.


  77. NeoDaedalus Says:

    New Order will let you play with a female protagonist! I so want it now!


  78. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Nice, I think that’s a first for the series. I really hope it gets an official translation.


  79. Rai Says:

    Totally unrelated, but holy shit, 3+ months after my order, my 2DS + Capture Card is finally being shipped to me lol. So excite.


  80. Nhoya Says:

    Well well well, just some questions, the software will be Open Source? And you will make a native version for Linux?


  81. NeoDaedalus Says:

    3 months is still a long time, are you going to upload lets play and hacks? Unrelated to this, I love new order’s pics, thee areas look so lonely, reminds me of Misty Trees, I wonder if the end product will be like that, only you and your partner. I would love that. Of course, + the File City + misc enemies.


  82. Hakaru Says:

    While DW1 Hacking is awesome and I love the game, the hush hush quiet quiet no updates is all making me a little paranoid. Where has all the enthusiasm from the fan community gone? It feels like everyone is still so swamped with Re:Digitize (am I wrong? where is everyone then) that they forgot to encourage the team to continue with Decode. Haven’t we always all wanted to see the story in it’s completion? For everyone without a 3DS, Citra is a functional emulator that is developing very quickly. Fast enough in fact that Decode should be quite playable in full high definition on any decent rig early 2016.


  83. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    After all this time…. i have just one thing to say….. HOWS YOU GUYS BEEN?


  84. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Nhoya: At this time, the plan is to release a Windows binary, closed source. That could potentially change, but Romsstar has some strong views toward keeping his tools closed source.

    @NeoDaedalus: In the last three months, we’ve mostly been working on Decode, mostly the tools and other technical aspects rather than the translation yet. Nothing new in the DW1 hack since this stream.

    @Hakaru: We haven’t been intentionally quiet, but until the tools are done, there’s not much to update on. We’d certainly appreciate some support from people. The single or double digit views we’ve gotten on our streams so far hasn’t been particularly encouraging.

    @Skullbazon: Not bad, I changed to a new job that pays more, but it’s been keeping me pretty busy. I’ll be glad when the tools are ready, I want to get back to working on the translation again. For now, there’s nothing I can really help with.


  85. cryum Says:


    My timezone absolutely doesn’t mix with yours, so I never bothered with stream. I check when I can, but I’m definitely interested.


  86. NeoDaedalus Says:

    People just vanished after they got what they wanted, most were here just to get their hands on the Re;Digitize translation, unfortunately.


  87. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Yeh, its sad, but at least we got the regulars here, which is nice XD


  88. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t forget the lurkers who never comment. XD


  89. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Yes!, they are always watching…… always…..


  90. Romsstar Says:

    Oh well it’s those people’s loss. We will meanwhile enjoy internally the superior Decode. We will be working on it alright, but I don’t see any reason to provide updates.


  91. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar: I also don’t see any reason for you guys to provide updates about Decode. After all, wouldn’t the updates practically just be the same ones you did from the inferior PSP version anyway?

    People will bitch regardless though. They always find something to bitch about.


  92. Romsstar Says:

    Ohoho I wouldn’t say so ;) Decode doesn’t just simply add some new Digimon you know. The main story is altered completely in many ways, and some screenshots look pretty amazing too. All menus are changed, new animations. The updates would be worth looking at, but hey, if there’s no interest: Less work for me :)


  93. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar: I was generally talking about your updates in general. They’d be the same kind if milestone posts, and people would bitch about how “you’re not releasing until completely done”, etc.


  94. Hakaru Says:

    The only idea that comes to mind is to raise awareness of the incredible features of Decode outside of this community in the form of a youtube video, or an article or the combination of the two. The sheer mass of digimon franchise additions on the way is overwhelming for fans. Cyber sleuth next order digimon adventure tri to name a few. The fans are there, but I sincerely believe most people out there don’t know that the story they picked up is only 30% complete. If Re:digitize becomes known as a sort of episodic beginning to something far greater by everyone who doesn’t already know, there should be returning faces and as well as new ones. Please don’t give up on us guys!


  95. Romsstar Says:

    Yeah I was thinking about something like that. Would be easier if the 3DS wouldn’t require a stupid capture card which alone costs a fortune.


  96. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar: I have a 2DS with a capture card. :V Recently bought it, it’s on 6.0, I’m just waiting to get enough money to buy a Gateway 3DS now haha.


