Small update:


Hello Tamers!

First of all: We’re still alive.

Second of all: Visit our Facebook page, a lot is going on there.

Big updates will still be posted here, but if you want to see things happening just as they occur, follow us on Facebook! :)

Like if you haven’t yet! :) And last but not least:

Recruiting: We are currently looking for a skilled programmer who can write an image editing program for the game with the option of inserting BIGGER images and editing of UV Mapping of Fonts/Textures.
While not essential to the fantranslation this is a project I came up with and if someone’s inserted feel free to contact me at

57 Responses to “Small update:”

  1. cryum Says:

    “Visit our facebook page”

    You should probably link it, then.


  2. Rai Says:

    @Cryum: You should probably look at the blog properly, then.


  3. cryum Says:

    @Rai redundancy is the essence of advertising.


  4. Rai Says:

    @Cryum: Your post was that they hadn’t linked the facebook page. Where as that’s wrong, they had made a blog post specifically on the SAME page before, you just had to look down.


  5. Romsstar Says:

    You can find the Facebook link now on the right sidebar as well.


  6. cryum Says:

    Rai, I did not say that they hadn’t linked it on the website. Linking it on the blog post just creates a more natural flow for the thought process. Redundancy is key, designing a website to make it as easy as possible for people to go to the pages you want them to is just good practice.

    @Romsstar that works too.


  7. Rai Says:

    @Cryum: Sure, a normal website would do that.

    but this isn’t a normal website. It’s a blog. You read the blog posts, there are several blogposts in one page. It doesn’t take a genius to look down or google “Operation decoded facebook”. It’s not hard, nor is it even time consuming. You wasted more time posting these posts than you would have looking for the facebook page.


  8. Anonymous Says:


    If you have to actively look for it, then many won’t. It is definetly good practice to link a page when it is mentioned, regardless of the kind of site you are running.

    inb4 you call me lazy, and/or rage at me for not looking for the facebook page. I did, and have been following it for some time.


  9. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: Or maybe people can stop being lazy and read the blog they’re actually on?

    Look, I understand if the Facebook page was ‘never’ linked to at all, or if the blogpost was on another page, but it isn’t. It was literally two blogposts down below, it’s not hard to scroll down to see if they linked it in the past.

    Stop making excuses, and stop trying to act like you’d know how I’d react. Because you clearly know nothing of me.


  10. saneparadox Says:

    @Cryum/anonymous I have to side with Rai on this,

    Tone is everything, and this wouldn’t be an issue if the first response was written positively. Like for example:

    “Please include the link to facebook page please for ease of access for new readers”


    “Positive advice here, include that the link to fb is on the sidebar”

    The tone written initially sounds very presumptuous and rude. As opposed to helpful.

    Honestly, it’s somewhat eyerolling when the blog posts about advertises following fb and the reader can’t look to the right to find the link there. Because the first thing anyone would do is do a light search for a link. Be it on home page or on a previous post.


  11. cryum Says:

    @saneparadox Excuse me? I get where you’re coming from, but I was of the impression that Romsstar meant to do it and just forgot, and I was just teasing him. Was it really that presumptuous? I must have stayed too long in places where people have thicker skin.

    As for the link….you realize the facebook link wasn’t on the right side before I mentioned it, right? That’s why I mentioned it, I checked. I saw the twitter, twitch, and GBATemp link, but not the facebook one.

    If I was mistaken about that, I apologize, but that was the context with which I made the comment, and Romsstar seems to have indeed fixed the problem. Okay, maybe “problem” is a bit strong, but “lack of optimization” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.


  12. Rai Says:

    @Cryum: People having “thicker skin” has nothing to do with you not being an ass. Your post was no where near teasing, but outright rude.

    But if you really want to take it that way, then my response to you was also teasing, thicker skin yadda yadda yadda.


  13. Syd Montague Says:

    Could you please calm down? Cryum noted a genuine problem, reported it (although the wording could be interpreted as a bit passive aggressive) and Romsstar fixed it.

    I really see no reason to start a flame war because of that.

    And as a side note, never overestimate the capabilities of the average computer user. :P


  14. Rai Says:

    @Syd: I’m not sure what conversation you’ve been reading, but it’s not this one. Because I fail to see the flamewar. Nobody was insulting each other, period. Nobody was angry, nor were they not calm.

    At most, it was a “heated” discussion, and even that’s a bit exaggurated.

