[Lost Evolution] Progress Report: 12.05.2016


Hello everyone,

it’s really been a while since our last update.

Various circumstances and real life issues have hindered me on giving an earlier progress report.

Since Citra has made TREMENDOUS progress lately (Well for us at least) Decode right now has really become a priority, but never fear, as promised, we are still doing Lost Evolution :)

So instead of giving a Decode progress report for now, I’m giving you a Lost Evolution update, as people have been asking us a lot for that in the comment section.

So without further ado, I’ll just leave some Lost Evolution Screenshots here. Enjoy :



Please keep in mind, that everything right now is WIP and subject to change, so nothing’s really final yet.

As with Redigitize, videos will obviously follow too.

We realize, that since you followed the other group who did this before, that this probably not really that exciting to see. Yet there are subtle differences ;) We implemented a few ASM hacks, as you can see on the naming board.

More will follow where needen.  Consider this another teaser for now.

Where appropriate we will follow suit with the already localized graphics, but in some areas we thought the localized graphics didn’t do the original justice, so we will also have some of our own. Stay tuned :)

Last but not least, while we are usually not commited to ETAs, there are two we’ve given on Gbatemp, which maybe some of our blog followers haven’t seen yet:

  1. We are planning to release Lost Evolution by the end of the year
  2. Decode’s main story and subquests will be fully translated by the end of September

That’s it for now guys. See ya ~


104 Responses to “[Lost Evolution] Progress Report: 12.05.2016”

  1. Truth Says:

    What progress on Citra has enabled this priority? Testability?

    Also nice to hear about Lost Evolution. Kind of suprised its moving along that quick if you’re willing to give ETAs like that.


  2. Romsstar Says:

    First: Citra actually running decode (that was kinda a major setback you know)
    Second: Citras gdbstub which enabled debugging the game

    Yeah there’s a reason for those ETAs as well, but I’ll probably diclose that another time.


  3. Truth Says:

    Ah, totally forgot about compatibility. I haven’t started looking into the technical details of emulators until recently, so I keep forgetting how big of an issue it is.

    Only thing I know about Citra is their introduction of per-fragment lighting, which was the most recent thing they had written about last time I looked them up.


  4. Romsstar Says:

    Luckily we won’t need that. The Decode issues were kinda silly really, but a nice programmer sorted them out in no time. Totally will credit the guy for that :)


  5. Nightmare12 Says:

    Really great to see progress on Lost Evolution, even more cos it looks so damn good! I know the ETA is tentative but it’s relatively very near in the future, so can’t wait for it. Thanks to everybody involved in localizing both games, and Godspeed team!


  6. Chrona Says:

    End of the year? Awesome :D

    This translation is looking great


  7. mitsux31 Says:

    Congratulation! I’ve been waiting for this, I know is hard to decode all the text and stuff.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are as awesome as ever, I still get excited when I see there’s been a new post here. Keep up the good work! :)


  9. Crimsondisco Says:

    I’m really glad Decode is coming up nicely!


  10. shadowpanic Says:

    I still love you guys. You’re the bestest team ever.


  11. AsPika2219 Says:

    Keep moving forward!!! :D


  12. Person Says:

    Just leaving support and encouragement here! I’m glad you guys are progressing on these – I’m interested in LE rather than Decode out of simply not being able to play the latter, but I’m sure plenty of people are excited to see that one. And of course, any Digimon games being made available is great news. The tentative dates feel so soon already, it’s amazing. Good luck!


  13. Victor Aledia Says:

    nice one guys.


  14. pichula Says:

    The best new un muy life! Im waiting for septiembre, guys i really love you! You are the best! Keep working please! :D


  15. phil anselmo Says:

    Will this game run un CFW?


  16. Taiki Kudou Says:

    I can’t be happier! I need Decode and Lost Evolution as soon as possible :3

    PD: Could you do Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars after the main project? I feel that this game hasn’t the recognition it deserves.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    We might take a look at it, but it also might be fun to do a game that isn’t Digimon. Also, there’s probably only so far we can push Bamco before they send us a take down letter.


  18. Anonymous Says:



  19. mugetsu Says:

    Are you guys going to use the Japanese names for Digimon and the Attacks, or will you use the localized ones? Or will you release both, like Re: Digitize?


  20. Irina Akashira Says:

    I’ve just found your translation

    Thanks for your hard work


  21. Rai Says:

    I demand wouldn’t mind if you went onto the Super Xros Wars games tbh. I’ve always been interested in them myself.


  22. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    @mugetsu: We’ll do both again, it’s not much extra work to make both versions, and the one I like better is less popular.


  23. Truth Says:

    Gotta love that dedication.