  97. Romsstar Says:

    Take your time. And damn I’m psyched for Next Order. That new trailer looked stunning.


  98. Tex Killer Says:

    Hey, Romstar!

    So, I don’t post here a lot, but that is because I don’t really have a lot of time… I also like to read every comment from every post before considering making a comment, and it took me a couple months to finish reading the comments from the release of the patch… Plus, I don’t usually have anything useful to say, and just say thanks. But I am interested in your work, and I am sure there are many more that are. I couldn’t be here during the stream, but I did watch it later and made a donation once I found out that I could donate after it ended.

    I haven’t yet had time to play the game past the first few areas, and I unfortunately lost my save, so I’m not sure when I’ll get down to playing it again.

    I am sorry to hear that you guys were disappointed by internet’s loss of interest after the patch was done, but that was bound to happen. “Internet people” in general have always been selfish, and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. The only way to retain massive internet support is to either have a strong marketing campaign (costs lots of money), or to create and mantain strong short-term expectations (costs lots of time). I thought you guys didn’t care about that.

    About that capture card, do you think you guys could maybe get sued over some crowdfunding for it? Many teams do that, like SFML did to get a Mac (they didn’t deal with any copyrighted material, though). Maybe if you guys did a post specifically asking for help with that, with a donation link, people would notice and help.

    Oh, and as always, my sincere thanks for the very good work! :)


  99. Romsstar Says:

    TexKiller: You’re right and it’s not like we’re really surprised either. And don’t get me wrong: I still have a strong personal interest in making and finishing Decode. But if public has simply no interest in Decode, I don’t see the point in sharing information or updates or similar. We’ll just work on it in the backgrounds, that’s all. About the capture card thing: Our donations up to this day don’t come even close to be able to finance such a thing, and I don’t see people willing to donate for something they apparently have no interest for either. It might be legally questionable too yeah. When we asked in the stream for donations we hoped people would catch our drill and that those obviously would be used for things like that. I don’t think another post begging for donations would help much.


  100. Tex Killer Says:

    What I meant to say was that a post specifically stating that you are taking donations could be more visible than some comment or talk on the stream… Maybe some of the people that would have donated simply didn’t know they could donate. Even before the patch was released there were people asking if they could donate.

    But I support you guys either way. Good luck! :)


  101. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Why not just keeop informing us trowugh the comments?, i mean the regulars read this like every day! XD


  102. christian Says:

    ok so i can input names just fine and had no issue fighting the gabumon but when i try to walk around ppsspp stops working completely did i do something wrong?


  103. NeoDaedalus Says:

    @christian Hah. Would you look at that. What were we talking about before? Something about people leaving after getting what they want… lol
    I have no idea what is your problem, buddy, mine works perfectly. I’d recommend re-downloading the game and the patch, and applying the patch again, as instructed, and getting the newest version of the PPSSPP from the site. It might be a pain to get the game again, but it’s not like you payed for it, I assume. Also, I don’t think any other member here will look into helping you much, IF you pirated it.


  104. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’d have to know more about your PPSSPP settings, but probably. That’s not a problem anyone else has reported. If you want, email me at sporkymcforkinspoon [at] gmail.com and we can set up a time to do a TeamViewer session or something.

    @Neo: So far, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The problems with pirated 1.0 versions only happen on real PSPs, so a problem with PPSSPP is probably just a settings issue.


  105. christian Says:

    @neo umm i’ve never really posted here before i mean i did once as an anon but that was like a year or 2 ago and @mr. sporky i haven’t fiddled with my ppsspp settings so they’re default


  106. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, we resolved the problem. Turns out Christian had followed directions and done things right, but for some reason his default PPSSPP settings mixed with his graphics card caused an error that apparently almost no one else ever gets, since it had three Google results. Evidently it’s fixed by putting the backend rendering software to Direct3D instead of OpenGL, though.


  107. Arielle Says:

    Hi, I’m arielle! I’ve been wondering if you could consider doing an english patch for Sunday vs Magazine game as a side project. I know this isn’t a Digimon game unlike your previous works but I really loved playing this game back when me and my big brother were a lot younger. I still do. But it’s just that I can’t fully understand it, especially some of its mechanics. It is one of the most underrated games on the PSP console, yet there are others like me who appreciate this game to the fullest. It is one of those “All-Stars” game pioneer but didn’t get the attention it deserves not like the others. Thank you for consideration and understanding. Hit me back :) Much love and appreciation from the Philippines :) :)


  108. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I really doubt it, Arielle. I’ve never heard of the game, and even a short one would probably take six months of dedicated work, at a minimum.