    And as a side note, never underestimate the capabilities of the average computer user. :P


  15. Elpizo Says:

    I came here to read comments about the update to the game and it was just a bunch of people arguing. :-/ I’m looking forward to the release of this translation. You guys did an amazing job before and honestly I think they (Bandai) should give you jobs for the work you do. I’ll always support your work.
    patiently waiting in an impatiently manner


  16. Rai Says:

    @Elpizo: There’s a difference between an argument, and a discussion.

    Learn it.


  17. Syd Montague Says:

    I was actually reading exactly this conversation.
    As an outsider I have a hard time seeing it as just a “heated” discussion, especially considering the direction it is/was heading.

    I also take that you’ve never worked in IT, otherwise you would’ve never made such a bold statement. Once you had to deal with a bunch of users that are unable to read or follow simple instructions you’ll lose all hope in humanity. ;)


  18. Rai Says:

    @Syd: I have actually worked in IT before lol. I’m just going off of personal experience. My friends aren’t fantastic at using a computer, yet they still figure shit out themselves.

    Love the pun though. Bad puns are my favourite kind of pun.


  19. Rai Says:

    @Romsstar: Hey. Have you seen this yet?

    Looks pretty awesome.


  20. Jared Mabra Says:

    That’s the PS Vita version? No, no, that must be fake?!? If that a actuate screenshot of the PS Vita version then fuck that shit! Isn’t me or does the PS Vita version of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth look alot better than what I assume is suppose to be some kind of scraped map area hidden in what I think was found in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s game files.


  21. sporkymcforkinspoon Says:

    @Jared: Sometimes comments trigger our spam filter for no reason. I check it a few times a day, so it’ll post eventually. It’s a real screenshot.


  22. Chrona Says:

    It’s been about 5 months since the post about Lost Evolution – was just curious if you were still on track to releasing it this year :)


  23. Anonymous Says:

    Can you release the Digimon World 1 tool in the current state?


  24. Vebrendos/Skullbazon Says:

    Still alive!!!!!!

    Keep it going friends!


  25. Anonymous Says:

    guysm when are we gonna hear some news about DECODE ????


  26. Rai Says:

    @Anonymous: When they feel like it’s necessary to post info about Decode.

    Either wait, go to the GBATemp thread, or visit their facebook.


  27. Truth Says:

    I keep trying to visit your Facebook page for news, but when I click on the “latest” tab is just comes up empty, and the main feed is sorted by some kind of “top posts” algorithm that I can’t seem to find an option to reorder.

    God, I hate how social media is becoming increasingly adverse to just having a simple “reverse chronological order” option.


  28. Anonymous Says:

    I sent two emails to “” and each time it failed is there some where else I can contact you at?


  29. Sporky McForkinspoon Says:

    The best one at this point is


  30. stallion8426 Says:

    While waiting for news on the projects, anybody want to discuss Tri with me? I just got caught up (had only seen the first part until today) and now i’m really hyped for the next part.


    So does anyone else think that was Genai at the end of Confessions?


  31. stallion8426 Says:

    Hey, do you think you guys could help me. I’ve been playing Re:digitize again recently and noticed that i can’t enter the area of the city with Birdramon and the meat farm (this happens: and ppsspp becomes unresponsive (or sometimes my whole computer locks up)

    I’ve tried an earlier save, updating ppsspp, none has helped. Any idea what could be causing it/how to fix it?


  32. Anonymous Says:

    Romsstar, I just want to plau DW1 with mods man.. can you release your tool as it is? I know it’s yours but I’ve been waiting for 5 years..

    Consider a Christmas gift for your fan.


  33. Chrona Says:

    Try going into that exact same place with an unpatched version, just to see if it works for you. If it does, you might need to repatch the game or something


  34. Anonymous Says:

    Any news on DW1 tool?


  35. Syd Montague Says:

    That doesn’t look too good to be honest, my first guess when seeing this screenshot would be that your GPU could be faulty.

    It seems odd to me that it only locks up on that one area, though… Do other, graphically intensive, games work?


  36. stallion8426 Says:

    @syd Montague

    I am a gaming rig, so i easily run way more intense games than this. I also had no problems with this game previously (i’ve beaten it, with almost 30 hours on the clock). I’m gonna try @Chrona’s suggestion, then get back to you guys.


  37. stallion8426 Says:

    So i figured out the issue. Somehow either my save files for this game or (more likely) the whole memstick got corrupted. I tried a completely different save from a different device (from recent playthrough on my phone) and it worked just fine. Thanks for your help guys!


