[Digimon World Decode] Progress report: 11.08.2016


Hello guys.

It’s been a long month for me and lots of various stuff happened, but the milestone that was most important to me was reached:

Decode Main Story Translation: 100%

Please keep in mind, this means only the main story and doesn’t include sub quests, various recruitment quests or menus.

We are not quite there yet ;)

In the mean time I was working on something else, namely a Save Editor for Digimon World Decode.

Here are some screenshots. Enjoy:)


At the moment more like a concept than anything. You click on an icon and it will jump to that menu.

In this case, clicking on Digimon will get you to menu Nr 2:


Inspired by the looks of the original Menu in Decode, this is a redesign and recreation of that very same menu.
The Sliders are for your convenience but you can also just click on the number and type it in manually :)

For reference click on this picture.

PS: I updated the previous post because I realized that maybe some people would like to see the pictures in their original resolution. You can now click on them. Sorry I forgot to add that the first time.

– Romsstar


38 Responses to “[Digimon World Decode] Progress report: 11.08.2016”

  1. rafael Says:

    congratz on that !!!!!


  2. pipefoxpedro Says:

    Thanks for all of the hard work. The Save Editor looks amazing :)


  3. Nightmare12 Says:

    Simply incredible as always, especially the look of the save editor.
    Quick question: the 100% translation to the main story is basically the raw translation, right? It hasn’t been gone over by Sporky or the text localizers? Or has it? Just curious to know


  4. Romsstar Says:

    Exactly, raw translation only so far.


  5. Rai Says:

    So the translation is dead, right?

    RIP Team.



  6. Romsstar Says:

    This is getting old :P

    Liked by 1 person

  7. cryum Says:

    That koromon does not look happy about having its soul/digicore violated for unlimited power.


  8. Rai Says:


    How do you like that?! The ultimate insult!

    …I’m sorry ;-;

    Liked by 1 person

  9. ByRod Says:

    Oh, I’m gonna wait for this instead of replaying the PSP game. The save editor is a godsend, I dislike the “your digimon die” mechanics from this sub series sometimes. And is there a way to prevent evolution too?
    I’m still looking forward to the Lost Evolution translation more


  10. Kolja Says:

    wooohoooo great news! You guys are THE BOMB!


  11. phil anselmo Says:

    Please finish this project :( i just want to play this game…is my dream….and not, i dont want the psp version….i love ypu guys!


  12. Gilrod Says:

    We going to get a beta patch at sometimes near? atleast for the main story that you have already at 100%? just asking im very glad to see how much you progress through this… i bought a 3ds almost only for this game (and MH and pokemon but you get the point) Im very happy to see you’re still on the road! Thanks for your hardwork

    Saludos desde venezuela :)


  13. NeoDaedalus Says:

    Still mostly lurking, guys, as always. Also, don’t beg, people, it’s annoying, let them do their thing.


  14. KainLegacy Says:

    I’m still looking forward to the Lost Evolution translation more, but its great to see you working hard, thanks.


  15. Marcus Says:

    can this game be played on a PC ?
    i know it doesnt have a pc port, but im asking emulator wise.


  16. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    At this point in time, it can kind of be played on Citra, the only 3DS emulator that has made significant progress. I get about ten frames per second using a fairly powerful gaming laptop though, so hopefully they keep improving it as we work. You can also play it on a hacked 3DS.


  17. youssef hamdar Says:

    great work guyssss… plz don t stop this projet, i will wish play a translate version, this project not dieeee plzzz you are amazinggggg great work for youuuuu!!!! maybe 3 moth this project done? or more? 6 moth?


  18. Taiki Kudou Says:

    Arggg I can’t wait for the translation of Decode and Lost Evolution! Specially in this moment that I’m playing your amazing work with Re:Digitize. I can’t express my gratitude for this.

    Just one petition: I know that It’s too much to ask, but it would be a dream come true to finally see a translation of Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue…I need to play these 2 games but seems imposible up to now :(


  19. JackTG Says:

    @Romsstar do you guys plan to release a version of the game as a .CIA file so we can play it on 3DS?


  20. Rai Says:

    @JackTG: They do not. Releasing a CIA version would be going over the currently grey legal area they are already treading on right now.

    Releasing a CIA version would make them get shut down ASAP, it’ll most likely be released as either:

    HANS Patch.
    NTR Patch.
    XDelta patch to patch the romfs and exefs.

    All of which require the game in some form.

    That isn’t to say that nobody will upload the actual patched cia to ‘that’ ISO/Chaos site, but as far as actual releases ‘here’? No, there will be no CIA version officially released.

    EDIT: Also please refrain from making multiple posts about the same thing. If it doesn’t show up first, wait until later. Spamming the same comment 3 times in a row just makes it annoying for me.


  21. Skullbazon/Vebrendos Says:



  22. Chrona Says:

    So how’s everyone doing? :3


  23. Truth Says:

    @Chrona: Slowly going crazy while on a job hunt.

    Other than that, fine. Opened Cyber Sleuth on a whim this morning to beat on some bots and started getting matched with real players for the first time. Must be something to do with my new router, since the old one required some tinkering to get Freedom Wars multiplayer working properly.


  24. Jukan Says:

    Wonderful news aboud Decode I see. Sorry I missed this update by almost a month, but it makes me happy to see the main story is roughly translated. Take your time like you did on the PSP version, and i know everyone will love it.

    Any updates on your side project, Lost Evolution?

    I’m planning to support you guys in any way I can, just let me know if there is anything i can do, You still have my skype Sporky (Misami-Chan)


  25. stallion8426 Says:

    Its been quiet so i’m taking it upon myself to let you guys know that us lurkers are still lurking.

    Good day :)


  26. Dragooseblaze Says:

    We will wait day and night for your amazing work to be completed :)


  27. Deer Says:

    halooo! XD . Thanks for releasing Digimon Redigitize Translation. You guys are the best. I always remember you guys whenever I play this game. You’re the MVP..


  28. youssef hamdar Says:

    guys i want donate for your jobssss plz finish it


  29. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    Well, you can donate now if you like, there’s a link on the top right of the main page. We’re working on finishing it, but these things take time.


  30. Gary Says:

    I too…am always lurking…hiding…..waiting….for a chance to pounce when it is released…..hehehe…..
    Anyway….good job guys….


  31. Chrona Says:

    Bandai Namco will bring Digimon World: Next Order to North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in early 2017, the company announced.



  32. xBleedingSoulx Says:

    Not quite, Chrona. Digital PS4 only. Not Vita for some reason. Still hyped.


  33. Chrona Says:

    Ugh why the hell would they do that?

    Guess I’m not getting it then


  34. gap Says:


    It is coming to both ps4 (digital & physcial) and vita (digital only)

    Here is the updated article:


  35. Chrona Says:

    Yay :D


  36. Coax159 Says:

    So, is LE still expected for an end of the year release, or is that being pushed back a bit due to the increased focus and progress rate of Decode?


  37. xBleedingSoulx Says:

    Wonder how many complaints they got for them to post an updated press release within a day, lol.


  38. Truth Says:

    @Chrona: Another correction was delivered. No Vita after all by the sounds of it.

    Kind of heartbroken. Bought my Vita second hand and Cyber Sleuth is the only vita game I didn’t wait for a sale for. But I guess thems the breaks.

    At least I’m getting more mileage out of my Vita than I thought I would. Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is now one of my favourite games.


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