A favor to ask


Hello everyone,

Romsstar here. As you all heard Digimon World Next Order is going to be localized for the PS4.
Now the game had lots of performance issues which will be fixed apparently, but what is not seeming to be fixed is the abysmal roster the game had.

45 of the Digimon from Digimon World, which this game claims to be a sequel from, are MISSING


A lot of these Digimon were included in Cyber Sleuth though. Digimon World Next Order is recycling the models from Cyber Sleuth. This means there is NO reason at all, why they shouldn’t include ALL Cyber Sleuth Digimon into the PS4 Version.

Fans everywhere, let’s go and ask Bandai Namco to do that. PLEASE.

We were promised 12 new Digimon which turned out to be:

– Shinegreymon Burst Mode
– MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
– Rosemon Burst Mode
– Ravemon Burst Mode
– Valkyrimon
– Darkdramon
– Chaosmon
– Cherubimon Evil
– Beelzemon Blast Mode
– MarineAngemon
– Justimon
– Boltmon


This is nearly not enough! Those were all already included in Cyber Sleuth, which means they have the means to include the Digimon from Cyber Sleuth even now. But 12 is not enough. Over 30 Digimon from Cyber Sleuth are still missing.
Fans everywhere, let’s gather together and ask Bandai Namco to do it right this time. If we won’t get a Vita Version let’s at least have that.
Thank you everyone.

– Romsstar

32 Responses to “A favor to ask”

  1. en_ha_ Says:

    The best way would be to create a petition. The petition made by you would reach as many Digimon fans as possible by sharing it over social networks.


  2. Chrona Says:

    We will get a Vita version though, they confirmed it :D

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  3. Generater Says:

    So how can we do that? Is there a petition anywhere we can sign?


  4. UnTubular Says:

    In response to Chrona. Don’t get your hopes up on a PS Vita version. It seems to have been cancelled. The recent announcment does not in anyway include PS Vita.

    See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it2037RfbLc

    And even the Twitter accounts of both Bandai Namco EU/US says It’s only for PS4. So unfortunately us Vita people will probably have to see another series disappear from the console.

    The good thing is that now they don’t have to worry about technical limitations, since the PS4 is immensely more powerful. But it also gives them less of an excuse to not add the digimons in. If they make it for PS4 it should be full-featured, just like Digimon:CS. (And not lag like like you are showing a PowerPoint presentation).


  5. Romsstar Says:

    Yes exactly how I feel about it. Unfortunately it looks like they will just do a graphically improved port with very few new content.
    only 12 new digimon is not enough…


  6. Truth Says:

    I wonder what their obsession with the burst modes, Chaosmon et al and Valkyrimon is.

    MarineAngemon and Justimon I’m guessing are just really popular. Boltmon seems like an odd choice though.


  7. Romsstar Says:

    The game has Gankoomon already. Boltmon took them literally no work but swap the texture. Easiest and quickest way to include a “new” digimon. That’s why.


  8. Gary Says:

    It feels a bit like we’re reaching. I mean its enough they’re localizing it despite how badly the franchise sells and now your gonna yell at them and say its not good enough to get the entire game with 12 new digimon but you require more on top of it to be satisfied and want to buy it? I mean what message do you wanna send to bandai? That we’re ungrateful and shouldn’t have ports since we can’t accept just the full game Japan got? :/ pick and choose your battles, lets not irritate the company that just gave us a dub and a port of JP game.


  9. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The thing is, it’s five minutes of extra work to port these Digimon. They models and animations are the same ones they used in the previous game, so it’s a super simple process. Why they didn’t do it with the original game is beyond all reason.


  10. Romsstar Says:

    I want to send the message that we’re not buying an unfinished product that was rushed out just to make a quick buck on nostalgia. Decode did it right, and they had no reason to include over 90 (!) new digimon into the 3DS release but they did.For this one: They got the resources already all they need to do is implement them.

    And I’m sick of that position: Be thankful they’re doing it all. I’m generally not thankful to somebody I pay money for doing their job. Because it’s their goddamn job and they get paid for it.

    You know what would be nice? If some of you guys would be thankful to US! Because we’re doing what we’re doing for free.
    Bandai Namco isn’t!

    What is beyond understanding for me is how the fans are more than ready to shove down their money towards Bandai Namco for unfinished and buggy products but yet are too cheap to even donate a dime to the fans which bring them the products Bandai Namco won’t. I don’t care about the money but it sure would be nice to see people actually care.

    But if that’s how you want to play it: We can drop this shit any time we want. Your Call.