  24. Francesco Esposito Says:

    You’re doing a great work


  25. mamemonmonmon Says:

    ….. so…… we shouldn’t expect anything for digimon world 1 any time soon, huh? :(


  26. Rai Says:

    @Mamemon: The DW1 project has been talked about in the comments several times now. Go search.


  27. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck Yaar End of the year!!!! perfekt job guys !!!!!!


  28. Souls Says:

    Thanks for everything, guys. Really, everybody that have already done anything for these projects deserves at least a praise. By the end of the year, huh? Well, for those who have been around since the beginning, some couple of months of wait is nothing.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Pumpkin_Bumpkin Says:

    Just wanted thanks to the amazing people working on these two Digimon games, and for all of your hard work on Re: Digitize. I played it back when you first released it and loved it. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!


  30. KainLegacy Says:

    You are the third team that take this, please, dont die on me too.


  31. Rai Says:

    @KainLegacy: This team won’t fail. They already delivered one translation, they’re trustworthy.

    Also nice name, the Legacy of Kain series is fantastic.


  32. KainLegacy Says:

    I know, it just that i am a little insecure, but i will trust one more time.

    PD: Thanks, Love the saga. Defiance blow my mind, what piece of ending!


  33. cryum Says:

    may 12? coulda sworn I checked here last week….

    Oh well, happy that there’s progress!


  34. nerdyplatypus Says:

    Thank you so much for the update on Lost Evolution! I’ve been following the project for what seems like forever, so I’m absolutely stunned at the fast progress. You’re doing the lord’s work, right here.

    I do have a question. Will the wifi features work?


  35. Rai Says:

    @Nerdy: I doubt the Wifi features will work. Nintendo wi-fi for the Wii and DS was shutdown years ago.

    They ‘can’ make it work but, it’s not really worth it.


  36. Truth Says:

    I remember awhile back seeing some kind community project attempting to emulate DS Wi-Fi servers, but even if its far along I doubt they’ve done any testing on compatibility for Lost Evolution.


  37. Rai Says:

    @Truth: They’d have to alter the netcode for any game they want to go online.


  38. saifors Says:

    @Truth Funny you’d mention that http://save-nintendo-wifi.com
    Look at the list of compatible DS games, Lost Evolution is there.


  39. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, our translation won’t change any of the online code. So it will work exactly as well as it does now. However well that is, because I have no idea.


  40. JP Says:

    This is turning out to be a great year! Thanks guys for the update on digimon decode. I am really can’t wait to hear more progress. Decode is better than the original redigitize and the new digimon world next.


  41. Anonymous Says:

    Nice to hear your progress :) Also,when you finish Decode,will it be playable on Citra emulator?


  42. MagikarpSeller Says:

    A great update guy’s! I love your work.

    I have a few questions about Digimon Games and some other.

    You say, you would make other translation for non-digimon games after the both actual Digimon titles, what games are be like in your plan?

    Second question – would you make more translations for Digimon Games like Story-based Titles (Ryou Games or Super Xros Wars etc.)?

    And the last question from me = sporkymcforkinspoon answer my question from a previous post that could be possible to make a “voice” patch for digimon world data squad (swap the japanese voices from the japanese version Digimon Savers Another Mission) – have anyone looked for a possibility of that? The same question would be, if you plan to make other games, is it possible to make more voice patches? i am disappointed that we don’t get for many japan games the possibility for dual voices in the options.
    I tried myself to swap the voices of DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team but i failed. :(


  43. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Always lurking, guys.


  44. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: That has nothing to do with the translation itself. That’s all to do with Citra.


  45. Anonymous Says:

    have you figured out a way to get the region code off of Decode? i want to play the game on my Sky3ds but because of region lock it makes it very difficult


  46. Rai Says:

    @anonymous: Piracy isn’t supported here.

    Also you can’t use edited roms on Sky3DS anyway, so you’re out of luck.


  47. digicro Says:

    Hi.I see you say that Decode works on Citra,and saw video,but when I start it(decrypted 3ds file) it crashes,and log says something like error memory read 181 unmapped.What do you think problem is?Do you think it’s about my computer?Thanks for response


  48. Antonio OP Says:

    Thank you so much for all your work, it gives hope to all who are so fan of Digimon games to enjoy a wonderful game. Thanks for your work, really thank you.


  49. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are the BEST! Re Digitize was so damn good, would not have been possible to play it in japanese. Im sure Decode will be even better!


  50. Anonymous Says:

    DW1 Tool still in development? Do you have at least a alpha version for us to try?


  51. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    It’s still in development, but at this time it’s not public. I don’t actually have a copy, just Romsstar and his partner on the project, whose name I can’t recall at the moment.


