Merry X-Mas!


Merry Christmas, everyone!

It’s been quite for a while. Too quiet, right? That means something must be up, right, RIGHT?

Of course it does. Our current project, Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode, is still at the work in progress stage, mostly because the 3DS Emulator, is still lacking some necessary features.

In the mean time, I’m happy to hereby announce a side-project, which we will work on to fill the gap.

We are going to work on the DS Game Digimon Story: Lost Evolution.

Although another group has already begun working on the game, after seeing the progress they have made we have come to the regrettable conclusion that the quality of the work is not up to our standards.

As such, we are going to work on this game separately from the other group, and we are going to work on everything from scratch to ensure it meets the level of quality we feel the game deserves.

While many things are already done, right now we are just going to tease with a first draft of the logo, but stay tuned for more guys. We will back with more very very soon.

Again, merry X-mas everyone, we wish you all the best during the holidays.

– Operation Decoded


180 Responses to “Merry X-Mas!”

  1. Chrona Says:

    Woo! Been waiting for this one for years :D


  2. Ala Ma Says:

    Oh i wanted to play that, you guys are amazing ^_^


  3. Jamie Says:

    You sneaky dog, haha. Glad this is finally going to get a decent translation, Yugix seemed to have lost interest a long time ago, Merry Christmas to you and the team.


  4. MR.V Says:

    About time, and we are getting Cyber Sleuth in two months … February 2! Holy crap, also does anybody who imported Cyber Sleuth know if it works on the PS TV? Getting it day one and getting the dlc … Beelzemon Blast Mode :)

    Anyways thanks for your hard work.


  5. Coby Says:

    Hey guys. I’ve been playing Decode a bit, but I’m a bit lost. Everyone except for the guy (can’t remember his name) is standing around in the Sunken Ruins, and I assume I have to find him but I have no idea where he is, also what’s the point of under the coliseum? Is it optional stuff or do I have to get through it all for the story?


  6. XDragon Says:

    Good luck then Rom. As long as I get to play it, fine by me


  7. Janess Says:

    yay! there’s a chance for the xros ds game to translated too >:)


  8. DataOV Says:

    Aaaah finally, i trust you guys more than the other group. Good luck mate :D
    Now where’s Rai when you need him? :P


  9. shadowpanic Says:

    I’ve gotta say, guys, I love you with all of my love. You sure know how to pander to Digimon fanboys like me, and my heart just flutters <3 <3 <3


  10. Nightmare12 Says:

    And this why Operation Decoded is among the very best things to have happened to Digimon in a long, long time. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, and good luck for this game too. And merry Christmas and a happy new year!


  11. saifors Says:

    Good to see you’re doing this.
    It’s a shame about the other translation but just looking at their thread, it’s a complete mess with all the google translate and having translators dissappear, you just can’t salvage a sinking ship.


  12. Roru Says:

    maybe now there will finally be some progress on this. yugix & co have been stringing people along for literally years with nothing to show for it.

    i have faith in you guys!


  13. Rai Says:

    Sweet, was wondering when you’d announce this haha. Nice little Christmas gift to people, the knowledge that an actual good Translation team will work on this.

    At least we know it’ll get done, ‘and’ be good.

    Keep it up~


  14. Suelio Pedro Says:



  15. Generater Says:

    Though i am happy that you work on it now, you could have phrased it a little bit nicer, the way you did it now it sounds like you belittle the work the other group has done…. Anyway I’m thankful that maybe more work gets done now.


  16. Carlos Says:

    Thanks a lot, i’m waiting to play this game too, since i like to follow the history…. Anyways merry christmas for you all and good work untill now guys!


  17. Chrona Says:

    Oh my god are you not done yet? It’s been a whole day since this announcement was posted. Where’s my beta >:(

    Ugh I feel dirty just typing that out


  18. Satetsu Says:

    Can we hope for Digimon D-Project translation in the future? Or any other WonderSwan game for that matter. There are some gems that people don’t know about.


  19. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Some of us on the team would like to do the Ryo games at some point, but we haven’t made any firm decisions.


  20. person Says:

    This is such good news, the lack of translated DS digimon games hurts my soul.


  21. Seymor Says:

    Seymor Says:
    October 7, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    You guys will help in the Lost Evolution translation! Surprise?!

    Do I get a candy?


  22. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Its alive!!!!!!, great news hearing from romstar again!! , this is amazing!.


  23. Truth Says:

    Excellent. I’ve lost faith in the other translation myself, given that their team seems to have fallen apart entirely.


  24. zoiwillxx Says:

    Well I was hopping for news in the DW1 tool, maybe next year.

    Thanks for your work guys, happy new Year!


  25. Romsstar Says:

    @zoiwillxx: In order to justify continous work on the DW1 tool, we need the support of the fans. It’s time dragging and time is precious. While moral support is always welcome, we haven’t received a single donation on that DW1 Tool Stream, which was also quite time consuming and we hoped for it to be a bigger success. It was to be honest,quite a let down in that area. So I really can’t justify spending any time on it right now, with so many other things going on… That said, I’d like to point out once again that we do have a donation button which can be accessed through twitch. Any support will speed up the process and help us bring more games and goodies to you guys.


  26. aznnguyen123 Says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!! Thank you for doing the translation yall.