    I don’t care if you call me a dick or whatever, but what I think is that the fans are extremely ungrateful for everything this group has done for them.

    To those out there who are grateful: I know you’re out there guys, but the last few days I saw what the majority of Digimon Fans is like and I’m just done doing something for those people.

    I’m telling you: We’ll bring Decode and Lost Evolution because I’m commited to what I do but after that I’m done…

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  11. cryum Says:

    I think it’s okay to at least leave out the recolors, though.


  12. Romsstar Says:

    cryum: taking out the recolors would reduce the roster from 213 to 163. How do you think people would feel about such a small roster? The recolors are what make seem the roster so big in the first place. Because it was the easiest thing to do. Do you honestly believe they will make the effort and add Digimon they were supposed to add in the first place? Don’t think so.The only reason I started this is so I can live with myself and say that I tried everything in my power. But let’s face it, they will never do that.


  13. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar: Are you sure about this? I personally think it’d be pretty cool if you carried on and did games from other series that interest you.

    What if you took a few months off after Decode and Lost Evolution? Besides, some of your posts make it seem like you’re having fun doing the translations themselves even if a large portion of the visitors are ungrateful twats.

    You know who your supporters are, at least. After all, we’ve always been the vocal ones on here.


  14. Romsstar Says:

    @Rai: I do enjoy doing what I do and I don’t intend to stop doing it. I just don’t see any reason to share anything further. I’ll just do it for myself.


  15. Elisa Says:

    Alright. While this won’t personally affect me since I won’t buy this game after Bandai Namco fucked over the vita, I will sign it since this is important to you guys, and I value what you do for us.


  16. Elisa Says:

    I still have some hopes they might change their minds and release it to the vita though….but if the vita could handle CS having so many digimon, there’s no reason to leave those 30 digimon out of the game either way. So Bandai Namco is just doing things half-assed as always.

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  17. Gary Says:

    @Romsstar I didn’t mean to insinuate that we weren’t behind you guys or ungrateful in anyway. I’m just saying its hard to ask them to put that much more into a game that they just have plans to port over. Bandai is very not known for being generous to any region other then JP and I really want to see more merch from the shows make it over as well. Which is why I’m on the side of not irritating them as much as possible. The game is a finished complete game, like the cyber sleuth port it will have a few extra’s but not many. I think it should have more but its a hard position to be in, not knowing how they’ll react to those sort of demands. I greatly appreciate your work on Decode though I’m not sure how to play that translation since 3DS emulators are still being worked on and hacking hasn’t fully pulled through quite yet on the console, but I’m even more thankful to see Lost Evolution, I’ve been so excited seeing progress on it. I just don’t know if complaining to Bandai Namco now would be the best move, till they get more comfortable releasing games here.


  18. Rai Says:

    @Gary: Not sure what rock you’ve been under, but hacking on the 3DS has been done for years now.

    Also if you don’t let Bandai Namco know when they fuck up, then they’ll continue to fuck up.

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  19. Elisa Says:

    @Gary I agree with Rai, when companies fuck up, it’s our duty to tell them. Because if we don’t do so, the message we send isn’t “we really love digimon so much we deserve to get more stuff” like you seem to think it does. No it sends a “we’ll be happy to buy whatever crap you put out, so there’s no need to have respect for your customers” message.

    Also, we’re the customer. We’re the ones who pay them. It’s their job to satisfy us, not our job to bend over to them. You let companies treat you like crap, and they end up treating you the same way EA does Sims fans. For those who don’t know, one of the community managers scolded customers for actually looking at an information leak (after almost a year of no info at all on a new EP), and closed a thread where customers could ask some questions to the community managers, “until we learned to behave better”.

    If it was any other industry other than the game industry, that manager would have been fired for daring to treat customers that way. But a lot of our gaming community seems to think we have to bend over to publishers lest we not have any more games. Which is preposterous. They are an industry like any other. They need us to survive, not the other way around.

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  20. Gary Says:

    @Rai I knew it was hackable, I didn’t know the extent to it though, like how until recently only the PSP side of the Vita was hackable but not the Vita side, does this mean we can actually un-region lock it now? That’s pretty fantastic

    @Elisa I suppose your right, I’ve just grown wary over the years, seems everytime I join a group of like minded people complaining to companies about something they did to screw over fans (cause it happens often) its made situations far worse, so I’ve grown more to the pick and choose what to be upset about. Seemingly game companies these days are like spoiled children, you complain about 1 problem and they ignore you for years because you dared to talk back. But it is worth getting the point across. Just tired of not seeing anything digimon released here, excited at the new prospects and worried they’ll sit back and pull the plug if we complain. Bandai didn’t seem this bad before they had to team up with Namco, I’m wondering if that had something to do with it.


