Digimon World Redigitize Decode – Next Video :)


Hello guys, as we promised we will upload other ingame cutscenes from Decode over the next few days,

so here’s the next one :)

This cut scene occurs shortly after an Event in Digimon World Decode and unlocks a certain Dungeon Digimon World 1 fans should be familiar with.

Enjoy ;)
PS: I know these cutscenes are rather short, but please understand as the original resolution on the 3DS is rather very small, we have to re-encode each video so that it will be watchable on a big screen, which is why we can’t upload them all at once. Plus, isn’t it kinda exciting to wait for the next one? ;)


100 Responses to “Digimon World Redigitize Decode – Next Video :)”

  1. Rai Says:

    What, no comments? I’m ashamed of you guys. :|

    Just kidding, I know you guys are too busy spanking yourself to the videos.


  2. Romsstar Says:

    Maybe everyone thinks since we got Cyber Sleuth by the petition, perhaps Fan Translations are obsolete now?


  3. Truth Says:

    Thats being rather hasty.

    Though speaking of Cyber Sleuth, they probably are busy playing it at the moment. Heck, I’m playing it right this minute.

    Though I need to stop soon and actually get some damn work done. Shame procrastination isn’t a sport.


  4. Stallion8426 Says:

    Yeah, Cyber Sleuth is causing me so many problems right now. I just can’t turn it off.

    As for the videos, once i start watching them the wait for the others would be much harder, so I am waiting for them all to be out before I watch any of them :)


  5. animefreak55 Says:

    I’ve been busy with Cyber Sleuth as well. I’m still looking forward to progress on Decode. Good luck to the team.


  6. John Balkin Says:

    I’m yet to get my hands on Cyber Sleuth, perhaps that’s why I’m here in the comments.


  7. xansus16 Says:

    You guys know why we’re busy :D


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Romsstar! It’s been a while since the last update regarding the DW1 Editor. Would you mind updating us?


  9. Romsstar Says:

    @Someone: Well, to be honest, the reception of the DW1 Editor was beyond our expectations. When we streamed we had barely any viewers, and not a single donation. And lately the blog visitor number didn’t even reach 3 digits. We can’t afford working on it right now, with other projects going on. It’s a matter of time and priorities. So consider it in a stage of hiatus, with progress being made from time to time, but very slowly… It’s in the hand of the fans to change that. This whole thing stands and falls with the fans. This holds true for all our projects.


  10. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sad to hear this. When giving up it would be kind of you to make ur knowledge and source code public so somebody else interested in it could continue…


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Same here, most of my time has been spent on Cyber Sleuth lately, the game is amazing :)


  12. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: Are you serious? Where the hell in this blog and it’s comments does Romsstar say he’s seriously giving up? No, I’m serious here, where the hell are you people getting it? Because I’m really damn curious.


  13. lilithmon92 Says:

    I’m in love with the storyline of this game ^^


  14. Stallion8426 Says:

    When its harder to lose than it is to win… #cybersleuth #platinumcup


  15. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    2 post in a row!!!, it seems christmas is early this year XD


  16. Truth Says:

    What do you guys think of Rina Shinomiya?

    I’ve never seen any of her dialogue in Decode, but in Cyber Sleuth her personality seems very…”lulz so random”. Was slightly annoying compared to the rest of the game. Maybe she fits in better in Decode?


  17. Rai Says:

    @Truth: She quickly became my second favourite character in Cyber Sleuth tbh.

    Yuuko being my favourite.


  18. Stallion8426 Says:


    Yeah, I’m kinda annoyed by her too. At least we don’t see her all that much.


  19. ugly (@skinnygore) Says:

    But the fact she’s going to have her own DLC mission on Next 0rder too is really clingy, like is she really that popular in Japan to have her in every digimon game jajaja


  20. Anonymous Says:

    About the DW1 tool, I guess you guys just need more advertising, because I know for sure that are more ppl interested in DW1 editor then ppl invested on decoder or any new generation of digimon games.

    I didn’t even knew about the stream at all, and only found out about this blog because I’m really crazy about the idea of remaking digimon world..