  27. Raymen Rayder Says:

    Have you guys try Kickstarter for DMW1 projects?


  28. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ve talked about it some, or maybe doing a Patreon. There are some legal issues, and we don’t want to get sued, though. It might be worth taking another look.


  29. Newton Says:

    After the great work on Redigitize I can only thank you guys again!
    Thanks! Marry Christimas and happy new year!


  30. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Too bad the DW1 tool didnt get more attention from fans…, but its sure hopefull seing so many people back here again XD


  31. Tex Killer Says:

    Happy holidays, everyone!
    It is really nice to hear from the team again! :D

    I remember donating on twitch once, but I guess it was on the Redigitize gameplay. I can’t seem to find the link for the DW1 twitch stream, there is only the youtube video…

    Anyway, can anybody tell me how is the gameplay on this Lost Evolution? Is it like DW, Pokemon(s), turn based, action based, etc?

    Regardless, good luck on this translation too! :)


  32. Chrona Says:

    Lost Evolution is basically the next game in the Digimon Story series, same as all the other current DS Digimon titles that are out (besides Championship).

    If you enjoyed Dawn and Dusk, you should enjoy this one. At least that’s what I’m assuming


  33. lilithmon92 Says:

    This is an amazing project! I’ve been waiting for Decode for a long time and it seems that we’ll get it soon :D

    Thanks for your job guys and Merry Christmas to everyone! ^_^


  34. calex93 Says:

    Finally, I’ve been wishing for a translation of this one for so long


  35. Rodrigo Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your everything you guys have done for the digimon community. We are so proud of you. <3 <3 happy new year!!


  36. Myfistus Says:

    Words can’t even describe how wonderful it is to hear that a competent group is handling Lost Evolution…

    I’ve been half tempted to try and get a hooker working with DesuME and just using Jparser to help me read everything. Believe it or not, seems like that shit would’ve given me better results than the endless disappointments of that other group.


  37. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Let’s give credit where it’s due, Myfistus. The original group had some hard working members who did the best they could with basically no competent translators. The results weren’t amazing, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.


  38. Carbuncle Says:

    What a great suprise! You guys rock.^^
    I always wanted to play through that game and understand what I’m doing. Just being able to read Katakana helps, but it’s not much.

    Guess it’s too late to wish a merry christmas, so have a (early)fun new years Eve/Silvester instead.


  39. Anonymous Says:

    Can you at least tell us how to open DW1 files? We donated but can’t back the projects by our own.. it’s a shame the tool didn’t get the attention it deserves.


  40. Syd Montague Says:

    Good luck with the Lost Evolution translation!

    But I also hope you’ll continue to work on the DW1 tool. Just don’t get demotivated because it seems like no-one cares. People do care – or will care if they learn what awesome things you can do with DW1. However, I wouldn’t expect the whole world know about your project because of one blog post and one Twitch stream – the word has to spread throughout the community.

    Because especially in the hobby field an announcement isn’t worth a lot for the normal user.

    Still, that probably wouldn’t solve the donation problem… I got in my years of writing mods like half a dozen donations, even though they count several thousand downloads.
    You simply can’t and shouldn’t expect it from people…

    But enough of that, there is a questions I’d like to ask:
    How do you created the modified image so that it can be run from an emulator?

    I’d like to get my hands on this side of taking the game apart as well, so thanks in advance. ;)


  41. Patrick Asafe Souza Says:

    Great work, guys. Thanks!


  42. Rai Says:

    @Syd: There wasn’t just “one blog post and one Twitch stream” for the DW1 tool. There was several comments in previous posts about it, and there was quite the amount of people who seemed to be interested back then.


  43. Syd Montague Says:

    What I’m trying to say is that, in order to reach a wide range of people, you need a more constant stream of “content” to keep them interested.

    Especially in something as badly connected as the Digimon community (that’s at least what I observed so far).


  44. Rai Says:

    @Syd: Well it’s not exactly easy showing off something that clearly isn’t finished. Not to mention that Romsstar has a life and most likely can’t be working on this constantly.

    A constant stream of content would quickly lead into showing the same things over and over again, and then people would get bored and then complain.


  45. Rai Says:

    @Syd: Not to mention that, well, Romsstar’s working on 3 projects at once, maybe even more?

    Lost Evolution Translation
    ReDigitize Decode Translation
    DW1 Tool

    And all 3 are pretty much a hobby at the moment.


  46. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    He’s going a point, in an ideal world I’d like to do streams every week or two. That was the plan actually, before Romsstar’s computer broke down and he had to spend six months (more actually, it’s a really long story) dealing with warranties and exchanges and such. He’s been working from his girlfriend’s laptop that whole time, and is only now building his new desktop. Hopefully we’ll make that happen next year.


  47. Syd Montague Says:

    Out of my own experience I know that these things are not easy, time consuming and that some people will always be unthankful so I have full understanding that things do not work like they could.

    I just feel like the expectations are too high sometimes. And unfulfilled expectations lead to frustration – and that’s the last thing anyone wants.


  48. Rai Says:

    @Syd: You’d think reputation would also help. I mean Romsstar’s no small person in the Digimon World hacking scene, he’s been working on this tool for what, years now?

    When you look for DW1 stuff, you’re most likely going to find Romsstar because of how involved he is with DW1 fixes/modding.