  109. Romsstar Says:

    While it has some franchises I like Arielle I really don’t see it happening either. Also, it’s a fighting game. Do fighting games even need translation that badly?


  110. Paramount Says:

    Well I saw a picture that says Cyber Sleuth English Version will be out in 2016, for PS4/PS Vita. Hype?


  111. Rai Says:

    @Paramount: Wow, you’re uh, late to the party I guess?


  112. William Hutt Says:

    Please, share your tool with us.


  113. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @William: If you mean the DW1 tool, we will, when it’s ready. If you mean the ones used to make the Re: Digitize patch, they’re not user friendly and have some significant bugs, and are also not something we want to make public.


  114. Anonymous Says:

    I mean the DW1, and I’m glad to hear you’ll be sharing. :D TY for your kindness sir.


  115. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    Is there any news on Re:Digitize 1.2 patch?


  116. Truth Says:

    Its been awhile since the Re:Digitize patch released, but I’d just like to say again thank you very much for your hard work.


  117. Romsstar Says:

    I love it how nobody even considers pestering us about Decode while it was supposed to be the main event :D


  118. digicro Says:

    How more do we have to wait for Decode? Here,officialy the first comment of that kind(I think) :)


  119. satouNHK Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t want to bother you guys, so that’s why I’m not pestering you guys :P. But if i’s what you guys want, then I’ll make the second comment about decode xD

    Hum.. Has the translation officially started? I remember you guys were waiting for citra to be able to run decode (i think), is this still a problem?


  120. Anonymous Says:

    Decode is a game that should be localize, and it’s something that I want localize. This is something that should be supported and be shared by everyone. The fact that you’re even getting tools for this game is amazing. I’m surprised that nobody
    is even spreading the news about this. Like think about it, re:digitize
    was posted by sites like siliconera and Crunchyroll News, but this game is barely notice. This game should be localize, but it should get alot more support by people. apparently, if you want to get more support or more donations, then you or someone else should put your project out there. like spread it around popular sites for example facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, talk to people or groups like Operation Decode or some youtubers that like digimon or who are willing to support this to make a video about it. All of this is just a dumb idea or thought I had, you can ignore this post if you like.


  121. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Well, sincerely, I’m not really worried about Decode. I stuck around ’cause Re;Digitize, and after it was done, I wasn’t happy with the progression of the game, and I’m more hyped about New Order, I didn’t leave the forum… just ’cause. Knew about the DW hack project from a long, long time ago, also knew Romsstar from even before then, maybe it’s partly ’cause of that, but I don’t feel that is the reason.

    I’ll probably just keep on hanging around you guys, see future projects n’ stuff.


  122. Paramount Says:

    I’m always the latecomer :<


  123. Jukan Says:

    Consider it a blessing Romsstar. You can work in peace until you decide to make an announcement, because once you do, you will be pestered again. I think you and your team should continue to work in peace, for at least a little while, while were content with the psp version at the very minimum.

    But if it seems TOO quiet for ya, post an announcement that you’ve started work on decode and people won’t be able to STFU!


  124. cryum Says:

    I don’t talk about Decode because this would be the first game I would try to patch and get working on my 3DS, a 3DS that has recently lost 95% of its battery capacity :(

    If what you all say about Decode is true then it’ll definitely be worth it, but I’d rather find time to figure all my stuff out first instead of pestering you to teach me stuff that isn’t directly related to the game itself.

    Hyped about New Order, though. I hope there’ll be more camera options so I can better appreciate the background.

    Actually, is there Y axis camera control in Decode?


  125. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s fairly limited, but the up and down D-Pad buttons will control the Y axis. IIRC you only have three settings, though.


  126. Anonymous Says:

    I honest just care about dw1 hacking tool. Sry mate.


  127. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Im just happy to be here XD


  128. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: There’s more here than just the DW1 hacking tool.