    You guys need to flash out more this blog and your channel, if you want more viewers and donations..


  21. flames021 Says:

    I eagerly await the translation. Thank you for all your hard work! Sadly I don’t have a ps4 for cyber sleuth and it didn’t get released for xb1. So the 3ds one is the best I can get when it comes to playing a new digimon game


  22. Forgottensage Says:

    Can’t wait for lost saga, I have been waiting for this for a long time lol


  23. darwin0818 Says:

    Excited for the next one. Ddnt finish digimon world 1 yet so i have no idea about the digimon in the movie. :/


  24. Anonymous Says:

    Just leaving a comment. Thank you.


  25. Sulphur99 Says:

    @Darwin0818 Someone didn’t watch Savers.


  26. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys! May never be first comment, but it’s always good to check in and see everyone’s still alive and kicking around here


  27. Patrick Asafe Souza Says:

    Nice, guys.
    Love your work, congratulations!!!


  28. Anonymous Says:

    Everytime I see what u lot are up to my heart is filled with joy, i’m 23 an i still love digimon. i have met kids that are 15+ that dont know what it is, but they can name every pokemon up to the latest generation. (Though i am a fan of both i believe digimon is better and not just because of screwattacks vs match). i knew about the typos with redigitize (very minor) had no idea about the bugs just got the patch 1.1 so i never do. i hope you never lose this Honorable want to give us (the recievers of your wounderfull works) a shot at playing some of the greater Digimon related games we would never truly be able to appreciate without you (unless we had a knack for languages, which i do not have). but seriously… Thank You for this, All of it.


  29. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Tnx 4 everithyng guys!!!, how are things coming along? XD


  30. Digimatasheee Says:

    Thank you for your work. I hope we won’t have to wait very long for decode patch.


  31. JP Says:

    I have also been stuck in the Cyber Sleuth recently…. But I always come to this page to see how you guys are doing! Keep up the awesome work you guys do!
    Never give up!
    <3 JP


  32. shrykullblog Says:

    Can the translation patches be used with the cartridge version of the game? I have a region free launcher on my 3ds and recently ordered Digimon RE: Digitize decode for 3ds from an import site. I should be getting it very soon but I see I will have to wait to play it :(as I do not understand japanese. But as a huge digimon fan I had to get this game when it was compared to the PSx game!


  33. Rai Says:

    @Shrykull: Yes, translation patches can be used with cartridges, but your 3DS needs to be capable of homebrew so you can use HANS.


  34. shrykullblog Says:

    Yes I just said I have a region free launcher on my 3ds (which one can assume is probably HANS and probably through homebrew).


  35. shrykullblog Says:

    I might have to play the psp game through an emulator while I wait, and replay through digimon world as well. I really wish there were more digimon world style games releasing in the US :/ I want a nice open world digimon game for pc! SOMETHING HUGE!


  36. BlackDiamondXL Says:



  37. shrykullblog Says:

    Hey wondering if anyone here knows, I just recieved my copy of Digimon RE: Digitize decode (Japan import obviously). I have a region free launcher and everything so I can launch it but I am wondering if someone can tell me what the codes I got included are for?

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Rai Says:

    @BlackDiamondXL: No, they should only work on one project at a time, and that project should only be Digimon World: Redigitize Decode, forever.



  39. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    I think you mean just plain Re: Digitize, amirite? Can’t move on until absolutely everything that can be fixed or improved is perfect.

    In all seriousness, I won’t have time for the 1.2 patch until this summer, but getting that out before school starts again in the fall is my major goal.


  40. Harrist Syafiq Says:

    I’m starting to play the english patch again on my Xbox 360, I just really can’t wait for the 1.2 patch! Gambate mina ^.^


  41. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Shit, you’re right. Okay quick everyone, delete all the info related to Decode! We must hide that you guys have worked on other things!


  42. SorryForThePost Says:

    Hello guys. Any updates on the digimon story lost evo?


  43. Rai Says:

    I guess you could say the Digimon story, was lost in… evolution?

    …That could have gone better.