  49. Syd Montague Says:

    Apparently it does not – and that’s sad.

    I mean, it certainly helps in the hacking scene, but I wonder how many “normal users”, who make up the majority of people, are even aware that such a scene exists.


  50. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Look at it this way, we got 100,000 downloads, not including repostings and the torrent. And less than $100 in donations in the last six months.


  51. Chrona Says:

    Wow, 100k downloads? That’s for the English patch of redigitize, right?


  52. ByRod Says:

    Holy sh!t!

    Where’s the patch!? /jk

    Still waiting for Re:Digitize 1.2
    That sucks about the donations, but you can’t expect everyone who downloads this to legally buy the game AND support the translation. But looking at the number of downloads, it’s weird that you only got $100 in donations… At least you know a lot of people are enjoying your work!


  53. Stallion8426 Says:

    I am so excited for the LE translation…as well as the other projects you guys are working on. Judging by the quality of Re:Digitize (a patch that made it easy to forget it was unofficial) it will be absolutely amazing!


  54. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of downloads. Part of it is that we weren’t initially sure how comfortable we were asking for donations, so even now it’s in a kind of obscure place. The only way to find the PayPal link is to go to our Twitch account, but I think we’ll change that soon.

    I’m still working on and off on 1.2, but I don’t have a firm release date in mind.


  55. TheLoneReader Says:

    Will you guys be using the translated menus and assets from the other team?


  56. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    No, we decided to start over completely. It’s faster than going through them and deciding which to keep and which to do away with, and then trying to match the art style.


  57. Brit Says:

    This is probably a dumb question, but does this patch mess with the actual 3DS gaming system or just the game? Just wanted to double check.


  58. TheLoneReader Says:

    Game patches usually just change the game files Brit. And thank you Sporky for your timely response. Happy new year and thank you and your team for picking up this game.


  59. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Our patches only change the game itself, but if you want to play the games on their original systems, you have to change the systems themselves a bit. With the Re: Digitize patch we made for PSP, that was pretty simple, and Lost Evolution just requires a flash cart, but Decode will be a little trickier. At the moment, you have to have a Gateway card.

    We’ll include a full set of instructions when we release the patch.


  60. Jukan Says:

    Ok, face it. You guys need to quit your job, leave your gf/wife so you can dedicate all your time, and effort to JUST working on the three projects you have now. You have one week, if your all of your projects are not finished by then, the internet will riot. On who’s authority you ask? THE UNGRATEFUL AND ENTITLED FANS WHO OWN YOU! THAT’S WHO!

    But in all seriousness, take your time and have fun with the project. I never even HEARD of the game your doing now, nor of the other translation team doing the game. Just know, you have my support, and I look forward to seeing news every now and then. Thanks for giving me a reason to check this site every now and then once again.

    3 guesses as to which part contains my true feelings, and here is a hint, its NOT the first part.


  61. Generater Says:

    Why of the 3ds? isn’t it a “normal” ds game?


  62. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I assume because of Decode, which is a 3DS game.


  63. Nightmare12 Says:

    Hey Sporky or Romsstar, I was hoping one of you could answer a question for me; so does this game have more, less or about equal text to translate as Re: Digitize did? I understand that it is in no way an estimate to how long the game will take to translate, I’m just curious. My gut tells me it’s more but I’m not so sure.
    Sorry if this has already been said. Thanks for all your hard work!


  64. Me Says:

    At the risk of sounding like an ass, I’ll say I would’ve preferred that if you absolutely had to do one of the Story games, you would’ve done either version of Super Xros Wars.
    The gameplay changes done to SXW make it a much more enjoyable experience than LE and its retarded plate restoring gimmick, but again, that’s just me.

    Good luck on the project fams.


  65. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Nightmare12: It’s a much smaller game.


  66. Romsstar Says:

    I’d have preferred if people were more grateful and would donate at least a few cents but we can’t always get what we want. You do realize we could just do neither and nothing in our lifes would change for worse?


  67. Suelio Pedro Says:

    thank you Romsstar for translating this game


  68. Brit Says:

    I just found this site and I thought I saw they were working on Decode for the 3DS, but who knows.

    So just so I understand for myself, essentially you buy the japanese version of the game and then with a gateway card or whatever needed is downloaded which affects the original game to make it english?


  69. unhide Says:

    @Sporky McForkinspoon Gateway card? How long ago did you check out the 3DS hacking scene? You can currently load a romhack onto any game you own. You don’t need to buy anything else to be able to do this either.


  70. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s been a bit, I bricked my 3DS about six months ago. Can you link me to a guide?


  71. unhide Says:


  72. Rai Says:

    @Me: While I too would like Super Xros Wars, I’m fine with Lost Evolution, mainly because I’ve never played it (Never played SXW either.) and it’d still be a new experience for me.

    It’s not like they can’t translate Super Xros Wars after Lost Evolution or Decode though. That’s up to them, obviously but, still. Can’t rule it out.


  73. Romsstar Says:

    unhide: You are essentially right. Since Sporky isn’t doing anything technical on the team and is basically responsible for Editing and answering questions, he’s not always on top of things when it comes to technical stuff. So unless the response on anything technical is coming directly from me, it MIGHT be outdated or not entirely correct :) I stay on top of things with the 3DS romhacking scene, so rest assured, any possibility will be considered and we’ll try to make it as convenient for everyone as possible.