  52. Suelio Pedro Says:

    thanks guys for the translation of digimon lost évolution

    Liked by 1 person

  53. Rai Says:

    Yo, Happy Birthday Romsstar. :P

    That is, for yesterday. It’s late but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? …Right?


  54. Truth Says:

    A few days late, but happy birthday Romsstar.


  55. zenclinkz Says:

    If you were fans of SRW i’d love to see translations of psp games in the future :)


  56. Rai Says:

    @Zenclinkz: They need to finish their two on-going translations first before they think about the future, haha.


  57. ftxnexus Says:

    Thank you guys for doing such an awesome work!


  58. Anonymous Says:

    I haven’t been here in a long time. Hype!
    can’t wait for both, but I’m more exited for lost evolution. Decoded gameplay isn’t as fun IMO


  59. Rai Says:

    God it’s empty in here. You lurkers die or something?


  60. stallion8426 Says:

    Lol, we’re still here (at least I am) just not much to talk about lately.


  61. Truth Says:

    Lets try and get a conversation rolling.

    Anyone here play Digimon Linkz? I recently started playing because its a very simple game to figure out. Only thing the language barrier gets me with is leader skills, which I’ll have to look up at some point.


  62. Rai Says:

    @Truth: No I had no idea that was a thing. What’s it like?

    EDIT: I said that, and then went to download it anyway.

    It’s interesting. I quite like it atm though. I’m just waiting for the usual generic pay to win bullshit to kick in.


  63. stallion8426 Says:

    As in Digimon Heroes? Its alright…can get kind of boring after a while. Plus training digis is practically pointless since it takes a lot of resources and you are more likely to find much stronger ones anyway.


  64. Rai Says:

    @Stallion: Digimon Linkz is a different game. Japanese only atm.


  65. Truth Says:

    @Stallion: Its a game modelled off the Cyber Sleuth style of gameplay, but downsized/streamlined for phone use. Its only in Japanese at the moment, but its fairly easy to figure out.


  66. Skullbazon/Vebrendos Says:

    Im still here!, just you know…., busy with other things haha, how are u guys doing?


  67. Chrona Says:

    Lately I’ve been playing the hell out of Pokemon Go. It’s taking me the the mysterious world of outside my house far more often than I usually went


  68. Skullbazon/Vebrendos Says:

    Outside!?, you mean that place where other people live??, why would you go there! 0.o


  69. Paulo Arkana Says:

    any update?


  70. viperioruchiha Says:

    hey guys good work good job!
    im here 2 say that we’re all wantin this amazin project and so i think it’ll B GUD.
    basically, all official english translated games 4 DS are poo (lika dawn/dusk – championship – story one ds)
    story one ds – has low amount of digimon
    championship – there are only mini icons

    dawn/dusk – in the really begginin of the game u start with HIGH level digimon and so the rest of the story becomes 2 harder*****

    this game lost evolution have cute graphics, they separated plant/insect category, u begin with a very weak digimon (yay kinda cool – makes the story not THAT harder), new royal knights added lika dynasmon and lordknightmon(crusadermon) and many other cool digimon.
    tnx again guys 4 the huge ‘n amazin project all plp involved on it tnx ‘n tnx
    we’re waitin 2 play it in english XD


  71. Paulo Arkana Says:

    viperioruchiha i agree

    Liked by 1 person

  72. viperioruchiha Says:

    yay tnx
    i say again GUD work guys tnx 2 u we’ll be able 2 play this in ENG.
    this game 4 me is the best digimon game 4 DS ever!!!
    cuz there are good load of royal knights,7 great demon lords,olypus 12,holy beasts, !!!aegisdramon!!!
    – lol i have not played it before, i just know all this stuff cuz i read about it at digimon wikia.kinda weird play japanease games (no understandin) eeeek!!! -_-
    my favorite digimon is lilithmon but i like playin with aegisdramon,beelzemon blast mode,susanoomon,millenniummon(whole line),apocalymon and examon :D
    4 me they’re the best ones either in their design or strenght.


  73. lordparasite Says:

    hey you guys promised releasing the english patch in the ending of this year, so, we are in the end of it, what about the english patch?


  74. Gibson Ferreira Says:

    Waiting for the patch :^)

    Liked by 1 person

  75. lordparasite Says:

    yeah, all of us are waiting for it too.


  76. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks a lot for translating Lost Evolution, it’s an amazing game and it’s really annoying to play it in japanese.
    I know that everyone wants citra games, but your effort translating L.E. is making a lot of people happy.
    So, again, thank you :)


  77. Anonymous Says:

    sooooo close!! Hopefully


  78. Anonymous Says:

    Could we maybe have another update? Its been over half a year and we haven’t heard anything about L.E, -eager supporter


  79. Rai Says:

    @Anon: Lost Evolution is not their only project, they’ll update when they feel ready. Don’t worry, they won’t give up without telling us.