  38. Rai Says:

    @Stallion: I see… I was gonna ask if you have an AMD card.

    I’m not sure how a corrupted save or memory stick would cause your entire display driver to break down like that though.


  39. digigirlfanlove62 Says:

    hey am so how is digimon re:digitize Decode going?


  40. digigirlfanlove62 Says:

    hey there guys so this is my first time ever seeing these digimon games but the ones i am interested in are the ds games because i do not play station, so when i look up digimon world dawn or dusk i was thinking that if i imported the game from north america or america am to ireland, for me really I really like the digimon fransize like I have currently watch digimon seasons one two and four eps of season 3 and some of digimon fusion season one. I am definitely getting back to watching digimon tamers and digimon fusion I just wanting to watch something different for a while.
    please @Romsstar can you please give us a trailer when your done and good luck your super geez you should be a game developer


  41. digigirlfanlove62 Says:

    You are amazing people for transating a game it takes a long time, dedication and faith but your doing great and long live your progress.


  42. stallion8426 Says:


    Guess my comment disappeared. Anyway, I do have an AMD card but that shouldn’t matter. I have played the game a great deal before it happened. I’m not really sure why the save would cause issues either but…computers.


  43. Rai Says:

    @Stallion It would matter. AMD cards are notorious for having problems with OpenGL. PPSSPP in particular crashes quite a bit when using AMD cards (My old graphics card a few months ago was AMD. I had a ‘lot’ of problems due to it).

    Google it, Catalyst and PPSSPP, you’ll find more info about it


  44. Ron Says:

    Hey guys, what happen?, No more updates since September?, I want to donate!, I really need this translation, don’t want to even try decode in Japanese.


  45. Rai Says:

    @Ron: they’re still working on it.


  46. Truth Says:

    A weird thing that happens in Mass Effect with regards to AMD cards is that all the character models glitch out in the Noveria mission on some AMD cards.

    The models all turn into writhing masses of black pixels because something screws up in the lighting engine, iirc.


  47. stallion8426 Says:

    I have never had any sort of graphical issues with my AMD card before this, and switching out the saved data fixed it. So, idk. But whatever, its fixed now so I’m content.


  48. Anonymous Says:

    so excitied I have high hopes for the game and i think it is being translated to english sub going on the trailer you released on youtube of the opening of digimon re; digitize decode english;). Hey am is there any games that i can play in english or english subbed in europe because i check the digmon games wiki and the only english games for ds are in north america..


  49. Jukan Says:

    Please do not take this the wrong way, but I am shocked there was no update for Christmas, or even a single comment since the 20th. Not even a “Merry Christmas everyone” when there has been at least one each year. Everything ok on your ends?


  50. Chrona Says:

    In my case I was figuring there would probably be an update before the end of the year so I was waiting for it before I commented.

    Since we might not be getting one I might as well reply now.



  51. Rai Says:

    @Jukan: A lot of people are especially busy this time of year, what with Christmas and New Years, you can’t really blame them for not commenting/making a new post.

    And sometimes, worse things can happen. Don’t worry though, if they cancel it, they’d make a post. So you can be sure it’s still being worked on.


  52. Syd Montague Says:

    Happy new year everyone.

    I posted this on Discord already, so I guess it’s only fair to drop it here as well:

    That is what I’ve been working on lately. ;)


  53. Rai Says:

    @Syd: Oh that is fancy. Nice work, how are you doing it exactly? Are you using a patch to apply the textures into the ISO, or is there some kind of special PPSSPP texture settings that allow texture mods?


  54. Syd Montague Says:

    It is basically the task mentioned in Romsstar’s original post. As the situation occurred we did a lot of the research needed for it “by accident”, so I actually started writing a tool that can read and rebuild the file format.
    From there on the usual tool chain for rebuilding the ROM takes place.

    It’s by far not finished and the screenshot is more of a “proof of concept”, as I still had to change one file manually to make it work.

    Besides that the tool might become handy for the patch itself, as its foundation can be easily expanded to modify most of the game files. :)


  55. Rai Says:

    @Syd: Oh wow, that’s actually really cool.


  56. cryum Says:

    Just learned this for the first time, but the 3D models used for Cyber Sleuth were done in Unity, and thus compatible with a lot of things as .obj files. They were ported almost 1:1 to Linkz and Next Order, with some differences in a few of the textures and probably animation/bones.


  57. rafa Says:

    Keep up guys wish u all well


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