  74. Santanna Says:

    Thanks for all of the hard work you guys have being doing for the digimon community with your Rom patches and translations. You guys deserve a lot more than just credit because you don’t have to make Rom patches or translations its not a job. But you guys do it because you want to. That’s really a blessing, so thanks again and keep up it!!!


  75. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Unhide: Yeah, I’m just a language guy, so it helps if you explain things like that in extremely small words. Would we have to release the patch as a .cia for that or something?

    @Me: Xros Wars is definitely on the list of possible projects, as is the Adventure game for PSP.


  76. Ezequiel Says:

    Congratulations for your new project and good job. You are fantastic guys keep it comming! I want to hug you all.


  77. Anonymous Says:

    Guys will you consider taking on the project of translating digimon adventure for PSP?there was a project but a few days ago the guy that is working on it said that he won’t continue it.this game is great and doesn’t deserve to stay in oblivion.the guy has translated most of the game and is willing to offer his work to the new translators.


  78. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not at the moment, we don’t want to get bogged down with too many things at once, but several members of the group are interested in working on it.


  79. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks sporky! Good luck with your projects!


  80. Rai Says:

    @Anon: Wait, are you serious? God dammit. I was waiting for them to finish the entire project before starting a run through that game, playing a half translated version is just not fun IMO.

    Oh well, hopefully someone else will pick it up sometime.


  81. xansus16 Says:

    This is just a suggestion but why don’t you put something like an adfly to your releases.. I wouldn’t mind clicking it if it helps the cause. Is there really a legal issue if your only generating traffic using the patch..


  82. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    There’s no legal issue, but Adfly is pretty awful. Even if it weren’t, it only takes a few seconds for someone to upload it elsewhere. We don’t believe in putting DRM on the patch, and even if we did, that wouldn’t work either.

    We probably will push harder for donations with this release, though.


  83. xansus16 Says:

    It’s worth a try though.. I’m sure lots’ll still click it including me if it’s for the right reason. But it’s your call.. I’ll support you guys no matter what.


  84. Rai Says:

    @Xansus: The problem with is that it shows you malicious malware ridden bullshit ads for 5 seconds (Or 9, depending if you use an adblocker or not), not only that but many people use adblockers, and even if they did put it up, you’d require much more than, say, 100 clicks to get anything actually good, not to mention that it’s not just one guy working on these things, so the little amount of money would become even smaller.

    It wouldn’t be worth it, even if did give you more money for 100 clicks, I doubt they’d want their fans to get all sorts of nasty shit, such as malware and viruses in exchange for a few coins.


  85. Kilrod Says:

    Guys Love you. you don’t know how much i love you, srsly i was born in the 93, when i see the first digimon world at the end of the 99 i was so fucking amazing you know? It was in japanse and i never understand a shit but was amazing. years after i found the english version but i was a child and don’t understand english at the moment either (im from venezuela). Now when i see redigitze psp version i can’t belive it and just bought a psp to play it, and here was when you appear, your patch was really basic at the momment, items and zones (and not all items i think) and i was awesome. i beat the game with that, the last year i replay it with your full patch and now im waiting for decode patch and i will wait what i need.
    I can’t donate because in my country we can’t handle dollars (we have a blocked economy, we alot of controls) but if move to another country i will give to you much as i can.
    For the moment best wishes man. Really you make me really happy.
    A venezuela fan :)


  86. rykuz Says:

    Ok, so, some people are barguing bla bla bla why LE and not SXW bla bla bla, dudes pls, be happy that YOU can play a new digimon game jesus crist, they are not obliged to translate this games, they do it cause they want, of theire own free will, for that i am very grateful, i love the Digimon games for DS, and i was hoping one day i could play Evolution, i love the designs and the story looks awesome, when Sporky, Romsstar are done with it maybe than they can have a look to SXW, pls dont be ungrateful for people to do theire best to make US, random people around the world to enjoy this games, tired of watching negative comments here and there…Again, ive already played Re:Digitize, looking for the Evolution now, thanks a bunch guys, from the bottom of my heart.


  87. Rai Says:

    @Rykuz: You have it completely wrong. Nobody is being ungrateful, nor is anyone arguing.


  88. Drunkprince Says:

    WOW, after some months,i had to move on for a new job, i came back here and WHAT A BIG SURPRISE.. Well done guys. You might not remember it but i was asking you to move to this game after completing Re: Digitize and your answer was quite promising. Well i remember saying you that with your bursty work as a team we may finally play this game.. ty again guys.
    i was following the translation team in bgatemp and i knew they had done quite a progress before stopping right?
    Im almost 30 years old but still, i want to play this game.


  89. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to playing this.


  90. Chrona Says:

    I resent that, Rai. I’m totally being ungrateful and arguing >:(


  91. Rai Says:

    @Drunkprince: There’s no age limit to gaming.

    Also @Chrona: Shush you. :P


  92. Smiller Says:

    I saw a blog post from Christmas 2014 that you were working on an english translation patch for DECODE and not a word of that since then. Are you still working on it or is it dead?


  93. BlackSun Says:

    Hey Guys. I’ve signed the Petition for 3DS Re:Digitize shortly after Launch, yet nothing seems to be happening.