  129. NeoDaedalus Says:

    I had a crazy idea. What about changing the agumon in the site’s wallpaper(?) to the pixelated agumon. I think it would fit the whole “code” theme. I guess it’s a bit too late for that…


  130. NeoDaedalus Says:

    inb4 Everyone hyped for New Order and it ends up sucking. lol That would suck, though, I hope it ends up the best Digimon game to date.


  131. stallion8426 Says:

    Hey guys! I haven’t posted in forever because busy (damn college) and i’m still working on playing catch up but hows it going?


  132. Anonymous Says:

    Good,it’s been good so far. So, hows the translation so far.


  133. Buckler Says:

    I love what you guys have done with this game. To be able to play a new Digimon World and understand what’s going on is a dream come true. I wish you good luck for all your future projects. :)


  134. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Hey guys!, anything new for the fans? :D


  135. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We may have a surprise announcement soon, but I don’t want to say too much in case it ends up not coming true.


  136. Rai Says:

    SURPRISE! They’ve modelled Pikachu into the game, and now they’re converting the obvious Pokémon ripoff into a REAL Pokémon game!


  137. Romsstar Says:

    Wouldn’t that be too obvious?


  138. Anonymous Says:

    SURPRISE! They’ve added armageddemon to both Decode and Digimon World.


  139. Skeleklin Says:

    Off topic, but I just saw that you guys are translating Decode, and I was wondering if you’re taking on any new editing/revision volunteers? (I’m also a computer science student in my fourth year at uni, if that sweetens the deal.)

    I didn’t know a better way to contact you two, Sporky or Romsstar, so I figured I’d just comment here and include my Skype and email address, in case you fancied contacting me. I’m just a uni student with too much free time on my hands.

    Skype: skeleklin
    Email: skelekliiin@gmail.com


  140. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Skelekin: We’re not specifically looking for volunteers, but we won’t turn down someone talented.


  141. Rai Says:

    What you guys don’t know is that the team’s actually backporting Digimon Cyber Sleuth to the Atari 2600.

    It’s gon be gud


  142. Davide Alferes Says:

    u evil i sold it yesterday to buy a Magnavox Odyssey ;)


  143. Seymor Says:

    You guys will help in the Lost Evolution translation! Surprise?!


  144. Rai Says:

    Turns out, after backporting Digimon Cyber Sleuth to the Atari 2600, the team have decided to backport all the Digimon games to the ZX Spectrum.

    They’re so kind to us~


  145. stallion8426 Says:

    Just because we aren’t posting doesn’t mean we aren’t here. There is so little discussion going on that I don’t post anymore, but I still check every day. :)


  146. Chrona Says:

    I’d think the main reason people haven’t gotten that interested in decode yet is because it’s your new project so nobody is expecting updates any time soon. At the beginning of the original project I checked it every few weeks, near the end I checked it every few hours. Interest will spike again, there just isn’t currently much to post about


  147. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There’s definitely that, and it’s not as though we didn’t expect it, it was just a little more dramatic a decline than we had hoped for.


  148. Gledson999 Says:

    This is great!!! Now i can continue with my portuguese translation :D

    @romsstar: you pretend launch this tool for public?


  149. Anonymous Says:

    To those who are having the save 325kb loop issue and are just told to press circle. Start a new game and make a save in game, then also make a save state through the emulator to fix the save data not being found/not enough room issue.


  150. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Man!, i stop checking this place out for a few days and is filled with new comments!, cant wait for the announcement!


  151. F1L1P3 Says:

    Where can I/we download this awesome tool??? I would REALY like to use it, because I like the Digimon games (mostly the first Digimon World game) and would like to mess around a bit :D

    Sorry if I wrote something incorrectly, I’m from Germany ^^



  152. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It will be made public when it’s finished, F1.


  153. F1L1P3 Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen that comin…^^ But I wanted to try it now O.O
    Couldn’t you just release a Beta-version of the tool, to let us test some features of the tool, just to feed our waiting, so that we must not wait for the complete program at once because we can test a bit and tell you if we find some problems or errors, i think that would be very awesome! :D
    It’s just an idea, you know, becaus I REALY LOVE THAT GAME amd I really wanted to play it a bit, but I NEED YOUR TOOL 0



  154. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think you’ll have to wait. There are large sections of the tool that aren’t even close to ready yet.


  155. azurezeed Says:

    New announcement soon?, sweet.

    I haven’t posted anything in a while but i still check comments every so often.