  21. Romsstar Says:

    @Gary: A few hours ago I would have agreed with you but since then new information has come to light. Kazumasa Habu is the producer of the PS4 Version. This means this game will get MASSIVE improvements and TONS of additional content.


  22. Gary Says:

    @Romsstar They are? That’s a huge relief! Thanks for the updates on the game. They seem so indecisive on what they’re doing with it. I wouldn’t mind it getting pushed back to mid-late 2017 if they need the time to make it what it can be.


  23. DeltaStrata Says:

    Three things:

    1) Your picture is missing Tinmon.

    2) Implementing a new Digimon into next 0rder is not going to be as simple as importing its model. Their stats and abilities would need to be redone, since the system is much different than Cyber Sleuth’s. They would also need to be incorporated into n0’s evolution lines, which themselves might need to be adjusted significantly to accommodate new additions. But you should already know all of this from your work, so I’m perplexed why your proposal focuses on this. I think it’s more appropriate to compare the rosters of Re:Digitize Decode and next 0rder, since these games also share models and the games’ structures are much more similar.

    3) 45 is an interesting number in this situation.
    – 45 Digimon from the original Digimon World are missing.
    – 45 Digimon from R:DD are not returning in n0 (not counting the 8 X- versions, which it’s reasonable to assume wouldn’t return since it’s not part of n0’s plot)
    – 45 of the Digimon introduced in n0 that weren’t in R:DD are palette swaps of other Digimon in their same generation (and at least 8 of these don’t even have unique names, e.g. Kyubimon (Silver)).


  24. Anonymous Says:

    1) Tinmon has only been in one game, Digimon World 2.

    2) It depends of what digimon. Like for example, bakemon was obtain through 5% of any rookie level digimon if they lost a life, or devimon was obtain by a 15% chance of angemon losing a battle with it’s discipline at 50%. Adding any more digimon to the game in general can be possible, you just have to be clever enough. And no, Re:Digitize Decode and next 0rder does not share similar models, silmilar games’ structures? Come back to me on that one.

    3) #45? That’s odd but can be a coincidence, it happens.

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  25. Romsstar Says:

    @DeltaStrata: Decode and Next Order don’t share models. Cyber Sleuth and Next Order do. How I know this? Because I hacked Next Order and Cyber Sleuth as well. Also because of that: Yes I know from my work how EASY it is to add and just new lines, as I’ve already DONE that in my Black Agumon Video, without even having access to the source code in the first place, which would make this trivial and a work from less than 1-2 days… In terms of game structures Cyber Sleuth and Next Order are also more close to each other than Neo and Decode are…

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  26. Rai Says:

    @Gary: Fair enough. But yeah, 3DS has been hackable for a while now, region lock is no longer a problem with a CFW (I use Luma3DS), Hans, or NTR (Although I believe NTR stopped working on the latest firmware for now.)

    It’s now possible to use homebrew, install games, use mods for games (through HANS/NTR, or straight up modding the game’s rom file and converting it to a CIA.)

    There’s a few games with modding scenes already, the Pokemon games are one of the major ones, while Super Mario 3D Land has a level editor and is now able to import custom levels. Mario Kart 7 has custom tracks as well, and there’s several translation projects out there in the wild.

    Some of the more exciting ones are, Decode(obviously), and the Dragon Quest Monsters 1 3DS remake.

    It’d be a good idea to take a trip to GBATemp and check out the 3DS hacking areas, it’s pretty interesting.


  27. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar: Wait, seriously? That’s awesome news. Especially when you look at how different Decode is from the original Re:Digitize.

    Gotta say that makes me pretty excited for it now.


  28. DeltaStrata Says:

    @Anon: https://s16.postimg.org/jw5pw1kth/Tinmon.png

    @Romsstar: I concede the models are different; I’m not sure where I got that idea. But I maintain it is not as simple as you make it seem, especially not with the volume you’re asking for. Yeah, you added 4 new Digimon on the BlackAgumon line, but you’re asking for 56. Adding this many Digimon across the board would require either increasing the number of Digimon exclusive to a particular evolution path (e.g. you can only get 3-4 Rookies by evolving from Koromon), increasing the number of Digimon that are available at a particular stage (e.g. Koromon has 6 possible evolutions instead of 5), or adding a new egg to facilitate the new Digimon. All of these choices require restructuring and rebalancing of the evolution ‘grid’ as a whole—which, when you’re increasing the roster by 25%, is not going to get knocked out in a couple of days.