  44. Anonymous Says:

    so i was just wondering if you guys had a fully decrypted version of the Decode rom. i cant seem to get it. i was trying the remove the region lock on. i was hoping you could send them to me. if not thats ok


  45. Anonymous Says:

    hey let’s have a huge digimon party at sporky’s house when this is done. Someone bring alcohol


  46. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Works for me.


  47. dragnis Says:

    Gudluck to the team. Fan translation project always a tough one imo


  48. Truth Says:

    Next Order has landed in the land of the rising sun.

    If anyone wants to check out some footage, this person recorded 5 hours of it.


  49. Anonymous Says:

    I’m honestly more excited for the other Digimon Story DS translation than ReDigitize. I don’t like seeing digimon die and lose all your progress, that’s a pointless mechanic


  50. Anonymous Says:

    I’m so excited for Next Order, still lurking most of the time, btw.


  51. Philippe Says:

    Hi guys it’s my first time writing. I just found out about your projects. I really think you guys are impressive for doing this out of love for the series and fans i didn’t get to play redegitize since i don’t own a psp but i truly am looking forward to your 3ds translation of decode. Will be getting a japanese copy just because you guys translate it because i can’t read japanese


  52. shadowpanic Says:

    Still rooting for you boys!! Keep it up!!


  53. wellitongb Says:

    I would love to have news of the translation project Digimon Story Lost Evolution. Please, report us.


  54. XDragon Says:

    Keep up the Decode Work and the Lost Evo work. Can’t wait for both!!


  55. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Hey hows you guys doing?, any news XD?


  56. sha iylia Says:

    Lurk lurk lurk lurk lurk lurk goodluck guys!!!


  57. Chrona Says:

    I am still checking this thing all the time :O for the record


  58. Stallion8426 Says:

    Same…I check at least once a day


  59. Sander dos Santos Zuchinalli Says:

    Im so excited for this comes to the light, damn, the waiting is killing me from the inside aaah.
    Anyway, awsome job you guys doing, as always.


  60. FB Says:

    Are you intrested in Digimon world: Next order?. i saw some gameplays and it’s amazing. it’s also have some remixed tracks from digimon world 1 :3.


  61. Anonymous Says:

    Would be interested in working on the current patches. I would have 15-20 hours available a week to progress.


  62. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Okay, email me at opdecoded@gmail.com and let me know what your relevant skills are.


  63. bajra Says:

    just found out about this – i rarely lurk since i know it takes quiet some time to get translations done, double so when there’s few working tools to do so. keep up the good working bringing digimon to the masses!


  64. aznnguyen123 Says:

    R.I.P Wada Kouji T.T It was hard for me to believe this news, but its was confirmed. Thank you Wada, now fly butterfly!


    P.S. Sorry if this is off-topic.


  65. Nightmare12 Says:

    So is it safe to assume that work is still being done on the games, slowly but surely? I ask because there’s been silence in the comments section
    Also, I saw Romsstar commenting on gamefaqs, telling some guy about the new file city spaces. It was nice to randomly see your name pop up. Good luck team!


  66. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Hey guys!, any news?


  67. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Yeah, we’re still working. But it’s mostly been improving the back end tools and some assembly stuff, nothing that makes for an interesting update, but necessary for things that will come later.


  68. darwin0818 Says:

    Still silently following this thread :)


  69. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    YES!, ill wait for the next update then, tnx for the answer lord sporky!


  70. cryum Says:

    Improving back end tools and assembly stuff is interesting to me.

    But then I’ve only started to learn how this coding stuff works.


  71. MagikarpSeller Says:

    Hey dudes,

    first your translation projects are great! i’ve never expected that anyone would make a full translation of Digimon Story Lost Evolution too :o

    but i have a question on the programmers.

    Because the hype of Digimon with Cyber Sleuth, Next 0rder, Heroes etc is rising, i get a copy of Digimon World Data Squad – but it has only the US Dub only (and i am not a big fan of US Voices)
    so i try to figure it out, if it possible to modify the US Version with the voice files from the japanese version called Digimon Savers Another Mission.
    But i don’t get it how to extract them from the game and import them into the us version to make a translated Version with original Voiceover or get the translation files from the US Version and import that into the japanese Version.