  156. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Might be a bit, Azure. We’re working on it, but we don’t want to announce prematurely. Xmas taught us a lesson we don’t plan to learn twice.


  157. Rai Says:

    Is the announcement about your plan to backport Digimon World 2003 to the Vectrex?


  158. Person Says:

    I keep seeing the comments about how Decode gets no attention or interest and I wish I could contribute but I don’t own a 3DS and playing it is impossible, so I’m just sticking around for the 1.2 patch which I /can/ use. I look at the site every other day, and I’m definitely rooting for anything you guys do, your work with Digitize has been fantastic. I’m sure hype will buld up once there’re more solid news regarding it.


  159. spawnof2000 Says:

    F1L1P3 “I NEED YOUR TOOL” that could easily be misconstrued ;)


  160. salary0n Says:

    is it possible to swap model, like using tentomon model for agumon?


  161. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not really. You could probably do it, but attempting to use moves Agumon’s model doesn’t have animations for would make the game freeze. It would be easier in most cases to alter Agumon’s evolution tree, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

    Ideally, we’d eventually like to get to a point where someone with our tool and some artistic talent could create new animations, but so far the model and animation data aren’t understood well enough to make that happen.


  162. stallion8426 Says:

    so…surprise announcement…can’t wait!


  163. Janess Says:

    I just finished playing Re: Digitize today, I am so grateful that you guys translating this game and it’s fantastic to see how people were so demanding over this website waiting for this game to be released all these years, it shows how many supporters you guys had with this project. I’ve been with project back in 2012 and I’m amazed how far that you guys had become! (Decode Translation on the way, hacking the Digimon World,) and yet more to come from you guys!! Bless you talented people. Just to say whatever you guys are planning (not to mention the surprise announcement 👀) it’ll turn out to great! Can’t wait for more excitements in the future!!


  164. Joshua Kosuke Says:



  165. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    No, it probably won’t be soon. We might make our surprise announcement soon, but even that’s still being debated.


  166. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    so….soonish? :)


  167. Anonymous Says:

    Good news! thanks to the improvements that the awesome 3ds hackers did to their exploit, you can now run romhacks on the last firmware, without a gateway! hope this help you guys somewhat on the decode translation ^^


  168. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That will certainly be good for the end users when we finish, but for the time being the major problem is that we don’t have a workable way of debugging the game, which we’ll need to do if we’re going to translate several major sections of it.


  169. Struppiii Says:

    Hey guys! If you have trouble debugging, maybe those guys that are translating Fire Emblem Fates could help you out? I can give you a link to one of the group members twitter, I’m sure he is willing to help out.


  170. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Sure. I don’t know anything about the project, but I wouldn’t be against talking to them.


  171. stallion8426 Says:


    Why is someone translating Fire Emblem Fates? An official NA release has already been confirmed.


  172. Rai Says:

    @Stallion: The same reason people translated the Pokémon games before the English versions released?


  173. Ecchiric くコ:彡 (@Struppiii) Says:

    @stallion8426: Because it’s very likely that the NA/EU-version will have some censored content.

    Here’s a link to the project. Hope it’s okay to post it.

    And this is the link to one of their members, who I asked if he could take a look at your problems and he agreed to help out, if he can.



  174. Fabio Says:

    I came here just for luck and i find this…this is so amazing,really. i understend if you guys dont like to share that tool because,it looks like it had a lot of work…if you guys some day,you share this tool,all fans of digimon will be ethernaltly thankfully,and if you not,i just have a petition to make,please,use the ost of digmon tamers battle evolution for the amazing hack i belive you try to make…i swear that if i play that game with break up! of digimon tamers battle,im gonna cry like a baby all day and night on that day…..also i think someone can help you,and maybe he can yoins you team…this guy have a youtube acount named GIROMONJUNKEBOX and he mades remake songs of digimon world from a long time…i dont know if he is already of you group,but i think that if he´s not,you can make a great addition to your group,because he its a master in make the remakes of digimon world melodies….if you hear the remakes he creates,like: “gear savanna” or “digimon curling” you will understend.that its all,please guys,we need of you,all guys and girls from digimon will thank you if you make a remake of digimon world with some new stuff…


  175. Fabricio Says:

    It has the release date for the patch for Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode?
    Thank you for your attention, your work is very good and I hope they can bring that success for us


  176. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Nothing even like a release date. We’re having some technical problems that are slowing us down at the moment, and they’re going to have to be resolved by the good people developing Citra. They’ve said that they don’t know when that will be. While we wait, we’re talking about some other things we can do with our time, and will let you know when we’re ready to announce something officially.