    Would I like this to happen? Sure. Does using pre-existing models and animations make it EASIER? Absolutely. I’m just saying the rest of the task is not trivial, and you make it sound like it is.


  29. DeltaStrata Says:

    I feel like I’m not properly communicating where I’m coming from, so…here, a list.

    Design questions about new partner Digimon answered by importing existing models and animations:
    – What does it look like?
    – How does it visually interact with the environment?
    – How does it visually interact with the player?

    Design questions about new partner Digimon NOT answered by importing existing models and animations:
    – What are its base stats? Are these sufficiently different from the 210 pre-existing partners? Do we need to modify any pre-existing stats to make each partner statistically unique?
    – What abilities can it use? Are these sufficiently different from the 210 pre-existing partners? Do we need to create new combat abilities? If so, how will we disseminate them to the 210 pre-existing partners?
    – What can it evolve to? Under what criteria? Does this make it harder to attain certain partners of the next level? By how much? Is this acceptable?
    – What can evolve to it? Under what criteria? Does this make it harder to attain certain partners of the current level? By how much? Is this acceptable?
    – Will it appear in the game outside of being a partner? If so, in what capacity? Will we even get to make this decision, or will management say we need to use in-game resources “more efficiently”?
    – If it is an NPC, what purpose will it serve? Where will it appear? Do we need to create a new worldspace to encounter it? What will it say? Can it be recruited to the city? If so, how will it contribute?
    – If it is an enemy, what will its enemy stats be? What abilities will it use? Where will it appear? Will it be replacing existing enemies? Do we need to create a new worldspace to encounter it?

    Do all of these questions need to be answered to implement new partners? No. But if they’re not answered, if the partners just get slapped into the game without any thought or consideration, then…well, isn’t that the whole reason you’re upset about the game’s roster in the first place? Because the developers didn’t seem to care?

    Again, I would love to have more of the series’ historical partners present (give me my Betamon gods damnit). But I don’t want them to be implemented BADLY, and having unreasonable expectations of the work involved is a great way to make that happen—a concept you should be familiar with, given your vocal distaste for the behaviour of some people re: the translations.


  30. Rai Says:

    @DeltaStrata: I’m not sure I understand you here, how exactly is expecting all the Digimon from Cyber Sleuth being in this game an unreasonable expectation, especially when they use the same models and animations?

    Would it also be unreasonable for me to expect every Pokemon to be in Pokemon Sun and Moon, just because they’ve been in past games and are using the same models?

    Your post makes me question if you’ve even played Digimon World/Redigitize/Decode/next Order before. Partners do not need to have unique stats, nor do they need to have unique abilities (outside of the one super attack), they don’t need to be harder, nor easier to obtain than other partners, nor do they have to appear in the game outside of being a partner.

    How is having new partners “slapped in” any different from the rest of the Digimon in the game? They’re there because they’re there. They don’t have to have some kind of super unique NPC quest line or purpose.

    Your questions are needless. Many Digimon have close stats with each other, not every Digimon in the game is an enemy, nor an NPC. It honestly feels like you’re doing this for shits and giggles. Besides, if Romsstar can do it, Bandai Namco can do it, y’know, what with having the source code and all.


  31. DeltaStrata Says:

    Last post didn’t appear. Sorry if this ends up being a double post.

    @Rai: Yeah, you’re not understanding me. Yes, I have played these games. No, I am not doing this for a cheap laugh, though the fact you think I’m trolling is incredibly disheartening. I spoke up because I was trying to point out a fault in reasoning, but clearly I’m not doing a very good job of explaining it. Seeing as I can’t think of a better way to explain it than I already have done, I’m just gonna drop it.


  32. Romsstar Says:

    @DeltaStrata: I get where you’re coming from. Now let’s see why this is not reasonable:

    1) When the game was designed Bandai Namco didn’t care for complete lines. For instance you can obtain Beelzemon in this game but Impmon is MISSING. What i’m asking for is a proposal to fix EXACTLY what you are saying WOULD be an issue but already is.

    2) The interaction with player and environment witch each Digimon is absolutely the same. You are asking questions where the answer always is: IT’S THE SAME FOR EVERYONE.

    3) I’m one single person with another job, not much time and having to write a master thesis while I’m doing this in my free time. I managed to add 4 “unique” digimon in one day, without as much as breaking a sweat. The responsible company has HUNDRETS of developers working for them AND they have the source code. with more than 100x of manpower don’t tell me they can’t add as much as 14 times as many EASILY. Operation Decoded consists of 4-5 people on good days. There you have it.

    4) Yes better to implement something badly than not at all.

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