    Everyone’s all about PSVita Cybersleuth right now, which looks awesome, but I’ve never owned any PSP Systems, nor Consoles. Which drove me almost crazy today, digging for ANY News on the 3DS Re:Digitize Localization Status. And I found you Guys.

    As soon as 3DS Re:Digitize ACTUALLY does get a proper Release, I’ll make sure to buy it, and nobody’s gonna stop me. Physical, Digital, Collectors, a crappy Cardboard Box Edition, I don’t care, I want it. In the Meantime though, Frustration’s getting to me and I really, REALLY, really want this Game. Right now. And I don’t see it coming from the Officials.

    I’mma be plain. I’ve tried trowing my Moneys at the Screen for long enough, but nothing happened. So, you just tell me where those Donations for the Translation Patch Development of yours go, and you can haz some. PayPal only, though!

    Keep it up Guys, please.
    This World needs you.


  94. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Smiller: We’re still working on it, but we’re waiting for Citra development to progress a little bit further before we can make parts of the game translateable, and we haven’t wanted to expend too much time translating a game we might not be able to finish, hence LE as a side project.

    @BlackSun: We’d be extremely grateful if you would like to donate. The link is here.


  95. rykuz Says:

    @Rai, i was not refering to the comments here, but on another places ive been to


  96. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We get talked about other places?


  97. Flashfire Says:

    Hey Romsstar and Sporky! I have some surplus from ad revenues from a site I admin and I might be able to make a donation. I don’t know how big or small the amount is (because one of the other admins is keeping it till I get my PayPal a/c in order). I sure as hell hope it helps. And keep up the awesome job! We’re rooting for you!


  98. dddfdfdfdf Says:

    Wish you all the best.


  99. rykuz Says:

    @Sporky, i mean on another sites, people babling about u guys taking over and being rude to the other group translating the game (were translating), but nvm that


  100. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Fair enough, I’m just a little shocked that anyone talks about us outside the communities we directly participate in. You could point out to them that the other group approached us, or ignore them, that might be the safer choice.

    @Flashfire: We would be extraordinarily grateful to you, as we are to BlackSun who donated the other day.


  101. doodl3 Says:

    finally its getting translated, its kinda bored wait for yugix and co. to find a team to continue it, all they do is talk but done nothing, I used to ask them to seek support from rommstar yet they declined to do so just because you have been working on re:digitize project, until last year where re:digitize project has been completed, they still do nothing, all they have to do is to say we’re working on it, the same excuse they had said in years. please don’t let them stop you if they said let them done it….

    believe me, they will never do so

    gba temp moderators have tried to give discontinued label and closed their forum pages, but they instead gives fake update and claims they still working on it (another same excuse)


  102. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The Yugix team asked us to work on this, that’s the reason we chose this as a side project. And they did work on it, they sent us a copy of the work they did, but they were severely hampered by not having a qualified translator on the team. Still, they’re good people, and I would ask that you respect the effort that their dedicated team members put forward.


  103. doodl3 Says:

    alright, sorry bout that, just quite havin a rough time with them mostly


  104. thouit Says:

    Can we at least get an interface patch? they already had it done.


  105. xansus16 Says:

    @thouit They’re starting from scratch so I’m fairly sure that they only just begun but who knows maybe they borrowed some of the graphics of the previous attempt.


  106. Romsstar Says:

    We will be doing the graphics from scratch also. Various reasons for that, but nevertheless: no we won’t borrow the graphics.


  107. Kyle Lopez Says:

    Any updates? Can lot wait to finally see this come to completion.


  108. Kyle Lo Ran Says:

    Yeah, any updates as per my brother asked kyle lopez asked above.


  109. Stallion8426 Says:

    So is anyone else excited for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth? It releases in less than 2 weeks! What version are you guys getting? I’m getting the ps4 version!


  110. Anonymous Says:

    hey guys, just wanted to ask what happened to the re digitize patch with black wargreymon etc.


  111. Digital Says:

    You guys are the best around!
    Why don’t you consider teaming up with Digimon Adventure (PSP) translation? This way the project may end even in months.


  112. Rai Says:

    @Digital: Because the team already has their own projects and if they were going to translate Digimon Adventure, they’d probably do it on their own from scratch.


  113. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Keep it going guys!!, so happy this group keeps the hopes of fans everiwhere alive XD


  114. Truth Says:

    Under two weeks left until Cyber Sleuth EU and US releases. Everyone excited?


  115. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I pre ordered it months ago.


  116. Stallion8426 Says:

    I preorder it too

    @Truth lol i posted the same comment a little bit ago and got completely ignored :/ :)


  117. Rai Says:

    While I’m looking forward to Cyber Sleuth, because I own a PSTV, there’s no retail version and therefore I can’t pre-order it .-. but definitely getting it on day 1.


  118. Chrona Says:

    Digimon Heroes is out on the Google Play Store today for Android phones, and it’s actually kinda fun

    Though it is a free to play game, so I’ll likely hit a roadblock where I can’t do anything at all unless I give them money soon.


  119. Stallion8426 Says:

    @Chrona thanks for the heads up! I’m downloading now :)


  120. Rai Says:

    @Chrona: Digimon Heroes has been out for a while lol. It was just in beta. I assume it’s actually out now though?