    I guess, the sound files are in the DMY1G.001 and the FS.Bin File

    Anyone ideas how to get this work?


  72. domodounuts Says:

    Have there been any reports about Digimon Re Digitize Decode’s release date for the 3ds in other places besides Japan which already has it for example the U.S.?


  73. Anonymous Says:

    Digimon World 1 tool, still in development?


  74. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    @magickarSeller: That should be possible, I might take a look when I have time.

    @domodounuts: Nope, Decode and Next Order both look very unlikely to ever get translations that don’t come from us at this point.

    @Anonymous: Yes, but slowly.


  75. Anonymous Says:

    Hello.In the future,do you have any plans on translating Next order,if it doesn’t come to west?


  76. Romsstar Says:

    I don’t really think so. Overall Next Order was pretty disappointing, at least to me….


  77. Suxii Says:

    Still waiting for the release of decode… there are already other translations arriving linke fire emblem if and monster hunter x and still no decode for us… please dont give up


  78. Anonymous Says:

    Has there been any progress on Lost Evolution?


  79. Anonymous Says:

    @sporkymcforkinspoon:why do you think that Next Order is very unlikely to come to west?Almost all people say that it will most probably come .


  80. Romsstar Says:

    Yes, please wait for a more detailled report. Coming very soon


  81. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    @anonymous: I really doubt it, if they were going to, it probably would have been announced around the time the game came out in Japan, I think.


  82. Truth Says:

    Part of the reason they were willing to take a chance on Cyber Sleuth is that it was extremely well received in Japan. Next Order on the other hand…not so well received, I’ve been hearing.

    They need confidence in both their product and the fanbase. Last time it was the fanbase that was the issue, this time its likely to be the product.


  83. Anonymous Says:

    So, what happened to Lost Evolution? I know that you work is pretty much charity and that is amazing. Now, probably you are more excited with the 3DS and the newer releases, but Lost Evolution has been sitting for years. Is this project alive? Do you have any news?

    Thank you!


  84. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: Oh shit, I didn’t realise December 2015 was years ago.

    Damn, what year is it, it only feels like it’s 2016 to me, but apparently that was years ago!


  85. Collintheman Says:


    Dude lost evolution was picked up by this team in 2015 from another group that was working on it since 2012…….so yes the project has been sitting around for years. Also your immature sarcastic response does nothing except make you seem stupid. A lot of us just genuinely care about the project because we have been waiting for four years just to play this game. So try and take that into consideration before you are an asshole. Cheers.


  86. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    hey collin wtf, dont insult my man Rai, we are all fans here, stop being sucha debbiedowner XD.


  87. shadowpanic Says:

    Heyah people! I’m still in love with your amazing work!

    I wanted to rant about something I have little to none understanding about, but my inner fanboy just explodes when I think about how possible my following idea is.

    First, the TL;Won’tR for the complete post:

    I was wondering, if it isn’t too much of a hassle, if you could try to make Decode compatible with HANS to be transfered to an original cartridge.

    Now, I’m gonna expand my thoughts:

    A friend of mine told me it was possible to transfer a hackrom into an original cartridge because he overwrote an undub Persona Q game onto his original cartridge. That’s how I got to know about this.

    Some months later, I finally decided to hack my 3DS, and I suddenly remebered how you were working on Decode (had I never owned a hackable 3DS until last month). I began to do some research, and found out the program you do that with is HANS, and that not all games are compatible with this method.

    Compatibility aside, I don’t know how region lock works, but the lock is inside the rom; it can be removed so the game can work as a digital game on any 3DS. I kinda know this cause I’ve seen some Jp and UK .cia around (named as region free games). Then, could a Japanese cartridge, with an region free rom inside, work on an American 3DS?

    I remind you, I don’t have the slightest idea what the fuck I’m talking about. I only know I’m more than willing to throw some 60-80 bucks for the Japanese game if I can make it work as an official release in English.

    I still wish you the best of the best! Keep up the good work boys!


  88. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    When we get closer to release, we’ll be sure to look in to that. I know about as much as you about that process at the moment. Either way, I hope you’ll buy the game. That’s the only type user we officially support.