  80. Anonymous Says:

    I know its just they said by the end of last year and it wasnt so it just seems right to let us know why


  81. Rai Says:

    @Anon: Things in project don’t always go right all the time. There’s many things that could have gone wrong, such as programs failing, game problems, emulator problems, PC problems, backup problems, IRL problems, team problems.

    They don’t need to update us, as long as we know that the projects aren’t dead.


  82. Steven Says:

    give me the proyect , i will finish…


  83. Charon Says:

    May 12, 2016: “1. We are planning to release Lost Evolution by the end of the year”
    April 22, 2017: Almost a year and still no release? Did the database get corrupt and they lost all the progress they had or something? If they’re going to abandon L.E. and only work on Decode or ReDigitize, they could at least tell us so someone else can translate L.E. instead.


  84. Rai Says:

    @Charon: Don’t be a fucking moron. They’re still working on Lost Evolution, they haven’t abandoned it. You should check their Facebook page once in a while, or, y’know. The latest blogposts.

    Plans don’t always go perfectly. Shit happens, get used to it and wait like the rest of us. Or don’t, translate it yourself if you want it faster, but I can guarantee it’d be even slower because you’ve clearly never done anything meaningful in your entire life.

    Remember kids, assuming only makes you look stupid.


  85. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Real life happened. We’ve made significant progress, none of which has been lost, but I, for instance, moved to a better job. One which has the unfortunate downside of not giving me six hours a day to work on personal projects. In addition to working full time, I’m also a full time college student, and I run a research program for the biology department. And that’s just my stuff. It’ll still happen, but unless people want to start donating regularly so that we can afford to have fewer responsibilities, it’s going to be slow.

    For the record, LE is our focus at this point, because it’s the simplest and fastest to finish.

    Liked by 1 person

  86. Charon Says:

    Thanks for some kind of an update on what’s going on Sporky. I was starting to worry you guys had given up. I’ve seen too many good translated games die off unfinished and without anyone saying anything. I’ve also seen games, like Phantasy Star Online 2, get translated faster than this so I got curious about progression. Sorry for doubting and looking forward to the completion!


  87. yunerotruy Says:

    hopefully you’ll do xros wars after those ones.


  88. fury Says:

    can you please upload the incomplete translation for me please. i’d be happy with it. i wont have any time to play this coming months so please :( i’ve been waiting for years.


  89. Kkwn Says:

    So by the end of the year you mean this year right?


  90. Mike Xemik Says:

    send progess reports every 3 to 4 months please so we know your still working on it last thing we want is to find out the project was cancled a year late.


  91. Anonymous Says:

    september 2017…. and still wait


  92. Anonymous Says:

    23-09-2017 , i dont see anyone :C


  93. Rai Says:

    And you’ll continue to wait until it’s ready to be released.


  94. Chris Priest Says:

    Just wondering, will the save file still work (from original JPN version) or will I have to start from scratch. Also, I was wondering if you would post a link here for a DL once it is ready, or if I will have to scour google for the rom. Thanks for what you are doing, i’ve waited 5 years for this patch and am totally hyped.


  95. Rai Says:

    I would assume save files would still work, but you’d have to wait for an answer from someone else.

    As for what they’ll do for distribution, they’ll most likely end up distributing either an IPS patch, UPS patch, or a PPF patch, you would require a rom legally obtained (Not going into detail for other methods), and then use either:

    Lunar IPS (IPS Patch)
    Tsukuyomi (UPS Patch)
    PPF-O-Matic (PPF Patch)


  96. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll probably start over either way so I can enjoy the whole story, as my knowledge of the Japanese language is very limited. As for the patching programs, I already have lips just need to find the other 2. Thanks for your reply I was afraid this forum was dead.


  97. Chris Priest Says:

    I meant the patch file not ROM, already have the rom I probably will start from scratch so I can fully enjoy the story as I only know conversational Japanese. Thank you for the reply I was afraid this forum was dead.


  98. Eyros Says:

    Wow 2 years and nothing :)


  99. Rai Says:

    Nice to know you don’t actually look at the facebook page.


  100. Blaze Says:

    So is this one going anywhere. Been waiting on you guys for years and this seems to be the only time you updated about Stroy lost evolution


  101. Rai Says:

    Check their Facebook.


  102. Tommy Jakobsen Says:

    thx you guys for this i love digimon sooo mush


  103. robertiño Says:

    esta listo o no ??


  104. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a playable patch for lost translation somewhere?


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