  121. Chrona Says:

    Yeah, the official release


  122. Rai Says:

    @Chrona: I remember playing the Japanese release and not knowing what was going on. The gameplay was the same, and therefore easy to get into.


  123. Criativa Graf Says:

    Wish you guys the best of luck, being following the original team since the start some years ago, now that you guys are on it, I can rest assure that I will play this game, no matter how long it will take.


  124. Criativa Graf Says:

    Just one question, this is the official blog of the team? All the projects update will be posted here or do you guys plan to do different blog for each project?


  125. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We’ve talked off and on about a new, better web site, but haven’t gotten around to it. For the time being at least, we’re going to use this site for everything.


  126. Marco Sobrinho Says:

    About the Decode game translation, i dont konow if you uys know but the console has already been broken and is running hack roms thru CIA files, some pokemon games (ORAS, XY) already have large hacks changing history and language, so a language changing wouldnt be so drastic, if you have the console.


  127. Chrona Says:

    Gah, I’m getting cravings for Cyber Sleuth now. Can Tuesday not come any faster?


  128. Stallion8426 Says:


    I know right! I’m not getting it till Thursday because Amazon so the wait is even longer! T_T Will be playing it non-stop when it comes though.

    What team are you guys gonna use? I’m thinking Agumon, Gabumon, Terriermon, Patamon, Salamon, Dorumon


  129. Rai Says:

    @Stallion: Renamon x6.

    Jokes aside, I generally name Pokémon/Digimon/nameable party members in games after my friends. So I usually take what they like and put it into my team.

    My end goal is to have Omnimon, Omnimon Zwart, Sakuyamon, Gallantmon (Is his Crimson Mode in Cyber Sleuth?), and that’s all I have in mind. lol

    So team will end up being Agumon, Gabumon, BlackAgumon, BlackGabumon, Renamon, Guilmon.

    It’s gonna be awkward trying to get Omnimon and Omnimon Zwart, but eh, that’s a part of the fun. A friend adores Omnimon, and another friend adores Omnimon Zwart. Which makes it tough on me, but eeehhhhh. I can do it.

    …I think.


  130. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    2 days until the new digimon world game comes out HYPEEEEE!!!


  131. Rai Says:

    @Vebrendos: *Digimon Story.

    Also 5 days for EU.


  132. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:



  133. cryum Says:

    Oooh, the reason the stream was so important was because that’s where the donations could happen….didn’t know that. So what happens if anyone wants to donate now or later?

    I know this is completely offtopic, but I’m not really connected to the digimon community. Is there anywhere to talk about it, like say, Digimon Heroes?

    I’m not actually recommending it, although I wonder if it’s an easy enough task to steal all the image files.


  134. Truth Says:

    Friday is the shining beacon in an otherwise awful upcoming month.


  135. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @Cyrum: If you donate now or in the future, we’d be super grateful. You’re welcome to talk about Heroes here, though I don’t know anything about it except that it’s a phone game.


  136. cryum Says:

    Just giving a Buyer Beware on Digimon Heroes, then.

    It’s a phone game that has you collect digimon to use in a match 3 game to beat other digimon and collect more digimon. Fuse digimon like in digimon card battle to level them up, and use specific levelled digimon as ingredients to digivolve into a new digimon.

    Plot: it doesn’t exist.

    Faithfulness: The digimon look like digimon. The islands look like places you would find in the digimon world. Everything else is kinda bad. They’ve arbitrarily replaced data-virus-vaccine with Dragon-Knight-Nature and Holy-Dark. No further races, only rarities. Power Levels are scaled by rarity, with little care for actual growth level. So more like Xros wars, I guess.
    They tried to add in an electronic aesthetic by using floppies, batteries, and capacitors, which is fun…..but lazy. They’ve essentially said “if I stick a label on this capacitor, it’ll do that thing!”.

    Mechanics: It’s ironically very similar to the Digimon World games: The individual components are executed quite well: putting them all together did not go so well.
    The match 3 aspect is polished enough that it’s kind of like Bejeweled and Uno mixed together. But that means that your choices are very limited and it’s really just picking just the right 3 to match to get a long combo. It’s not too HARD to get a long combo, but that mostly serves to make you feel as if you accomplished something when really, you’re just watching numbers go up without your input. “Skill” allows a decent improvement over random matching, but most of it is luck and what team you set up before the fight.
    There’s a lot of different requirements that go into digivolving, and that’s good, but there’s so many without a proper system in place to quickly check and recheck what you actually NEED that you generally just level your favorite digimon and ignore all the others. It’s not streamlined at all.
    In terms of difficulty, there’s too much variance in enemy strength. If the mooks pose an actual challenge, the boss has flat out too strong and deals twice your max health. If the boss is beatable, the mooks are just a slog that you waste 3-10 minutes mindlessly tapping through. There’s no auto to deal with them.

    Purchases: They’re not even that good at getting you to want to pay money. The places that they advertise purchases are entirely inefficient and does not strike at the moments where you think “just one payment”. The gatcha draw on buying random digimon lacks any sort of control, simply juggling 3 different currencies.

    Conclusion: The art is good, it has no story, and it’s a terribly designed game. I could be biased, since the only other phone game I’ve played is FFRK, but MAN, is there a difference in raw quality.

    Steal the image files if you can, and share if you want. There is nothing else of worth.


  137. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, that sounds like something I don’t want to bother with. Thanks for the heads up. So looking forward to CS this week.