  89. Rai Says:

    @Collin: If you had any braincells you’d know that they restarted the project as soon as they “picked it up”.

    So no, it hasn’t been sitting around for years. At least try to do some research before you try to actually think you’re smart.

    And if I didn’t care about the project, I wouldn’t be here in the first place moron.

    Also learn some grammar, it’ll do you some good too.


  90. Rai Says:

    @Shadowpanic: HANS is the only (?) legal way to actually apply a translation patch, and therefore that’ll be the only one that the team supports most likely.

    Also HANS makes cartridges region free.


  91. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Not necessarily. Making a ROM and applying the patch to that, like we did for Re Digitize is also legal. Personally, I prefer to play games on emulators these days. Let’s me use whatever controller I want.


  92. Rai Says:

    @Sporky: Yeah I completely forgot about ripping games. Which is weird because I did that to my Super Mario 3D Land a few weeks back. :|

    I expect people will most likely use HANS over patching an actual rom though. Because it’s less hassle lol.


  93. Collin Says:


    ……………………………….you’re the moron…….I realize they restarted the project as I have been checking on the status of it every day for the past four years and will continue to do so. Did you not read the message I put on here? Just because they are redoing the project from the beginning does not mean people haven’t been waiting on it. All I’m saying is if you genuinely care like you say, don’t be a dick to people who just ask a question. All sarcasm does is pollute this website just like the gbatemp site started to become towards the end lol. PS my grammar is fine…… and if not guess who doesnt care? me lol im not perfect. I just want you to be nicer man, just love me and be my friend


  94. itstheben Says:

    Hey all, I just stumbled upon this amazing project, and am a long time fan of the original Digimon World game.

    I work in the game industry, and have some years of programming, photoshop and graphic design experience.

    Digimon World was my first console game, and it pretty much started off my path to becoming a game dev, so I’d love to give back. Let me know if there’s any way to contribute! :)


  95. Rai Says:

    @Collin: A small tip; If you want me to become a nice person, don’t act like a god damn retard. I’m only a dick to idiots, which you’d know if you actually followed the blog. You clearly haven’t.

    Nobody ever mentioned anything about people not waiting for the project. So I’m not really sure where you got that from.

    “Grammar’s fine”.

    No capitalisation.
    Mass amounts of periods where they don’t belong.
    No paragraphing.
    No commas.



  96. Sedrica Says:

    I hate Collin.
    No, I’m not talking about the Collin over there.
    I’m just reminded of the bastard Collin after reading what Collin over there said.
    He always made fun of me in high school, everytime I asked some questions to the teacher he always mocked me as if integral of x^(-1) being ln x is common knowledge, and everyone else in the class started to laugh because they were afraid of him.
    If it’s not because of girls in my class reporting him because of being inapropriate and made him drop out the school, I’m not sure whether I was able to hold up being in the same class as him let alone finishing high school.
    Please say that you’re not the same Collin. I just… Man, I don’t know what to say anymore…


  97. Claudo Says:

    Sorry guys im from Chile (south América) And in my country give a donation is very Hard…But I really apreciate your work, you are the bast (sorry for my bad english) please continúe ypur work with the 3ds game…im a reallu big fan of digimom AMD I dont have ps4 or vita to play the New game :(, But I love the original digi World…so please continúe with the project.


  98. JP Says:

    Seems like forever that will ever get Digimon World Next order. I am still watching your guys progress on Digimon Re-D Decode. With all the new CFW for Nintendo, Should be easier to distribute it =)


  99. callampamom Says:

    Did you have a estimate porcentaje of the translation? (40?)Will we have it un 2016? Thanks for do all of this for the digi fans! Al of you are like gods for us! Muy 3ds is waiting for you guys! God bless you!


  100. shadowpanic Says:

    If HANS makes cartridges region free, then this night and the followings through the next couple years will be the best ones, waiting for this awesome game. I’ll donate as soon as I get a couple bucks to spend on you, and then I’ll buy the game.

    Thanks for your reply @Rai!! Best news ever, m8.


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