  177. Ezequiel Says:

    We like to have more news about you guys!!! we miss you. its all very quiet here. Will there be any info about re-digitize decode translation?.


  178. mamemonmonmon Says:

    I’m really glad to see that someone still likes to play Digimon World 1 in 2015 where the PS4 is ravaging gamer’s mind, in fact, DW1 was always my most favourite game, training the monster, fighting, taking care of it, and all and all, though the re:digitize is a remake, it’s not really the DW1 that I liked. keep up the great work please ^^

    I was actually wondering, is there is any possibility to fix that “cheating” bonus try training?

    and I also read your article about learning techniques, and if I remember correctly, a monster like monzaemon can’t learn thunder justice in normal means, but I have actually learned it many times from defeating warumonzaemon (in defferent runs), and you said that bosses may have different patterns, did you figure it out yet?

    and, one last thing, will the tool you used in the video to hack the game will be released someday?

    (also I want to say I’m sorry for that post above I accidently pressed the send button)


  179. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’ll let Romsstar answer the more technical questions if he feels like it, but the plan is to release the tool when it’s ready, but only when all the planned functionality is ready, and it’s difficult to say when that would be.


  180. mamemonmonmon Says:

    I understand you very well, the game is quit old now, and many of it’s fans don’t know about this yet, and I was always wondering “how can a ps1 game in 2015 remains all that misterious?”. I just want to say, keep up the great work guys ^-^


  181. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Man its good to see people still post here!, hows you guys been doing lately? XD


  182. albert Says:

    Hi, can anyone help me?
    I’m stuck in digimon world re digitize
    so I’m playing this game and it’s totally awesome. Thing is I think there’s a bug, and i’m not sure what to do. I love this game, but i’m stuck and can’t progress any further. I the swamp area there’s this dude who forbids me from going into the night canyon area, because of some sinkhole. He then asks me to pick up small rocks around the area he’s in. but no matter how many times i’m picking them up, he still asks me to keep looking…IDK what to do. has anyone experiences this too? please, any help would be appreciated.


  183. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You can either pick up like 30 of them, or just tell him to fuck off and go into the sinkhole anyway.


  184. albert Says:

    He dosn’t let me go through. and you don’t actually pick up the rocks…it just says you found one when I press O


  185. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    You have to repeatedly tell him that you don’t care.


  186. mamemonmonmon Says:

    @Vebrendos I suppose I’m fine, other than the truckload of homeworks and exams =.=

    by the way, I had an idea but I don’t know if it’s possible or not. the thing is, it seems that many people wants to have the “real” metalgreymon (personaly, I don’t really care weather he’s black, yellow, it’s still a metalgreymon anyway), so, can’t you just add a copy of the virus metalgreymon in the game with the same moves same reactions and just change it’s color to yellow?

    and if that was possible, wouldn’t it be easy to just use the same thing for gigadramon and metaletemon (as far as videos go, they fight normaly, but can’t be fed or taken to the toilet) I mean a gigadramon with a megadramon reflex when it comes to eating and stuff.

    as for panjyamon, I suppose you can use leomon’s megalo spark attack pattern for ice projectile attacks like ice needle and water blit (and giga freeze if it’s possible to make the movement last longer) and perhaps war cry’s pattern for aqua magic (and maybe winter blast if it’s possible to make the roar last long) and for his finisher to be something like leomon’s finisher, just blue (I mean, it doesn’t make sense if he doesn’t have ice moves)

    for weregarurumon, I have no idea so far, perhaps an ogremon with garurumon’s looks??

    anyway, I suppose all this is out of reach or something :/ and sorry for the long post.


  187. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m doing well, working at my new job a lot. Starting back to school in January, which has been a more complicated process than seems reasonable.


  188. Rai Says:

    I’m still here too. Just in the shadows like always~


  189. Stallion8426 Says:

    Yeah…homework is getting crazy…all these end of term papers are really cramping my style! It is definitely taking away what little gaming time I already had. Oh well, such is life…


  190. Stallion8426 Says:

    In defiance of my term papers i have started playing re:digitize again :) so i finally maxed out my Wargreymon X’s stats and will now be finishing the coliseum and main story! I love this game :3


  191. Janess Says:

    took a day off and started playing this game again lol bless you guys again for this translation


  192. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Glad you’re both having fun with it. Stallion, don’t play too hard, I’d feel bad if you do badly because you’re playing Re Digitize too much.