  138. Stallion8426 Says:

    DS:CS RELEASES TOMORROW!!! The hype is too much XD


  139. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I’m super bummed. Amazon screwed something up with my order and it won’t arrive until Thursday. Maybe I’ll get the Vita version, too…


  140. Rai Says:

    @Cryum: It’s a free to play Mobile game. What do you really expect? Mobile games having good storylines? Hahahahahaha. No. They never really do. The mobile market, sadly, is a free to play ridden shitfest with every game being a “Hey. You can do this thing, but you have to either do <long tedious gathering task that’s over the limit of everything.>, wait 24 hours while we build this building, or pay us money so we can speed this up for you! We love money.”.

    Also comparing Record Keeper to Heroes is not fair in the slightest, they’re different styles of games, and Record Keeper wasn’t the first attempt by Squeenix to try and cash in on people’s nostalgia, Go look up Final Fantasy: All the Bravest. And then shudder.

    Games aren’t meant to make you want to pay money. At all. And the whole Dragon/Knight/Nature/Holy/Dark species thing? That wasn’t just done in Heroes.

    Oh and the game’s nothing like Bejeweled. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “fan” of Digimon Heroes, I just find it completely unfair that you’re actually nitpicking on little things and comparing it to different gameplay styles. I know you said you haven’t played much mobile games, but to be honest, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Digimon Heroes is still worth playing if you enjoy Digimon games, they don’t always have to be these complex turn based RPG/Tamagotchi simulators with 3D graphics and streamlined gameplay. It’s a mobile game. Not a console game.


  141. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: At least you can pre-order it, Sporky lol. Vita/PS TV owners can’t even pre-order it sadly.


  142. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    True, but I pre ordered it six months ago, and now it’s going to show up late. Q.Q


  143. Chrona Says:

    What’s the point of preordering a digital game?

    I’m going to pick it up on my Vita the second it launches on the PSN


  144. Stallion8426 Says:

    @Chrona he means he preordered the physical ps4 version and this game comes with preorder bonuses in game (like digimon not available otherwise)

    @Sporky mine won’t come in until thursday as well


  145. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    And the Vita version isn’t online, even though it’s 3 in the morning my time. What the hell, Sony? Did you conspire with Amazon?


  146. Rai Says:

    @Chrona: The same points for pre-ordering a retail game. Hell, there’s arguably more/better reasons.

    Bonuses, pre-loading games, always day 1 availability. There are more reasons, but I just woke up. :V


  147. Chrona Says:

    The bonuses and day 1 availability are included. Preloading would be nice but for some reason they never allow you to preload Vita games which is kinda annoying.

    Just gonna be refreshing the psn store for the next hour or two


  148. Chrona Says:

    Downloading now :D


  149. Rai Says:

    @Chrona: The reason they don’t let you pre-load games on PSvita is because you can’t pre-order digital games. Because Sony’s stupid.

    Also you say day 1 availability is included, yet there are many people who don’t get their pre-orders on day one due to bullshit reasons like Amazon.

    Like I said, if we could pre-order digital games, we’d get guaranteed day 1 availability.


  150. brad Says:

    If you ever get the time, please create an evolution guide using actual in game data. None of the ones we currently have are adequate.

    Thanks again for the awesome translation, guys!


  151. cryum Says:

    @Rai: I wasn’t comparing them in terms of style. It was in terms of overall quality doing the things it set out to do AND doing things to get you to want to pay money. That’s a matter of UI design.

    I only mentioned that it may be biased and unfair because FFRK was made by DeNa, a company that’s been making mobile games for a while and seem to have learned from experience. They didn’t even make All the Bravest.

    And I don’t understand what you mean when you say “Games aren’t meant to make you want to pay money.” after “Hey. You can do this thing, but you have to either do , wait 24 hours while we build this building, or pay us money so we can speed this up for you! We love money.”

    I’ll admit that I’m not too familiar with the races and stuff around the Xros era, I thought only the rarities signified that.


  152. Rai Says:

    @Crycum: Fair enough about the comparisons. To get my joke about the money part, you’d need to play more mobile games, or read about them.

    Companies that make mobile games always strip down mechanics and lock them behind stupid paywalls in order to get you to pay them money. See Dungeon Keeper Mobile (1 block in the dungeon can take up to 24 hours to be destroyed. ONE BLOCK.), or Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile (Not even getting into what that game does wrong…)… I truly believe that games aren’t meant to make you want to pay money out your ass for basic game functionality that should have been in within the beginning. Sure, allow us to support through micro transactions that are done right (Loadout does this nicely.), but breaking down games in order to make quick money from people is stupid.

    A good Youtube video to watch on mobile stuff, would be Jim Sterling’s “Free to Wait” video. It’s fantastic.


  153. Chrona Says:

    It looks like you can preload digital Vita games…in Japan. For whatever reason, that functionality is not used for NA games. That’s kinda stupid XD

    So I’m having a lot of fun in Cyber Sleuth, my biggest issue is the party limit. I have six digimon I want in my team right now, but can only keep 3-4 of them in. I guess it’s a good excuse to stop grinding and continue the story so that I can increase my memory limitation

    On the topic of f2p games, South Park did a really fun episode on it – “Freemium Isn’t Free”. I suggest people check it out, because South Park is awesome :D


  154. cryum Says:

    @Rai: I’m aware of the mobile thing, but was confused because I couldn’t see that the first was “what currently is” while the second was “what you feel games should be”.

    And I need to clear one more thing: I mentioned that there was no story, just as a warning. It was short and I didn’t elaborate because you just take it as it is. If I felt that they were doing something completely unique to the mobile market by not having a story, I would have said so. My intention was to point it out, then move on.

    With regards to micro-transactions, whatever they’re trying to do, they need to do it well. Their intention to wring as much money out of the consumer can be called “wrong”, but the way that it is set up FAILS to do just that.

    The places where they put ads are not the moments where you would WANT to buy something. They just get in the way and sap your will to play.

    At the moment you are most likely to pay, ie. when you lose and want to retry or are out of storage space, you are DISCOURAGED from paying because the set deals that give you one freebie are not available.

    Most importantly, the time-limited ads are pretty bland. There’s just 1 unique thing to get per a month? And you can’t even preview it? Do the eggs that you buy even change up the digimon you can get, to give you a reason to purchase game currency NOW?


  155. Stallion8426 Says:

    @Chrona yeah the party limit is rather annoying…everytime i want to digivolve one of my members another has to go…


  156. Kamui Hoshido Says:

    I was looking forward for operation decode project.. it’s a bit sad that you dropped this project :(


  157. Romsstar Says:

    Kamui Hoshido:
    Yeah too bad it’s dead. Well life goes on. Enjoy the splendid Cyber Sleuth Translation.


  158. Rai Says:

    @Kamui: I… but… when… how…


    I feel like you’ve misread the entire blogpost. Well done.

    @Romsstar: The Cyber Sleuth translation is hilariously bad. I’m not even sure if it’s just the translation problems at times, it feels like programming errors too.

    Gotta give them credit though, A Botamon with two shotguns is pretty fantastic. :P


  159. Romsstar Says:

    @Rai: I know :D not that it surprised me really. xd
    Sporky feels like our Translation of Redigitize isn’t much better than Cyber Sleuth though. Dunno, I’m too biased, can’t really tell.


  160. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar: The translation of Redigitize is a lot more professionally done IMHO.

    There’s ‘so’ many things wrong with Cyber Sleuth’s translation.

    Game’s fun though.


  161. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I just don’t like throwing stones, ours is hardly perfect, and I haven’t been able to summon the attention span to make the 1.2 patch yet.


  162. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Sporky, I don’t mean to be an impatient imbecile, but POSSIBLY. MAYBE could you make a thread, or just comment here on the progress you’ve made with Lost Evolution? Then we’d know possibly how long we have to wait for it to be finished.


  163. Rai Says:

    Claims they don’t want to be an impatient imbecile.
    Immediately asks for progress on Lost Evolution.

    Also, @Sporky: Nobody’s saying the Redigitize translation is perfect though, and you can’t deny that it’s still better than Cyber Sleuth’s lackluster translation.

    EDIT: I forgot that doing >
    centers the text… oh well.


  164. Romsstar Says:

    um how about “soon”?…


  165. Kyle Lopez Says:

    Since lost story is a side project, have some patience, they have a dedicated team unlike yugix, so it will get finished


  166. cryum Says:

    Rather than what’s been done, how about what is currently being worked on?


  167. Stallion8426 Says:

    Cyber Sleuth’s errors are pretty funny some times…like one of the Trivia questions
    “Who looks like a tree?”
    “Me: Cherrymon”
    “Veemon…Correct. Great job”
    also I’ve noticed that when playing the female protagonist you are still referred to as a guy 95% of he time.


  168. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Heh, ‘he time’. I can’t remember, I thought they were using mostly neutral pronouns. Or I haven’t noticed since I’m used to seeing male pronouns.


  169. Rai Says:

    @Stallion: It’s starting to become a trend where Male words (He,guy,him, etc) are starting to become neutral. It’s weird, but I have no specific problems with it.

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse did the same thing.


  170. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    That’s just lazy translating. It’s pretty easy to fix if they had felt like adding about three lines of code and an array to the game.


  171. John Dailey Says:

    Just found out you guys took over this translation! i hope you guys get it done faster than the previous group, this was always that DS game i really wanted to play that never made it beyond the JP. That and the medabot DS.


  172. Anonymous Says:

    nice one guys.i wish u work to on medarot ds.


  173. Megador Says:

    Thank you for picking up the Lost Evolution project. Really looking foward to it :)


  174. icexveins Says:

    Ty for this keep the hard work ^.^/


  175. Joao Marcos Souza Fernandes Says:

    I ‘m waiting for this since 2014 , but now I see that you are the only ones who have the ability to translate this game , and I very much support your work , and I look forward to your full job !!


  176. Paulo Arkana Says:

    any news?


  177. Rai Says:

    @Paulo: If you check the gbatemp thread, they update a lot pretty regularly.


  178. ACE Says:

    When is it gonna be completed.plz send me the link via email below.


  179. Rai Says:

    @ACE: When it’s done.

    And no, we won’t send you the link via email.


  180. Roque Says:

    Hello, I would like to know if the project of the translation to the game of Digimon Story Lost Evolution has been going on for a long time investigating if I carry out any translation if they could be so friendly I would like to know … if that ready


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