  193. KainLegacy Says:

    I waited so much for the patch and yet now i habe zero free time until the end of the next week, at last i will be playing it, thanks for this awesome job.


  194. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are kicking ass! Wonderful translation of ReDigitize, not a single bug, absolutely perfect! I know Decode will take a looooong time but Im sure it will be a freaking piece of art, keep up that great work :)


  195. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Guys! Digimon Cyber Sleuth stream :D http://www.twitch.tv/bandainamcoeurope


  196. SatouNHK Says:

    Digimon adventures tri: Reunion is out on Crunchyroll!! And Subbed!!!! Great news for digimon fans all over the world…except for Europe, apparently it’s not out in Europe yet.


  197. Stallion8426 Says:

    @SatouNHK I know! I am super excited to watch it! Promised to wait and watch it with my friend tomorrow! Can’t wait


  198. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I watched Tri with a friend last night. Not bad, I’ll be happy when more comes out.


  199. William Hutt Says:

    Can we have a taste of this tool? It’s been months and with Digimon Tri runing, I want to make some mods for Digimon World


  200. Rai Says:

    @William: Wait until it’s finished first. The tool is still WIP after all.


  201. Anonymous Says:

    I know, but the Hype is real.. sry


  202. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m glad you’re excited for it, but much like the patch, it’s not going to go public until it’s ready.


  203. cryum Says:

    Watched Tri. Pretty solid animation there, Alphamon. I’m surprised that they tried to be so subtle with Taichi’s inner conflict. Can’t help but feel that a lot of people won’t get it if they haven’t rewatched 01, and even then they flashback to the same 3 frames way too often.

    Saw the Linkz trailer, and it looks more like a fusion of DW2 and the DS games. Don’t think the animation there will be very helpful, other than as reference if you DO get someone who can make new animations.


  204. stallion8426 Says:

    I really liked tri! Definitely can’t wait for the next part. I was kinda confused at first what Tai’s hesitation was but I understood by the end.

    And a question for the team: are you guys still working on the 1.2 patch for re:digitize, or was that dropped?


  205. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    1.2 is basically my project at this point, and I’m still making incremental progress on it, but it’s not as exciting to work on as the original patch was. I think if I worked hard, I could probably do it in a week or two though, so I might devote some time to it soon and get it out the door.


  206. mau Says:

    thank you very much your work on redigitiize and now Digimon World!


  207. Chrona Says:

    Haven’t seen Tri yet…hopefully there will be a dub. It’s probably blasphemy to admit it here but I’ve always watched my digimon dubbed


  208. Riley Says:

    Hello everybody. I’ve always been reading up on progress and comments but have been unable for a while. Sorry if this has already been asked but I wanted to ask if its true that Romsstar offered to help with the Digimon Story Lost Evolution patch for the DS that yugix was working on? He has a thread on Gbatemp
    Thanks for the reply


  209. Stallion8426 Says:


    I do too. I grew up with the dub and I prefer the dub terms. There probably won’t be a dub of tri until all of it comes out though so I just went ahead and watched it subbed. (I will re-watch it dubbed though if/when it happens)


  210. Chrona Says:

    I’ve really been looking forward to Lost Evolution too, shame it’s been taking so many years. I’m curious why this one was able to come out so much quicker – is the game easier to translate than Lost Evolution? Is it just because we have such an awesome and dedicated team? Or is there some technological reasoning behind it.

    Either way, I’ll just continue waiting (im)patiently and checking it every couple of months until it does come out some day :)


  211. Stallion8426 Says:


    They’ve probably been either really busy or stuck. The group is probs smaller too. I don’t think its easier to translate just the LE group doesn’t have the time to devote to the project. At least thats my understanding.


  212. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Hey guys!, there is a new stream for CyberSleuth tomorrow!, here is the link for more info:


  213. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    wait, why doesnt my earlier post appear?


  214. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m not sure why, a lot of posts end up having to be manually approved. If it doesn’t appear, just wait and I’ll make it happen.


  215. Stallion8426 Says:

    Awesome! I’m gonna be able to actually watch this livestream! I am so psyched for this game!


  216. digicro Says:

    Hey guys,there’s another little petition for physical Cyber Sleuth release for vita :) https://www.change.org/p/bandai-namco-entertainment-europe-and-america-bring-the-physical-edition-of-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth-for-psvita-to-eu-and-na


  217. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m good with digital, but I guess I hope they succeed.


  218. Stallion8426 Says:

    Yeah i don’t care about physical or digital as long as I get the game so…sorry


  219. Chrona Says:

    Almost all my Vita titles are digital anyway so…


  220. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Mine too, I think I only have one physical game. But for the people who care about that kind of thing, I hope they can get it. Doubtful, though. Physical games have much lower profit margins since they can’t be replicated for free.


  221. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Physical vita games are kinda meh, the only good thing they have (generally speaking) is the box art, so is not a huge loss to only have digital release.


  222. Nati Says:

    Hey guys, I’m just coming by to say thank you! Great work, we didn’t forgot you hahaa love u all


  223. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon, I hope 1.2 patch will come soon, because I want continue game again. So how’s progress on 1.2 patch? Is all bugs from 1.1 are fixed?:P


  224. Rai Says:

    @Modestas: What bugs? I thought 1.1 was relatively bug free? The only “bugs” would be spelling errors, and even official translations have spelling errors in games.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure 1.2 would most likely only be spelling fixes.


  225. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, the closest thing to a bug is that one of the emails has just the completely wrong text in it. Everything else is just typos.


  226. Modestas Romanovas Says:

    @Rai @Sporky McForkinspoon I remember I reported this as unsure bug, because I raised 2 Ultimates, both times WarGrowlmon, but Tamer Rank didn’t rose.
    So @Sporky McForkinspoon, will you be able release 1.2 patch before Christmas?


  227. drakinos Says:

    hi, I want to know is have any news for 3DS version?


  228. satouNHK Says:

    Happy christmas to everyone at team decode and to everyone that is reading this blog ^^. Hope everyone have lots of fun


  229. Anonymous Says:

    happy holidays to you guys, you’re the best!


  230. Gabo Says:

    Happy holidays! Wishing that this project will come true someday.


  231. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Romsstar, I’ve been looking around for an email or something: what’s the best way to contact you?


  232. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The easiest way to contact us is OpDecoded@gmail.com.


  233. Anonymous Says:

    No noews? or still stuck? or it’s close this spot?


  234. Anonymous Says:

    I have emailed OpDecoded@gmail.com almost exactly 2 months ago now and never got a reply :/


  235. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that. Can you email again? It may have fallen through the cracks.


  236. Anonymous Says:

    Any news/updates on this?


  237. mamemonmonmon Says:

    it has been 9 mounths now that we didn’t hear any news, is the DW1 project stuck in limbo??


  238. Rai Says:

    @Mamemon: The DW1 project has been talked about in the comments several times now. Go search.


  239. Richter Lionheart Says:

    I’ve got a question. What is the goal of this project in the end? Are you planning on releasing some kind of hacked version of the game? :)


  240. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    If it gets good enough for a public release, the idea is basically to release a set of tools to allow new games and such to be made with DW1. People could, in theory, make new Digimon, new places, new music, and new stories in the DW1 engine. Which is pretty crazy and I stand in awe of the things Romsstar and his partner whose name I can never remember.


  241. Vivienne Vex Says:

    If there was only one hacking tool that I want out of every single game that could be hacked.

    It would be this one.

    I really hope you guys decide to release it to the public because the thought of doing everything you can do with this would just be a dream for me. :D


  242. Anonymous Says:

    I also hope it goes public in the not-too-distant future! I’ve been following this project for years and DW1 was my first ever PS1 game, and favorite game overall for nostalgic reasons.

    Being a modder myself, I’m really looking forward to finally be able to overhaul DW1 in terms of balancing and difficulty (i.e. enemies stats improved considerably, broken/OP techs fixed, adjusted item prices, etc).

    I wish to add nothing, only balance and improve what’s already there, to ultimately offer a worthwhile challenge and a richer experience overall.


  243. Provided Not Says:

    Is this project dead?


  244. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:



  245. Spit Fire Says:

    Any news?! :)


  246. Anonymous Says:

    Is this project dead?


  247. Ultrameganomicon Says:

    Come on guy, revive best game in the world!


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